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Martial Peak – Chapter 5781, Replacing the Members

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When Meng Que saw Tian Xiu Zhu and the others charging towards him, he naturally wouldn’t dare take them head-on in his current state; instead, he instinctively moved away.


Much to his surprise, Tian Xiu Zhu didn’t intend to exchange moves with him at all. He and the other four people brushed past him and shot off towards Yang Kai.


After becoming startled for a moment, Meng Que came to his senses and growled, “Don’t even think about leaving! I’ll make all of you stay!”


Although he had no idea what their intention was, he could tell that these five Eighth-Order Masters were moving to assist Yang Kai somehow. Certainly, he wouldn’t allow that to happen.


There were about 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords on the battlefield, and each was doing an excellent job in contending with the Humans. If only his opponents managed to flee, Meng Que would be held responsible.


He had never been valued to begin with, so if these five people ruined Mo Na Ye’s plan, the latter would never let him off.


As such, Meng Que was determined to make Tian Xiu Zhu and the others stay. He forcibly activated his power and chased after the Five Elements Formation. While he was at it, he made countless attacks at the enemies.


Meng Que’s attacks could not be underestimated. Left with no choice, Tian Xiu Zhu and the others had to counterattack. As both parties became entangled with each other, they approached the place where the Eight Trigrams Formation and Mo Na Ye were in a fight.


Soon, Tian Xiu Zhu furrowed his brow. This matter couldn’t drag on. They either had to shake off Meng Que as soon as they could, or send some people to give Yang Kai a hand. Otherwise, they would lure a powerful opponent to Yang Kai’s side and make things worse.


He could see that two Eighth-Order Masters in the Eight Trigrams Formation were no longer able to hold on.


Ou Yang Lie, who was battling against Xiao You and others, noticed what was going on as well and intended to lend them a hand, but he couldn’t break free from Xiao You and the other Territory Lords.


Certainly, they couldn’t expect Yang Xue to help either. Strictly speaking, she was no match for the Chaos Spirit King and had to go all out just to hold it back.


At the most critical moment, Tian Xiu Zhu roared, “Two of you go!”


The other four people in the Formation knew what he meant.


Lin Wu promptly said, “I’ll go!”


Saying so, he left the Battle Formation and charged towards Yang Kai. The next moment, another figure flew away. It was none other than Zhan Tian He.


It was a huge risk to take to move towards Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye’s battlefield. If one wasn’t careful enough, they would lose their lives. Lin Wu was a newly promoted Eighth-Order Master who managed to break through in the Universe Furnace World, but he was willing to take up such a task. As a Senior Brother, Zhan Tian He naturally couldn’t back down.


After two people left, the Five Elements Formation instantly turned into a Three Fortunes Formation. Furthermore, following a long fight, Tian Xiu Zhu and the others were no longer at the peak of their powers, so how were they supposed to deal with a Pseudo-Royal Lord?


Undoubtedly, they were put in a perilous situation.


Fortunately, it wasn’t easy for Meng Que to kill them either. This guy was badly injured to begin with, so his strength had been greatly reduced. If he were at the peak of his power, he could’ve destroyed a mere Three Fortunes Formation quite quickly.


Two breaths later, Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He arrived somewhere near the place where the Eight Trigrams Formation and Mo Na Ye were locked in combat and Lin Wu yelled, “Senior Brother Yang, we’re here to help!”


Yang Kai replied gladly, “You’ve come at the right time!”


He was worried about how to sustain the Eight Trigrams Formation when these two promptly arrived to replace their injured members.


Of the members of the Eight Trigrams Formation, Yang Kai, who served as the Core of the Formation, was close to four of them. They were his Human Self, Fang Tian Ci, his Monster Self, Thunder Shadow, Yang Xiao, and Blood Crow. He wasn’t familiar with the rest. One of them was a veteran Eighth-Order Master while the remaining two were newly ascended Eighth-Order Masters.


The two new Eighth-Order Masters were the problem. Their heritages were not as ample as that of the veteran, nor were their bodies as strong as Yang Xiao and Thunder Shadow. Their foundations were not as solid as those of Fang Tian Ci and Blood Crow. While contending with the enemy alongside Yang Kai, they had borne too much pressure. Their bodies were about to fall apart and their Small Universes were also in turmoil, causing their auras to be unstable.


If this dragged on, they would soon collapse. Once that happened, the Eight Trigrams Formation would break apart.


That was the reason Mo Na Ye started being aggressive. Although he risked injuring himself, he was determined to break the Battle Formation. He even specifically struck as hard as he could at where the new Eighth-Order Masters were positioned.


Once they lost the Eight Trigrams Formation, they wouldn’t be a match for Mo Na Ye. By then, he could kill whoever he wanted.


Nevertheless, his plan was suddenly disrupted by Tian Xiu Zhu and the others. Seeing that two energetic Eighth-Order Masters were about to join the Battle Formation, Mo Na Ye grew anxious. As such, his attacks intensified. He even tried to directly make a move on Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He.


Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t allow that to happen, adjusting everyone’s aura to contend with the opponent. At the same time, he secretly told the new Eighth-Order Masters to look for a chance and let Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He replace them.


They nodded in agreement, but they appeared embarrassed and unresigned.


At such a critical moment, they were the problem in the Formation, and they might even cause their side to lose the fight. It was only natural that they felt ashamed.


