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Martial Peak – Chapter 5768, I’m Not Listening

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Presently, the Flowing Time Temple was hovering in the void as a battle had broken out outside.


Yang Xue single-handedly dealt with four Territory Lords who had formed a Battle Formation. Even though these Territory Lords had assembled a Four Symbols Formation, they were still no match for a Ninth-Order Master.


If they were Innate Territory Lords, they might have persevered longer; however, the Territory Lords who had entered the Universe Furnace this time were all Acquired Territory Lords, so they were generally weaker.


Yang Xue didn’t kill them ruthlessly though; instead, she prolonged the fight intentionally, just like she had against all those from the Black Ink Clan they bumped into along the way. It was a good way for her to adapt to her increased strength.


The others were aware of what she was trying to do, so they didn’t lend her a hand.


Only Yang Xiao was shouting in front of the temple to show his support.


Words like ‘Little Aunt is the best’ and ‘Little Aunt is the most powerful’ just naturally came out of his mouth, which caused Yang Xue to flush. She wouldn’t mind it if he did such a thing in private, but many people were also there at that moment, which was why she was embarrassed.


After shouting for a while, Yang Xiao suddenly sighed.


Fang Tian Ci, who stood beside him, turned to look at him and smiled, “What’s wrong?”


A dejected Yang Xiao sent him a Divine Sense transmission, “Old Fang, she’s a Ninth-Order Master now!”


Fang Tian Ci replied, “En, I know.”


A dispirited Yang Xiao continued, “When will I become a Divine Dragon?” 


If he turned into his Dragon Form, he would be over 90,000 metres long, which was equivalent to an elite peak Eighth-Order Master. Although it seemed like Yang Xiao was just one step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, the truth was that it was extremely difficult to ascend from an Ancient Dragon to a Divine Dragon. That was the reason there were only a small number of Divine Dragons in the history of the Dragon Clan. There were only ever two or three Divine Dragons in every generation.


In the past, Fu Guang had been cultivating in the depths of the Dragon Pool for thousands of years, but he didn’t manage to become a Divine Dragon. It was only thanks to Yang Kai that he achieved his goal.


Yang Xiao was confident that he would be a Divine Dragon one day, but that would take a long time.


“She’s my Little Aunt, to begin with, and now she’s more powerful than me. Would I have to rely on her forever?”


He was certainly happy that Yang Xue had made it to the Ninth Order; after all, in this chaotic time, her power could protect her. However, he was downcast because he was less powerful than her now.


When they made a name for themselves in the future, he wouldn’t want others to say he was the man behind a Ninth-Order Master. That would be embarrassing.


He would rather hear others say he was the Divine Dragon beside the Ninth-Order Master.


Having spent many years with Yang Xiao, Fang Tian Ci certainly understood the underlying meanings behind his words, but since he wasn’t in any place to say anything, he only put on a meaningful smile.


Yang Xiao frowned and complained, “You’ve changed, Old Fang.”


Fang Tian Ci asked, “What do you mean?”


Yang Xiao examined him for a moment before shaking his head, “I don’t know, but you’re different from the first time I met you, especially after you became an Eighth-Order Master.”


Fang Tian Ci thought that it was obvious because the things that Yang Kai had sealed off in his Soul gradually awakened as his power increased. Without explaining anything, he only replied with a smile, “You’re reading too much into it.”


A relentless Yang Xiao forcefully wrapped his arm around the man’s neck and questioned through clenched teeth, “Are you looking down on me, Old Fang?”


Fang Tian Ci was torn between tears and laughter, “I am not. You’re the one making a scene.”


Yang Xiao glowered at him for a moment before letting out a sigh, “Forget it. It’s not like relying on a woman is a big deal anyway.”


The next instant, he pushed Fang Tian Ci away and beamed at Yang Xiao, who was returning, asking in a caring manner, “Are you tired or hurt, Little Aunt? You should have just killed these guys, why bother bringing them back?”


Yang Xue felt embarrassed because of his actions, so she glared at him. In any case, she realised that after she made it to the Ninth Order, Yang Xiao started saying nonsense more frequently.


[Is it because he now has low self-esteem? Hmph! Men will be men.]


An Eighth-Order Master suddenly asked, “Senior Sister, have you captured them to extract some information from them?”


Given Yang Xue’s strength, it wasn’t hard for her to kill these Acquired Territory Lords; however, she had captured them alive and brought them back. It was apparent that she was up to something.


The moment the Eighth-Order Master finished speaking, he realised someone was glowering at him. Puzzled, he turned his head and saw Yang Xiao gaping at him.


[Have I offended you in any way?] The Eighth-Order Master was bewildered.


[You’re taking advantage of me!] Yang Xiao was displeased. Since he called Yang Xue ‘Little Aunt’, the man was basically taking advantage of him by calling the woman ‘Senior Sister’.


