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Martial Peak – Chapter 5784, Mo Na Ye’s Failure

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Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


No one knew if there were more hidden Black Ink Disciples. 


Battle Formations required members to have complete trust in each other in order to operate them smoothly, something the Black Ink Clan couldn’t grasp the essence of, preventing them from forming higher Battle Formations.


Now, the Humans were suspicious of each other, so every Battle Formation had weakened and couldn’t be run smoothly.


They were no match for the Black Ink Clan when it came to numbers and had persevered until now because of their Warships and their powerful Battle Formations, but with the latter undermined, the Humans were clearly in grave danger.


The Battle Formations, which the two Black Ink Disciples were initially part of, had disintegrated, allowing the Black Ink Clan to charge forward and kill several Eighth-Order Masters, which further exacerbated the situation.


It wasn’t that the Humans weren’t still united; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have held on until now. Nevertheless, in such a situation, they had to be cautious.


The appearance of three Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples had destroyed any advantage that the Humans initially had.


Xiang Shan was supposedly the key to winning the battle. If the Humans wanted victory, they had to hope for Xiang Shan to ascend to the Ninth Order as quickly as possible. With one more Ninth-Order Master, they could still turn things around.


But now, Xiang Shan was forced to give up on his breakthrough, so their only hope was crushed.


Everyone was shrouded in a layer of despair. Would hundreds of Eighth-Order Masters lose their life in this place? If that happened, the Human Race’s future would be bleak.


The outcome of this battle would have a huge impact on future clashes between both Races.


“Why won’t you just die already!” A growl was heard reverberating across the void.


Across from the Seven Stars Formation, Mo Na Ye looked at Yang Kai in disbelief and anger. He had been plotting against him and waiting for the best chance to use his trump card. Initially, he believed that Yang Kai had no chance to survive, but things went contrary to his wishes.


He realised that he had still underestimated Yang Kai. More importantly, he didn’t expect that it would only take Yang Kai an instant to switch the Eight Trigrams Formation to the Seven Stars Formation and ward off his fatal strike.


Fortunately, even though things didn’t go to plan, Yang Kai was badly injured. The Eight Trigrams Formation’s backlash, Lin Wu’s sneak attack, and a long and intense battle had significantly weakened Yang Kai’s aura. As a result, he was still at risk of losing his life at any moment.


Even the Seven Stars Formation couldn’t run steadily and was on the verge of breaking apart.


With a determined expression, Mo Na Ye charged forward. He knew that he couldn’t give Yang Kai even a moment to breathe. Seeing how frail his opponent looked, he certainly wouldn’t miss the chance. He decided to end Yang Kai’s life as quickly as possible. As his Black Ink Strength surged, he roared, “How much longer can you hang on!?”


[How many of my moves can he take? Three? Five?] Given Yang Kai’s condition, Mo Na Ye had the confidence to kill him in 10 breaths of time, after which his goal would finally be achieved.


Xiang Shan’s breakthrough had failed, and the Humans’ defence line was on the brink of collapsing. After Mo Na Ye killed Yang Kai, he could slaughter the other Humans freely.


[I will win!]


Faced with the bombardment of attacks, Yang Kai and his Seven Stars Formation were unable to counterattack. Furthermore, they found it increasingly difficult to maintain the Battle Formation. Everyone struggled to hold on, but they couldn’t see any hope.


They could only take two more moves before the Battle Formation came apart.


Just as the Seven Stars Formation was about to shatter, a stream of fierce aura approached from the distance. Before the person even arrived, a voice was heard yelling, “Mo Na Ye, your opponent is me!”


The next moment, a slender figure joined the battle and slashed her sword out to intercept Mo Na Ye’s attacks.


“You…” Mo Na Ye looked at the person before his eyes in disbelief, unable to figure out how she could be there.


[How did she manage to come over?]


The person was none other than Yang Xue.


Mo Na Ye was naturally aware of this female Ninth-Order Master’s presence; however, since she didn’t seem to be a match for the Chaos Spirit King, he stopped paying attention to her.


She couldn’t meddle in the battle before she could get rid of the Chaos Spirit King; however, at this moment, she was there to deal with him.


[Where’s the Chaos Spirit King?]


Mo Na Ye was determined to kill Yang Kai, so he was filled with fervor and joy; as such, he didn’t pay attention to the battle between Yang Xue and the Chaos Spirit King. It didn’t cross his mind that such a turn of events would take place.


[Was the Chaos Spirit King defeated? Impossible, this woman is incapable of that!] Previously, Xiao You suffered a defeat at the hands of the Chaos Spirit King. He was a new Royal Lord while the woman was a new Ninth-Order Master; therefore, both of them were equally matched.


How did this woman get rid of the Chaos Spirit King and come over the help, then?


Soon, Mo Na Ye realised where the Chaos Spirit King was. He could sense that the Chaos Spirit King was dashing forward in a particular direction for some reason.


“What did you do!?” Mo Na Ye was deathly curious. Although the Chaos Spirit King was a powerful being, its sentience was low. What did this woman do that made the Chaos Spirit King abandon the fight?


Certainly, Yang Xue wouldn’t respond to him as she just fully activated her power as World Force undulated. Her sword turned into innumerable phantoms as she was determined to get revenge for her Big Brother.


A helpless Mo Na Ye could only clash with Yang Xue. Watching as Yang Kai took the Seven Stars Formation somewhere else, he was so frustrated that he almost spat blood.


He almost succeeded in killing Yang Kai, so how did things end up this way?


