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Martial Peak – Chapter 5808, Edge of the Universe

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Pure Dao Strength coursed through Yang Kai’s body, leaving him disoriented. Helpless, he had no choice but to follow the flow.


According to his speculations, the source or end of the river was bound to have some grand secrets. Going against the current was too difficult, even for Yang Kai, who had already reached the Ninth Order, so he could only go along with it.


It was a strange feeling, as if he was really in a real river, flowing into the distant unknown, sometimes calm and sometimes surging.


After an unknown period, Yang Kai felt the flow around him become faster, like a river flowing down a slope. Moreover, the size of the tributary suddenly increased and the Dao Strength around him became even denser.


He immediately understood that the tributary he was in had merged with the other tributaries.


After a while, it merged with a few more tributaries, and the flow of the river became even faster.


As he continued to merge with the other tributaries, the tributary became bigger and stronger, forcing Yang Kai to use his Space-Time River to protect himself from external forces.


At one point, Yang Kai was hit with a sense of weightlessness, as if he was falling from a waterfall. Fierce water was swirling around him and no matter how hard he tried, he could not maintain his balance.


Amid the intense Dao Strength fluctuations, Yang Kai found it difficult to even maintain the Space-Time River around him. Then, at some point, he felt like he was spewed out from somewhere.


This kind of feeling was quite odd…


By the time he somehow managed to stabilize himself, the tributary was nowhere to be seen. Without any external forces acting on him, Yang Kai stood quietly in place, furrowing his brow.


[Is this the end of the tributary? Where am I?]


He turned his head and started looking around, but the next moment, he froze and gawked in a daze.


In his sight was a massive furnace, rapidly disappearing into the distance. This furnace was simple and unadorned, and covered in complex patterns. An incredibly ancient aura was radiating from it.


“The Universe Furnace!” Suddenly, Thunder Shadow’s voice rang in his mind, seemingly shocked by this sight.


Yang Kai’s recent actions had left him somewhat confused, but now he finally understood that Yang Kai’s purpose was to explore the mysteries of the Universe Furnace.


And now, the greatest mysteries of this World had truly appeared before his eyes.


The massive furnace flying through the void before them was no different from the one that had been projected onto the various Great Territory battlefields. If it wasn’t a Universe Furnace, what was it?


The only difference was that the projection was illusory, while the one in front of them was real and tangible!


Yang Kai was awoken from his daze by Thunder Shadow’s cry of surprise, and just when he was about to chase after the furnace, dazzling colourful rays spewed out from the furnace’s mouth.


As soon as these colourful rays appeared, they scattered in all directions. Many sand-like particles suddenly expanded, transforming into the embryonic form of Universe Worlds. A strange Celestial Phenomenon suddenly expanded and occupied a vast space as rich and pure Grand Daos surged out of the Universe Furnace, filling this stretch of the void that was originally filled with Chaos.


Right then, a grain of sand came flying straight at Yang Kai. Without the pressure from the Universe Furnace, this grain of sand finally revealed its true form. As the distance between Yang Kai and the grain of sand shortened, it quickly transformed into the embryonic form of a Universe World that was no smaller than the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai hurriedly used Instantaneous Movement to dodge.


When he was exploring the depths of the Infinite River, Yang Kai had seen these grains of sand and knew that they were not ordinary. Now that they had left the Universe Furnace, they had finally revealed their true appearance.


As they were just the embryonic forms of the Universe World, they were barren and devoid of vitality, but as long as the conditions were right, they would gradually become complete and give rise to living creatures in the future.


The Universe Furnace was still rapidly advancing as more colourful rays continuously shot out of its mouth.


Yang Kai finally understood how he happened to have arrived at this place. Apparently, he was spat out by the Universe Furnace after he entered the tributary and followed it back to its source.


The flow of the tributary was only because the Universe Furnace was erupting.


This was not the 3,000 Worlds, nor was it Black Ink Battlefield, but a place he had never set foot in before.


Having lived and cultivated for so many years, Yang Kai could be considered an experienced and knowledgeable man, but what he was seeing right now was far beyond anything he had ever imagined.


After having calmed himself down, Yang Kai continued chasing after the Universe Furnace, occasionally avoiding the suddenly expanding celestial bodies and Celestial Phenomena that came flying at him.


Since he reached the Outer Universe, Yang Kai had always had a nagging doubt in his mind.


How did the Great Territories, Universe Worlds, and strange yet magnificent Celestial Phenomena come to be? Rumour had it that when Chaos was first split into Heaven and Earth, it gave birth to many Great Territories and Universe Worlds, but who or what could have possessed such great power to accomplish such a feat?


Even if the world itself evolved, it should still have a source!


The exploration of the Infinite River had allowed Yang Kai to witness the sand grain-like embryonic forms of the Universe Worlds, as well as the exquisite Celestial Phenomena in their nascent state. Although he had gained some insights, they were vague and incomplete.


But at this moment, everything became clear!


The source of everything was here, the Universe Furnace!


