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Martial Peak – Chapter 5778, Seven Stars Turns Into Eight Trigrams

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Once the Battle Formation fell apart while they were dealing with a formidable opponent, they would be doomed; however, Yang Kai had no choice but to take a huge risk.


The Battle Formation trembled as Mo Na Ye’s attacks never ceased. The seven of them were forced to step back. One of the members was badly injured. His aura plunged as he spat blood.


Helpless, Yang Kai activated the Space-Time River to surround them and ward off Mo Na Ye’s attacks, which helped lift some pressure off them.


Nevertheless, even the Space-Time River, which was based on the Dao Strengths of Space-Time and infused with 10,000 Grand Daos, couldn’t fend off a Royal Lord for long.


Faced with the violent attacks, the river was immediately sent into turmoil, which caused Yang Kai’s vitality to undulate.


“Rotate the Core!” He growled through clenched teeth. While sustaining his aura, he stepped towards Yang Xiao, who moved away at the same time.


Although they had never practised forming a Battle Formation before, nor were they really related by blood, Yang Xiao blindly believed in Yang Kai. That was because it was thanks to Yang Kai that Yang Xiao was born safely into this world back then.


The two figures replaced each other in the blink of an eye. Yang Kai became the Core of the Formation while Yang Xiao stood in his Adoptive Father’s previous position. As streams of aura came from all directions, Yang Kai quickly made some adjustments.


The initially turbulent Battle Formation soon stabilised. At the same time, their auras rose rapidly like the Sun at the break of dawn and reached new heights.


There was a price to pay, though. The Space-Time River was almost destroyed by Mo Na Ye. The moment they were done with the change of Formation, Yang Kai quickly took control of the Space-Time River, turned it into a whip, and lashed Mo Na Ye with it.


The Dao Strengths shook as Mo Na Ye staggered upon impact. He was flabbergasted because Yang Kai’s power had increased significantly.


Before the Universe Furnace’s appearance, he was hunting Yang Kai down as a Pseudo-Royal Lord at that time. Yang Kai was powerless to counterattack and could only flee in embarrassment. At the most critical moment, the Universe Furnace appeared all of a sudden and the Space surrounding its projection became something like a trap, which provided shelter for Yang Kai. If not for the Universe Furnace’s appearance, Yang Kai would have been killed.


Now, the Battle Formation that had been formed with Yang Kai as the Core seemed able to go against a true Royal Lord like him.


There was no doubt that the Battle Formation was powerful, but it also showed how formidable Yang Kai was.


It was at that moment that Mo Na Ye knew he had made the right decision. Xiang Shan becoming a Ninth-Order Master was indeed a crisis, but Yang Kai would be a bigger threat to them if he wasn’t killed.


Mo Na Ye believed that he could kill two birds with one stone this time.


With Yang Kai as the Core of the Formation, the Human Race Masters successfully formed the Seven Stars Formation, which was significantly more powerful than the previous Six Paths Formation. Even when dealing with a Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye, they were no longer in a difficult situation.


The fight between them was so intense that space around them heaved and shattered.


Yang Xiao hurriedly stowed the tattered Flowing Time Temple. He and Yang Xue had inherited the artifact from Flowing Time Great Emperor, and it had accompanied them for thousands of years. He had no choice but to use it to deal with the opponent earlier. If it was destroyed, he would be quite heartbroken.


Now, he didn’t have to worry about the Flowing Time Temple being destroyed. He just had to collaborate with Yang Kai. It was much easier than when he had to lead the entire Formation earlier.


While engaging in a hot-blooded fight, Yang Kai frowned.


This wasn’t enough. Although they had formed the Seven Stars Formation with him as the Core, they still found it hard to oppose Mo Na Ye. The crux of the problem wasn’t the Seven Stars Formation, but rather that all of them had suffered various degrees of injury already.


In particular, one of the Eighth-Order Masters was badly injured and his aura was unstable. The power coming from him was much weaker than those of the others. That was the reason the Seven Stars Formation’s power couldn’t be fully activated.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai sent a voice transmission to the Eighth-Order Master.


Upon hearing that, the Eighth-Order Master nodded, “Please be careful.”


Saying so, he immediately left the Battle Formation. The others were shocked as someone leaving at this point might cause the Battle Formation to fall apart.


Nevertheless, the next moment, someone filled in the position where the Eighth-Order Master previously stood. After a moment of turmoil, the Battle Formation stabilised.


The person was none other than Thunder Shadow.


He had been hiding somewhere nearby and waiting for a chance to make a move, but he had yet to find an opening. After receiving a Divine Sense transmission from Yang Kai, he promptly replaced the injured Eighth-Order Master and ensured that the Seven Stars Formation wouldn’t break apart.


While busy, he flashed a smile at Fang Tian Ci and called out intimately, “Second Brother!”


Fang Tian Ci responded with a smile.


On the other hand, Yang Xiao was astonished, “You’re Brothers? No way. Brother Thunder Shadow is a Monster Race member while Old Fang is a Human. When did you two become family? Why didn’t I know that?”


Furthermore, as far as he was concerned, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow had rarely come into contact before; after all, Thunder Shadow only started getting active in different Great Territory Battlefields 1,000 years ago. Prior to that, he spent most of his time cultivating in the Myriad Monsters World. 


He was a Great Emperor of the Myriad Monsters World where there was a World Tree clone. By cultivating there, Thunder Shadow could increase his power much faster.


As such, Yang Xiao was puzzled as to why they called each other Brothers when they were supposedly not close.


Fang Tian Ci replied meaningfully, “There are many things that you don’t know.”


