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Martial Peak – Chapter 5792, Cut off the Enemy’s Retreat and Destroy Them

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Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Ever since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds and started occupying various Great Territories, Ninth-Order Masters and Royal Lords had not fought each other, until today.


The devastating battle in the Barren Territory robbed both sides of almost all of their top Masters. The Black Ink Clan was left with only one Royal Lord, Mo Yu, who was guarding the No-Return Pass, while the Human Race’s situation was slightly better, having a total of two Ninth-Order Masters, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing. But, as they needed to contain the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, these two Ninth-Order Masters were unable to participate in other matters. So, naturally, the top powerhouses of both sides never met, much less fought.


The older generation’s cultivators were slightly better off as they had witnessed battles of that level before, but how could the younger generation of Humans have had the opportunity to witness such a sight? Throughout their growth, the Ninth-Order Masters were akin to legendary figures!


But today, on this battlefield, battles between Royal Lords and Ninth-Order Masters occurred for the first time after the Barrier Territory War! First, a battle between Ou Yang Lie and Xiao You broke out, then between Yang Xue and Mo Na Ye, and now, Yang Kai took Yang Xue’s place and fought with Mo Na Ye.


The fallout of their battle seemed to shake the entire World.


Only now did the younger Humans finally get to witness and experience the true might of a Ninth-Order Master. Furthermore, the strength displayed by Yang Kai was obviously much more devastating than Yang Xue’s; he completely suppressed Mo Na Ye the moment they clashed. His Azure Dragon Spear moved back and forth with the Space-Time River swirling around it, making use of 10,000 different Dao Strengths. All kinds of unfathomable methods appeared one after another, causing even a Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye to be unable to resist.


The morale of the Humans immediately soared!


The moment of crisis for the Human Race had already passed with a Ninth-Order Master like Yang Xue personally coming to their aid. Although it was still difficult for them to turn the tide, the situation on the defensive line would not worsen at the very least.


With Xiang Shan and many other veteran Eighth-Order Masters taking command, it would not be easy for the Black Ink Clan to break through their defensive line anymore.


After seeing this, Ou Yang Lie quickly calmed down and stabilized his state of mind. He was fighting Xiao You and eight Territory Lords all this while. He had not suffered any major losses, but neither had he occupied any significant advantages. This was mainly because he was having a real hard time focusing on his battle with the dire state of the Humans around him and all kinds of unforeseen events popping up. 


Now that he had calmed down, Ou Yang Lie saw a way to defeat his enemy. He kept only as much focus on dealing with Xiao You as necessary while he diverted most of his strength attacking the eight Territory Lords who were arranged into two Battle Formations.


So long as he could take out these Territory Lords, killing them one by one, Xiao You alone would not be his opponent; after all, Xiao You had suffered serious injuries at the hands of Yang Xue before, which made it difficult for him to display his full strength.


The battle on various battlefronts instantly grew even more heated than ever.


Suddenly, a laugh originated from somewhere in the void, carrying a hint of surprise and relief.


It was Mo Na Ye!


No one knew why he laughed, as he was clearly in a tight spot; he could lose his life at any moment under Yang Kai’s relentless and powerful attacks, but he was still able to laugh.


Across from him, Yang Kai, who was relentlessly attacking, coldly rebuked, “What’s so funny? Be careful or you might lose your teeth!”


Mo Na Ye, while defending himself, slowly shook his head, “Brother Yang, you’re very strong, but… you’re weaker than I expected!”


These words sounded somewhat contradictory, but they were indeed true.


When Yang Kai had broken past the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm’s shackles, advancing to the Ninth-Order, Mo Na Ye thought he was dead for sure!


If he was facing any other Ninth-Order Master, Mo Na Ye was confident that even if he could not defeat them, he could at least escape, but against someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Dao of Space, he thought that only death awaited him if he could not win outright in battle.


So, when he saw Yang Kai advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord with a single thrust of his spear, Mo Na Ye resigned himself to death already.


But after a brief exchange with Yang Kai, he was surprised to discover that Yang Kai was not as powerful as he had imagined!


It had to be known that when Yang Kai was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could kill Territory Lords and Innate Territory Lords like he was slaughtering chickens and dogs. Up against him, the Acquired Territory Lords and Innate Territory Lords could not put up a fight, and were often slaughtered before they even saw his face.


When he was in the Seventh Order, Yang Kai was rumoured to be capable of butchering Feudal Lords in just the same way.


So, in Mo Na Ye’s estimations, once Yang Kai advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, no Royal Lord would be able to survive against him. He had always regarded Yang Kai as the greatest threat to the Black Ink Clan. If he had to choose between killing Xiang Shan or Yang Kai, he would pick Yang Kai without hesitation.


He had devised many arrangements and had been waiting for Yang Kai to appear all this time just for that purpose.


But all his schemes had come to nought as Yang Kai still broke through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


During this exchange, Yang Kai’s momentum was still unstoppable and his attacks were devastating to the point that Mo Na Ye was unable to even lift his head, but this kind of Yang Kai was still within the realm of what seemed normal. He was not strong to the point of absurdity.


It had to be known that Mo Na Ye’s current state was quite bad. He was already injured even before arriving here, and then he still fought Yang Kai in an Eight Trigrams Battle Formation for a long time, which added more wounds to his body. After that, he even fought with Yang Xue…


The current Mo Na Ye was nowhere near his peak.


