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Martial Peak – Chapter 5804, Branch

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While the Grand Dao of the Universe Furnace World started evolving for the ninth and final time, whether it was the Humans who were searching for the traces of the Black Ink Clan or the Black Ink Clan who were hiding themselves, everyone had already gotten used to it.


After all, this kind of thing had already happened eight times before. Besides the first time when there was some surprise and confusion, everyone completely disregarded it from the second time on. This was the profound mystery of the Universe Furnace, there was no need to pay too much attention to it.


Except, this ninth evolution appeared to be different from any of the previous ones. Under the surging Grand Daos, the entire Universe Furnace World was shaking. At this moment, it was as if something was changing, but no one could see it clearly, nor could they explain it.


The Infinite River that ran through the entire Universe Furnace World, from shallow to deep, contained the mysteries of Chaos evolving into 10,000 Grand Daos.


Every evolution of the Grand Daos was also a manifestation of the mysteries of Chaos giving birth to 10,000 Grand Daos.


The Universe Furnace seemed to be demonstrating the truth of the Grand Dao to all living beings, the essence of the world itself.


When the last Grand Dao evolution occurred, Yang Kai used his own Space-Time River as a foundation and prompted the 10,000 Grand Daos to revert to Chaos. By doing just the opposite, it was no different from erecting a different flag amid this surging tide.


Vaguely, he seemed to have touched something.


At this moment, Yang Kai felt an inexplicable pressure on him from all directions, causing the Space-Time River around him to violently shake, almost collapsing it.


If one followed the Heavens, they would achieve twice the results with half the effort, but if one defied the Heavens, the opposite would happen.


What Yang Kai was currently doing was tantamount to opposing the natural order of the Universe Furnace World. When the last Grand Daos’ evolution was taking place, any act of rebellion would naturally be suppressed by this World.


The speed at which he was fleeing suddenly slowed down, but the Chaos Spirit King chasing after him didn’t appear to be affected by it at all; it was quickly closing the distance between them.


Fang Tian Ci, who had taken control of a portion of Yang Kai’s body, and was running for his life, was greatly alarmed. He might not have any idea about the exact cause behind this sudden change, but he knew that it had something to do with his main body.


Gritting his teeth, he quickly prompted Space Principles and executed Instantaneous Movement, but he didn’t teleport too far.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was completely focused on maintaining his own Space-Time River. The exploration of the Infinite River had allowed him to glimpse at some things, but he was unable to thoroughly understand them. If he wanted to verify his theory, he could only rely on this method.


He had been meaning to do this for a long time, but the Chaos Spirit King that was chasing him right now had become a potential threat. There was nothing he could do about it either. When he snatched back the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, it was destined that he would not be able to shake off this Chaos Spirit King, otherwise, others would definitely suffer because of him.


The long river around Yang Kai kept shaking. It appeared to be on the verge of collapse, but Yang Kai continued to persevere, and soon, a look of joy overtook his face.


Because the Grand Dao evolution, which should have started and ended in a flash, had not disappeared, and was instead showing signs of intensifying.


This was undeniable proof that his actions had some effect. Although he was going against the entire World with his might alone, as the saying went, even a single rat dropping could ruin a pot of porridge.


The current Yang Kai was that dropping that had fallen into this Universe Furnace World.


The Grand Daos undulated even more fiercely, shaking the Universe Furnace World non-stop. Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, all of them were shocked and confused, not knowing what was happening.


At this moment, Fang Tian Ci’s voice rang out, “Big Brother, I can’t hold on much longer!”


From the start, he had only been in control of a small portion of Yang Kai’s body, and Yang Kai’s actions made his job even more difficult. Even if he used a Space Secret Technique, he was unable to teleport far. Meanwhile, the Chaos Spirit King kept relentlessly chasing after them, closing the distance to a dangerous degree!


In a moment, he might fall into the range of the Chaos Spirit King’s attacks. If that really happened, Yang Kai would not be able to do anything, he might even possibly put himself in danger.


Fang Tian Ci shouted his plea, but Yang Kai did not give any answer. It remained unknown whether he heard him or not.


Yang Kai also felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer. In the Universe Furnace World right now, when Chaos was giving birth to 10,000 Grand Daos, filling every step of this place, he could only rely on his own strength to go against it. So, he was really under intense pressure.


He didn’t even know if his actions were meaningful or not, but he had indeed caught a glimpse of some things in the Infinite River. If he didn’t verify his speculations now, he might never have another chance in his life.


He didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity, so he had no choice but to persevere.


Fortunately, his Divine Dragon Body had become stronger than ever after he had broken through to the Ninth Order. Had he still been in the Eighth Order, it would have been difficult for him to hold even this long.


At this point, every single breath felt like millions of years.


Suddenly, a fearsome attack came flying at him from behind. Apparently, the Chaos Spirit King had already reached the range it could begin attacking him.


It was also at this moment that Yang Kai, who was fully focused on circulating his strength, suddenly saw a massive, winding river.


Naturally, this was the legendary Infinite River that ran through the entire Universe Furnace World!


As a matter of fact, although this river ran through the entire Universe Furnace World, it wasn’t everywhere. Yang Kai was still quite a distance away from the Infinite River.