Across from him, Yang Xue was actually equally puzzled as to why the Chaos Spirit King retreated all of a sudden. When she saw that her Big Brother was in danger earlier, she was quite flustered. She wasn’t a match for the Chaos Spirit King, to begin with, and the situation was exacerbated because she had lost her composure. Then, for some inexplicable reason, the Chaos Spirit King withdrew and shot off into the distance. That was how Yang Xue was able to move to lend them a hand.


Nevertheless, she didn’t have time to ponder on it, for she had to deal with Mo Na Ye.


Suddenly realising something, Mo Na Ye turned to glare at Yang Kai and explained, “The Open Heaven Pill!”


When Lin Wu launched a sneak attack on Yang Kai earlier, Mo Na Ye faintly saw Yang Kai throw out a small wooden box. At that time, he was mid-attack, and the box seemed ordinary, so he didn’t pay any attention to it.


Now, it was apparent to him that the wooden box probably contained a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


As far as he knew, Yang Kai really had one, which was stolen during the intense battle between Xiao You and the Chaos Spirit King previously.


The Chaos Spirit King was lured to this place because it was after the Supreme grade Open Heaven Pills. Xiang Shan was giving off the aura of one such pill, so the Chaos Spirit King attacked, leaving Yang Xue no choice but to intercept it.


Now, Xiang Shan no longer exuded any of the Open Heaven Pill’s aura, so when Yang Kai tossed out another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, it was only natural that the Chaos Spirit King would chase after it.


Upon that realization, Mo Na Ye was extremely vexed.


The Chaos Spirit King’s appearance had helped restrain Yang Xue, a Ninth-Order Master. The Black Ink Clan had basically gotten a free helper, which allowed them to suppress the Humans.


However, no one could’ve expected that it was also the Chaos Spirit King who ruined the Black Ink Clan’s plan. It was easily lured away by an Open Heaven Pill, which allowed Yang Xue to come deal with Mo Na Ye.


It was only natural that Mo Na Ye cursed at the Chaos Spirit King for derailing his plans.


Despite his resentment, there was nothing much he could do about it.


Fortunately, Yang Kai was badly injured, and Xiang Shan’s ascension had failed. At the very least, they had achieved something.


While he was thinking so, he suddenly felt that Yang Kai’s aura, which was initially frail, rose sharply. As he turned his head in shock, he saw a river swirling around Yang Kai like a Dragon. Yang Kai was recovering as it happened. Even the wound on his chest caused by Lin Wu was healing rapidly.


Time seemed to be reversing as the river swirled around him.


In just a moment, Yang Kai had basically completely recovered!


[What kind of Secret Technique is that!?] Mo Na Ye was flabbergasted.


Yang Kai had just discovered this wonderful use of his Space-Time River not long ago and used it once in the Infinite River to restore his wounded body. Naturally, he chose to use it again this time.


Lin Wu’s sneak attack and the Battle Formation’s backlash had indeed wounded him, but he managed to reverse time for himself and return to the state he had marked some time ago.


The price he had to pay was a massive consumption of his Dao Strengths; nevertheless, that was the last of his concerns now.


He had already come up with a plan the moment Lin Wu launched his sneak attack; as such, he decided to toss away the precious Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill to attract the Chaos Spirit King’s attention.


Only when Yang Xue was freed from that fight could she deal with Mo Na Ye, allowing Yang Kai to take a breather.


However, at that time, Yang Kai wasn’t confident that he would succeed. If the Chaos Spirit King didn’t retreat, Yang Xue wouldn’t have been freed up. All the same, he had to take the risk.


Fortunately, the Chaos Spirit King was only concerned about getting the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill back; therefore, the moment it detected the pill’s aura, it chased after it, allowing Yang Xue to deal with other threats.


Overall, the Humans were still at a disadvantage. Ou Yang Lie was doing fine while Yang Xue was dealing with Mo Na Ye and were not at risk of losing their lives; however, the other Humans were in a terrible situation. Although Xiang Shan had joined the battle, it was still hard for them to turn things around.


If this dragged on, many more Humans would lose their lives.


They had to quickly resolve the suspicions the Humans had for each other and catch all the hidden Black Ink Disciples.


Yang Kai soon made a decision. As he continued to recover, he shouted, “Yang Xiao, form a Four Symbols Formation and use Purifying Light!”


Understanding his intentions, Yang Xiao replied, “Yes!”


After informing Zhan Tian He and the others about it, Yang Xiao formed a Four Symbols Formation with him as the Core; then, they charged towards the centre of the battlefield. Before they even arrived, the Great Sun and Moon Marks on the back of Yang Xiao’s hands appeared. As yellow and blue lights swirled around and combined with each other, they turned into a dazzling white light that illuminated the entire battlefield.


“Stop them!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord growled; however, the Purifying Light was their archnemesis, so the Black Ink Clansmen were terrified to get close.


“I dare you to stop me!” Yang Xiao roared and continued to condense more Purifying Light as he led Zhan Tian He and the others forward. Wherever they went, the Territory Lords quickly backed away and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords shrank from the intense Purifying Light.



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  1. Throwing away the OH pill to distract the chaos spirit king and freeing up yang xue. Taking the hit from Lin Wu while blocking the stronger Mo Na Ye knowing that he can insta recover from the weaker hit. Brilliant writing from the author!

    Thanks for the translation.

    1. Would’ve made sense, if taking the hit allowed him to trap the attacker and insta-purify him. As is – knowing where the attack comes from and still taking the full brunt of it is goofy af. “Everyone’s paranoid of betrayal” even though at least two people on the field can cast AOE that indicates or even straight up purifies those, and has been used for this very purpose countless times? That’s lazy dramatic asspull for no other reason than to justify the “brilliant” pill sacrifice.

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