Yet, Yang Kai was unable to quickly finish him off, which painted a clear picture.


That was why Mo Na Ye laughed, not because he thought that he could escape from this crisis, but because even if Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, there were still members in the Black Ink Clan who could go against him!


At the very least, a veteran Royal Lord like Mo Yu was definitely not inferior to the current Yang Kai! If the two fought right here and now, it would probably end in a draw.


Of course, Mo Na Ye knew that Yang Kai was also not in peak condition, but so what? In the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai’s strength was not currently beyond his understanding, and that was more than enough!


Yang Kai roughly knew what his opponent was laughing about, but he was also helpless in this matter.


Since even Mo Na Ye had suffered heavy injuries and his strength had taken a hit, how could he remain unscathed? 


At this moment, Yang Kai had just advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and was not in great shape. Not to mention, he was injured in the previous battle and also suffered serious injuries when Lin Wu’s sneak attack landed. Although he had recovered to about 80% of his peak thanks to the profound power of the Space-Time River, it was still not a complete recovery.


Furthermore, his Human Self Fang Tian Ci and Monster Self Thunder Shadow’s injuries were far more severe than his own. The fusion of his three Selves in his Small Universe was imperfect. Although the union of three Selves had allowed Yang Kai to break through his shackles, his gains had been very limited.


Had his Divine Spirit Self, Human Self, and Monster Self all been in top condition, Yang Kai would have definitely been stronger and could have easily killed Mo Na Ye.


Be that as it may, his hands were tied at that moment. Luckily, Yang Kai was able to lure the Chaos Spirit King away thanks to the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. He had executed the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art in haste and did not have much time to consider other things. He had no choice but to rely on this method to help the Humans here escape their current crisis.


In any case, both Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye were not in their best condition; as such, the intensity of their battle had greatly reduced.


A fierce struggle ensued!


Yang Kai quickly glanced over at the Humans’ defensive line and found that even with Yang Xue’s help, it was still difficult for them to gain the upper hand. He could do nothing about this though as the Pseudo-Royal Lords and Territory Lords far outnumbered the Eighth-Order Masters. Furthermore, after receiving Mo Na Ye’s order, the Black Ink Clan were attacking without any care for their own casualties and were using all means possible to break through the defensive line.


Territory Lords and Eighth-Order Masters were dying frequently as Black Ink Strength exploded, World Force dispersed, and Small Universes shattered.


Everyone knew that in today’s battle, the outcome of any battlefront would affect the overall situation. As long as one side won any battlefront, they would win the entire war!


Yang Kai knew that he could not delay any longer. He was still confident that he could kill Mo Na Ye, and judging by the current situation, Mo Na Ye would definitely die under his spear within half an hour.

But half an hour was too large a variable as the Humans’ defensive line might be breached at any time.


After hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai made his decision.


As Yang Kai thrust the Azure Dragon Spear, the opposing Mo Na Ye promptly pulled back, wanting to avoid the blow; however, he didn’t expect that this spear was just a feint. The Space-Time River that had been swirling around it suddenly flew out like a Water Dragon and expanded with a loud splash, transforming into an enormous river that gushed through the void.


Mo Na Ye’s expression immediately changed at the sight of the enormous river crashing towards him.


He had suffered many losses because of the Space-Time River previously. At that time, Yang Kai, who was leading an Eight Trigrams Battle Formation, had used the Space-Time River as a whip. When Mo Na Ye was struck by the Space-Time River, the various Dao Strengths had thrown his mind into a disarray, rendering him stunned.


So, when he saw Yang Kai use the strange river once more, he naturally became vigilant. His figure flickering as he tried to escape in between the gaps.


“Seal!” Yang Kai shouted as the overflowing river suddenly connected end to end, taking a circular shape. The next moment, the turbulent river water started spreading outward, filling the entire Void.


Mo Na Ye had never expected for the river to transform like this and was struck by a wave, which immediately destabilized him.


By then, Yang Kai had already arrived, hurling his spear at him and shouting, “Die!”


The spear attack felt as if it was piercing through space and time. It was emanating fearsome murderous intent and was extremely powerful. Mo Na Ye definitely could not take it in his current condition. If he really got impaled by this spear, he would be dead or not that far from it.


In a hurry, his figure suddenly sank, plunging into the enormous river.


Yang Kai’s spear missed Mo Na Ye and pierced the empty void, but he did not stop even for a moment and also plunged into the river in a flash.


From the start, Yang Kai wanted to force Mo Na Ye into the Space-Time River. He had used this method to kill some Territory Lords before, but this was the first time he had forced a Royal Lord into the Space-Time River. The Space-Time River was the manifestation of his Dao Strengths and took his Space and Time Dao Strengths as its foundation.  10,000 Dao Strengths fused and clashed with each other in the Space-Time River. Although Yang Kai had an absolute geographical advantage when fighting in the Space-Time River, once the battle became too intense, it would definitely impact his own Dao Strengths.


This was no different than trapping a thief in one’s own house and throwing him against the walls. Although it was possible to borrow the terrain to one’s advantage, it could also possibly wreck their house.


It was still alright if it was just a Territory Lord as their strength was not enough to shake the foundation of the Space-Time River, but a true Royal Lord was another matter.


As such, Yang Kai was putting himself at a huge risk, but this was the only way to kill Mo Na Ye in the shortest time possible. Yang Kai really could not worry too much about it if he wanted to win.



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