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Martial Peak – Chapter 5786, Going for Broke

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Noticing Lin Wu’s stare, Yang Kai turned to look at him and put on a faint smile, one without resentment or anger.


After all, after getting corrupted, a Black Ink Disciple would place Mo and the Black Ink Clan before all else. As a Black Ink Disciple, everything Lin Wu did was against his will. Yang Kai had encountered countless Black Ink Disciples over the years. He would save them if he could; otherwise, he would not hesitate to kill them as that was a kind of extrication as well. As such, he wouldn’t blame Lin Wu for anything.


However, it seemed that he now had no choice but to use his trump card. Undoubtedly, he was unresigned.


No one had ever cultivated the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art devised by Shi before, so no one knew if it could shatter the Open Heaven Realm Method’s shackles. It would be wonderful if Yang Kai succeeded, but if he failed, he would be left with numerous concerns.


From what he had gathered, the Secret Art should be feasible. At the very least, both the Human Self and Monster Self had grown to be powerful; moreover, these two seemed closely connected to his own, true body.


Putting Thunder Shadow aside for now, Fang Tian Ci had the potential to directly ascend to the Seventh Order back then; nevertheless, when he made it to the Open Heaven Realm, he became a Sixth-Order Master for seemingly no reason.


That was the restriction from the main body. Yang Kai’s limit was the Eighth Order; therefore, as the Human Self, regardless of how good Fang Tian Ci’s aptitude was or how solid his foundation had been, he was unable to directly ascend to the Seventh Order.


It was the same case for Thunder Shadow. He had come to a point where his cultivation was impossible to improve further.


In fact, if he was not Yang Kai’s Monster Self, he could’ve stayed in the Myriad Monsters World and continued to improve his cultivation since he had cultivated the Primal Art to refine his Monster Core. Someone from the Monster Race who had cultivated the Primal Art didn’t have any shackles to speak of.


Yang Kai initially wanted to wait for his Human Self and Monster Self to reach the absolute limits of their cultivation; then, he would look for a safe place and use the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to attempt a breakthrough.


If possible, he could also ask some friends and relatives to stand guard for him to avoid any accidents.


He didn’t know the kind of problems he would face after he used the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, so he had to make some preparations.


Nevertheless, things went contrary to his wishes. Now, Xiang Shan’s breakthrough failed while Ou Yang Lie and Yang Xue had their respective opponents. If this dragged on, the Humans’ defence line would break. Faced with more than 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords and countless Territory Lords, Yang Kai, an Eighth-Order Master, wouldn’t be able to achieve anything even if he joined the battle.


Therefore, he had to take the risk despite being in less-than-ideal circumstances.


After giving it some thought though, Yang Kai realised that if he managed to successfully achieve a breakthrough, he could immediately kill many Masters from the Black Ink Clan to celebrate his breakthrough, which sounded like an excellent idea.


At that moment, he became high-spirited.


Yang Kai was a resolute person, and since he had made a decision, he wouldn’t hesitate. The only problem was that his Human Self, Monster Self, and himself were not in the best of conditions.


With the Space-Time River’s help, he had managed to heal 80% of his injuries; however, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow didn’t have such incredible restorative power and were still heavily injured from the prolonged battle.


Resolving himself, Yang Kai muttered, “Are you ready?”


Fang Tian Ci replied with a faint smile, “I’ve always been ready.”


Thunder Shadow nodded, “We’re all Brothers. As long as we’re united, we can achieve anything!”


Fang Tian Ci couldn’t help but refute, “We’re merely part of his Soul…”


Thunder Shadow cut him off by saying, “So what if we’re part of his Soul? Can’t we be Brothers? Moreover, we’re not Soul Clones in the traditional sense. What do you say, Big Brother?”


Yang Kai nodded, “You’re right. This time, the three of us will be going for broke!”


A smug Thunder Shadow pulled a face at Fang Tian Ci, who smiled helplessly.