Nonetheless, they were indeed running out of energy, and the pressure, both internal and external, had caused their Small Universes to descend into chaos. If this dragged on, they would be the cause of the Battle Formation coming apart, and Yang Kai and the others would be even more affected.


Rather than hanging on at all costs, it would be best if they could retreat at this point.


Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He dashed towards Yang Kai. Before they even arrived, they connected their auras with the Formation.


It was extremely risky to replace the members of a Battle Formation during a fight. To begin with, it was already hard to form an Eight Trigrams Formation. Since everyone’s aura was connected, if they replaced the members in the middle of combat and did not manage to maintain the connection, the Battle Formation would break.


It was an especially huge challenge for the person who served as the Core. After all, as the Core of the Formation, Yang Kai had to harmonise and adjust everyone’s power and aura. It could be said that the Core of the Formation was the most important person in any Battle Formation.


The moment Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He connected their auras with the Battle Formation, the two new Eighth-Order Masters were ready to withdraw. Yang Kai had to spend more energy to keep the Battle Formation stable, which worsened their already terrible situation. Naturally, Mo Na Ye seized the chance and struck them with increased intensity. Upon impact, the Battle Formation trembled and staggered backwards.


The next instant, two figures shot out of the Battle Formation while Lin Wu and Zhan Tian He entered it. Yang Kai roared and diverted all his focus to adjusting the Battle Formation, allowing Mo Na Ye to continue to rain down attacks on them.


After a moment of turmoil, the Eight Trigrams Formation stabilised.


The Battle Formation was formed once again!


Finally, everyone became at ease. At the same time, they were amazed and glad that Yang Kai was the one leading the Battle Formation. If the Core was someone else, the Battle Formation would’ve probably fallen apart then and there.


Meanwhile, Tian Xiu Zhu, who was leading Xiong Ji and Liu Fei Fei to deal with Meng Que, shouted, “Come here and help us!”


They were no longer able to hold on.


It seemed that Meng Que felt ashamed because he was at fault for letting the opponents have a chance to replace the members of the Eight Trigrams Formation. As such, he ignored his injuries and madly surged his power to vent his fury on Tian Xiu Zhu and the others.


Given the intensity of the fight, even if he managed to kill his opponents, he would also end up in a terrible state; however, that was the last of his concerns right now.


The two new Eighth-Order Masters, who had just left the Eight Trigrams Formation, quickly stuffed some Spirit Pills into their mouths and approached Tian Xiu Zhu.


When contending with Mo Na Ye earlier, they didn’t even have time to consume pills.


The moment the two new Eighth-Order Masters joined Tian Xiu Zhu and formed a Five Elements Formation, they finally felt a lot less pressured.


Nevertheless, they couldn’t persevere for long; after all, these two new Eighth-Order Masters were badly wounded.


“Come to me!” Ou Yang Lie shouted. Presently, he was dealing with Xiao You and two Four Symbols Formations made up of Territory Lords. Although he wasn’t at an advantage, it wouldn’t be hard for him to protect someone else.


Upon hearing that, Tian Xiu Zhu led the other four to approach Ou Yang Lie without hesitation. Naturally, Meng Que relentlessly chased after them. Soon, both parties came together, and it was now one Ninth-Order Master and a Five Elements Formation facing a Royal Lord, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and two Four Symbols Formations of Territory Lords. The two sides were almost equally matched now, with the Humans being at a slight disadvantage, but with there not being any risk to Tian Xiu Zhu and the others’ lives for the time being.


When Meng Que realised that he wasn’t able to kill his enemies, he slowed down his attacks. Now, he had calmed down. Knowing that there was no turning back, he prioritized his own safety. Since he was injured, he was better off not overexerting himself.


The battlefield was highly unpredictable. After the replacement of members, the Eight Trigrams Formation led by Yang Kai finally became stable and once again, Mo Na Ye was at a disadvantage.


While Yang Xue’s situation remained unchanged, Ou Yang Lie was faced with more pressure.


Meanwhile, the Humans remained united as their defence line held steady. They were determined to protect Xiang Shan, so although the Black Ink Clan had a far greater number of people on their side, they were unable to break through for now.


In truth, if the Black Ink Clan ignored their own safety and forcefully tried to break the defence line, they might succeed; however, that would require the Pseudo-Royal Lords to endanger themselves. Perhaps half of them would be killed if they wanted to achieve their goal in short order.


These Pseudo-Royal Lords were created using the Source Fusion Technique, and each one represented the sacrifice of more than 10 Innate Territory Lords.


They were the survivors who came out of a cruel process, so they valued their lives more than any other Black Ink Clansmen. Certainly, they weren’t willing to lose their lives in such a place.


Therefore, even though the Black Ink Clan had gained the upper hand, they were unable to destroy the Humans’ defence line.


In the centre of the defence line, Xiang Shan was seated with his legs crossed. The illusory phantom of his Small Universe hovered behind him as his aura continuously undulated. He was on the brink of breaking past the limit of the Eighth Order.


By now, 90% of the boundary wall in his Small Universe had been dissolved. He was on the brink of breaking through his shackles. Once the boundary wall was gone, the territory of his Small Universe would expand. Only then would he make it to the Ninth Order.


While fighting with the numerous enemies, Ou Yang Lie somehow found time to curse at Xiang Shan and urge him to break through fast. Nevertheless, this process couldn’t be rushed.



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