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Martial Peak – Chapter 5775, Sneak Attack

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Only then did Yang Kai realise why the Humans refused to retreat despite being at a disadvantage. They had to protect Xiang Shan, who was lucky enough to have acquired a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Yang Kai initially wanted to give Xian Shan the Spirit Pill he had found, but now it seemed that it was no longer necessary.


It was wonderful that Xiang Shan had his own opportunity, but it was terrible that he attracted the Black Ink Clan’s attention at the most critical moment of his ascension.


Some of the things Yang Kai saw on the battlefield also surprised him.


First of all, he hadn’t seen Yang Xue for many years; as such, he was surprised to learn that his Little Sister was now a Ninth-Order Master. As her Big Brother, he was still at the peak of the Eighth-Order, so while he was gratified, he was also a bit embarrassed.


As he thought about it, he had done a terrible job as a Son and as a Big Brother.


Yang Xue was born because Yang Kai loved venturing into the outside world, so he couldn’t keep his parents company most of the time. Furthermore, they usually wouldn’t get any news on him for many years. Worried that they might learn about their Son’s death one day, they decided to give birth to another child, for they knew that they couldn’t rely on their Son.


That was the reason Yang Xue was born. 


However, as her Big Brother, Yang Kai had rarely taken up any responsibility for her. He didn’t keep her company when she was growing up, nor did he teach her how to cultivate when she was young. Even when she and Yang Xiao ventured into the outside world, he had never given her much protection.


Now, just like him, Yang Xue had to join the war to kill the Black Ink Clan, leaving their parents back in High Heaven Palace, waiting for their return.


It was an awful fate for all of them.


Apart from Yang Xue, Yang Kai was also surprised by Mo Na Ye.


That guy was battling against Yang Xiao with his Six Paths Formation on the battlefield, and he had gained the upper hand.


One had to know that Yang Xiao had the Flowing Time Temple’s assistance on top of forming the Six Paths Formation with him as the Core. How was it possible that Mo Na Ye was a match for them?


Mo Na Ye was just a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and he couldn’t have possibly recovered from his near-death situation in such a short amount of time. In the folded Space, Yang Kai all but killed him, so under normal circumstances, a Five Elements Formation should have been more than enough to restrain Mo Na Ye.


As Yang Kai observed them for a while longer though, he became shocked. Mo Na Ye wasn’t as badly injured as Yang Kai thought, and he was no longer a Pseudo-Royal Lord. The power he was using showed that he was a true Royal Lord now!


[Did that bastard obtain a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill?]


Yang Kai was naturally displeased. It was true that good people would usually die young while a scourge would live a long life. It was a shame that he hadn’t managed to kill Mo Na Ye in the Universe Furnace’s folded Space back then.


Nevertheless, at that time, Yang Kai didn’t expect that his actions would trigger the Universe Furnace’s self-defence mechanism, sucking him into the Universe Furnace World and allowing Mo Na Ye to survive.


Presently, Thunder Shadow still crouched on Yang Kai’s shoulder, using his Innate Divine Ability to conceal both of their auras. While looking in a particular direction then, he sent Yang Kai a Divine Sense transmission, “Second Brother is over there.”


He was naturally aware of Fang Tian Ci’s existence; after all, they had come across each other on several occasions while fighting the Black Ink Clan in the various Great Territory Battlefields; however, it wasn’t until he heard the conversation between Yang Kai and Ou Yang Lie that he realised Fang Tian Ci was Yang Kai’s Human Self.


Yang Kai nodded, for he saw Fang Tian Ci as well.


Presently, Fang Tian Ci was part of Yang Xiao’s Six Paths Formation. It was thanks to their close collaboration that they managed to oppose a Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye for so long.


It wasn’t that Yang Xiao didn’t want to form a Seven Stars Formation. If he could do that, it would certainly help with their situation. At the very least, they would find it easier to fight with Mo Na Ye.


Nevertheless, the Human Race had fewer people on their side as compared to the Black Ink Clan, and all of them were tangled up in fights. If they asked someone to assist them, a different part of the defence line might break.


Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to form a Seven Stars Formation. If they were not close enough and couldn’t collaborate tacitly, it would be better to stick to the Six Paths Formation than forcibly try to form the Seven Stars Formation.


At the very least, it was easier for Yang Xiao to sustain the Six Paths Formation.


In general, things were not looking optimistic for the Humans. Yang Xue and Ou Yang Lie, both Ninth-Order Masters, could still manage to deal with their own opponents; however, Yang Xiao’s team and the ones protecting Xiang Shan were in a perilous situation.


Once Yang Xiao’s group was defeated or the defence line was broken through, the Humans were bound to suffer immense losses.


At that moment, Yang Kai was glad that he didn’t spend any more time in the Infinite River.


To the Human Race, he and Thunder Shadow, who were hiding in the dark, were their best bet to turn the situation around.


Yang Kai had to look for a chance and make a move to lift some pressure off his side.


