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Martial Peak – Chapter 5773, Celestial Phenomena

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All the Celestial Phenomena on the Black Ink Battlefield were massive and magnificent. Meanwhile, the Celestial Phenomena in this place were petite.


The difference in their sizes was the reason Yang Kai didn’t associate the two together at first. It wasn’t until he took a much closer look at their appearance that he realised what they were. These weak lights that came in different shapes and sizes were none other than Celestial Phenomena.


Yang Kai was astounded as he knew a thing or two about where Celestial Phenomena came from.


It was rumoured that in the beginning when Chaos split apart, 3,000 Grand Daos were unclear. As such, some strange natural creations were born, and they were Celestial Phenomena. It could be said that Celestial Phenomena were strange entities that could be traced back to the ancient source of Heaven and Earth.


In ancient times, the universe was filled with all sorts of Celestial Phenomena, and they were unimaginably dangerous.


That was the reason there were still Celestial Phenomena in the depths of Black Ink Battlefield while there were none in the 3,000 Worlds.


Rarely would anyone head to the depths of Black Ink Battlefield. Even the Black Ink Clansmen wouldn’t go there under normal circumstances, let alone Humans. That was why those Celestial Phenomena still remained intact.


Nevertheless, in the 3,000 Worlds, many Universe Worlds sprang to life and living beings rose to power. As these beings grew and explored, they extracted resources and transformed the environment to better suit themselves, causing the Celestial Phenomena to gradually disappear.


Now, there were essentially no Celestial Phenomena in the 3,000 Worlds. Many had never heard of Celestial Phenomena in their lifetimes.


Yang Kai had the honour to witness the wonders of the Celestial Phenomena, and he had made use of a few of them to get rid of some formidable enemies. He also gained massive benefits in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon; therefore, he was quite familiar with them. However, he didn’t expect to see Celestial Phenomena in the depths of the Infinite River where everything returned to chaos.


Soon, he became doubtful, [Are these Celestial Phenomena just as small as what I saw back then? Was what I saw earlier merely an illusion?]


As he looked intently, he was astounded all of a sudden. Perhaps what he saw was not all there was. The Celestial Phenomena in this place appeared petite because he was in a special environment. They might look very different if they were outside.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai was startled.


In the depths of the Infinite River, 10,000 Grand Daos bloomed before returning to Chaos, which then gave birth to so many Celestial Phenomena. There was also a Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon on the Black Ink Battlefield that had many Grand Dao Rivers inside of it.


Similarly, many undercurrents contained Dao Strengths in the Infinite River.


Previously, Yang Kai wondered why there were so many Grand Dao Rivers in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon; after all, Dao Strengths were extremely abstruse, so it wasn’t likely that they were born out of nowhere. The Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon should have had such power.


However, what if the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon was born from the Infinite River? That explained everything!


Yang Kai was astounded. He didn’t have any evidence to prove his speculation, but he had a feeling that it was the truth.


All the Celestial Phenomena in the depths of Black Ink Battlefield and the ones that once existed in the 3,000 Worlds but disappeared came from this place.


Yang Kai was eager to prove his point, so he dashed towards the Celestial Phenomenon he had paid attention to earlier.


What he saw astonished him. The Celestial Phenomenon was supposedly not far away from him, but regardless of how hard he tried, he was unable to approach it. Space seemed to have been extended infinitely before him, but he didn’t feel any fluctuations of Space Principles.


Furthermore, as he charged forward, the washbasin-sized seaweed-like Celestial Phenomenon was quickly expanding.


As expected, what he had seen wasn’t merely an illusion. The Celestial Phenomenon must be gargantuan, but it was somewhat illusory in the depths of the Infinite River.


Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and stepped backwards. Soon, he realised that everything returned to normal. He then went over to inspect other Celestial Phenomena and realised that they were the same.


He even saw a fog-like Celestial Phenomenon. Upon inspection, he discovered that what looked like dust in the fog wasn’t what it seemed. The particles were unformed Universe Worlds! He remembered seeing a fog-like Celestial Phenomenon in the Universe Furnace, and he was shocked at that time. It didn’t cross his mind that it was born from this place.


All the strange-looking Celestial Phenomena gathered in the depths of the Infinite River, which was filled with ancient and primitive auras. While swimming in this place, Yang Kai seemed to have returned to the ancient times and gotten lost.


A long time later, Thunder Shadow exclaimed, “Big Brother!”


An astounded Yang Kai came to his senses and realised that something was off, His Dao Strengths were dissipating and blending into this place. He quickly stabilised himself and circulated his power to stop his Dao Strengths from leaving his body.


A terrified Thunder Shadow asked, “What’s going on?”


Everything was going well when an anomaly happened. If he hadn’t discovered that something was amiss, Yang Kai would’ve lost his life without knowing the reason.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was soaked in cold sweat as well. Just now, he had been focusing on observing these bizarre Celestial Phenomena. While witnessing the wonders, he suddenly felt dead deep within. If Thunder Shadow hadn’t called out to him in time, Yang Kai would’ve lost his life.


