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Martial Peak – Chapter 5802, Off You Go

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Regardless of whether the Chaos Spirit King was unlucky or not, its anger was obvious at this moment. The last time it had lost its pill, it had relentlessly chased after Xiao You. As a result, Xiao You had to spend a great deal of effort to escape from it. From this, it could be seen just how persistent the Chaos Spirit King was towards the Supreme Grade Pills.


As for Yang Kai, now that he got his hands on the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, it wasn’t difficult for him to escape from this Chaos Spirit King. How could he not be able to do what Xiao You could? All he needed to do was use his Instantaneous Movement a few times and this Chaos Spirit King wouldn’t be able to find him.


However, he didn’t do so; rather, he kept the Chaos Spirit King at arm’s length, occasionally using his Space Secret Techniques to increase the distance between them. Sometimes, he even exposed his aura so that the other party could pursue him.


Thunder Shadow couldn’t understand what was going on and asked, “Big Brother, what are you trying to do with the Chaos Spirit King?”


If he was not planning anything, why would he lead it on? He could have easily shaken it off by now.


Before Yang Kai could answer, Fang Tian Ci understood and explained, “It’s to prevent others from running into this Chaos Spirit King and suffering some kind of mishap.”


The Black Ink Clan in the Universe Furnace World had suffered great losses in the last battle. Of the two Royal Lords, one was dead and the other was seriously injured. Even the Pseudo-Royal Lords who managed to escape were mostly heavily wounded.


As long as the Human Race Masters were careful enough, even if they ran into the Black Ink Clan, they would not be in any kind of grave danger.


The only ones that could pose a serious threat to the Human Race were beings like this Chaos Spirit King, especially the one who was chasing after Yang Kai. This Chaos Spirit King happened to be enraged, so if Yang Kai were to shake it off now, and if any other Human were to encounter it, they would be doomed!


That was why Yang Kai stayed within the range of its senses so that it wouldn’t escape his control. This was also a form of protection for other Humans.


So long as it was within his power, Yang Kai would naturally do it. In any case, it wouldn’t hinder him from doing other things.


After listening to Fang Tian Ci’s explanation, Thunder Shadow finally understood, “Big Brother is very thoughtful.” He couldn’t help but mutter, “You Humans are really prudent”


Most Monster Race on Myriad Monster World were bold and vicious. They only had one principle when they encountered a crisis, overcome it by any means necessary. If they got into an argument, they would immediately resort to their teeth and claws; so, how could they have such deep and complex thoughts?


No wonder the Early Ancient Era Monster Race met with a downfall and the Human Race had gradually risen.


Ignoring this criticism, Fang Tian Ci suddenly asked, “Big Brother, did you notice something strange?”


Yang Kai instead asked back, “What is it?”


“There seems to be something wrong with the number of Chaos Spirit Kings inside the Universe Furnace.”


“You think so too?” Yang Kai raised his brow. He had also noticed this problem before, but he hadn’t given it too much thought.


“What’s wrong with the number of Chaos Spirit Kings?” Thunder Shadow interrupted, totally confused.


Fang Tian Ci simply continued, “According to Big Brother, nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills were formed when the Universe Furnace opened this time. Including the one in Big Brother’s possession, six of them have already been accounted for, leaving only three which are missing.”


“That’s right.” Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, a thoughtful look appeared on Thunder Shadow’s face.


“The Universe Furnace has undergone eight Grand Dao evolutions, so the ninth one should be happening soon. After nine Grand Dao evolutions, the Universe Furnace will be closed,” Fang Tian Ci added.


Thunder Shadow nodded again.


“Once the Universe Furnace is closed, the three missing pills will neither fall into the hands of the Human Race nor the Black Ink Clan, but will instead belong to the Chaos Spirit Clan. It can even be said that the three pills are currently in the hands of the Chaos Spirit Clan, but we don’t know where they are.”


Thunder Shadow looked at him, furrowing its brow as a befuddled look appeared on its face, “What are you trying to say?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Second Brother is saying that since these three pills are now in the hands of the Chaos Spirit Clan, shouldn’t three Chaos Spirit Kings have been born by now?”


“You mean… they haven’t?” Thunder Shadow’s voice gradually became feebler and feebler.


Fang Tian Ci further added, “Three Chaos Spirit Kings should be born with the opening of the Universe Furnace this time, but what about the past? Each time the Universe Furnace opens, some Chaos Spirit Kings should have been created. But how many Chaos Spirit Kings have we seen since we entered the Universe Furnace?”


It was just one!


But according to Fang Tian Ci’s speculations, there should be a lot more Chaos Spirit Kings in this Universe Furnace, at least a few dozen.


Except, judging by the current situation, this Universe Furnace World definitely didn’t have that many Chaos Spirit Kings, otherwise, they wouldn’t have encountered only one until now.


“Perhaps there are other Chaos Spirit Kings, it’s just that we haven’t discovered them yet. But there are definitely not that many Chaos Spirit Kings in this Universe Furnace World,” Fang Tian Ci concluded.


Thunder Shadow thought for a moment before asking, “What does this have to do with the current situation?”


Fang Tian Ci chuckled wryly, “It doesn’t matter, we were just casually discussing.”


Thunder Shadow couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, thinking that these two were talking about something he hadn’t realized. He always believed that he wasn’t stupid…


Yang Kai then stated, “Perhaps the effects of the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill on the Chaos Entities aren’t as great as we think. Even if those mindless Chaos Entities can refine pills, they may not be able to immediately become a Chaos Spirit King. Rather, they may just become a relatively powerful Chaos Spirit!”


