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Martial Peak – Chapter 5769, Provide Assistance

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The Human Masters couldn’t help admiring Yang Xue. Although the trick was simple, it was more effective than any torture. She really was Yang Kai’s Little Sister. Although they had heard about her before, she wasn’t outstanding among the talented people in this chaotic time, but after ascending to the Ninth Order, she was bound to become a famous figure among the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.


Yang Xue went on to say, “Although you have no right to bargain for anything, you don’t have to worry about me going back on my word. Since I’ve said I’ll spare one of you, I’ll fulfil my promise. Humans value our reputation more than the Black Ink Clan.”


She was right in a sense. Over the years, the Black Ink Clan had clashed with Human Masters on countless occasions, but under normal circumstances, the Humans wouldn’t go back on their word.


The Territory Lords exchanged glances before one of them hurriedly said, “We’ve received Sir Xiao You’s order to join him in battle.”


The other one spoke at the same time, “Sir Xiao You told us to help him kill the Human Masters.”


Both Territory Lords had spoken at the same time and mentioned the name ‘Xiao You’. A curious Yang Xue asked with a frown, “Don’t speak at the same time. Take it slow.”


She then turned to look at the Territory Lord on the left, “Is Xiao You a Pseudo-Royal Lord?”


Before the Territory Lord could answer her question, an Eighth-Order Master explained, “I exchanged moves with Xiao You previously; however, he was still an Innate Territory Lord at that time. Since he was powerful, I found it hard to deal with him in a one-on-one fight. If he’s still alive, he should be a Pseudo-Royal Lord now.”


Due to the Universe Furnace’s appearance, all the veteran Innate Territory Lords were summoned to the No-Return Pass to create more Pseudo-Royal Lords. That was the reason there were suddenly dozens of them.


The Black Ink Clan didn’t do this in the past because it was of no help to the overall situation. The birth of dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords meant sacrificing at least ten times the number of Innate Territory Lords. However, the Universe Furnace’s appearance forced the Black Ink Clan to make such a decision. Only a larger number of Pseudo-Royal Lords could help them secure the upper hand in the Universe Furnace.


Pseudo-Royal Lords could only be made by sacrificing Innate Territory Lords, so the dead ones wouldn’t be remembered while only those who survived could make a name for themselves.


After hesitating for a bit, the Territory Lord on the left said, “Sir Xiao You is a true Royal Lord now. He previously obtained an opportunity in the Universe Furnace and broke through…”


All of them were shocked upon hearing that.


The opportunity in the Universe Furnace he had mentioned must be a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill!


Before entering this place, they had thought about the possibility of Black Ink Clansmen having a chance to acquire Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills; however, that was just a possibility. They certainly hoped for the Black Ink Clan to be unlucky and find no Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills at all.


Nevertheless, the information they had just heard made them wake up to reality.


A new Royal Lord had reached his current Realm by consuming a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. Not only did it level off the advantage of the Humans for having a new Ninth-Order Master like Yang Xue, it also made the Humans lose an opportunity, which was agonising.


Despite their unwillingness, there was nothing much they could do now; thus, 

Yang Xue turned to look at the Territory Lord on the right and muttered, “Go on.”


As though knowing what these Humans were thinking, the Territory Lord quickly said, “As far as I know concerned, there is a new Human Ninth-Order Master.”


A moment later, he added, “I’m talking about someone else; not you, Madam. That Ninth-Order Master is leading the Humans to fight with Sir Xiao You.”


The Human Masters’ interest was finally piqued. Apart from Yang Xue, there was another Ninth-Order Master, which was good news.


Yang Xue had made the right decision by trying to glean information from these Territory Lords instead of just killing them. The Black Ink Clan could share information quickly through the Black Ink Nests while the Humans found it hard to communicate with each other in the Universe Furnace at all.


“Do you know who the new Ninth-Order Master is?” Yang Xue asked.


Just as the Territory Lord on the right was ready to speak, the one on the left shouted, “It’s my turn!”


Yang Xue had said that whoever could provide the most useful information would survive; since it had something to do with his survival, this Territory Lord naturally had to fight for it.


Yang Xue turned to look at him, after which the Territory Lord on the left continued, “The Ninth-Order Master is named Ou Yang Lie!”


Hearing that, all of them were surprised.


Ou Yang Lie was one of the oldest Eighth-Order Masters who had been fighting against the Black Ink Clan back on the Black Ink Battlefield over 10,000 years prior to the invasion of the 3,000 Worlds. He had also made a name for himself in Profound Nether Territory during the war even after that. Everyone present had heard about him before.


Furthermore, it was said that Ou Yang Lie had been left with many concerning hidden injuries from his countless battles against the Black Ink Clan. His Small Universe had been damaged, so he was no longer at the peak of his power.


No one could’ve expected that he would acquire such an opportunity in the Universe Furnace and make it to the Ninth Order.


There was no doubt it was a piece of exhilarating news for the Human Race.


The Territory Lord on the right then said, “The conflict this time started because of an opportunity.”


The one on the left cut him off, “After Sir Xiao You became a Royal Lord, he accidentally discovered another opportunity; however, that opportunity was protected by some native Masters. One of them is just as powerful as Sir Xiao You.”


