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Martial Peak – Chapter 5774, I Understand

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[What is he doing?] Although Thunder Shadow was puzzled, he knew he shouldn’t disturb Yang Kai. As such, he could only wait patiently.


As the violent water washed over Yang Kai, his figure swayed with it. Undoubtedly, it was dangerous to directly come into contact with the Chaotic Force, but it allowed him to see the truth clearly.


A long time later, even his figure started falling apart. His golden blood blended into the river as it disappeared.


Just as Thunder Shadow became apprehensive, Yang Kai suddenly dove deeper and arrived at the point where chaos split into Yin and Yang before he continued to comprehend things.


Yang Kai’s figure was in a terrible state as his skin started cracking. As the water surged over him, a layer of his skin was peeled off. His hideous expression suggested that he was in excruciating pain; however, he gritted his teeth and persevered.


Meanwhile, Thunder Shadow was now completely anxious. If Yang Kai lost his life in this place, he would become a true laughingstock.


Moments later, Yang Kai understood something and dove deeper. Soon, he reached the point where Yin and Yang split into the Five Elements.


His flesh started coming apart. The powers of his Dragon Vein and the Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation were fully activated, but they did little to stop his injuries from worsening.


When Yang Kai dove deeper for the last time and reached the point where Five Elements split into 10,000 Grand Daos, his aura was extremely weak. He was like a candle amidst the storm, at risk of losing his life at any moment.


His entire figure was covered with blood as the Infinite River’s erosion made him look battered and miserable.


If not for the fact that he still had some vitality left, and the Space-Time River was still being sustained, Thunder Shadow would’ve thought that the main body was dead.


At that moment, Thunder Shadow was ill at ease. He had figured out what the main body was trying to do, but it was a huge risk to take. If an accident occurred, the damage would be irreversible.


In the depths of the Infinite River, Yang Kai’s badly injured figure remained still as he let the water strike him from all directions, his aura constantly weakening until it reached a critical limit and his originally listless eyes suddenly started shimmering.


Just then, Thunder Shadow heard the main body shouting, “I understand!”


The next moment, 10,000 Grand Daos started surging from his injured figure. They were his own Dao Strengths, not those in the Infinite River.


The Dao Strengths integrated and formed a protective layer outside the Space-Time River; then, Yang Kai’s figure shot upwards.


As it happened, the Dao Strengths around him evolved. When he reached the point where Five Elements split into 10,000 Grand Daos, the 10,000 Grand Daos around him evolved into Five Elements. When he reached the point where Yin and Yang transformed into Five Elements, and the Five Elements around him evolved into Yin and Yang.


When he finally reached the upper part of the Infinite River, everything around him returned to chaos.


Moreover, as Yang Kai swam upwards, the Space-Time River around him trembled violently. Thunder Shadow couldn’t help feeling that Space and Time seemed to have turned upside down.


It felt like Space and Time were reversing as flesh started appearing on Yang Kai’s damaged figure out of thin air.


Eventually, he returned to his original state. Although he no longer looked battered and miserable, his aura was still weak.


Nevertheless, he was energetic and elated, “I see!” He then turned to look at Thunder Shadow and asked, “Did you understand?”


Thunder Shadow was on the brink of breaking into tears, [What am I supposed to understand?] 


He figured that Yang Kai was trying to comprehend the secrets behind the evolutionary process from Chaos to the 10,000 Grand Daos; however, he had never cultivated the 10,000 Grand Daos before, so how was he supposed to understand anything?


At that moment, he only wanted to tell Yang Kai to stop torturing himself as it was bad for his heart.


Knowing what was on Thunder Shadow’s mind, Yang Kai merely smiled in response.


It wasn’t that he wanted to torture himself, but since the opportunity was there, he just wasn’t willing to miss it.


When he dove into the Infinite River for the first time, Yang Kai used his Dao Strengths to shield himself. As such, he was unable to comprehend anything, nor did he intend to.


It wasn’t until he witnessed the end of the 10,000 Grand Daos at the bottom of the Infinite River that he had the urge to comprehend everything he witnessed.


Therefore, he decided to give up the protection of his Dao Strengths and expose his body and mind to comprehend the wonders of Chaos giving birth to the 10,000 Grand Daos. 


Naturally, this process came with huge risks, but the outcome was extraordinary. Yang Kai had gained immense benefits in the Infinite River and even had a feeling that his experience in this place would change the way he cultivated in the future.


Moreover, he formed a doubt after experiencing this whole process.


Was what everyone knew about Mo correct? Was Mo really in the Creation Realm?


In the past, Yang Kai had not doubted it; after all, Cang had said so. However, after Yang Kai went through the process of 10,000 Grand Daos returning to Chaos, he realised that Mo might not be in the Creation Realm.


In any case, that wasn’t what he should be concerned about at the moment. If he wanted to face Mo, he had to solve the trouble brought by the Black Ink Clan first.


As for how his injured figure recovered so rapidly, the truth was it hadn’t.


Currently, both his Dao of Time and Dao of Space were at the Eighth Level, and he had mastered the Space-Time River; therefore, while in the Space-Time River, he could mark a particular point in time and when it was necessary, restore his physical state to that particular point.


