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Martial Peak – Chapter 5796, Difficult

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The Human Race Masters were not pursuing the enemy aimlessly and haphazardly, especially since the Black Ink Clan outnumbered them still. If they gave chase without any plan, it was likely the Human Race would suffer unnecessary casualties.


Fortunately, Xiang Shan had quickly coordinated their efforts during the initial moments of the pursuit. All the Humans assumed Battle Formations, and each Battle Formation would work in conjunction with one or two others, covering each other as they chased after the Black Ink Clan. Although moving like this would result in fewer kills, it would ensure the safety of their troops.


Furthermore, Xiang Shan had warned them not to maintain the chase too long. Those Black Ink Clansmen here were definitely not all that had entered the Universe Furnace World. There were definitely many more of them hiding in the shadows, so it was imperative to act cautiously lest they fall into the enemy’s trap.


In short, the order was to kill all it was safe to kill before retreating.


Nothing could be done about this, as after having fought continuously for days, every single Human, whether weak or strong, whether newly promoted or veteran, had suffered some degree of injury, making it difficult for them to fight another prolonged battle.


Only the three Ninth-Order Masters were free to move about as they pleased. Whether it was Yang Xue, Ou Yang Lie, or Thunder Shadow who had taken over Yang Kai’s body temporarily, no Black Ink Clansman in this Universe Furnace World could stop them.


Thunder Shadow was on a rampage as all the Black Ink Clansmen he encountered were killed without exception, even the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not escape.


The chase lasted for several days before everyone started returning one after another.


When Thunder Shadow returned from the distant void, he saw a large group of Humans gathered at the original battlefield. Upon sensing an aura approaching, many Divine Senses swept over him, one after another.


The corner of Thunder Shadow’s mouth twitched as he muttered, “Second Brother, you explain, I’m not good with words.”


Saying so, his eyes suddenly became dim and dull, but turned bright and lustrous once more the next moment. A bitter smile appeared on Yang Kai’s lips as he slowly shook his head.


The one that took over couldn’t help but rebuke in his heart, [He did not show any restraint when killing the enemy, but now he ditched explaining himself to our allies! Shameless!]


Nonetheless, some things were unavoidable and one had to see them through whether they wanted to or not. He then straightened his clothes and surged Space Principles as he took a step forward. By the time he appeared next, he was already standing before the Human Race Masters.


“Big Brother?” Yang Xue, who had been on tenterhooks all this time, had her eyes light up as she suddenly called out in surprise.


She too had noticed that change in Yang Kai’s behaviour, but at that time, she was not that clear about the situation, nor did she have the time to inquire about it. Only after listening to Ou Yang Lie’s explanation did she learn that her Big Brother had cultivated a special technique that allowed him to tear his Soul apart and form two Soul Clones.


By uniting his three Selves and fusing them into his Source, he ultimately broke the shackles of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm and ascended to the Ninth-Order, allowing him to turn the tide of the battle.


Unfortunately, something had gone wrong with this technique, which caused Yang Kai’s consciousness to fall into a deep sleep and allowed Thunder Shadow Great Emperor’s consciousness to take over his body.


After listening to Ou Yang Lie’s explanation, everyone’s doubts were finally cleared.


The reason why Yang Kai’s Small Universe was able to accommodate Fang Tian Ci, who was also an Eighth-Order Master, and Thunder Shadow Great Emperor who was in the same equivalent realm, was because those two were basically part of him to begin with.


When Mo Na Ye fled, ‘Yang Kai’ had given chase, but to no avail, because Thunder Shadow, who was not proficient in the Dao of Space, was in control of Yang Kai’s body, which made it hard to catch up to Mo Na Ye.


Everyone was secretly shocked by this revelation.


Much to their surprise, there was such a profound method in this world that could allow one to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Realm, other than using a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. This was definitely good news.


It had to be known that there were countless Human Race Masters stuck at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. They had no chance of reaching the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm in their lives as they had already reached the limit of their Martial Dao. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to find Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, so if they could spread this technique, the Human Race might gain many more Ninth-Order Masters in the near future!


Although judging by Yang Kai’s previous performance, there were still some problems with this technique, compared to advancing to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, these trivial problems counted for nothing.


This was definitely a technique that could change the current cultivation system of the Human Race!


Thunder Shadow was not a Master of the Dao of Space, so Yang Kai returning using a Space Secret Technique caused Yang Xue to misunderstand.


‘Yang Kai’ gently shook his head and explained, “Big Brother is still asleep, I am Old Fang.”


Everyone looked at each other in dismay, [First, Thunder Shadow took over Yang Kai’s body, and now Fang Tian Ci! It looks like this Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art is quite problematic.]


A trace of disappointment flashed across Yang Xue’s eyes, but since she was well acquainted with Fang Tian Ci, she pursed her lips and worriedly asked, “Can he wake up?”


Fang Tian Ci replied, “Probably.”


“Probably?” Ou Yang Lie furrowed his brow. This uncertain answer made him a little worried.


Fang Tian Ci explained, “In order to kill Mo Na Ye as quickly as possible, Big Brother used his Dragon Bead to attack, which blew a hole in the Space-Time River, causing his Dao Strengths to become unstable. Furthermore, the prolonged high-intensity battle further aggravated his injuries, which sent his consciousness into a kind of defensive deep slumber. However, it still hasn’t reached the point of no return, so there’s a good chance he will wake up. As for when, it’s hard to say.”