“A Chaos Spirit King?” Someone postulated.


The Black Ink Clan knew nothing about the Chaos Spirit Clan, but the Humans were aware of it. A native Master who was just as formidable as a Royal Lord must be a Chaos Spirit King.


“I guess so,” the Territory Lord went on to say, “After discovering the opportunity, Sir Xiao You summoned more people to assist him. While he was tangled up with the Chaos Spirit King, he directed others to snatch the opportunity. However, Sir Yang Kai somehow approached them undetected and snatched the opportunity.”


“What!?” Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were both shocked.


Yang Xiao questioned anxiously, “You said my Adoptive Father… That opportunity was snatched by Yang Kai?”


The other Territory Lord nodded, “That’s the reason both sides are engaging in a large-scale conflict. Since the opportunity was snatched away, Sir Xiao You was naturally displeased. He has summoned more people to track Sir Yang Kai down, which caught the Human Race’s attention. That’s why more and more people from both Races are gathering together. We too were on our way there as well.”


They had bumped into these Human Race Masters before they even arrived at their destination; now, only two out of four Territory Lords remained alive.


“How severe are his injuries?” Yang Xue questioned grimly.


Yang Kai snatched a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill while a Royal Lord and a Chaos Spirit King were fighting nearby. Although Yang Kai was unmatched when it came to escaping, he couldn’t possibly flee from such a situation unscathed. There was no doubt he was injured, but no one was aware of his condition.


The Territory Lord on the left shook his head, “No idea. We haven’t heard any news on Sir Yang Kai again.”


“Then ask now!” Yang Xue demanded.


These Territory Lords wouldn’t dare displease her. One of them quickly fished out a miniature Black Ink Nest and communicated with the other Territory Lords.


A while later, he put away the Black Ink Nest and replied, “Sir Yang Kai is badly injured, but no one knows where he is.”


Yang Xue breathed a sigh of relief. Since the Black Ink Clansmen were not aware of where Yang Kai was, it meant that he didn’t fall into their hands. Given his abilities, he must have escaped and was now recuperating somewhere.


These Territory Lords realised that Yang Kai must be related to this Ninth-Order woman; otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so agitated at the mere mention of his name.


They cautiously waited for Yang Xue to calm down before one of them continued, “We have no idea where Sir Yang Kai is hiding with that opportunity. Just as the battle seemed to have reached a stalemate and both sides were preparing to withdraw though, something happened. As a result, the battle intensified instead.”


“What happened?” Yang Xiao furrowed his brow. Although he didn’t take part in the battle, he felt that it was full of twists and turns just by listening to these Territory Lords.


The other Territory Lord explained, “Sir Xiang Shan was suddenly discovered nearby, showing signs of achieving a breakthrough. He must have obtained an opportunity and was preparing to refine it. He probably didn’t expect so many people to gather together in that area…”


All the Humans were now torn between tears and laughter.


They were thrilled because Xiang Shan had also gotten a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and was about to achieve a breakthrough; if he succeeded, the Human Race would have three new Ninth-Order Masters.


That hadn’t even included Yang Kai, who had snatched another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill away.


Nevertheless, the place that Xiang Shan had chosen to hide was quite awkward, which led to the Masters from both sides detecting the fluctuations of his breakthrough. Both parties were about to retreat, but instead got into a massive fight again because of that.


Behind Yang Xue, an Eighth-Order Master cupped his fist, “Senior Sister, since an intense battle has broken out, we should rush over to assist.”


Although they knew little about the situation over there, they believed that the Humans were at a disadvantage; after all, the Black Ink Clan could communicate with each other through the Black Ink Nests over vast distances while the Humans couldn’t. Therefore, there must be more Black Ink Clansmen than Humans over there.


Ou Yang Lie had to hold Xiao You back and protect Xiang Shan at the same time. It was imaginable that the Humans were in a perilous situation.


Yang Xue nodded, knowing that this matter could not be delayed. She initially wanted to slowly glean all the information she could from these Territory Lords, but she was no longer in the mood to do so. The next instant, she drove the Flowing Time Temple forward and instructed the Territory Lords to give directions.


If they were to look for the battlefield on their own, they might not be able to find the location; nevertheless, with these Territory Lords’ help, they didn’t need to worry about anything, for the Black Ink Nests could locate the battlefield.


Although the Territory Lords were disgruntled, they wouldn’t dare disobey Yang Xue. As such, they promptly pointed the way for her.


While on their way, Yang Xue tried to extract as much information from these Territory Lords as possible.


The information they knew was limited, so there naturally came a time when they had nothing else to say.


In the end, they could no longer provide any useful information.


Yang Xue motioned for Yang Xiao to take action, after which he flashed a wide smile at the Territory Lords, one so eerie that they shuddered.


The next moment, they were horrified by what they saw. Two marks appeared on the backs of Yang Xiao’s hands. Yellow light and blue light merged and turned into a dazzling white light.


Purifying Light!


The Black Ink Clan had been battling against the Humans for millennia, so they were familiar with this pure white light. In battle, Human Race Masters would often summon Evil Purging Divine Spears, which contained intense Purifying Light.


However, it was the Territory Lords’ first time seeing someone directly condensing Purifying Light, which was why they were scared out of their wits.



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