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Martial Peak – Chapter 5767, Respective Opportunities

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After the Royal Lord gave the order, those from the Black Ink Clan followed him closely and dashed towards Xiang Shan.


Understanding the severity of the matter, Ou Yang Lie rushed after the Royal Lord and yelled, “I’ll stand guard for you, Big Head Xiang! Just try to achieve a breakthrough without worrying too much! When you make it to the Ninth Order, we’ll kill them all together!”


From a distance, Xiang Shan growled, “Damn you, Ou Yang Lie! When I achieve a breakthrough, the first one I kill will be you!”


[Did I dig out your Ancestors’ graves or something?] Ou Yang Lie was dumbfounded.


In fact, he felt that it was Xiang Shan’s fault instead. If not for the fact that Xiang Shan suddenly showed signs of achieving a breakthrough, the Black Ink Clan and Human Race would have retreated. But now, war was inevitable, and many Masters would lose their lives.


Despite his displeasure, Ou Yang Lie still got in the Royal Lord’s way. Presently, only a Ninth-Order Master like him was able to deal with this Royal Lord. Unless the others formed a Six Paths Formation, they would be no match for such an enemy.


After intercepting the Royal Lord, Ou Yang Lie told others to go and protect Xiang Shan. Only then could the latter attempt a breakthrough without worries.


Rays of light, figures, and Battle Formations dashed towards Xiang Shan. Soon, intense battles broke out around him.


This time, the Humans mainly had to defend themselves. Hundreds of Masters formed into different Battle Formations and surrounded Xiang Shan to fend off the Black Ink Clan’s attacks.


Seeing that, Xiang Shan knew it was a chance he must not miss; as such, he released all the suppression and focused on achieving a breakthrough.


However, it wasn’t easy to ascend from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order, and it would certainly take some time. If the Black Ink Clan managed to breach the Humans’ defence line before Xiang Shan achieved a breakthrough, it would greatly disrupt him. The fallout from the battles already made it difficult for him to stay focused, and if not for the fact that he was a resolute person, he would have already failed.


The battles grew increasingly violent. On the battlefield between the Ninth-Order Master and the Royal Lord, Ou Yang Lie had gained the upper hand. Both of them had just ascended to their current Realms, so they should be equally matched, but in comparison, Ou Yang Lie was fiercer, for he was determined to protect Xiang Shan, which made the Royal Lord appear less intimidating.


Soon, Ou Yang Lie’s expression changed, for he saw the Royal Lord fishing out a miniature Black Ink Nest and activating his Divine Sense during the battle. Apparently, he was trying to contact someone.


[He’s asking for help!] An enraged Ou Yang Lie stepped up his attacks and further suppressed the Royal Lord. Unfortunately, the Royal Lord still managed to send out a message through the Black Ink Nest. 


In the depths of the Universe Furnace World, there was a magnificent Black Ink Nest in the remote chaos.


The Black Ink Nest’s aura suggested that it was a High-Rank one; however, since it hadn’t been fully hatched, it wasn’t able to produce new Black Ink Clansmen.


Nevertheless, such a Black Ink Nest could allow injured Black Ink Clansmen to enter and recuperate.


Presently, a powerful Black Ink Clansman was asleep inside. He was none other than Mo Na Ye!


This guy was extremely lucky. Outside the No-Return Pass back then, Yang Kai managed to injure him using the Universe Furnace project’s folded Space. At that time, Mo Na Ye’s life was hanging by a thread.


Unfortunately, just as Yang Kai was ready to kill him, he accidentally touched upon something he should not have, sucking him into the Universe Furnace earlier than expected.


After entering the furnace, Yang Kai was trapped and witnessed the birth of the nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, leaving Mo Na Ye hanging by a thread in the outside world.


The moment Mo Na Ye entered the Universe Furnace World, he found a quiet place and hatched his High-Rank Black Ink Nest so that he could make use of it to heal his wounds.


As the one managing the Black Ink Clan, Mo Na Ye had many resources with him, which was why he was able to hatch a Black Ink Nest and recuperate so quickly.


If he didn’t have these resources, he wouldn’t have been able to do that.


While hatching his Black Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye saw a colourful light stream over from a distance and brushed past him.


Despite his injury, he was still fairly powerful, so he immediately grabbed the beam of light and examined it before confirming that it was what the Humans called an opportunity.


The person who most easily obtained an opportunity in the Universe Furnace World was undoubtedly Mo Na Ye, not Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who had accidentally found a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. In fact, Mo Na Ye was the first one to get such a Spirit Pill.


The moment the pill fell into his hands, Mo Na Ye realised that it was no ordinary thing. He was elated, thinking that there was a silver lining for him. He initially thought that since he entered this place with heavy injuries, he would be doomed. It didn’t cross his mind that he would obtain this kind of reward.


He then stepped into the half-hatched Black Ink Nest with the Spirit Pill. While he refined the pill’s medicinal efficacies, he also made use of the Black Ink Nest’s power to heal his wounds.


The Black Ink Clan in the Universe Furnace World could communicate with each other by relying on his High-Rank Black Ink Nest.


Yang Kai had speculated that there must be a Territory Lord Class or Royal Lord Class Black Ink Nest in the Universe Furnace World, but he wasn’t sure where it was; otherwise, the Black Ink Clansmen couldn’t have communicated with each other, for they needed a more powerful Black Ink Nest to serve as a communication hub.


