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Martial Peak – Chapter 5779, Fierce Battle

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Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai managed to form an Eight Trigrams Formation without much difficulty.


Before Yang Kai summoned Blood Crow, Mo Na Ye was in control of everything, including besieging Xiang Shan and suppressing Yang Xiao and the others in front of him; however, once the Eight Trigrams Formation took shape, he lost control of the situation.


[This guy can always do things that surprise us…]


The Seven Stars Formation that they had formed with Yang Kai as the Core was already able to go against him. Now that the Eight Trigrams Formation had been established, they appeared even more intimidating. How was Mo Na Ye supposed to be a match for them?


He almost couldn’t contain the urge to use the trump card.


Xiao You was the one who set up the trump card, in fact. It was meant to be used at the most critical moment to ensure that they would win this battle and was the reason Mo Na Ye was confident about destroying Xiang Shan and Yang Kai at the same time.


Nevertheless, if he used his trump card now, he certainly could stop Xiang Shan, but Yang Kai would likely escape. In that case, all the waiting and forbearance would be for nought.


If he only wanted to kill Xiang Shan, he could’ve used his trump card early on. He had been tangled up with the Humans because he was waiting for Yang Kai to appear as he was certain that the latter would come.


Just as he expected, Yang Kai arrived, although slightly late, but everything was still going to plan.


Compared to Xiang Shan, Mo Na Ye had a greater desire to kill Yang Kai. He had a feeling that if he allowed Yang Kai to live, he would prove to be a bigger threat than Xiang Shan becoming a Ninth-Order Master.


Everything was within his control before the Eight Trigrams Formation came into existence, which disrupted his arrangements.


After a moment of hesitation, Mo Na Ye suppressed his uneasiness, for it wasn’t time to spring his trap yet. Although Yang Kai had managed to form the Eight Trigrams Formation, it wasn’t easy to kill a Royal Lord like him. As such, Mo Na Ye still had a chance to achieve his goal.


Furthermore, no one was certain how long the Eight Trigrams Formation could last. How long could Yang Kai, as the Core, sustain such an arduous Battle Formation? Once he collapsed, the Eight Trigrams Formation would naturally fall apart.


At the thought of this, Mo Na Ye stopped being aggressive and started defending himself instead. Faced with the bombardment of attacks, he was forced to retreat. Although he appeared to be in a difficult situation, he didn’t suffer any injuries.


Across from him, Yang Kai couldn’t help complimenting Mo Na Ye in secret, for his opponent had made the right decision. If one wasn’t a match for the enemy, he shouldn’t fight with them head-on. If he were Mo Na Ye, he would’ve made the same decision. Sometimes, being defensive was more effective than being aggressive.


It was fine if your opponent was only on par with you, for as long as one could stall for time, the more aggressive one would generally run out of strength sooner.


Since Yang Kai had to adjust and harmonise everyone’s aura to sustain the Eight Trigrams Formation, he felt immensely pressured. Although he was just one step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, he still found it hard to sustain this Formation for a long time. What was more, Mo Na Ye had decided to stall for time. If they couldn’t injure him and force him to back down within an hour, their advantage would disappear.


[It seems that I have to take a risk…]


If they couldn’t settle Mo Na Ye using the Eight Trigrams Formation, Yang Kai would have no choice but to unite his three Selves and attempt to ascend to the Ninth Order.


Wu Kuang was the one who taught him the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, which was a technique devised by Shi to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Realm Method. No one had ever cultivated it since its invention though, so no one could give Yang Kai any valuable insight.


How was he supposed to unite his three Selves? Could he really break his shackles and ascend to the Ninth Order by doing so?


Yang Kai didn’t have the answers to those questions; therefore, even though his Human Self and Monster Self were by his side, he didn’t choose to unite them. He initially intended to wait for the dust to settle before he returned to the 3,000 Worlds and looked for a suitable place to proceed.


In that case, even if there were any mistakes, he would have some room to rectify them. If he united his three Selves in this situation, once he made a mistake, he would probably be doomed, and the Human Race would be in hot water too.


All the same, Yang Kai had to get prepared given the power and resilience that Mo Na Ye showcased.


Hopefully, he wouldn’t need to use his trump card.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai still sent a Divine Sense message to Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow, after which they started taking action in silence.


Originally, in the Eight Trigrams Formation, his Human Self and Monster Self had only integrated their aura and energy with Yang Kai. However, upon receiving his transmission, they also released their Spiritual Energy and resonated with Yang Kai.


Suddenly, Yang Kai was able to run the Eight Trigrams Formation nearly effortlessly. Meanwhile, the gazes of Thunder Shadow and Fang Tian Ci became hollow as though their Souls practically left their bodies. Only their auras continued to stream into the Battle Formation.


The Eight Trigrams Formation became effortless to operate not because Yang Kai, as the Core of the Formation, was mighty, but rather because there were two special existences in the Battle Formation.


The Human Self, Fang Tian Ci, and Monster Self, Thunder Shadow, were created by Yang Kai. They were essentially Soul Clones, though different from how one traditionally defined a Soul Clone. They had gone through their formative years separately, so they had their own unique personalities and experiences.