Under such a circumstance, once all his Dao Strengths were gone, his figure would’ve melted into this place as well. Moreover, the Soul Warming Lotus didn’t react at all while Thunder Shadow was unaffected.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai realised something. The feeling of lifelessness wasn’t an external force; it was born within him. As such, the Soul Warming Lotus didn’t react in any way.


Such an anomaly happened because his Dao Strengths resonated with the Power of 10,000 Grand Daos in this place.


Thunder Shadow wasn’t as attuned to the environment, so he could remain alert. On the other hand, Yang Kai, who had mastered a lot of Grand Daos, was affected by this place.


After suffering such a setback, Yang Kai became more cautious. This was a dangerous place where he couldn’t be negligent.


Thunder Shadow said, “Let’s go up. There’s nothing interesting here to see.”


He was still terrified. Before this, even though Yang Kai was taking a huge risk, everything was still under control. The turn of events earlier apparently surprised him as well.


There was nothing much Thunder Shadow could do in this place, and once his main body was in danger, no one could save him.


“You don’t understand,” Yang Kai shook his head.


The Celestial Phenomena were indeed not interesting; however, the Power of the 10,000 Grand Daos returning to Chaos and the development of various wonders were the essence of this place.


Yang Kai had a feeling that he had caught a glimpse of something amazing, but he couldn’t fully comprehend it. There seemed to be a wall in front of him, blocking his path. He could faintly see the beauty beyond it, but it was shrouded in fog.


This place seemed to be the deepest part of the Infinite River. Not only were there a lot of Celestial Phenomena, but there was also a long riverbed that was filled with gravel.


Yang Kai had been focusing on the Celestial Phenomena, so he didn’t pay attention to the riverbed, but while looking down, he scooped up a handful of gravel and examined it. Just as he expected, these small stones were not what they seemed to be; instead, they were the collective of different Dao Strengths.


Yang Kai even realised that these small stones were actually the prototypes of Universe Worlds.


“Creation Force?” Yang Kai muttered.


He had heard about the Creation Realm from Cang for the first time. According to Cang, the Realm that was above the Ninth-Order was the Creation Realm!


The only one who had reached that Realm was Mo, who had been shackled inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


Even Cang and the other nine Martial Ancestors were not in that Realm. They had merely walked further down the path of the Open Heaven Realm than any others.


One could say that if they reached the Creation Realm, they would’ve been able to kill Mo.


Yang Kai had no idea how abstruse that Realm must be; after all, he was only at the peak of the Eighth Order and had yet to reach the Ninth Order. As such, the Creation Realm was still too far away from him; however, in his opinion, if they wanted to destroy Mo once and for all, someone had to reach that Realm.


Nevertheless, how to ascend to the Creation Realm remained a mystery; otherwise, Mo wouldn’t have been the only one to reach that Realm after so many aeons.


Cang and the other Martial Ancestors were geniuses, but even they were unable to reach that Realm, let alone their descendants.


Perhaps Wu Kuang, who had inherited Shi’s knowledge, knew something; however, he was looking after the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, so he was unreachable.


Yang Kai had never really seriously considered reaching that Realm. To him, the most important task was to break through to the Ninth Order. As such, he didn’t have any energy left to ponder on something so unattainable.


With that said, he seemed to have caught a glimpse of the Creation Realm in the deepest part of the Infinite River.


These were not the nurturing of simple living beings, but rather the wonders of Creation of the Universe itself.


Every stone in his hand was the prototype of a Universe World. If he took them to the outside world, they would probably become Dead Stars with no vitality.


Yang Kai remained in the same spot and fell into his thoughts.


Thunder Shadow was anxious as he was worried that his true body’s Dao Strengths would dissipate again. He stared fixedly at Yang Kai and was ready to call out to him at any moment.


Thankfully, he was relieved that the same thing didn’t happen again. Although Yang Kai remained unmoving like a statue, the Dao Strengths around him continued to flow. Apparently, he was trying to comprehend various aspects of the Grand Dao.


A long time later, just as Thunder Shadow was growing distressed, Yang Kai suddenly moved as all the gravel in his hand fell. He then swam upwards.


[Are we finally leaving?] Thunder Shadow was elated. Although he had gained massive benefits in this damned place, he wasn’t willing to stay any longer.


Certainly, he was pleased that the main body was leaving.


They were faced with many obstacles when coming to this place, but it was much easier when they were leaving. It certainly wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was no longer as difficult as when they tried to head to the depths.


Soon, Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow arrived at the upper part of the Infinite River. The water in this place was filled with Shattered Dao Essence, and if they kept moving upwards, they would be able to leave.


Much to Thunder Shadow’s surprise, Yang Kai suddenly stopped in his tracks and let the river’s Chaotic Force wash over him. He even removed the Space-Time River around himself and only protected Thunder Shadow with it so that the latter would remain safe.



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