Having finished explaining, a light chuckle escaped his lips before adding, “Everyone, there is no need to worry. Whether it’s me or Thunder Shadow, both of us originate from him. In the end, we are basically only his Soul Clones. We might have our own thoughts, but we will not harm ourselves.”


He could also tell that the Masters of the Human Race were worried that Yang Kai would never wake up again, or that one of the two would take his place; thus, Fang Tian Ci had to give an explanation.


Yang Xiao, who was hiding behind Yang Xue, repeatedly nodded, “Old Fang, I trust your character.”


Fang Tian Ci glanced at him, smiling meaningfully.


Yang Xiao’s face twitched as many complex emotions raged around inside him. He could not wait to tear open a Void Crack and crawl inside…


Old Fang knew a lot of his secrets, many of which he had never told to anyone else. How could he have known that the seemingly honest and upright Old Fang was actually a Soul Clone of his Adoptive Father!


Had he known about this, he would have never confided his private thoughts all these years…


[It’s over! I’m afraid I won’t be able to face Adoptive Father again…]


[Now that I think about it, Old Fang’s behaviour had indeed been a bit strange these past few years. He would occasionally give me that meaningful smile…]


“Junior Brother Fang, do you think that we can promote the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to the rest of the Human Race?” Xiang Shan asked.


The group of veteran Eighth-Order Masters, cultivating and recovering in the vicinity these past few days, couldn’t help but perk up their ears…


This matter was of grave importance as it was related to their future and whether they could advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm or not!


Fang Tian Ci replied calmly, “This Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art was passed down to us by Wu Kuang. Wu Kuang can be considered Martial Ancestor Shi’s reincarnation, and this Secret Technique was also derived from him. This Secret Technique may seem profound and powerful, but it actually has a lot of limitations. First of all, you need to be able to split your Soul basically in half to create a special Soul Clone. That step alone is easier said than done for most.”


“You need to split your Soul in half!?” Ou Yang Lie couldn’t help but exclaim. Although Yang Kai had told him about the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, he did not tell him the exact details or how it was executed. After hearing the actual process from Fang Tian Ci, he finally understood how dangerous it was.


Severing one’s Soul was no joke and was extremely difficult to recover from.


Fang Tian Ci nodded his affirmation, “When you split your Soul in two, the corresponding pain and injury is not something an ordinary person can endure. If something goes wrong, you might lose your mind and become crazed, which is the best-case scenario. In the worst case, your Soul will simply be extinguished and you will die on the spot. Furthermore, this process must be done twice!”


To cultivate two Clones, one naturally had to split their Soul twice, so the risk of dying was also doubled.


“The reason why Big Brother was able to bear this pain is because he has often used Soul Rending Thorns over the years to fight the Black Ink Clan, so he is somewhat used to the pain of his Soul being torn apart. Moreover, he also has the Soul Warming Lotus that can nourish and protect his Soul, so even if his Soul is split into two, he can recover. Of course, the Soul Warming Lotus can be lent out, so if someone is willing to try it, I think Big Brother won’t mind.”


Realization immediately dawned upon Ou Yang Lie, “No wonder Yang Kai had to enter retreat for many years every once in a while, it turns out that he was recuperating. That’s also why there was such a large gap between your and Thunder Shadow’s first appearance.”


Fang Tian Ci nodded, “First, Big Brother nurtured me in his Small Universe, then after repairing his Soul, he nurtured Thunder Shadow. In addition, severing one’s Soul isn’t the most difficult part. Comparatively speaking, there is another problem that the current Humans cannot solve.”


“What’s that?” Xiang Shan asked.


Fang Tian Ci explained, “The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art requires one to have a Divine Spirit Self, Monster Self, and Human Self. Only by combining these three Selves can one break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Realm. As a Human, the Human Self is naturally available, and it’s not difficult to obtain a Monster Self either. There are many Monster Beasts in the Myriad Monster World now, so it’s easy to find a newborn Monster Beast cub that would otherwise die if left alone, but where can one find a Divine Spirit to create a Divine Spirit Self?”


The current era was not the Primordial Era when the Divine Spirits ruled the Universe and could be found anywhere.


As the Universe changed and evolved, the Divine Spirits’ population dwindled. Many Divine Spirits and their respective bloodlines vanished in the river of time.


Although there were still a few Divine Spirits remaining, most had already reached the point where it was difficult to pass down their bloodline, leading them to the brink of extinction.


The Divine Spirits that had the greatest number was the Dragon Clan, but even they had 200 members at most.


A Monster Self could be cultivated by going to the Myriad Monster World and nurturing a Monster Beast cub, but what about a Divine Spirit Self? Could they ask a Divine Spirit for their descendants?


Who would dare to do that? Who could even be successful?


The Divine Spirits would definitely not agree, and forcefully doing so would only enrage the Divine Spirits. The cons heavily outweighed the pros.


The difficulty of tearing apart one’s Soul and the difficulty of cultivating a Divine Spirit Self were huge obstacles in using the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art.


“Haa…” Ou Yang Lie heaved a heavy sigh. Although he had expected this, he still couldn’t hide his disappointment, “It really isn’t that easy.”


If it was easy, or if there was even a bit of hope, with Yang Kai’s character, he would have never kept this method to himself. He would have disseminated it ages ago before anyone even asked him to.



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