The Chaos Spirits also varied in strength. Some were as strong as Eighth-Order Masters while others were only as powerful as Second or Third-Order Masters. The gap between them was enormous.


It might be also because of this that not many Chaos Spirit Kings had been born even after so many Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills fell into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Clan!


As for the exact truth, Yang Kai didn’t dare to jump to conclusions, but this conjecture was likely close to correct.


Thunder Shadow asked, “Then, the Chaos Spirit King is relentlessly chasing us all the way just for this pill that might not even help a Chaos Entity under him advance to become a Chaos Spirit King?”


Yang Kai laughed, “In the end, we were the ones who snatched it. If it wants to pursue us, let it.”


Saying so, he suddenly turned and flew off in a certain direction. The Chaos Spirit King also pursued right behind him like a shadow.


In that direction, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, who happened to be flying through the void, suddenly tensed up as a sense of crisis gripped his heart. A moment later, a powerful and fearsome aura locked onto him.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly turned his head and saw a streak of light shooting straight towards him from a distance. That streak of light happened to be flickering and the Void around it was rippling.


Sensing that familiar and shocking aura, the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s soul nearly left his body as he shouted in panic, “Yang Kai!”


[Damn my rotten luck!]


This Pseudo-Royal Lord couldn’t figure out how he had encountered this killing star in this place!


In the last battle, after Mo Na Ye fled, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a crushing defeat, and the Black Ink Clansmen had scattered in all directions.


Fortunately, the Human Race didn’t have enough manpower to wipe them out. He happened to be quite lucky as he was not targeted by Yang Xue at that time, giving him a chance to escape that disaster with his life. He had been on the run ever since and had not stopped for a moment. Even if he ran into some Humans along the way, he would try his best to conceal himself so as to avoid exposing his whereabouts.


According to the information he had obtained from the Black Ink Disciples, the Universe Furnace would close soon. He had entered the Universe Furnace World from the Barren Territory; so, as long as he waited for the Universe Furnace to close, he would be able to safely return there. By then, the Human Race would not be able to do anything to him, no matter how many Ninth-Order Masters they had gained.


His journey had been smooth and uneventful so far, and after a long period of safety, he believed that the storm had already passed.


But much to his horror, he ran into the most difficult Human to deal with.


He had also suffered injuries in the last battle, but his wounds weren’t that serious. So, at this moment, his strength had not suffered that much. After a brief moment of fear, the Pseudo-Royal Lord became solemn and roared, “Come!”


In front of such a Human who was proficient in the Dao of Space, escaping was an unrealistic dream. The Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately made the most appropriate response, taking up an offensive stance to let Yang Kai know that even if he killed him, he would have to pay a huge price!


A Pseudo-Royal Lord was also a Royal Lord, only slightly weaker than a true Royal Lord. How could he allow himself to be trampled upon?


Seeing the Pseudo-Royal Lord in front of him assume an aggressive posture, Yang Kai was slightly surprised, but he did not take it too seriously. While the other party let out an angry roar, Yang Kai quickly closed the distance between them. After reaching a certain critical point, he raised his hand and made a grabbing motion, causing Dao Strengths to undulate around him.


The next moment, the Space-Time River gushed out with crashing sounds. The enormous river was like a whip, one end held in Yang Kai’s hand as it lashed straight towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord.


For the Black Ink Clansmen who had participated in the last battle, the Space-Time River was still fresh in their memories. A Pseudo-Royal Lord got swept into the river at that time before Yang Kai had even broken through. Yang Kai then dove into the river and slaughtered that Pseudo-Royal Lord within a few breaths.


Although Yang Kai had only managed to kill that Pseudo-Royal Lord at that time due to a sneak attack, it still showed how strange this river was.


Mo Na Ye also suffered a great loss inside this strange river.


Seeing Yang Kai summoning this enormous river once more, the Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately became vigilant. He let out a furious roar as Black Ink Strength surged around him before he punched straight towards the river.


The great river was shaken and monstrous waves rose and fell one after another. The impact almost blew the river in half.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s face lit up with joy, but the next moment, his expression took a turn for the worse, because although it looked like that river was about to snap in half, it ultimately didn’t. The river was like a whip, it bent a few times before ruthlessly lashing out at him again.


Dao Strengths surged violently as the Grand Daos evolved and developed. The Pseudo-Royal Lord was struck so hard that it knocked the senses out of him. In an instant, he lost his consciousness as a whip-like river wrapped around him.


Caught off guard, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was engulfed by the Space-Time River. The enormous river seemed to contain an extremely strange power while destabilizing his mind and perception.


He immediately understood why his companion had been killed by Yang Kai, who had yet to break through at that time. After having fallen in this strange river, his strength must have been greatly suppressed, making it difficult for him to display his full power.


He wanted to struggle his way out, but an irresistible force swept over and dragged him along.


“Off you go!” Yang Kai shouted, and with a flick of his wrist, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was bound by the whip-like river was sent flying. Afterwards, Yang Kai flew off at an extremely high speed without even looking back even once.


In the rear, the Pseudo-Royal Lord looked completely dumbfounded. He was unable to understand what had just happened. Did Yang Kai come here just to humiliate him? If not, why had he not killed him?



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