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Martial Peak – Chapter 5803, Ninth Evolution

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In that kind of situation, he knew that there was no way he could escape from Yang Kai’s hands. Perhaps if he fought to the death, he could make Yang Kai pay a price, but it definitely wouldn’t be too high.


[Unexpectedly, this killing star only teased me a little and quickly fled, but why…]


The next moment, he understood.


As soon as he stabilized himself, he felt an extremely sharp and ferocious aura rapidly closing in on him from behind. Furthermore, this aura happened to be even stronger than the Ninth-Order Yang Kai.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord hurriedly looked back, and instantly saw a figure charging towards him. He had felt this aura and had also seen who it belonged to from a distance in the past. Now that he came face to face with it, it was even more terrifying.


“The Chaos Spirit King!?” He was struck with panic.


In the blink of an eye, the Chaos Spirit King was already upon him. The Chaos Spirit King’s anger was as fierce as an erupting volcano, but it didn’t pay any attention to this Pseudo-Royal Lord who was blocking his path. It just casually threw a light punch at him as if it was pushing aside a blockade. It then brushed past him and went chasing after the killing star.


“Pu…” The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s figure doubled over and he spurted out a mouthful of black blood. At the same time, his aura fiercely declined as Black Ink Strength started uncontrollably dissipating.


Even though it was just a casual punch, the power behind an enraged Chaos Spirit King’s attack could still not be underestimated. In addition, the Pseudo-Royal Lord had just been dazed by Yang Kai’s whip and was not able to defend himself properly. He was caught off guard and seriously injured in one blow.


When he looked up, he saw the Chaos Spirit King’s figure gradually disappear from his sight. He was delighted at the sight of this and could not help but laugh, taking pleasure in his enemy’s misfortune despite the tremendous pain he was in.


[Yang Kai is being chased by the Chaos Spirit King! No wonder he didn’t have time to pay attention to me.] At this moment, an old saying of the Human Race flashed in his mind, ‘The wicked will be punished by the wicked!’


[Yang Kai, aren’t you amazing? Haven’t you already broken through to the Ninth Order? So what if you’re strong!? In the face of that damn Chaos Spirit King, all you can do is flee!]


He immediately prayed in his heart that the Chaos Spirit King could put in some more effort and kill Yang Kai!


However, a smile had just bloomed on his lips when it suddenly froze.


Ripples suddenly appeared one after another in the Void right before him, just like when a stone is thrown into a calm lake. As these ripples spread outward, a figure materialized out of thin air.


In just one step, the figure was standing right before him.


“You…” The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s expression suddenly changed for the worse. At this moment, he realized he had made a mistake.


“You seem quite happy,” Yang Kai, who had just returned, looked at the Pseudo-Royal Lord with curiosity.


The other party didn’t answer, he just quickly turned around and fled.


Had he fought Yang Kai to the death when they just met, he would have been able to bite off a piece of his flesh before dying. But now that he had been seriously injured by the Chaos Spirit King, this notion had already been quashed.


He was not this killing star’s opponent even at his peak, so how could he resist when he was seriously injured.


[He did it on purpose! This killing star definitely did this on purpose! He used the Chaos Spirit King to weaken me so he could circle back using his Space Secret Technique to easily finish me off. He never had any intention of letting me live!]


“Where do you think you’re going?” Yang Kai shouted impatiently. The Chaos Spirit King had noticed his aura and had already changed directions to chase after him. If he didn’t want to fight with the Chaos Spirit King, he had to end this battle quickly.


As soon as Yang Kai spoke, he manipulated Space Principles, causing the surrounding void to become viscous, like a swamp, making it difficult for the Pseudo-Royal Lord to move.


Yang Kai already had his spear in hand, which he fiercely thrust towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord.


The next moment, a ferocious aura shot straight towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord from behind, forcing him to turn around and face it head-on. The last thing that entered his eyes was a rapidly expanding spear tip!


Pitch-black blood splashed out as the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s head blew apart. The two figures brushed past each other, but Yang Kai didn’t stop even for a moment and continued moving ahead, leaving the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s corpse behind him that still maintained a defensive posture.


A few breaths later, the pursuing Chaos Spirit King once again passed by this place and casually waved its fist. The corpse blocking its path blew into smithereens.


Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Thunder Shadow muttered to Fang Tian Ci, “Big Brother is too sinister.”


Fang Tian Ci earnestly stated, “In battle, there’s no such thing as being too sinister.”


It wouldn’t be difficult for Yang Kai to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord with his current strength, but he would still need to fight for a while to achieve that. A Pseudo-Royal Lord could barely be considered an existence on par with a Royal Lord, but because they were made using a Black Ink Clan’s Source Fusion Technique and were not true Royal Lords, it was difficult for them to display the full might of a Royal Lord.


With an existence like the Chaos Spirit King chasing after him, it was naturally not wise to fight with a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


On the other hand, Yang Kai could easily eliminate his opponent after weakening the Pseudo-Royal Lord by using the Chaos Spirit King, then circling back to eliminate him.


This was an example of lifting a heavy weight using borrowed strength. The chaser had unknowingly become Yang Kai’s accomplice, and if Yang Kai got the chance to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord without any effort, why should he not take it?


