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Martial Peak – Chapter 5789, Will of the People

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Just as Yang Kai was sweeping his gaze over his Small Universe, an anomaly in a particular place caught his attention.


The source of the anomaly was the Fang Family Village.


At that moment, in the small Fang Family Village, everyone was saluting and calling out to Ancestor Tian Ci in a sincere manner with the Patriarch in the lead.


Before Fang Tian Ci merged with Yang Kai’s Source, he had left behind his sword to the Fang Family. He wanted to do something for his family, and Yang Kai had seen it.


Although the Fang Family members didn’t know what their Ancestor was going through or doing, it wouldn’t affect their admiration for him. That was because it was thanks to this Ancestor that the Fang Family had been thriving. The Ancestor brought about the Fang Family’s rise to power.


If not for the fact that the Ancestor had become a successful cultivator and joined the Void Dao Temple, the Fang Family wouldn’t have flourished to such an extent.


Over the years, countless families appeared and then disappeared in the Void World, unable to pass down their inheritance as they didn’t have sufficient heritage.


The Fang Family members were sincerely paying respects to their Ancestor because they were grateful for his contributions to the family. They were doing so for their descendants.


There seemed to be a mysterious power that gathered in the Fang Family Village before it integrated with the Golden Dragon phantom.


Yang Kai fell into his thoughts when he witnessed this. Moments ago, his entire focus was on circulating the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to break his shackles, so he didn’t notice this small anomaly in the Fang Family Village. Moreover, the mysterious power was so weak that it was almost imperceptible, so it failed to catch his eye.


As he looked intently though, Yang Kai realised that he wasn’t mistaken. A mysterious power was indeed emerging from the Fang Family Village. The power was like a long thread that connected the Fang Family Village and the Golden Dragon phantom in the sky above.


At that moment, many ideas flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, and he soon realised something critical.


[I see! This is the true nature of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art!]


He had learned the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art from Wu Kuang and spent thousands of years nurturing a Human Self and Monster Self; however, he didn’t know how he could make use of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to shatter his shackles so that he could ascend from the Eighth-Order to the Ninth-Order.


Initially, Yang Kai speculated that he just had to combine the powers of the Human Self and Monster Self to forcefully shatter his shackles and achieve a breakthrough; however, after activating the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, he realised that things were different from what he had imagined. The integration of three Peak Eighth-Order Masters’ powers was not enough to allow him to blow away the innate shackles and break the boundary wall around his Small Universe. Nevertheless, after the two Selves merged with the Source, he managed to become a Divine Dragon.


The secret of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art wasn’t just about uniting his three Selves, it was about cultivating this mysterious power!


The Power of Destiny!


Destiny was a combination of Fate, Luck, the Will of the People, and the Source of the Heavens and Earth.


In the expansive Universe, since the birth of the Primordial Light, there had been three major eras.


The Divine Spirits, who were transformed from the Primordial Light, ruled over all under the Heavens during the Primordial Era.


Then, the Great Monsters rose to power, leading to the Early Ancient Era.


When the Open Heaven Realm Method was popularized, it ushered in the Late Ancient Era, where the Human Race dominated the Universe. 


In every era, the Race that ruled over everyone else was the favourite of the time, and fortune was on their side. The Divine Spirits, Monster Race, and the Human Race. Each represented three different eras.


On the other hand, the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art combined the powers of three Selves to transcend the barriers between the eras. By integrating the Power of Destiny of the three eras, one could shatter the Open Heaven Realm Method’s shackles and achieve a breakthrough.


That was the secret of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art. Integrating the Power of Destiny from different eras was the key.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking that Shi was indeed a genius. The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art wasn’t just a Secret Art, it was a method of condensing the essence of all past eras into one.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai realised it wasn’t so surprising. If Shi were not brilliant enough, he wouldn’t have been able to devise a Heaven-defying Secret Art such as the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Since Yang Kai had figured out the secret of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, he realised that there was still hope for him. He didn’t have to give up just yet!


Although time was running out, he decided to give it a try. If he succeeded, he would ascend to the Ninth Order in addition to becoming a Divine Dragon. If he failed, he would be stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order forever.


Having made up his mind, Yang Kai spent most of his energy observing his Small Universe, and soon, he saw even more Power of Destiny streaming towards the Golden Dragon from different parts of his Small Universe.


The Power of Destiny was invisible and intangible, so one could hardly notice it in their day-to-day life. Nevertheless, since this was inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, he was able to see more than normal and could spot traces of this mysterious force.


Inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, apart from those from the Fang Family Village paying respects to their Ancestor, many people from other places were also praying for safety.


The Fang Family members were mainly saluting their Ancestor, who had merged with the Golden Dragon’s Source. As such, their Power of Destiny naturally integrated with the Source as well.


Other people from different places were offering their prayers to this world, so their Power of Destiny streamed towards the Golden Dragon as well.


However, that wasn’t enough.


The next moment, the people in the Void World, regardless of their cultivation, gender, or age, saw something so shocking that they would never forget it.