He could ignore the Chaos Spirit King, for Yang Xue was powerful enough to restrain it. Furthermore, he believed that even if he launched a sneak attack, he couldn’t possibly harm the Chaos Spirit King. If he couldn’t kill it with one strike, it would only become more agitated and aggressive.


Could he deal with the two Royal Lords, then?


Both Royal Lords were not at the peak of their powers. Ou Yang Lie’s opponent seemed to be horribly injured as his aura was unstable; however, he had joined forces with eight Territory Lords to stabilize his situation.


Mo Na Ye was wounded as well, but his injuries weren’t serious.


Yang Kai didn’t have the confidence to kill either of them; at best, he could injure them.


As such, he decided to set his sights on the weaker targets.


The Humans felt immensely pressured mainly because there were over 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords. Even if both parties were in one-on-one fights, the Human Race Masters would still feel intimidated.


Many more Pseudo-Royal Lords had entered the Universe Furnace World, but these were the only ones on the battlefield at that moment. The other Pseudo-Royal Lords were either on their way or didn’t bring Black Ink Nests with them.


As such, the key to this battle wasn’t the fights between the Royal Lords and the Ninth-Order Masters, but Xiang Shan!


As long as they could hold on until Xiang Shan achieved a breakthrough, they could turn the tides as they would have another Ninth-Order Master.


Yang Kai soon made a decision. Given his strength, he wouldn’t be able to kill a Royal Lord; however, with Thunder Shadow’s help, he could probably end a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s life.


After he sent a transmission to Thunder Shadow, they silently flew towards the battlefield.


At that moment, the Black Ink Clan were trying to break through the Human Race’s defence line, but they hadn’t managed to achieve their goal yet. As such, many of them roared furiously.


The Black Ink Clan was at an advantage as they had more people on their side. The Territory Lords could also form Four Symbols Formations, negating a large part of the Humans’ advantage. Nevertheless, the Humans also had Warships with them which allowed them to form a solid defence line around Xiang Shan.


Faced with the bombardment of attacks, the Human Race Masters only had to defend themselves. The Defensive Arrays on the Warships had been fully activated and linked with each other to form a sturdy shield.


Without breaking the Warships’ protection, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to deal a decisive blow to the Humans.


That was the reason the Humans could hold on for such a long time despite having fewer people on their side. 


Nevertheless, the Warships were not unbreakable. Once they were damaged, the Humans would have to directly deal with the enemies. By then, no one could tell how much longer they could persevere.


In a particular spot of the defence line, a Pseudo-Royal Lord that looked like a humanoid Ox with horns on his forehead madly released waves of Black Ink Strength, striking the light barrier in front of him, dimming it significantly.


He could feel that the defence line made from Warships in this spot was about to break apart at any moment. Once that happened, the Humans would have to directly face his wrath.


“Ants, you die today!” He growled with bloodshot eyes. Despite being at an advantage, he did not forget to weaken the Humans’ morale as well.


Regardless of whether it was useful at all, he felt much better after shouting it out. He had been in life-and-death fights with the Human Race Masters in the past many times. Before he became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, the opponents he had come across were all difficult to deal with.


This time, hundreds of Human Race Masters were unable to flee. Once the defence line was shattered, slaughter would be inevitable.


It would be a huge victory that the Black Ink Clan hadn’t enjoyed for a long time, so he was naturally quite pleased.


He could already imagine that scene in his mind.


All of a sudden, he felt his chest tightening and a chill shoot up his spine. He was engulfed in a great sense of crisis.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord was startled. Before he could figure out what was going on though, he felt an aura appear from behind, one that was so savage that he felt a sharp pain in his skin.


Someone was launching a sneak attack on him, and the person was powerful!


In an instant, the Pseudo-Royal Lord realised what was going on. Before he could ponder on who stealthily attacked him or how the person approached him without his knowledge though, Black Ink Strength around him exploded to form a protective cover and obscure his exact position.


Nonetheless, his efforts proved useless. The moment his Black Ink Strength exploded out, he felt a sharp pain in his back. A sharp object had penetrated his figure.


He hurriedly turned his head and saw a familiar-looking young man with a cold expression and a murderous gaze.


At the most critical moment, the Pseudo-Royal Lord reacted quickly enough. He leapt forward to widen the gap with his attacker and the weapon left his body, drawing a gush of blood with it. An abstruse power lingered on his wound however, making him feel uneasy.


Behind him, Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


Just as he expected, it wasn’t easy to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord. With Thunder Shadow’s help, he managed to approach the opponent without alerting him and successfully launched a sneak attack; nevertheless, it was still impractical to try to end a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s life with only one strike.


At the end of the day, Yang Kai was still weaker than the other party.


If the opponent was a Territory Lord, even an Innate one, Yang Kai had the confidence to kill them with one move.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai retracted his spear and released the Space-Time River. The water rushed towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord and swept him up into it.


Before the Pseudo-Royal Lord could shout to warn the others, he disappeared into the river.



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