It was a new way of using the Space-Time River, which he had mastered in the Infinite River after his understanding over the numerous Grand Daos improved significantly. Yang Kai wasn’t able to use it in the past because other than the Dao of Space and Dao of Time, he hadn’t mastered the other Grand Daos to such a degree.


During the restoration process, Thunder Shadow felt as though Space and Time were reversing when in fact, that wasn’t what happened. Under the Space-Time River’s blessing, Yang Kai returned to a state he had marked at a particular point in time.


Certainly, he had to consume lots of Dao Strength to achieve this, and it was not without risks.


It was a novel technique that would prove to be useful in some situations, but had serious limitations and drawbacks.


Then, Yang Kai turned to look at the depths of the Infinite River with a dark gaze.


He believed that he had only seen the tip of the iceberg and there must be even more secrets in the Infinite River. That was because when the 10,000 Dao Strengths around him returned to chaos, he could clearly feel that something faintly resonated with him from the other end of the Infinite River.


However, he had to fully activate his Dao Strengths to touch upon those endless wonders, so he didn’t have time to pay attention to anything else.


As he thought about it, he realised that the resonance was odd. Where did the resonance come from?


Since time immemorial, the Universe Furnace had appeared many times and allowed many Human cultivators to become Ninth-Order Masters; however, no one had ever seen the Universe Furnace itself.


Even the Ninth-Order Old Ancestors, who had lived for a very long time, had no idea what the Universe Furnace really looked like or where it was.


The Infinite River ran through the entire Universe Furnace World, and there was no doubt it was an important part of the Universe Furnace; therefore, the resonance in the distance was certainly worthy of attention.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai didn’t have time to explore it, for he had been held up in the Infinite River for a long time already. He wondered about the outcome of the fight between Humans and the Black Ink Clan. After some calculations, he realised that the ninth Grand Dao evolution would take place soon.


Once that happened, the Universe Furnace would close.


[It’s time to leave.]


Certainly, he felt that it was a shame. If he had known beforehand, he would’ve immediately explored the Infinite River the moment he entered the Universe Furnace; however, if he had done so, he wouldn’t have acquired a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. 


Trade-offs could not be avoided.


And so, Yang Kai led Thunder Shadow to dash upwards and soon left the Infinite River.


As he scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense though, he was startled.


Thunder Shadow hurriedly said, “There are calls for help everywhere! It seems that they’ve come across formidable enemies!”


Thunder Shadow had a Communication Bead that was used to contact others. He always brought it with him so that he could send or receive information at any moment. Nevertheless, Humans’ communication method was inferior to those of the Black Ink Clan. Since he could receive a message that asked for assistance, it showed that the other party wasn’t far away.


“I’ll ask them where they are,” Thunder Shadow said.


“There’s no need for that,” the moment Yang Kai finished speaking, he charged forward in a particular direction, for he could already feel the fallout of battle.


A moment later, his expression turned solemn.


Although he had detected the fluctuations, he couldn’t feel them clearly. As he moved closer though, he had a feeling that the fights were unusual.


The battle was intense, and the auras were chaotic; moreover, there were a lot of people on both sides, including Royal Lords and Ninth-Order Masters!


[Is this the final battle?]


Yang Kai had never expected that the situation outside had become so violent after he dove into the Infinite River.


Unbeknownst to him, his snatching of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was what set off this final conflict.


After successfully stealing the pill, Yang Kai brought Thunder Shadow with him and snuck into the Infinite River. The Black Ink Clan certainly wouldn’t give up searching for him, so they summoned more people over. On the other hand, Humans had to deal with the increasing number of enemies; as such, more and more people on both sides gathered together.


When the Chaos Spirit King joined in, everything flew out of control.


If the Chaos Spirit King was the only issue, even though the Humans would still be at a disadvantage, they could have still persevered. After all, Yang Xue, a new Ninth-Order Master, appeared out of the blue and seriously injured Xiao You.


Nevertheless, when a new Royal Lord joined the battle, the Humans fell into a perilous situation again.


Mo Na Ye had arrived and joined his fellow Black Ink Clansmen!


That was what Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow saw when they reached the edge of the battlefield.


Ou Yang Lie was battling against Xiao You and two groups of Territory Lords who had formed Four Symbols Formations. Xiao You had been wounded by Yang Xue, so he was no longer a match for Ou Yang Lie on his own. Left with no choice, he summoned eight Territory Lords, who then formed two Battle Formations and joined forces with him. There were more Masters from the Black Ink Clan than the Human Race to begin with, so eight of them joining Xiao You wouldn’t change the overall situation.


Only then could they contend with Ou Yang Lie and even gain the upper hand.


Meanwhile, Yang Xue was fighting with the Chaos Spirit King on her own. As World Force and Chaotic Force clashed, the situation was truly intense. Yang Xue was at a disadvantage, but she did her best to keep the Chaos Spirit King at bay.


Yang Xiao and five Eighth-Order Masters had formed a Six Paths Formation and were fighting with Mo Na Ye with the help of the Flowing Time Temple, but they seemed to be in a difficult situation.


Other Humans surrounded a particular place and fended off the Black Ink Clan’s attacks from all directions.


Yang Kai could also sense the fluctuations of a Human Race Master achieving a breakthrough in that direction, and he found the aura familiar.


[Xiang Shan! He’s attempting a breakthrough!]



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