“Enter my Small Universe!” Yang Kai ordered and opened up the portal to his Small Universe.


Without hesitation, Fang Tian Ci stepped forward and disappeared into it, followed by Thunder Shadow. Before that, Thunder Shadow said to Yang Kai, “I owe Qin Xue and her Husband from Great Feather Pavilion a favour. Please take care of them on my behalf.”


“Don’t worry,” Yang Kai replied quickly.


After the Human Self and Monster Self were gone, Yang Kai shuddered as his entire Small Universe trembled. Even the World Tree clone was unable to suppress the turmoil.


Yang Kai’s expression turned solemn as he focused on suppressing the upheaval in his Small Universe.


The moment Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow entered Yang Kai’s Small Universe, Yang Xiao was flabbergasted.


Earlier, he consoled the two Eighth-Order Masters, who had attacked Xiang Shan, and told them not to lose hope yet because his Adoptive Father was still alive. Yang Kai had created many miracles in his life, so as long as he was still alive, there was hope for all of them. Naturally, Yang Xiao took a look at his Adoptive Father as he spoke.


That was when he saw the inconceivable sight.


[Old Fang and that Monster Race Great Emperor entered Adoptive Father’s Small Universe? What the Hell is going on!?]


Yang Xiao felt dizzy all of a sudden. He even suspected that he was seeing things because of his injuries.


Both Yang Kai and Fang Tian Ci were Eighth-Order Masters, so how did the latter enter Yang Kai’s Small Universe?


Since time immemorial, only Open Heaven Realm Master in a higher Order could allow one in a lower Order enter their Small Universe. It couldn’t be achieved when both of them were in the same Order.


That was because the Small Universes of two Open Heaven Realm Masters in the same Order had similar capacities. As such, one couldn’t keep the other person inside their Small Universe. If they forcibly did so, their Small Universe would explode.


Moreover, as far as Yang Xiao knew, the Monster Race Great Emperor was equivalent to an Eighth-Order Master. How did he enter Yang Kai’s Small Universe?


Yang Xiao found everything inconceivable, so he couldn’t help but look around, after which he saw that Blood Crow appeared equally shocked.


“Did you see that?” Yang Xiao asked.


Blood Crow glanced at him and nodded faintly.


Yang Xiao was stunned, “It wasn’t a hallucination?” Was what he saw real?


Blood Crow snorted, “Why are you so surprised? Didn’t you say he’s the best at creating miracles in the most despairing situations?”


Yang Xiao was startled for a moment before coming to his senses. If anyone else had done such a thing, that would’ve been shocking. However, that person was his Adoptive Father, so everything made sense.


Although he had no idea how Yang Kai managed to take Fang Tian Ci into his Small Universe, there wouldn’t be a problem as it was his Adoptive Father doing that.


Having said that, he still felt that something was off. What was the relationship between Fang Tian Ci and Yang Kai? Since both of them were Eighth-Order Masters, how and why did Fang Tian Ci enter the latter’s Small Universe?


Yang Xiao was aware that Fang Tian Ci came from Yang Kai’s Small Universe; moreover, Fang Tian Ci was well-versed in the Dao of Space, Dao of Time, and Spear Dao, all of which he had inherited from Yang Kai. He was known to be Little Yang Kai because of that.


Also, Zhao Ye Bai and the others said that Yang Kai had travelled around his own Small Universe before. It was during that time that he took him and Zhao Ya as his Disciples.


At the thought of this, Yang Xiao gasped in shock as a bold idea formed in his mind.


[Could Old Fang be my Adoptive Father’s illegitimate Son?]


When Yang Kai travelled around his Small Universe, he might have come across a beautiful lady and fallen in love with her, leading to Fang Tian Ci being born.


Later, Yang Kai would have kept Fang Tian Ci in his Small Universe and taught him how to cultivate, which was how the latter inherited all three of the former’s Grand Daos.


