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Martial Peak – Chapter 5776, The Power of the River

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The turn of events shocked both the Humans and the Black Ink Clansmen. None of them could clearly see what happened, they only knew that a river appeared out of the blue, after which a Pseudo-Royal Lord vanished out of sight.


As they looked in the same direction, Thunder Shadow appeared with a figure surrounded by lightning. He then turned into a lightning ball and growled before biting a Territory Lord.


The Territory Lord was only an Acquired one and was bitten by Thunder Shadow while he had his guard down. As lightning struck, the Territory Lord trembled uncontrollably, and all his Black Ink Strength dissipated.


Thunder Shadow exerted more force with his mouth and split the Territory Lord’s body in half. With a contemptuous gaze, it spat out the body and roared, “What are you looking at? I’ll bite you to death!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of another Territory Lord. Opening his hideous mouth, he sank his teeth into the opponent.


Thunder Shadow was powerful to begin with. When Yang Kai bumped into him back then, Thunder Shadow was already able to hold off several Territory Lords on his own; then, in the depths of the Infinite River, he devoured a lot of compatible Dao Strength, to the point he became stuffed. Now, he was 30% stronger than in the past.


Naturally, no Acquired Territory Lord was a match for him anymore. In just several breaths of time, two Territory Lords had lost their lives.


No one could find Thunder Shadow when he was hiding, and when he struck, he did so ferociously, making it difficult for his opponents to respond or defend themselves.


While the Black Ink Clan was reeling from the shock, the Humans were ecstatic. They realised that strong reinforcements had arrived.


Apart from Thunder Shadow, who had made a name for himself on the various Great Territory Battlefields, the Human, who had appeared momentarily, wasn’t weak either; otherwise, they wouldn’t have targeted a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


Several Human Race Masters recognised the signature Space-Time River. People like Zhan Tian He, Xiong Ji, and Liu Fei Fei had witnessed Yang Kai using the river before, so they knew he had arrived.


There was no doubt that the person who launched a sneak attack on the Pseudo-Royal Lord and dragged him into the Space-Time River was Yang Kai. They had been doubtful about why Yang Kai, who had caused all this chaos, was nowhere to be seen while the Humans were locked in an intense fight with the Black Ink Clan.


Only now did they finally relax slightly.


Although Yang Kai had only brought a leopard with him, his presence alone gave them massive confidence.


On the battlefield, Thunder Shadow wandered around the Space-Time River and killed several Territory Lords. Just then, a Pseudo-Royal Lord came over and sent out a punch. Thunder Shadow was sent flying away while coughing up blood. Just as the Pseudo-Royal Lord was preparing to end his life though, the leopard disappeared into the void again.


Thunder Shadow’s goal was clear, he only had to target the Territory Lords to keep them at bay. Even Yang Kai couldn’t easily kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, let alone his Monster Self. If he forced himself to contend with a Pseudo-Royal Lord, Thunder Shadow would be courting death.


Given his Innate Divine Ability and powerful combat skills though, it was easy enough for Thunder Shadow to kill some Acquired Territory Lords, which was what Yang Kai asked him to do.


They had to lift some pressure off the Humans guarding this position.


However, Thunder Shadow soon realised there was nothing much he could do on his own. There were quite a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords; moreover, after suffering some setbacks, the Territory Lords quickly formed Battle Formations, ensuring that Thunder Shadow couldn’t easily kill them.


As numerous Black Ink Clansmen scanned the surroundings, even Thunder Shadow could hardly conceal his figure using his Innate Divine Ability. The Pseudo-Royal Lords discovered his whereabouts and struck several times, causing the lightning around him to dim.


With a pair of amber eyes, Thunder Shadow glanced over at the Space-Time River, which was undulating violently and charged forward. At the same time, it exclaimed, “Save me, Big Brother!”


Several Pseudo-Royal Lords relentlessly raced after him while many rained their attacks on the Space-Time River. Regardless of what technique it was or who activated it, since their opponent was there, they just had to attack.


The Space-Time River shook violently because of external pressure as well as the internal fight.


Right after Yang Kai summoned the Space-Time River and swept the Ox Pseudo-Royal Lord into it, he too dove in. He was so swift that hardly anyone could see him clearly.


Inside the Space-Time River, Yang Kai naturally held the advantage. Although he couldn’t control everything like he did in his Small Universe, he was in a favourable position in the river.


Presently, the Space-Time River was filled with many more Dao Strengths, which formed countless undercurrents and enacted all sorts of wonders. Yin and Yang, Five Elements, 10,000 Grand Daos, Chaos. The entire evolutionary process took place repeatedly, completely confusing the opponent’s senses.


While hiding in the river, Yang Kai waited for a chance to flare up and kill the enemy.


Just as Thunder Shadow called for help, everyone could clearly feel that a powerful aura suddenly vanished inside the raging river.


The next instant, waves spread out as a figure shot out with a corpse with no Black Ink Strength left in his hand.


