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Martial Peak – Chapter 5793, Even An Old Dog Has a Few Teeth Left

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Yang Kai was dead set on killing Mo Na Ye; his murderous intent soaring to a whole new height. When the Space-Time River sealed off the void, it forced Mo Na Ye inside, whereupon Yang Kai rushed after him.


In an instant, the Space-Time River that had formed a large sphere became extremely turbulent. Waves rose and fell, spewing Dao Strength and Black Ink Strength randomly.


With the Space-Time River isolating everything, no one could see the battle, but they could clearly tell how dangerous it was from the upheaval in the Space-Time River.


The Black Ink Clansmens’ hearts all jumped to their throats!


If Mo Na Ye was defeated and died here, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to survive much longer; after all, they would have to face the infamous killing star!


With his means and brutality, he would not stop until he killed all of the Black Ink Clansmen here.


All of them were now thinking how they could get out of this situation.


Perhaps the Pseudo-Royal Lords could rush into the river to help Mo Na Ye, but at this moment, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were unable to move about freely as they were tied up with their respective opponents.


This was especially true for the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting against Yang Xue. Once they withdrew, she would definitely launch a fierce counterattack, which would result in far greater casualties. And once the Black Ink Clan their advantage, they would no longer be able to turn the tide.


More importantly, even if they really went to help, no one could say for sure how useful they would be; after all, Yang Kai’s Space-Time River was too mysterious.


Somewhere in the void, Tian Xiu Zhu and several other Eighth-Order Masters formed a Six Paths Formation to pin down Meng Que.


This was the steadiest battlefront of them all as both sides were quite lacking in comparison to other fights both in number and strength.


On top of that, the Eighth-Order Masters as well as Meng Que were heavily injured.


Although the Eight-Order Masters were barely able to maintain their Battle Formation, it was still a little difficult for them to display its full power.  It could not be helped as two of the Eighth-Order Masters in it had originally withdrawn from the Eight Trigrams Formation because they could not withstand the pressure due to their wounds. They had been fighting Mo Na Ye with Yang Kai and were completely exhausted already.


The only reason they were still able to fight was because they refused to back down. It was a shocking display of pure grit and willpower.


After this battle, these two Eighth-Order Masters’ foundations would definitely be severely damaged regardless of whether they won or lost.


Thus, Tian Xiu Zhu and the others only managed to gain a slight upper hand against a heavily injured Pseudo-Royal Lord like Meng Que, and were unable to kill him.


Amidst the heated battle, Meng Que angrily shouted, “Old dog, I’ve had it with you!”


He was furious. Usually, even if a group of old, weak, and injured people like them assumed a Six Paths Formation, they would not be able to do anything to him, but he too was not in a good condition, allowing him to be suppressed by the enemy.


If this continued, he would quite likely die.


Two Pseudo-Royal Lords had already perished in this battle, both of them at Yang Kai’s hands. One of them was killed by Yang Kai’s sneak attack, while the other was killed after Yang Kai broke through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Be that as it may, if a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him was really to die at the hands of ordinary Eighth-Order Masters, it would be too embarrassing.


He was the third Pseudo-Royal Lord born in the Black Ink Clan. If not for the unlucky timing, he would have become famous throughout the 3,000 Worlds, standing on equal footing with Mo Na Ye!


For someone like Meng Que, even if he died, he wanted to die at the hands of famous figures like Yang Kai or Xiang Shan. He would never allow himself to die at the hands of these nameless ants!


Meng Que’s attacks became fiercer, fueled by his anger. He knew that his end was nigh, as such, he did not care about his own safety.


“Old dog?” Right across from him, Tian Xiu Zhu, who was covered in blood, had his expression become fierce as he roared, “Today, I’ll let you know that this old dog still has a few teeth left!”


Facing Meng Que’s powerful counterattack, not only did he not retreat, he instead charged straight at him, leading the Battle Formation, seemingly intent on perishing together with his enemy.


The other Eighth-Order Masters, including Lin Wu who had joined last, followed after him without any hesitation.


Under the violent collision, the already unstable Six Paths Formation nearly collapsed. Fortunately, Tian Xiu Zhu quickly adjusted everyone’s aura, ensuring its continuous operation.


However, this clash further worsened everyone’s injuries, with the two most severely injured Eighth-Order Masters nearly fainting.


It wasn’t like Meng Que didn’t suffer from this desperate attack though, as his aura suddenly waned and Black Ink Strength spurted uncontrollably from his wounds.


Looking at the fearless Eighth-Order Human Masters and the Human he had called old dog, Meng Que could not help feeling some admiration.


[The Human Race is indeed incredible!]


Adjusting his chaotic aura and state of mind, he suddenly burst into laughter and pointed his halberd at Tian Xiu Zhu, “What a sharp-tongued old dog. Come, let’s see who dies here today, you or I!”


[I, Meng Que, am just unlucky. I am not inferior to you, Mo Na Ye. Even if I die, I will still shine brilliantly in the end!]


As soon as he finished speaking, his aura soared as he charged straight at the Six Paths Formation.


How could Tian Xiu Zhu and the others back down when challenged so openly? They quickly adjusted the Battle Formation before rushing forward to meet Meng Que.