Of course, it was only because the Chaos Spirit King’s intelligence was not high enough that this was possible. If it was any other Master with normal intelligence, Yang Kai’s plan would not have worked at all.


Just like before, the chase continued.


Their chase flipped the Universe Furnace World upside down.


Yang Kai didn’t have a set direction. In any case, he was just leading the Chaos Spirit King on a wild chase around the Universe Furnace World.


If he ran into someone from the Black Ink Clan, he would kill them right away, but if he encountered a Human, he would take a detour and warn them in advance, lest they get caught up in this storm.


Yang Kai might be slightly weaker than the Chaos Spirit King, but if he were to focus on escaping, the Chaos Spirit King would not be able to do anything to him. As luck would have it, the Chaos Spirit King’s sentience wasn’t very developed. It was certain that Yang Kai had snatched the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, so it kept chasing after him relentlessly.


The number of Black Ink Clan survivors Yang Kai encountered started to decrease over time. Of course, it might have been because they had been killed, but the bigger reason was that the survivors had gone into hiding.


Right now, things were extremely unfavourable for the Black Ink Clan in the Universe Furnace World. The Human Race had four Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who had split up to hunt down any Black Ink Clansmen they could find. On the other hand, the only Royal Lord on the Black Ink Clan’s side was heavily injured and was nowhere to be found.


So, how could the Black Ink Clan still have the strength to resist the Humans in this kind of situation? Naturally, they used all kinds of means to hide themselves, waiting for the Universe Furnace World to close.


Although most of them knew that another bloody battle would break out when the Universe Furnace closed, they did not have much choice in the matter.


As time passed, Yang Kai became slightly disappointed.


There was no trace of Mo Na Ye, nor was there any trace of the other three Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills.


The Universe Furnace World was quite vast. Perhaps there were some places he had yet to explore, or perhaps the three pills had already been refined, or perhaps they had fallen into the hands of some Black Ink Clansman or Human. Everything was possible.


As for Mo Na Ye, if he was Hell-bent on hiding, it wouldn’t be easy to find him.


Yang Kai was in no rush though. He could end Mo Na Ye once the Universe Furnace closed.


During this trip to the Universe Furnace, the Human Race had not only dealt the Black Ink Clan a severe blow, they had also gained four new Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Yang Kai also got his hand on another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill which he could bring back and give to Mi Jing Lun. In short, this trip was worth it.


At some point, the Grand Dao within this World suddenly started undulating before the last remnants of the Chaos rapidly disappeared.


The ninth Grand Dao evolution was finally taking place!


After this evolution, the Universe Furnace would soon close.


As for the Chaos Spirit King who had been chasing after Yang Kai all this while, it seemed to have also noticed this and became even more agitated, pushing its speed even higher.


Be that as it may, it had never been able to close the distance between them from the moment it had started chasing Yang Kai. No matter how hard it tried, it was useless.


“Second Brother, take the helm!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.


Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, the corner of Fang Tian Ci’s mouth twitched.


[What does Big Brother think of his body?] But after giving it another thought, he realized that it was quite appropriate to address his physical body as a ship on which the three Brothers were riding.


Without further thought, Fang Tian Ci immediately took control of the body.


However, he didn’t have full control over it, mainly because Yang Kai was still occupying the majority of his physical body, so he was unable to control it too smoothly.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai was on guard against him, but rather that he needed to focus on something else. Fang Tian Ci only needed to control the body to escape the Chaos Spirit King’s pursuit, which didn’t require much fine control.


The handover between them was extremely smooth. From an outsider’s point of view, it was impossible to spot any change in Yang Kai. He was still fleeing, and the Chaos Spirit King chasing after him was completely helpless.


But at this moment, Yang Kai was completely focused on sensing the changes in the surroundings.


When the Universe Furnace World underwent its ninth Grand Dao evolution, the Grand Daos in this World started undulating as the Chaos completely evolved into 10,000 Grand Daos. After the ninth evolution, the Universe Furnace World would finally reach perfection.


At this moment, Yang Kai also summoned his own Space-Time River and urged his Dao Strengths, churning them and studying the endless mysteries that appeared.


Inside the small Space-Time River, all Dao Strengths converged, and under Yang Kai’s control, various Dao Strengths constantly blended and fused, devouring and evolving before finally transforming into Five Elements Dao Strengths.


The Five Elements Dao Strengths mutually restrained and supported each other, rapidly transforming into Yin and Yang.


As Yin and Yang circled around each other, Time and Space became twisted and ultimately evolved into Chaos.


All Dao Strengths converged into one, and ultimately became Chaos!


This was a mysterious process Yang Kai had comprehended from the Infinite River; and at this moment, he had thoroughly confirmed this point using his own Dao Strengths’ evolution.


At this moment, the Space-Time River circling around him was no longer the Space-Time River, but a Chaos River.


The moment this Chaos River completely stabilized, a sudden change occurred.


As if a drop of water had been poured into a sizzling oil, the Dao Strengths of the entire Universe Furnace World began to violently undulate, and the Infinite River that ran through the World also began to violently surge, sending waves as high as the sky everywhere, sweeping across everything.



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