Yang Xiao felt that there was some underlying meaning in those words, but it wasn’t the right time to probe; therefore, he could only suppress his doubt and focus on dealing with the opponent before them.


It had to be said that with Thunder Shadow joining the Formation, the Seven Stars Formation instantly became more powerful, and they were able to run the Battle Formation far more smoothly.


Despite that, they were still not at an advantage when going against Mo Na Ye.


Yang Xiao was astounded at that, for he didn’t expect a Royal Lord to be so mighty. He initially thought that with his Adoptive Father leading the Battle Formation, it would be easy for them to push Mo Na Ye back, but now it seemed that he had misjudged the situation.


He reckoned that Mo Na Ye didn’t go all out earlier; otherwise, even though they had the Flowing Time Temple’s help, the enemy could’ve easily destroyed him and the Six Paths Formation.


Yang Xiao wasn’t the only one who realised this problem. It seemed to Yang Kai that Mo Na Ye was getting stronger as the battle progressed. Although Thunder Shadow had replaced the wounded Eighth-Order Master, they still couldn’t gain the upper hand.


[Something is off about this guy. Since he’s so powerful, why didn’t he kill Yang Xiao and the others quickly earlier? Was he worried that he’d be injured?]


That was an understandable thought, as it was quite troublesome once a Black Ink Clansman was injured. If Mo Na Ye pushed Yang Xiao and the others over the edge, he might have been seriously wounded if they decided to throw all caution to the wind.


Could it be that he had other considerations?


Regardless of his intention, Mo Na Ye displayed a strong sense of fortitude that Yang Kai had never seen in other Black Ink Clansmen before.


As they exchanged moves, their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques bloomed. It was undoubtedly a life-and-death battle.


Yang Kai grew apprehensive as time passed. He had the confidence to persevere; after all, he was used to this kind of combat. Yang Xiao, as a Dragon Clan member, would be fine too. As a Monster Race member, Thunder Shadow could hold on as well. Nevertheless, the other Eighth-Order Masters wouldn’t be able to last long, not even his Human Self, Fang Tian Ci.


They were injured to begin with, so if the intense battle dragged on, their wounds would only exacerbate.


Therefore, they had to deal with Mo Na Ye quickly. It was extremely difficult to kill him, for he was a Royal Lord; as such, they could only try to injure him and force him to retreat.


After making up his mind, Yang Kai shouted, “Blood Crow!”


In the defence line surrounding Xiang Shan, a figure looked up in Yang Kai’s direction with bloodshot eyes. His body was covered with a red aura, and he gave off a mad and bloodthirsty vibe.


It was none other than Blood Crow!


With a smug expression, he grinned, “Have you finally realised how important I am?”


Yang Kai replied solemnly, “Cut the crap and come over here!”


“Fine, fine…” Blood Crow shrugged and exploded the next moment. He turned into countless blood-coloured crows and brushed past the Black Ink Clansmen.


Mo Na Ye’s expression changed drastically when saw this and yelled, “Stop him!”


Without the need for him to give an order, the Black Ink Clansmen made a move the moment Blood Crow tried to break through the siege.


Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were cast, after which half of the blood-coloured crows were killed. The remaining half successfully fled before they came together and transformed back into Blood Crow.


He smiled contemptuously, “Do you think you can stop me?”


The next instant, he charged towards Yang Kai.


Mo Na Ye directly pushed out a palm at Blood Crow, one that seemed to cover the entire void. Since he had realised Yang Kai’s intention, he certainly wouldn’t allow Blood Crow to come over.


“In your dreams!” Yang Kai roared and surged his power before whipping Mo Na Ye’s wrist with the Space-Time River.


As both parties clashed, the Seven Stars Formation shook while Mo Na Ye staggered.


Seizing the chance, Blood Crow approached Yang Kai and announced, “Dawn’s Blood Crow joins the Formation!”


“Come!” Yang Kai adjusted the Battle Formation as he led Blood Crow’s aura to integrate.


The Seven Stars Formation instantly became the Eight Trigrams Formation and their collective power had increased by more than 30%!


On the other hand, Mo Na Ye was shocked as he saw them really form the Eight Trigrams Formation.


Although he had heard that some Human Race Masters were able to form the Eight Trigrams Formation, he had never seen it before; moreover, the Eight Trigrams Formation had only appeared once, and it lasted for a short time. That was because this kind of Battle Formation was extremely taxing for the one acting as the Core.


Moreover, the last time this Formation took shape, the Eighth-Order Master who served as the Core perished.


However, the Black Ink Clan also paid a hefty price as a Pseudo-Royal Lord was killed.


It was at that time that the Eight Trigrams Formation amazed everyone, and no one had yet to make it happen again.


When Yang Kai summoned Blood Crow to come over, Mo Na Ye already suspected that the other party wanted to set up this Battle Formation. After the Black Ink Clan failed in their attempt to stop Blood Crow, Mo Na Ye still hadn’t lost hope though.


It was extremely difficult to establish the Eight Trigrams Formation, and even Yang Kai might not be able to create this miracle.


After all, Yang Kai had been on his own over the years, and he had never rehearsed any Battle Formations with other people. How was it possible that they could form such a Formation at a moment’s notice?


In fact, Mo Na Ye was already surprised that Yang Kai was able to run a Seven Stars Formation with ease.


But now, the Eight Trigrams Formation was right before his eyes. Those eight figures had their aura closely connected and they appeared even more intimidating than a Royal Lord like him.


At that instant, Mo Na Ye knew that he was in trouble.



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