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Martial Peak – Chapter 5770, Yang Kai Is My Adoptive Father

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In front of the Flowing Time Temple, Yang Xiao smiled harmlessly, but the two Acquired Territory Lords, whose powers had been sealed, quivered like quails without a home in winter.


They felt that the Humans were preparing to kill them after gleaning all the information from them. Although the Humans had promised to let one of them off, they had now decided to end their lives. It seemed that they were about to go back on their word.


However, it wasn’t like these Territory Lords had the power to resist.


Ignoring them, Yang Xiao activated the Purifying Light and covered them in the dazzling white light. Instantly, these Territory Lords howled in pain as their Black Ink Strength was dispelled and their auras plunged.


A moment later, Yang Xiao retracted his hands.


Although the Territory Lords appeared battered, they were still alive at the very least, but both of them were shocked and puzzled.


[We’re still alive? Does that mean they have decided not to kill us?]


Yang Xiao snorted, “Since my Little Aunt said she will let one of you go, she won’t go back on her word. Or what, did you think I was going to kill you?”


After escaping from death’s door, the Territory Lords acted meekly. Unlike how flustered they were a moment ago, they were now slightly at ease.


They also understood why the Humans were willing to fulfil their promise.


Although the Purifying Light didn’t kill them, it significantly weakened their auras and caused their strength to plummet. They were originally Territory Lords, but now they could only be considered High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen. Several thousand years of cultivation was gone, just like that.


Two High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen were no longer of any use in the Universe Furnace, which was full of powerful Masters. If they came across other Human Race Masters now, they would easily die.


“Since you’ve been cooperative, I’ll let both of you go,” Yang Xiao announced and extended his hand, “Give me your Black Ink Nest!”


Not having the guts to hesitate, they promptly fished out a Black Ink Nest and presented it to him.


Only then did Yang Xiao wave his hand and slap these Black Ink Clansmen out of the temple before bellowing, “Get lost!”


Having just survived a calamity, these Black Ink Clansmen ran for their lives without delay. As for whether they would bump into other Humans and get killed, that was up to luck now.


In front of the temple, Yang Xue asked, “Since you’ve chased them away, who will point out the directions for us?”


“They’re no longer needed. I’ve got the location,” Yang Xiao replied and showed her the Great Sun and Moon Marks on the backs of his hands.


Yang Xue understood what was going on upon seeing that.


Initially, Yang Xiao relied on the Great Sun and Moon Marks to lead them to find a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, thus allowing Yang Xue to make it to the Ninth Order.


During this period, Yang Xiao had been trying to look for another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill using the same method, but they found nothing. As such, they thought that their previous discovery was merely a coincidence.


Now, it seemed that it wasn’t a coincidence. With the help of the Great Sun and Moon Marks, Yang Xiao was able to detect the locations of Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills.


Since Yang Xiao had detected the Spirit Pill’s whereabouts, it suggested that the battlefield wasn’t far away from them. The Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill must be the one in Xiang Shan’s possession.


Yang Xiao turned to look at her, “Little Aunt, I’ve confiscated their Black Ink Nest because I was worried they’ll share our information with the other Black Ink Clansmen. The enemies are not aware that you’ve ascended to the Ninth-Order yet. When we arrive at the battlefield, I’ll divert the Black Ink Clans’ attention while you look for an opportunity to support Martial Uncle Ou Yang to kill the Royal Lord.”


Yang Xue nodded, “Good.”


“Old Fang, you assist Little Aunt,” Yang Xiao then turned to look at Fang Tian Ci. Although he had been emotionally unstable recently, he was once the Leader of an Elite Squad, after all. Given his experience on the various battlefields, Yang Xiao could make some arrangements in an orderly manner.


Fang Tian Ci nodded, “Please rest assured.”


“The rest will form two Battle Formations with me. Let’s go kill those Black Ink Clan bastards!” Yang Xiao shouted. He was high-spirited as they were ready to barge into the battlefield and destroy the enemy.


No one disagreed.


A moment later, they felt the fallout of battles coming from up ahead. Apparently, they were about to arrive at the battlefield.


Fang Tian Ci and Yang Xue exchanged glances before leaping out. As Space Principles undulated, they vanished.


Meanwhile, Yang Xiao drove the Flowing Time Temple forward openly and menacingly. Before they even reached the battlefield, he roared at the top of his lungs, “Yang Xiao of the Dragon Clan has arrived! Black Ink Clan bastards, are you prepared to die!?”


Presently, the Humans were in a perilous situation. Many Human Race Masters had surrounded Xiang Shan and set up a defence line and were mainly fending off the enemies’ attacks.


They were at a disadvantage when it came to numbers, so even if they were unrestricted, they couldn’t possibly gain the upper hand, not to mention that they had to protect Xiang Shan now.


The Black Ink Clan continuously launched powerful Secret Techniques on the Humans in an attempt to shatter the defence line and disrupt Xiang Shan’s ascension.


Ou Yang Lie was unable to help as the Royal Lord named Xiao You was determined to tie him down, giving him no chance to take a breath. He had to defeat Xiao You before he could give Xiang Shan a hand.


He secretly cursed at Xiang Shan for dragging all of them into such a situation. Xiang Shan had chosen the wrong time to achieve an ascension, and worst of all, the location he had selected was so awkward.


Due to various reasons, the Human Race Masters were unable to advance further or retreat. They could only grit their teeth and hold on.