However, if the main body needed their collaboration, they could work seamlessly with him.


Therefore, Yang Kai only had to harmonise the powers of the other five people when sustaining the Eight Trigrams Formation and could ignore the Human Self and Monster Self. Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow as they would perfectly collaborate with him.


In other words, Yang Kai was controlling an Eight Trigrams Formation with the difficulty of a Six Paths Formation. Furthermore, Yang Xiao and Blood Crow were part of the Battle Formation, whom he was very familiar with and had a high degree of trust with, which made the collaboration easier.


If it was anyone else other than Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to pull off such a feat.


By resonating their very Souls with Yang Kai, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow had basically surrendered themselves to him, allowing the main body to take control of their actions entirely. That was the reason they were able to run the Eight Trigrams Formation far more smoothly.


Mo Na Ye was stunned when their attacks suddenly intensified, not having expected their power could still increase at this point.


Given his acute insight, he could naturally see the crux of the problem, which was why he was astonished, [Is Yang Kai that trustworthy? Two people in the Battle Formation have practically abandoned their own Will and turned into a simple source of energy for him! If Yang Kai held even the slightest ill intentions towards them, he could kill them with a thought!]


Certainly, Mo Na Ye was envious of the fact that the Humans were so united. The Black Ink Clan were no match for them in this regard. Although they all came from the most supreme being, they were selfish. Mo Na Ye was no different.


If he was not selfish, he wouldn’t have become a Pseudo-Royal Lord and eventually a Royal Lord.


And so, he gritted his teeth and held on while madly releasing his Black Ink Strength to fend off the intensifying rounds of attacks.


Even if he couldn’t contribute to the battle anymore, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t want to make a mistake either; as such, he decided to persevere and wait for the right opportunity.


Meanwhile, Ou Yang Lie was dealing with Xiao You and two Four Symbols Formations formed by the Territory Lords on his own. Despite that, he remained brave and ferocious. As his violent power surged, Xiao You and the eight Territory Lords could hardly counterattack, leaving them in a perilous situation.


It was thanks to Yang Xue that Ou Yang Lie was able to pull off this display. If Yang Xue hadn’t stealthily approached Xiao You and injured him, Ou Yang Lie would’ve only been able to deal with the latter instead of fighting with a Royal Lord and eight Territory Lords at the same time.


While in an intense battle, he still paid some attention to the entire battlefield. When he saw that Yang Kai had successfully set up an Eight Trigrams Formation to suppress Mo Na Ye, he was ecstatic, but he soon became worried.


An Eight Trigrams Formation was extremely draining for the one acting as the Core, so even Yang Kai couldn’t persevere for long. To suppress a Royal Lord, Yang Kai had to be in top condition at all times; otherwise, the opponent might turn things around.


It was a challenge for Yang Kai as well as the other members of the Eight Trigrams Formation.


An anxious Ou Yang Lie couldn’t help but roar, “Still not done yet, Big Head Xiang!?”


A long time had passed, but Xiang Shan still hadn’t achieved a breakthrough. Although there were some obstacles when Ou Yang Lie attempted his own ascension, he didn’t take nearly this long.


Given their situation, if the Humans wanted to win this fight, they had to pin their hope on Xiang Shan. As long as Xiang Shan could make it to the Ninth Order, they could turn the situation around and slaughter the enemy forces here. They might even be able to kill the two Royal Lords.


However, Xiang Shan had to disappoint them. He was touted as a rare talent, but he couldn’t achieve an ascension as quickly as he should.


Ou Yang Lie had clearly lost his temper; otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered Xiang Shan at such an important moment.


He could feel that Xiang Shan’s aura was unstable, hovering around the peak of the Eighth Order but unable to break through to the Ninth Order. That was why Ou Yang Lie was so frustrated. With the help of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, it supposedly wasn’t difficult to make it to the Ninth Order. At the very least, it wasn’t too hard for him.


At that moment, Xiang Shan was also aggrieved. He didn’t expect to face so many obstacles when attempting a breakthrough. Undoubtedly, Yang Kai was the one who set off this fight when he snatched a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. Nevertheless, Xiang Shan was the one who escalated events when he accidentally revealed his aura while attempting a breakthrough.


If his breakthrough was successful, they could destroy the Black Ink Clan present; however, if this dragged on, the situation would only worsen for the Humans.


He naturally wanted to shatter his shackles and make it to the Ninth Order as soon as possible; nonetheless, the hidden damage leftover from when his Order regressed back then was more severe than he thought.


Although he eventually managed to make it to the Eighth Order again, the boundary wall in his Small Universe seemed to have thickened.


That was the reason Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills were useless to him; supposedly, someone like him didn’t need a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. He only needed some Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills to break the bottleneck and ascend to the Ninth Order.


If the boundary walls of other Eighth-Order Masters were like a thin membrane, his boundary wall was akin to a metre-thick metal wall.


Since the boundary wall in his Small Universe was so thick, the medicinal efficacies of Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills were useless to him. Although a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was indeed effective, it still took time to break down the boundary wall.


Unfortunately, the thing the Humans were most lacking right now was time.



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