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Martial Peak – Chapter 5799, Plan

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As he was conversing with the two, Ou Yang Lie and Yang Xue seemed to notice the change in his situation and quickly rushed over.


When he got closer, Ou Yang Lie sized up Yang Kai, furrowing his brow, wondering who was in control of Yang Kai’s body.


Yang Xue tentatively called out, “Big Brother?”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “You’ve worked hard.”


Yang Xue’s eyes immediately turned red, “Big Brother, you’re finally awake.”


Ou Yang Lie also let out a long sigh of relief, “Great, you’re awake!”


Although Fang Tian Ci had assured that there was nothing wrong with Yang Kai, it was still worrying. After confirming that Yang Kai had woken up, he finally put his worried heart to rest.


“Mo Na Ye got away,” Ou Yang Lie reported.


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m aware, but there is still a chance. How many times has the Grand Dao evolved?”


In fact, he had been keeping track of the number of times the Grand Dao had evolved, but because he had entered the Infinite River to comprehend the mysteries of the 10,000 Grand Daos, he was unable to perceive the evolutions during that time. So, he had no idea how many times the Grand Dao in this Universe Furnace World had evolved.


Ou Yang Lie succinctly replied, “Eight.”


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement before declaring, “We still have some time. When the Universe Furnace closes, and Mo Na Ye and I leave this place, we should appear at the same location. His current injuries must have reduced his strength. I should be able to kill him at that time!”


He and Mo Na Ye had entered the Universe Furnace from the same location, so when they were expelled from the Universe Furnace World, they would definitely appear at the same location. At that time, the heavily injured Mo Na Ye would be completely at Yang Kai’s mercy; all he could do was helplessly wait for his death.


Ou Yang Lie added as his face turned serious, “That guy is indeed difficult to deal with. As long as he is alive, he will remain as a hidden danger.”


This time, Mo Na Ye had nearly predicted all the turns of events of the battle between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. Thinking back now, Ou Yang Lie still felt some lingering fear. Had Yang Xue not timely rushed over to support him, severely injuring Xiao You and restricting the Chaos Spirit King, and had Yang Kai not turned the tide after breaking through, it would have been hard to say how many of the hundreds of Eighth-Order Human Masters would have survived.


Even a Ninth-Order Master like him would not have been able to escape this disaster.


In the past, Yang Kai had sent a message to the Supreme Headquarters to warn the Human Race to be wary of Mo Na Ye, but at that time, the latter wasn’t that strong, at most only a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and with Mi Jing Lun overseeing the war, Mo Na Ye was not able to display much of his strength.


This time, however, everyone present had witnessed just how terrifying he was. The danger of Mo Na Ye was not from his power alone, but rather from his shrewd schemes. Now that he had become a Royal Lord and his strength had greatly increased, he was like a tiger with wings.


Such an enemy should naturally be killed as soon as possible to put everyone’s heart at ease.


Fortunately, they still had one more chance! The moment the Universe Furnace closed, Mo Na Ye would undoubtedly die!


While they were talking, Xiang Shan’s breakthrough had reached its final juncture. His aura had already soared to its limit and was violently fluctuating. His Small Universe’s illusory phantom had almost materialized, floating behind him.


Along with the fluctuations of World Force, Xiang Shan’s aura, which had reached its limit, suddenly increased by a tremendous amount. Correspondingly, the illusory Small Universe also seemed to have greatly expanded in an instant.


Today, the Human Race’s eighth Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was born!


Ou Yang Lie looked in his direction before a sigh filled with emotions escaped his lips, “He really had it hard!”


It truly wasn’t easy. Xiang Shan was just like the current Yang Kai of his era, a peerless talent who had the chance to reach the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and possessed strength to outclass his peers. It was also because he had shown too much of his abilities that he was targeted by the Black Ink Clan and fallen prey to an insidious ambush. When he was fighting the Black Ink Clan, he was corrupted by Black Ink Strength and forced to discard a large portion of his Small Universe to protect himself.


This led to the fall of his Order, and he had to lie low for thousands of years. Although he somehow recovered his lost cultivation, it was extremely difficult for him to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Xiang Shan’s luck turned around when he came to the Universe Furnace World, where he got his hand on a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. But once again, some unforeseen events threw his plans off as his breakthrough was interrupted by the Black Ink Clan at the last moment, forcing him to give up on it.


In comparison, Ou Yang Lie felt that he was both lucky and blessed…


Before entering the Universe Furnace, he had never thought that he would one day be able to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. He was a hot-tempered and straightforward man, and many years of fighting against the Black Ink Clan had left him with numerous hidden injuries, causing his strength to drop from its peak.


In the past, his only wish was to die on the battlefield one day while taking a few Territory Lords with him. This way, he would not have lived his life in vain.


Even if he had entered the Universe Furnace, it was only to find a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill for Yang Kai or Xiang Shan so that they could advance to the Ninth Order. He had never thought of refining such a pill himself.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai gave him a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and protected him while he was refining it.


Although there were some twists and turns in the process of his breakthrough, it was still smooth sailing overall. Ou Yang Lie had somehow managed to reach the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm without much difficulty.


When comparing like this, Ou Yang Lie felt sorry for Xiang Shan.


“The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks,” Yang Kai chuckled as he observed Xiang Shan for a while, making sure that his breakthrough was completed. Nonetheless, Xiang Shan’s cultivation would be a bit unstable due to the recent expansion of his Small Universe, so he would need to consolidate his foundation for some time.