However, he noticed that the Space inside the Universe Furnace World had become unstable at this moment.


He wasn’t the only one who noticed this. At this moment, all the surviving Humans and Black Ink Clansmen saw this enormous river appear, flowing from an unknown source towards the end of this World.


The great river happened to be shaking, and beside it, tributaries that had never been seen before and had never been detected by any living being rapidly appeared one after another. If the massive river was a giant tree, then these tributaries that had suddenly appeared were branches…


It was difficult to calculate how many branches there were, as there were too many to count.


These tributaries flowed continuously and quickly filled the entire Universe Furnace World like a spider web. In these tributaries, what flowed was the 10,000 Grand Daos after they had evolved!


This was a remarkable sight to behold!


All the Humans and Black Ink Clansmen stared at this sudden sight in a daze. Some of them even reached out to touch a tributary close at hand, but their hands went right through it as if they were touching something illusory. There was no resistance at all.


The Universe Furnace World had undergone momentous change, but no one knew the cause behind it.


At this moment, Yang Kai, the architect behind this chaos, was coughing up blood. The Chaos Spirit King’s attack was extremely powerful and even he was unable to withstand it.


However, no anger could be seen in his eyes, rather they were shining brightly.


The moment these tributaries appeared, he knew that his previous speculations were correct!


The Universe Furnace truly existed and was hidden somewhere in this World. Its profoundness lay in its ability to derive all the Grand Daos from Chaos. Whether it was the nine Grand Dao evolutions, or the existence of the Infinite River, they were the undeniable proof.


Finding the true body of the Universe Furnace, on the other hand, was a whole other problem.


Since ancient times, every appearance of the Universe Furnace drove generations of Great Experts to enter it. Did they not think of searching for the real body of the Universe Furnace? Of course, they did!


But no one had ever found it.


Yang Kai also was not sure if he could find it, but all he could do was give it a try. If he found it, it would naturally be a reason to rejoice, but if he couldn’t find it, he wouldn’t suffer any losses either. The only problem hindering him was the Chaos Spirit King that was chasing after him. It was a nuisance!


Fortunately, now that his strength had dramatically increased, it wasn’t that troublesome.


Now the only issue before Yang Kai was how to go about his search.


Since he had managed to glimpse the mystery of how the Universe Furnace derived all the Grand Daos from Chaos, he figured he should do the opposite to create a kind of interference that would hopefully reveal some clues he could trace. With this plan in his mind, Yang Kai let himself loose.


No one had ever done such a thing before, or even mastered so many Grand Daos like him.


As the saying went, ‘When in doubt, it’s better to take a step back. Who knows, you might see the situation clearly’.


Going against the tide of the entire Universe Furnace World was equal to going against the Heavens’ Will, but it also allowed one to see more clearly.


When the tributaries appeared, the Space-Time River around Yang Kai’s body started shaking. To others, the enormous Infinite River might seem like an illusory river, but it looked completely different to Yang Kai, who was surrounded by his own Space-Time River.


Flowing in these tributaries were the 10,000 Grand Daos that were born from Chaos.


Whereas his current Space-Time River was the amalgamation of 10,000 Grand Daos returning to Chaos. The two were completely opposite to each other.


If these tributaries were like closed doors, then the Space-Time River was the key to opening them.


The next moment, the Space-Time River surged before it carried Yang Kai into the nearest tributary.


Right then, another fearsome attack shot towards Yang Kai. The Chaos Spirit King had already caught up to him and naturally, when it saw Yang Kai rush into the tributary, it refused to give up. However, no matter what it did, it was unable to harm Yang Kai in the slightest and it couldn’t even enter the tributary either. All it could do was helplessly watch Yang Kai rapidly drift away following the tributary’s flow.


The Chaos Spirit King chased after him for a while longer before finally losing sight of Yang Kai. Boundless anger surged within it as it let out a long roar, unable to contain its rage!


Inside the tributary, Yang Kai, who was protected by the Space-Time River, seemed to have transformed into an undercurrent, drifting along the flow, surrounded by extremely rich Dao Strengths.


However, Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to refine and absorb them at this moment, mainly because he had obtained ample benefits from the Infinite River; refining and absorbing them now wouldn’t have much effect.


Furthermore, he even had a large amount of Dao Strengths sealed in his Small Universe, ready to be refined by him or others.


He had no idea where he was going, but if his guess was right, then the end or source of the tributary should be the location of the Universe Furnace.


Also, it was completely unrealistic to go against the current as the resistance was too high. He had no choice but to follow the flow.


Just as Yang Kai entered the tributary, the Universe Furnace World suddenly underwent a great change, folding the various Spaces and stacking them upon each other. The Humans who went searching for traces of the Black Ink Clan, and the Black Ink Clan who were hiding in the shadows, no matter who it was, all of them could feel that the surroundings had changed.


After a short while, every surviving outsider felt as if they had entered an independent Void. Even if they had companions nearby, they found it extremely hard to approach them. It was as if the opposite party was in a totally different Space.


“The Universe Furnace is about to close,” somewhere in the void, Blood Crow immediately frowned and warned when the Six Paths Formation he was part of collapsed for no reason. He had experienced this before, so after noticing the changes in his surroundings, he immediately understood what was about to happen.



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