A figure suddenly appeared in the sky, one that was both enormous and authoritative.


Soon, a sense of unease washed over the entire World. Most of them had no idea what was going on. Their initially peaceful lives had descended into chaos as a Golden Dragon and a gigantic figure appeared. The faint-hearted thought that the end had arrived, so they started bawling their eyes out in panic.


On the other hand, the disciples from the Void Dao Temple or those who had cultivated in that place before recognised the figure and exclaimed loudly.


That was because the person was none other than the Dao Lord!


The disciples of the Void Dao Temple were aware of secrets that ordinary people didn’t know. They knew that the entire Void World was the Dao Lord’s Small Universe. When one had reached an adequate cultivation realm, they would be brought out of this place by the Dao Lord and allowed to break through.


The Dao Lord had rarely shown up since time immemorial, so it surprised them when he appeared all of a sudden.


At that moment, the disciples of the Void Dao Temple were excited as they fell to their knees and called out to the Dao Lord.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai swept a glance over the entire Small Universe. He initially wanted to put on an imposing act, but when he noticed the unease in the Small Universe, he decided to just cut to the chase, “My name is Yang Kai, the lord of this World!”


Everyone fell silent as billions of people stared up at the figure in a dazed state. Some of them were in disbelief while some of them were excited.


“This World is in turmoil now because I am facing powerful enemies. So first, I must ask all of you to remain calm.”


Upon hearing that, the people of Void World were astonished, especially those from the Void Dao Temple. The disciples there knew that the Dao Lord had been contending with some powerful enemies over the years. Their Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters had left this World to help the Dao Lord in his fight.


However, they assumed that the Dao Lord was mighty and that there was nothing he couldn’t achieve; as such, they wondered how powerful his opponents had to be to cause the World they lived in to fall into upheaval.


They had rarely experienced such turmoil before.


Needless to say, the opponents that the Dao Lord was dealing with must be formidable.


“Alone, I am no match for these enemies, so I need all of you to lend me your aid.”


In the Void Dao Temple, an old cultivator shouted, “Please tell us what we can do to help you, Dao Lord!”


Since the Dao Lord was in danger, they wouldn’t hesitate to offer their assistance. The entire Void World was his Small Universe, after all. If the Dao Lord was defeated, the entire world would fall apart as well. Their fates were intertwined with the Dao Lord’s.


Therefore, the moment the old man heard that the Dao Lord needed help, he had the urge to leave this World at once and fight alongside him.


The other cultivators shouted, “Please tell us what we can do, Dao Lord!”


They knew that they were too weak to help the Dao Lord in his fight; however, he must have his reasons for saying that he needed their aid.


Regardless of what they were required to do, they just had to put in the effort.


Just then, a hot-headed man yelled, “Who are those people who have the guts to fight you, Dao Lord? Although I am weak, I am willing to do anything to help! Even if I may die, I will make sure to take a piece of the enemy’s flesh before I fall!”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at that disciple and continued, “There’s no need for that. The enemy is too powerful, so even if all of you combine your might, you will not be able to oppose them. As for how you can help… Uh… I need you to cheer for me! Chant things like ‘Dao Lord is unrivalled’, ‘Dao Lord is mighty’, ‘Dao Lord will never be defeated’, and so on…”


All the disciples in the Void Dao Temple and the people in the Void World were dumbfounded. Could they really help the Dao Lord just by cheering for him? Was he pulling their leg? He certainly sounded uncertain just now, so they didn’t understand how this could help him contend with the enemies.


Fixing his expression, Yang Kai shouted solemnly, “Time is running out! Whether I win this battle depends on all of you now!”


The moment he finished speaking, the figure dissipated.


In the Dao Temple, the disciples exchanged shocked glances for a moment before all of a sudden, the same hot-headed disciple lifted his arms and shouted, “Dao Lod is unrivalled!”


He was so agitated that the veins on his neck throbbed. His unwavering attitude showed that he truly believed that the Dao Lord was unrivalled under the Heavens.


Then, he raised his arms and shouted again.


Soon, the other disciples joined in. Several moments later, all the disciples of the Dao Temple were cheering for the Dao Lord. They even circulated their powers to spread their voices far and wide.


Their fervour spread like wildfire. In the Void World, the people from all the cities, villages, and Sects cheered for the Dao Lord, their voices reverberating out across the sky.


Soon, all the people in the entire World were cheering for the Dao Lord at the same time.


Words like ‘Dao Lord is invincible’, ‘Dao Lord is almighty, and ‘Dao Lord is the most powerful’ could be heard everywhere.


All were united to boost the Dao Lord’s morale.


Just like the Divine Spirits in the Primordial Era and Monster Race in the Early Ancient Era, the Humans were the favourite of this era and the rulers of the Universe. As such, the Humans’ Power of Destiny was the strongest.


Presently, there were billions in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, so when so many were united to cheer for the Dao Lord, a torrent of Power of Destiny flooded into the Golden Dragon phantom.



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