Assuming that it was the truth, Yang Xiao nodded gently. He couldn’t believe that Fang Tian Ci was related to Yang Kai by blood, and he had never heard about it from him before. For that reason, he decided to teach Fang Tian Ci a lesson for hiding it from him at a later time.


“What are you doing? Don’t get distracted!” Blood Crow suddenly snapped.


Since Yang Xiao was having such wild thoughts, the Four Symbols Formation began to become unstable.


Yang Xiao quickly pulled himself together and guffawed, “We’re going to win this one!”


Blood Crow looked at him like he was a fool. The Humans were in a difficult situation, so what made Yang Xiao believe that they could still win? Was it merely because Yang Kai had put an Eighth-Order Master and a Monster Race Great Emperor in his Small Universe? Was he supposed to break through to the Ninth Order by doing that?


While they were secretly shocked, two more people were equally astonished when they saw what Yang Kai did.


Lin Wu had been looking at Yang Kai warily; therefore, he could clearly see what Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow did. At that moment, he was puzzled as to how Yang Kai managed to put two cultivators in the same equivalent Realm in his Small Universe.


On the other hand, Mo Na Ye became agitated. Although he couldn’t shake off Yang Xue, he had still been paying close attention to Yang Kai.


This couldn’t be helped as he had suffered too many setbacks because of Yang Kai, leading to a kind of paranoid trauma when it came to the latter. Before Yang Kai was dead and buried, Mo Na Ye could never relax.


When he saw Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow dashing into Yang Kai’s Small Universe, he felt his chest tightening as a bad premonition came over him.


Although he had no idea what Yang Kai was up to, he had to be cautious whenever the latter did something unusual, which was usually a sign that Yang Kai was about to achieve something shocking.


Mo Na Ye immediately made a decision and sent a Divine Sense transmission.


The next moment, three Pseudo-Royal Lords, who had been trying to break the Humans’ defence line along with the Territory Lords, suddenly left their positions and charged towards Yang Kai from different directions.


It was a difficult decision to make for Mo Na Ye to send three Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal with Yang Kai at such a critical moment.


Without these three Pseudo-Royal Lords, a great deal of pressure had been lifted off the Human Race’s defence line, especially now that Xiang Shan was free to contend against the Black Ink Clan. Presently, he was charging around while leading a Seven Stars Formation, and after those three Pseudo-Royal Lords left the battle, the advantage that the Black Ink Clan had would probably be wiped out.


However, Mo Na Ye had no choice but to make such a decision to kill Yang Kai as quickly as possible. Despite that, they might not be able to end Yang Kai’s life. If it was so easy to kill Yang Kai, he wouldn’t have remained alive until now.


Nevertheless, if they could kill Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t mind letting the rest of the Human Race Masters here escape.


Faced with the approaching imposing auras, Yang Kai sported a cold expression and snorted, “It seems you all still consider me a huge threat, huh?”


Yang Kai knew that when he got started, the Black Ink Clan would definitely notice and attempt to stop him. As such, he was well-prepared.


Seeing that three Pseudo-Royal Lords were about to reach him, he certainly wouldn’t stay there and wait for death. 


Space Principles undulated and his figure blurred.


By the time the Pseudo-Royal Lords arrived, Yang Kai had disappeared. In a different direction, his aura slowly reappeared.



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  1. “Since time immemorial, only Open Heaven Realm Master in a higher Order could allow one in a lower Order enter their Small Universe. It couldn’t be achieved when both of them were in the same Order.”

    Didn’t YK take a couple of 6th orders into his small universe when he too was 6th order before? Proprietress and Mao Zhe. And a few more I think

    1. It’s not common knowledge, and it’s been as a result of his small universe having materialized, while theirs were still virtual. That said – it’s generally accepted that YK’s small universe outclasses that of pretty much anyone else of the same Order. If his Time comprehension allows him ten times the time speed inside – I figure between his Space comprehension and World Tree clone, ten times the capacity should be on the lower limit.

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