The 3,000 Worlds, the Universe Worlds, and even the remnants of the Celestial Phenomena on the Black Ink Battlefield, they all originated from the Universe Furnace, brought about by its eruptions since the dawn of existence.


What he was seeing right now was the true process of how Heaven and Earth split apart!


It was an awe-inspiring sight.


In his mind, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow were also staring fixedly at this scene. Even the usually noisy Thunder Shadow had stopped talking.


It was a scene that no ordinary person would ever see in their lifetime.


Perhaps, since ancient times, no one at all had ever witnessed this!


What Yang Kai was currently feeling was hard to describe. He wasn’t excited about being able to see the true nature of this world, but rather, he was at a loss.


“The Chaos Spirit King!” Thunder Shadow’s shout suddenly rang in his mind.


Yang Kai immediately activated Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to conceal his figure and aura.


The next moment, a fearsome aura emerged all of a sudden, gushing out along with dense Dao Strengths. Surprisingly, it was a Chaos Spirit King.


And it was not just a Chaos Spirit King, many other Chaos Spirit Clan members also came gushing out of the Universe Furnace, arriving at this void.


Yang Kai had thought it was the Chaos Spirit King who had a grudge with him, but when he took a closer look, he found that it was not the case.


Whether it was the appearance or figure of this Chaos Spirit King, Yang Kai had never seen it before. Its aura was still not as firm and stable as the previous one, and its physique even bore some resemblance to the Black Ink Clan.


“This should be a newly born Chaos Spirit King,” Fang Tian Ci stated.


For this opening of the Universe Furnace, three Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills were still unaccounted for. There was a high chance they had fallen into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Clan, so it wasn’t surprising for a new Chaos Spirit King to be born.


This should be the newly-born Chaos Spirit King.


Seeing this Chaos Spirit King appear here, Yang Kai roughly understood how it had been spat out. The other party seemed to be a little unaccustomed to the outside world, but after a brief pause, it quickly flew off into the distance and soon disappeared from Yang Kai’s sight.


A large number of Chaos Spirit Clan members followed after it.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai continued chasing after the Universe Furnace while concealing himself.


More and more embryonic Universe Worlds and Celestial Phenomena appeared, with occasional Chaos Spirit Clansmen and Chaos Spirit Kings among them. Yang Kai even saw the one who had a grudge against him, but thanks to Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, the other party didn’t notice him.


Like the first Chaos Spirit King, this Chaos Spirit King also quickly fled in a seemingly random certain direction and soon disappeared.


“So that’s how it is,” Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out in his mind, “No wonder we didn’t see many Chaos Spirit Kings inside the Universe Furnace. It seems our previous speculations were wrong. It’s not that the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills can’t create Chaos Spirit Kings rapidly, but that most of these Chaos Spirit Kings were spat out and not in the Universe Furnace.”


“That should be the case,” Fang Tian Ci also agreed with him.


Previously, when they were discussing the number of Chaos Spirit Kings inside the Universe Furnace with Yang Kai, they had some doubts. Logically speaking, since the Universe Furnace had opened so many times, there should have been many Chaos Spirit Kings inside, dozens of them at least. But from beginning to end, they had only seen one Chaos Spirit King.


At the time, Yang Kai had speculated that the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills might not be completely effective for the Chaos Spirit Clan and could not create Chaos Spirit Kings right away, only slightly stronger Chaos Spirit Clan members.


But by the looks of it, his speculation was incorrect. A Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill had a high chance of producing a Chaos Spirit King. It just turned out that when the Universe Furnace closed, sand grain-like Universe Worlds, as well as the Celestial Phenomena and even Chaos Spirit Clansmen were spewed out by it.


This was equivalent to a purge.


The one who had formed a grudge with Yang Kai was probably one of the survivors from the last great purge.


While chasing the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai kept an eye on everything happening along the way; wherever the Universe Furnace passed, the Universe seemed to be reborn, though everything was primitive and desolate.


Perhaps after countless years, this stretch of the Universe would be filled with vitality, but right now, it was destined to be filled with nothing but death and silence.


After an unknown period of time, the Universe Furnace’s eruption gradually weakened, as if it was nearly finished spewing out everything inside. Finally, nothing gushed out of the Universe Furnace.


“Chaos!” Yang Kai suddenly whispered.


“What?” Thunder Shadow asked.


“Chaos!” Yang Kai repeated, “The edge of the Universe is Chaos!”


As a matter of fact, Yang Kai had already noticed it when he was first spewed out of the Universe Furnace. It was filled with nothing but Chaos, just like when he had first entered the Universe Furnace.


There was no order inside the Chaos, everything was extremely chaotic.


However, after the Grand Daos inside the Universe Furnace had evolved nine times, the Chaos had evolved into order.


And after everything inside the Universe Furnace had been expelled into this void filled with Chaos, it had washed away the disorder. Especially the rich and pure 10,000 Grand Daos, which seemed to neutralize the Chaos.


But no matter what, it was still a place filled with Chaos.



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