“Xue’er, what about you?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yang Xue, “How did you reach the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm?”


In truth, when he had rushed over from the Infinite River and noticed that Yang Xue was a Ninth-Order Master, he had thought he was mistaken.


While he, the Big Brother, hadn’t even broken through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, his Little Sister had already reached that step. This made Yang Kai feel a little embarrassed. Fortunately, he had also successfully broken through and was barely able to maintain his prestige and status as the older sibling.


Yang Xue replied, smiling, “It was just luck.”


A few days after she entered the Universe Furnace World with Yang Xiao, the latter suddenly noticed something. Following the Great Sun and Moon Marks’ guidance, they found a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


After hearing this, Yang Kai understood that Yang Xue also obtained the pill thanks to some luck and his helping hand.


If it weren’t for the fact that he had left behind some hidden means in the nine pills, how could Yang Xiao have sensed it?


However, there was no need to explain such things in detail.


“In that case, didn’t Xiao’er make a great contribution?” While speaking, Yang Kai glanced towards the location where Yang Xiao was healing. Yang Xiao, who happened to be secretly looking around, quickly closed his eyes and sat up straight.


Yang Xue gently nodded, but then hesitated to speak.


Yang Kai roughly knew what she was trying to say. Although Fang Tian Ci’s consciousness had been completely preserved after the three Selves had united, all of his life’s experiences had still been integrated into Yang Kai’s Soul, so Yang Kai knew exactly what Fang Tian Ci had experienced over the years. Naturally, this also included the little secrets Yang Xiao had shared with him…


Yang Kai had expected this though. The two children had grown up together and could be considered childhood sweethearts. The two cultivated for thousands of years together, never separating from one another, so how could they not have feelings for each other?


However, due to the difference in seniority between the two of them, they had never crossed that last line. They probably didn’t want to make things difficult for him.


If it weren’t for this, Yang Xiao would have never told Fang Tian Ci about these things either. It was mainly because he had been suppressing the bitter feelings in his heart. It was rare to have a friend who shared the same ideals as him, so he often came to talk to him.


However, not even in Yang Xiao’s wildest dreams did he expect the secrets he had been hiding for so many years would be exposed in such an outrageous manner. In the past, Yang Xiao and Yang Kai were extremely close. Whenever Yang Kai appeared, Yang Xiao would always fly around him. But now, Yang Xiao couldn’t wait to be as far away from his Adoptive Father as possible, hiding from him and quietly healing his injuries; he was obviously feeling guilty.


Yang Kai withdrew his gaze as a smile appeared on his lips, “His Dragon Vein is already quite pure, so let him quickly break through to become a Divine Dragon. If he has any doubts, he can ask Senior Fu Guang. Since both of them belong to the same clan, he won’t refuse to help if he can.”


Yang Xue nodded faintly in agreement.


Yang Kai then turned to her and advised, “If nothing happens after the Universe Furnace closes, you should return to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Now that you’re a Ninth-Order Master, you must assist Senior Fu Guang in guarding the Grand Restriction. Also, tell Wu Kuang that the Black Ink Clan inside the Great Restriction may show some unusual movements. He needs to be extra vigilant.”


Yang Xue nodded more firmly, “Yes.”


Ou Yang Lie solemnly asked, “What may happen at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m just preparing for any contingency. The war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan has entered a new phase. Comparing our current strength, the Human Race is far inferior to the Black Ink Clan in terms of numbers, but we have a slight advantage in terms of top Masters. This war will be the final one. If we win, the Human Race won’t have to worry for the rest of their lives, but if we lose, the Black Ink Clan will rule the Universe, and no Human will be left alive. With such stakes, the Black Ink Clan in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction will definitely take action, so we must be on guard against their internal and external forces coordinating with each other. It will be extremely difficult for us to win this battle, but no matter how difficult it is, we must persevere!”


To win, the Human Race would not only have to eradicate the Black Ink Clan that had invaded 3,000 Worlds, but they would also have to find a way to deal with the ones inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, as well as Mo!


This was especially true for Mo, which was suspected to have reached the Creation Realm. Yang Kai still hadn’t found a way to deal with it. In the past, Cang and the others had chosen to seal it within the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, but unless Mo was eliminated, it would still remain a hidden danger. Perhaps after 100,000 years or 200,000 years, another Black Ink Clan disaster would engulf the entire world, and this cycle would continue on, endlessly.


Yang Kai then turned to Ou Yang Lie, “Senior Brother Ou Yang, you’ll be in charge of the 3,000 Worlds after the Universe Furnace closes. I will rush back to join you as soon as possible.”


Ou Yang Lie nodded his acknowledgement, “As a Human, I am duty-bound.” 


Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Junior Brother, what are you planning to do next?”


“I’ll go take a look around,” Yang Kai slowly stood up, “There’s still some time before the Universe Furnace closes. I don’t know where the Chaos Spirit King, who took my pill, went, but I want to see if I can get it back. Also… I have some doubts and want to find an answer.”


Previously, Yang Kai had no choice but to throw away the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill to lure the Chaos Spirit King away. Now that the crisis had been resolved, Yang Kai naturally wanted to get it back. Furthermore, there were still three pills in this Universe Furnace World whose locations remained unknown. He could still try to find them.


Of course, if he ran into Mo Na Ye, that would be even better. He could kill him along the way.


However, Mo Na Ye wasn’t a fool and would surely be hiding somewhere, silently licking his wounds at this moment. It would not be that easy to find him.



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