However, if this dragged on, once the Humans’ defence line was broken, things would collapse like an avalanche. Not only would Xiang Shan fail his ascension, but many Human Race Masters would lose their lives, as well.


Just as they were in a deadlock, Ou Yang Lie heard Yang Xiao’s voice all of a sudden. Elated, he roared, “Yang Xiao, go and protect Xiang Shan right away!”


Yang Xiao had seen what was happening on the battlefield, so he didn’t need Ou Yang Lie to tell him what to do. He drove the Flowing Time Temple forward and charged towards the battlefield with seven Human Race Masters in tow. The temple arrived at a weak point in the defence line, after which they started warding off the attacks.


The Black Ink Clansmen on that side were so frustrated that they almost spat blood. Initially, they had the chance to break through the enemy lines. By then, they could go straight to attack Xiang Shan.


Presently, Xiang Shan was attempting a breakthrough, so he was powerless to counterattack. Regardless of whether they could kill Xiang Shan or not in the end, they could make him fail at the very least.


They didn’t expect more Humans to come over at this critical moment. What was more, these Humans had brought with them a powerful Mobile Palace Artifact, which plugged the originally weak point in the Humans’ defence line.


Those from the Black Ink Clan were resentful of Yang Xiao. Nevertheless, the Flowing Time Temple had a robust defence. Since they were unable to destroy it, they decided to attack elsewhere.


Seeing that, Yang Xiao roared, “Where do you think you’re going!?”


The Black Ink Clansmen directly ignored him.


Yang Xiao was anxious, but he couldn’t take the initiative to attack. As such, he bellowed again, “Yang Kai is my Adoptive Father! He can easily slaughter all of you trash from the Black Ink Clan! Since he’s not around now, I’ll teach all of you a lesson on his behalf! If you have the guts, come and fight me!”


Those who were moving away, suddenly all stopped in their tracks. A Pseudo-Royal Lord’s eyes reddened as he glowered at Yang Xiao, “Did you just say Yang Kai is your Adoptive Father?”


Standing in front of the Flowing Time Temple, Yang Xiao looked condescendingly at him, “Yes! Do you have a problem with that?”


“Then you must die!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord roared and shouted, “Tear him apart!”


The next instant, with the Pseudo-Royal Lord leading the way, multiple Territory Lords charged towards the Flowing Time Temple.


Meanwhile, Yang Xiao was surprised by their reaction. He just wanted to curse at the enemies and pin them down; never did he expect them to react in such a way. Seeing that the enemies were coming over, he yelled, “Make ready!”


The seven others he had brought with him already had their auras connected and formed two Battle Formations. With the help of the Flowing Time Temple’s power, they engaged the enemy.


As they fought, Yang Xiao suddenly mocked, “It seems that your aura is unstable, Sir Pseudo-Royal Lord. Did my Adoptive Father punch you or something?”


At the mention of this, the Pseudo-Royal Lord intensified his attacks.


Yang Xiao was startled, for he didn’t expect his speculation to be right. He asked curiously, “What’s your name? When I see my Adoptive Father, I’ll tell him to kill you.”


The Pseudo-Royal Lord said through clenched teeth, “My name is Meng Que! At least now you’ll know who killed you!”


He was one of the earliest Pseudo-Royal Lords within the Black Ink Clan, so there was no doubt he held a prestigious position. However, when Yang Kai formed a Battle Formation with other Humans he managed to injure him seriously, which was greatly humiliating for Meng Que.


Although Yang Kai was badly injured now, he was nowhere to be found. As such, Meng Que was unable to get his revenge.


It was only natural that he wanted to vent his fury on Yang Xiao, who was Yang Kai’s Adoptive Son.


Although he couldn’t kill Yang Kai, Meng Que had the confidence to butcher Yang Xiao. The place where Yang Xiao and the others were located was in turmoil while they were dealing with the bombardment of attacks. Fortunately, they had the Flowing Time Temple’s protection. Otherwise, they couldn’t have persevered. After all, a Pseudo-Royal Lord was significantly more powerful than a Territory Lord. Meng Que being injured and unable to fully use all his power also helped immensely.


On the other side, with the help of Space Principles, Fang Tian Ci and Yang Xue stealthily approached Ou Yang Lie and Xiao You.


Although Fang Tian Ci had earned the moniker ‘Little Yang Kai’, he was still inferior to the true body when it came to mastery in the Dao of Space. Furthermore, Yang Xue was a Ninth-Order Master; as such, he felt pressured bringing her with him and helping to hide her aura at the same time.


“We have to stop here. If we go any closer, the enemy will notice us,” Fang Tian Ci said while stopping in his tracks, “Be careful.”


Yang Xue nodded but wasn’t in a rush to make a move; instead, she was observing the battle and waiting for a chance.


Killing a Royal Lord wasn’t easy, and the timing to make a move was crucial.


As though noticing a powerful presence, Xiao You became uneasy. He had a feeling that someone was staring at him in secret, so he reserved some of his strength. He was initially equally matched with Ou Yang Lie, but now the latter gained a slight upper hand.


Ou Yang Lie naturally noticed this and began openly taunting him. Ignoring the foul-mouthed Human in front of him, Xiao You wondered where his sense of unease came from.


Soon, however, he realised what the source was.


A powerful and unrestrained aura was suddenly felt rushing over from the distance. The aura didn’t have the signature of World Force or Black Ink Strength. Rather, it felt like pure chaos.


[It’s that Chaos Spirit King! I can’t believe that guy found me!]


At that moment, Xiao You was both shocked and flustered.



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