All of a sudden, the Black Ink Nest shook, causing Mo Na Ye to awaken in shock. He was displeased and furious, but the moment he saw the message sent to him, he was astounded.


The message was simple, [Xiang Shan has obtained a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and is trying to achieve a breakthrough!]


Mo Na Ye was only wary of three Humans who were below the Ninth Order.


The first one was undoubtedly Yang Kai. As a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he had suffered a lot of setbacks because of Yang Kai. In the previous battle, not only had he lost a lot of Innate Territory Lords, but he was also almost killed by Yang Kai, causing him to lose a lot of authority within the Black Ink Clan.


Fortunately, Yang Kai wasn’t able to make it to the Ninth-Order; otherwise, Mo Na Ye would’ve gone all out to kill him instead of compromising so many times.


However, the Universe Furnace’s appearance allowed Yang Kai to have a chance to break through his shackles. Therefore, by entering the Universe Furnace, the Black Ink Clan did not only have to try to kill as many Human Race Masters as they could and stop them from acquiring those opportunities, a more important task for them was to keep an eye on several people and make sure they couldn’t make it to the Ninth-Order.


Yang Kai was ranked first, while Mi Jing Lun came second. 


Mo Yu wasn’t interested in managing the Black Ink Clan’s affairs, so ever since Mo Na Ye became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he had been the one handling all the day-to-day affairs. His counterpart, the Supreme Commander of the Humans, was Mi Jing Lun.


Although Mo Na Ye had never met this Eighth-Order Master before, they had clashed on many occasions as they were both leaders of their respective sides.


While Yang Kai was a great fighter, Mi Jing Lun was an intelligent strategist. Although he wasn’t at the frontline, such a being was more intimidating than those who knew nothing but fighting.


If Mi Jing Lun managed to make it to the Ninth Order and went to the frontline, he would cause unimaginable damage to the Black Ink Clan because he wasn’t merely another Ninth Order Master.


Xiang Shan was ranked third. After all, he was a famous and experienced Eighth-Order Master. Although he wasn’t as powerful as Yang Kai, he was far-sighted and ruthless. It was said that he was the Army Commander of the Great Evolution Army in the past, and Mi Jing Lun had to obey his orders.


The Humans also retrieved the Great Evolution Pass under Xiang Shan’s leadership.


Any one of these three ascending to the Ninth Order would be disastrous to the Black Ink Clan; therefore, even though Mo Na Ye was still recuperating, he was no longer able to sit still upon learning that Xiang Shan had acquired a Spirit Pill and was ready to ascend to the Ninth-Order.


Inside the Black Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye opened his eyes and let the thick Black Ink Strength stream into his body, allowing him to examine his power.


His aura wasn’t different from the past, only more condensed; after all, there wasn’t any difference between a Pseudo-Royal Lord and a true Royal Lord when it came to their auras.


Nonetheless, as Mo Na Ye balled up his fists, he knew that he was no longer the same as when he just entered the Universe Furnace World.


He was able to fully activate his power, which meant that he was now a real Royal Lord.


Moreover, 80% of his injuries had been healed. The Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacies not only helped him achieve a breakthrough but also helped him rapidly recover.


That came as a pleasant surprise to him.


Without hesitation, Mo Na Ye identified the direction and dashed out of the Black Ink Nest, charging towards the battlefield.


Yang Kai would certainly show up for such a major incident. Almost getting killed by Yang Kai was the worst humiliation in Mo Na Ye’s life. Since he was now a Royal Lord, he no longer had to put on an act in front of Yang Kai.


He secretly swore that if Yang Kai had the guts to show up, he would destroy him to get his revenge.


Mo Na Ye was determined to kill Xiang Shan and Yang Kai to weaken the Humans’ strength and morale.




In the meantime, on the other side of the Universe Furnace World, a majestic palace artifact flew across the void, an inscribed signboard with the characters ‘Flowing Time’ hung above its doors.


There were eight Human Masters in front of the palace with a man and a woman, both in white robes, standing at the fore.


Since it was the Flowing Time Temple, the man and woman in white robes were undoubtedly Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


After getting the Spirit Pill in the desert, Yang Xue refined it and ascended to the Ninth-Order. She had just stopped cultivating in seclusion a while ago. Then, she and Yang Xiao continued to explore this Universe Furnace World.


They came across a group of Humans and there was someone they were familiar with among these people. He was none other than Fang Tian Ci!


At that time, Fang Tian Ci was leading the way for the other Masters in a Formation and was pleasantly surprised to bump into Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. When he realised Yang Xue was now a Ninth-Order Master, he was elated.


Both parties had known each other for many years and had worked together countless times to deal with powerful enemies; therefore, they were pleased to reunite in the Universe Furnace.


Following that, they decided to move forward together.


During this period, Yang Xiao repeatedly activated the Great Sun and Moon Marks on the backs of his hands in the hope that he would acquire more pills, but he couldn’t detect anything at all. This prompted him to wonder if it was just a coincidence when he managed to detect the location of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill by using the Great Sun and Moon Marks back then.


Although they hadn’t found another Supreme Grade Spirit Pill, they had killed some Black Ink Clansmen along the way. They were satisfied with it, especially when they managed to end a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s life.


During that battle, Yang Xue personally made a move and killed the powerful opponent. Chaos shattered and the void collapsed, which astounded onlookers.



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