For some reason, he had been sensitive and diffident recently.


Just as he was ready to argue with the Eighth-Order Master, he saw Yang Xue glower at him. In an instant, he relented.


 “The Black Ink Clansmen we’ve bumped into recently are all moving in the same direction. It seems like something has happened over there, so I’ve brought them back to interrogate them,” Yang Xue explained.


She wasn’t sure if the others were aware of such an anomaly, but the Black Ink Clansmen they had come across recently were all converging towards a certain direction in quite a hurry.


Upon hearing her, the others realised that was indeed the case and felt that women were indeed more sensitive. Some of them had noticed it, but they never gave it much thought. Now, it seemed that something had indeed happened over there.


The powers of these four Acquired Territory Lords had been sealed by Yang Xue. Presently, they stood before the woman with horrified expressions.


This couldn’t be helped. Even though they had joined forces, they were still captured alive by this woman. Furthermore, the power she showcased suggested that she was a Ninth-Order Master.


She swept a glance over them and said impassively, “I have some questions for you. Reply to me honestly.”


Suddenly, she pushed out a palm and exploded the first Territory Lord. As blood splashed, Yang Xue’s white robe was unaffected while an unsuspecting Yang Xiao had his clothes dyed black.


Her action not only shocked the remaining three Territory Lords but also the Human Race Masters.


[Didn’t she just say she had questions? Why did she kill him all of a sudden?]


She could’ve directly killed them all, so why did she bring them back and do that in front of them instead?


Yang Xiao looked at the blood stain on his clothes and fell silent. It seemed that Yang Xue was displeased with him and did that intentionally. As such, he felt uneasy.


Oblivious to everything else, Yang Xue stood in front of the second Territory Lord, who was anxious as he said, “Madam…”


Yang Xue cut him off and snarled, “I’m not listening!”


Then, she landed a palm on the Territory Lord and killed him as well.


Black blood splashed onto Yang Xiao again. Although he was well-prepared this time, he didn’t dare ward off the blood. He took a look at Yang Xue and realised she was smiling. It seemed that she had cheered up slightly.


Yang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and thought it was difficult to be a man.


The Human Race Masters were dumbfounded, not knowing what Yang Xue was trying to do; nevertheless, after pondering for a moment, they soon understood her intentions. They couldn’t help admiring her strategy, though this method was quite horrifying, especially for these captured Territory Lords.


They thought that even though this new Ninth-Order Master appeared demure, she was actually ruthless. At any rate, it shouldn’t be surprising; after all, she was Yang Kai’s Little Sister, so how was it possible that she was weak? If she were a kind-hearted person, she wouldn’t have survived in this chaotic time.


The remaining two Territory Lords were now scared out of their wits.


The Ninth-Order Master captured them and said she was going to ask them some questions; however, instead of asking anything, she began butchering them. Although one of them wanted to tell her everything, she still mercilessly ended his life, which was ridiculous.


The moment Yang Xue stood in front of the third Territory Lord, he almost fell to his knees and said hurriedly, “Ask anything you want, Madam! I’ll tell you everything! Please spare my life!”


He was worried that if he spoke any slower, he would perish like the two Territory Lords before.


This time, Yang Xue didn’t kill him right away and only asked slowly, “Do you want to live?”


The Territory Lord wasn’t sure how to respond to her. Certainly, he wanted to live. Although they were unlucky to bump into a Ninth-Order Master, they would rather not get killed.


The survivors exchanged glances and nodded, “Yes.”


The fourth Territory Lord then said, “Madam, if you insist on killing us, do it at once. However, you’ll never glean any information from us.”


That was audacious of him; nevertheless, it was what they hoped for. If death was a certainty, they naturally weren’t willing to reveal any information.


Now, they only hoped that Yang Xue would spare their lives.


The woman’s unreasonable actions had mentally destroyed them.


After a moment of silence, Yang Xue nodded, “Good. Since you want to live, I’ll give you a chance.”


Both of them were elated and the third Territory Lord asked cautiously, “Will you go back on your word?”


It wasn’t like there was anything they could do in that case, but they now had a chance to survive at the very least.


This time, Yang Xue remained silent while Yang Xiao snorted, “Do you think you have the right to bargain?”


The Territory Lords were crestfallen upon hearing that.


Since they were captives, they no longer had a say when it came to their life or death. They indeed had no right to bargain for anything.


Just then, Yang Xue said, “However, only one of you will get to live. Why don’t you tell me where you’re going and all the information you know? I’ll let the one who can provide the most valuable information live while the other one will die.”


Only one of them would survive, and the chance belonged to the one who could provide the most useful information. There was no doubt it was a devious method, but the Territory Lords knew they had to oblige.



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