All the Black Ink Clansmen were flabbergasted. A Pseudo-Royal Lord was killed in such a short time!


Although there were quite a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords present, none of them had lost their lives despite fighting with the Humans for such a long time. Now, one of them had been killed just like that.


Meanwhile, a young man stood above the river with a dispassionate expression before tossing the corpse away as though it was common trash.


“Yang Kai!” A Black Ink Clansman exclaimed, for he finally made out Yang Kai’s face and realised his identity.


On the other hand, a solemn Mo Na Ye, who had been suppressing Yang Xiao, roared, “Yang Kai!”


After entering the Universe Furnace World, he acquired an opportunity to become a Royal Lord and even healed most of his injuries.


He initially thought that if he came across Yang Kai again, he would have a chance to kill him once and for all.


Now, it seemed that while he gained an opportunity, it wasn’t like Yang Kai acquired nothing. Yang Kai had become significantly more powerful than when they parted ways previously.


The strange river was obviously a new technique he had created, one Mo Na Ye had never seen or heard of before.


More importantly, he was concerned about the fact that Yang Kai was now able to pose a serious threat to the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Although Yang Kai had killed Di Wu before, that was the result of many coincidences and specific circumstances. It wasn’t a reflection of his true power.


Mo Na Ye was deeply astonished. Yang Kai was already at the peak of the Eighth Order, so his power supposedly shouldn’t improve any further in his lifetime. Nevertheless, contrary to common knowledge, Yang Kai’s strength had increased tremendously. Such a person posed a huge threat to the Black Ink Clan, so he had to be killed as soon as possible!


Secretly, Mo Na Ye was glad that Yang Kai wasn’t so capable yet when he dealt with him previously; otherwise, he might’ve ended up in a miserable state, since he was only a Pseudo-Royal Lord at that time.


Unlike how heavy-hearted Mo Na Ye was, Ou Yang Lie was elated as he cheered, “You finally showed up, you stinking brat!”


He initially thought that Yang Kai had lost his life since the latter had not appeared even after all this time. Now, it seemed that he shouldn’t have worried about him, for Yang Kai was still alive and kicking. The moment he appeared, he even managed to end a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s life, which boosted the Humans’ morale greatly.


“Big Brother!” Yang Xue called out as well.


Yang Kai turned to look at her and put on a smile, “Focus on dealing with your opponent!”


An obedient Yang Xue replied, “Yes!”


Then, Yang Kai turned his head back and gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Although he held an advantageous position with the Space-Time River’s help, he had to pay a certain price to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord in such a short time.


Nevertheless, it was worth it.


“Kill him!” Mo Na Ye roared. Nothing good ever happened when Yang Kai was around, and this time was no exception. Yang Kai was undoubtedly a huge threat. Although the Black Ink Clan was currently at an advantage, Yang Kai might be able to turn things around in some crazy way.


If possible, Mo Na Ye would love to end Yang Kai’s life with his own hands; however, he was unable to shake off Yang Xiao and the others, who were now relentlessly pushing back against him.


Certainly, the Black Ink Clansmen didn’t have the guts to disobey Mo Na Ye’s order. Several Pseudo-Royal Lords rushed towards Yang Kai from different directions, locking their auras onto him before they even arrived.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords had learned their lesson, so they wouldn’t dare underestimate Yang Kai. After they communicated with each other using their Divine Senses, they decided to use their most powerful moves all together.


Yang Kai snorted and called out to Thunder Shadow before retracting the Space-Time River. The next instant, Thunder Shadow activated his Innate Divine Ability, after which both of them disappeared. 


“There!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord growled while looking in a particular direction. He then pushed out a fist.


In that direction, a battered Thunder Shadow reappeared, “Why did you hit me? Big Brother isn’t with me!” He yelled while spitting blood, which made him look quite embarrassed.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord, who had struck Thunder Shadow, was startled, but in the next moment, he heard the sound of rushing water.


He immediately turned his head and widened his eyes in disbelief.


Yang Kai was already in a different spot as the river appeared abruptly before retracting.


Like a gale gusting through leaves, over 10 Territory Lords were swept into the river this time.


The next moment, Yang Kai took the river and ran away. While all the Black Ink Clan Masters shifted their attention to Yang Kai, Thunder Shadow activated his Innate Divine Ability and fled.


Mo Na Ye’s expression changed drastically. Seeing that several Pseudo-Royal Lords were now in a daze, he furiously roared, “Go after them!”


Regardless of what kind of technique that river was, after a Pseudo-Royal Lord fell into it, he died just a few breaths later. It was obvious that those Territory Lords were doomed.


It was only then that the Pseudo-Royal Lords came to their senses and raced after them. Nevertheless, how could they possibly capture or even catch up to Yang Kai? His figure flickered several times before he soon got rid of them.


Mo Na Ye’s expression changed again as he ordered, “Come back!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lords stopped in their tracks and returned at once. They looked grumpily at Mo Na Ye, who told them to chase after Yang Kai but then summoned them back the next moment. [What the Hell does he want?]



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