Both sides clashed a few more times, without even the slightest sign of retreating. Meng Que was nearly demented in his onslaught as his body bordered on collapse. The Eighth-Order Masters led by Tian Xiu Zhu did not fare any better. Their Battle Formation was unstable, and all of them had suffered critical wounds.


All were hovering between life and death!


The next clash would decide the victor and loser, who would live and who would die!


Tian Xiu Zhu shouted loudly, “This Tian is lucky to have fought with you all today! If there is a next life, I hope that we will fight shoulder to shoulder once more to kill the enemy!”


“Kill, kill, kill!”


Everyone’s eyes turned red. Although their auras were unstable and figures unsteady, their murderous intent shot through the sky.


After forcefully adjusting everyone’s chaotic aura and stabilizing himself, Tian Xiu Zhu let out a long sigh before shouting, “Kill!”


The Six Paths Formation left a streak of light as it charged straight towards Meng Que.


A grim and dignified look appeared on Meng Que’s face as he glanced towards the Space-Time River, coldly snorting in his heart, [Whether you see it or not, I, Meng Que, will not disappoint the title of Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord!]




As he shouted, Meng Que surged his Black Ink Strength as he smashed into the Six Paths Formation.


In this stretch of the void, where violent shockwaves appeared everywhere, the collision between six Eighth-Order Masters and one Pseudo-Royal Lord was far from spectacular, but it was the last glimmering of both sides who were willing to lay down their lives for their convictions.


When the two streaks of light, one bright and one dark, crashed into each other, the entire world seemed to have frozen for a moment before seven figures were sent flying in different directions.


Immediately after, Small Universes collapsed and World Force dissipated as someone’s vitality began to wane…


Of the six Eighth-Order Masters who formed the Six Paths Formation, three of them died on the spot!


Meng Que’s vitality had also become dismal and his strength started to dissipate. At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.


Furthermore, there were no allies around him on this battlefront who could save him.


As he lay there dying, he could not help but glance over at the Space-Time River and mock himself silently. He was the third Pseudo-Royal Lord to be created, but he had never imagined that he would become the third Pseudo-Royal Lord to die today. It was truly ironic.


[When Humans die in battle, their names are engraved on the Monument of Heroes for future generations to remember their sacrifices, but what about the Black Ink Clan? What do we gain from sacrificing our lives?]


The Space-Time River was still full of upheavals, naturally due to the clash between two top Masters. Every time a wave rose, everyone could hear a faint dragon roar.


Suddenly, a fearsome blast of energy blew up a part of the Space-Time River off, opening a hole in the already unstable flow.


Immediately after, a figure in a wretched condition leapt out of that hole. Surprisingly, it was Mo Na Ye. At this moment, Mo Na Ye was in an extremely sorry state. There was a huge gaping hole that went from the front of his chest to the back. The Black Ink Strength in his body was surging and fear was written on his face.


Yang Kai had gone mad and resorted to every means possible to kill him as quickly as possible.


Mo Na Ye was simply no match for Yang Kai in the Space-Time River. All Yang Kai needed to do was fight steadily while controlling his Space-Time River and Mo Na Ye would certainly have perished.


However, Yang Kai didn’t choose this route. After gaining a bit of upper hand, he directly summoned his Dragon Bead.


Yang Kai was no longer a 99,999-metre-long Ancient Dragon. After his three Selves merged, and his Source had fused with them, he immediately became a Divine Dragon.


With the strengthening of his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai’s Dragon Bead received a significant boost in power.


Using their Dragon Bead to launch an attack was the final trump of a Dragon Clansman, one they would not resort to unless it was absolutely necessary. Yang Kai had once used this method in the past to great effect each time.


He was currently many times stronger than before, so how could the heavily injured Mo Na Ye resist the Dragon Bead’s attack?


The hole in his chest was the result, and this injury was more than enough to push Mo Na Ye half into the grave!


However, the Dragon Bead’s fearsome attack also allowed Mo Na Ye to escape.


The battle between the two top Masters had already made the Space-Time River unstable, and the flow of Dao Strengths inside chaotic. The Dragon Bead’s attack had not only severely injured Mo Na Ye, but it also blew open a hole in the Space-Time River.


Yang Kai had already expected this, but he had no choice but to do it. Only such an attack could quickly kill Mo Na Ye.


When Mo Na Ye escaped, Yang Kai followed close behind, but the turbulence in the Space-Time River caused his Dao Strengths to become unstable, making it difficult for him to gather his strength. As such, he had no choice but to stabilize his Dao Strengths first.


Right then, an indignant roar suddenly reverberated across the void.


“Mo Na Ye, this Old Master won’t submit to you, I’ll never bow to someone like you!”


It was Meng Que, who was also just a moment away from dying.


[Why is it that you have always been in charge of the Black Ink Clan? Why is it that the Sir Royal Lord never gave me a chance? Why must I hide in the No-Return Pass all this time just because you became the Pseudo-Royal Lord before me!? If I, Meng Que, could wield greater authority, I would not have been any worse than you!]


With this roar, Meng Que used all his remaining strength to rush towards Mo Na Ye.


No one knew what he wanted to do, and even Mo Na Ye was stunned for a moment before a heavy sigh escaped his lips.


Others might not have any idea what Meng Que was about to do, but he did. Mo Na Ye never thought that in the critical moment between life and death, it would be Meng Que, whom he had always looked down upon, who would come to his aid.



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