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Martial Peak – Chapter 5811, Conversation

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Since the Black Ink Clan had spread nothing about Yang Kai, it meant that he could not have died at their hands.


But the question was if Yang Kai was alive or not. If he was alive, where was he? It was something the upper echelons of the Human Race urgently needed to investigate.


Mi Jing Lun had also summoned many Human Race Masters who had returned from the Universe Furnace to inquire about Yang Kai.


According to the investigation, the last person to speak with Yang Kai was Ou Yang Lie. After the huge battle in the Universe Furnace World that dragged in the majority of the members from both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai left after recovering from his injuries.


Before leaving, he had a brief conversation with Ou Yang Lie, informing the latter that he wanted to find the remaining Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, and try to find the answers to his doubts while he was at it.


What his doubts were, Ou Yang Lie did not ask, and Yang Kai did not tell.


Since then, Ou Yang Lie did not see Yang Kai again; after all, the Universe Furnace World was massive so it was normal for them to not meet each other.


On the other hand, some Eighth-Order Masters had vaguely sensed Yang Kai’s aura fleeting past them, but Yang Kai was being chased by the Chaos Spirit King at that time, so none of them dared to approach him. Yang Kai simply flew past them, luring the Chaos Spirit King away with him.


Without any useful information, Mi Jing Lun was unable to deduce Yang Kai’s whereabouts.


[Yang Kai was pursued by the Chaos Spirit King after he had parted with Ou Yang Lie. In other words, he must have gone seeking trouble with the Chaos Spirit King and perhaps even snatched back the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill he had lost; otherwise, the Chaos Spirit King wouldn’t have reacted like that.]


[With Yang Kai’s means and strength, it should have been easy for him to throw off the Chaos Spirit King. He could have easily escaped by just using his Space Secret Technique a few times.]


[Yang Kai must have let himself be pursued on purpose, probably because he was afraid the Chaos Spirit King would start attacking the others in its fury. So, he decided to keep it preoccupied like this.]


[Even so, he wouldn’t have been killed by the Chaos Spirit King.]


In the end, the information he had was too little. Even with Mi Jing Lun’s intellect, it was difficult for him to deduce what had happened to Yang Kai. He only knew that something must have happened to him; otherwise, he would have appeared long ago.


Today, Mi Jing Lun made his way to the Star Boundary without alerting anyone and appeared inside High Heaven Palace.


When Head Manager Hua Qing Si learned of his arrival, she hurriedly came to greet him. Mi Jing Lun explained his purpose for coming, to which Hua Qing Si naturally agreed. After making some arrangements, Mi Jing Lun met Xia Ning Chang, who was staying at High Heaven Palace.


All of Yang Kai’s Wives were currently assigned to the Suppressing Black Ink Army, stationed just outside of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, under Fu Guang’s command, resisting the Black Ink Clan.


The only exception was Xia Ning Chang, who was proficient in Alchemy.


There was a constant need for supplies during a war, especially pills. The soldiers needed pills to cultivate and heal their injuries.


As such, the status of Alchemists had risen to unheard of heights, especially Great Grandmasters like Xia Ning Chang. They were practically indispensable to ensure the smooth progress of the war.


How could Mi Jing Lun bear to deploy such a person to the front lines? Basically, all the Alchemists and Artifact Refiners had been gathered on the safe and secure Star Boundary. Every year, a massive amount of resources would be sent to the Star Boundary, where they would be refined into pills and artifacts before being sent to the front lines.


Mi Jing Lun and Xia Ning Chang did not know each other. They had never even met before, but because of Yang Kai, and Xia Ning Chang’s attainments in the Dao of Alchemy, Mi Jing Lun still knew a little about her.


The reason he had come to Xia Ning Chang was because she was the one who was most familiar with Yang Kai.


Inside High Heaven Palace’s reception hall, Mi Jing Lun, after waiting for a short while, saw Xia Ning Chang arrive.


Although it was difficult to see her countenance because of her veil, a hint of fatigue could be seen in her eyes, which should have been bright and clear. Mi Jing Lun could smell an extremely strong medicinal fragrance wafting from her, and also noticed that although Xia Ning Chang had specially combed her hair, it was still a little messy. How could he not know that she had constantly remained inside her Pill Room? She probably had not rested for many years.


Women always paid attention to their appearance, so if it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t have the time and could not bother to care about it, why would she not take good care of herself?


“Greetings, Supreme Commander Mi!” Xia Ning Chang elegantly bowed to Mi Jing Lung. She had naturally heard of him, the one running the Supreme Headquarters and directing the overall situation of the war, commanding the various Armies in the battle against the Black Ink Clan. She also admired him very much.


Mi Jing Lun promptly stood up and helped her up, “Madam Xia is too polite.”


After exchanging some pleasantries, both took their seats.


Mi Jing Lun was still pondering on how he should ask her about Yang Kai, but to his surprise, Xia Ning Chang was the one who asked him, “Did Supreme Commander Mi come here to inquire about my Husband?”


Mi Jing Lun was stunned for a moment before nodding his affirmation, “Indeed!” He then asked curiously, “Madam doesn’t seem worried?”


He didn’t see any sign of worry in Xia Ning Chang’s eyes. Logically speaking, as Yang Kai’s Wife, Xia Ning Chang shouldn’t have been able to remain so calm after not having heard anything about her Husband for so many years.


Under the veil, a smile seemed to have appeared on Xia Ning Chang’s lips, “How could I not be worried? It’s just that my Husband should be fine.”


Hearing her say so, Mi Jing Lun couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, “How can you be so sure?”


He had failed to find any clues on Yang Kai’s whereabouts, so how could Xia Ning Chang confirm that Yang Kai was safe? Had it been many years ago, when Yang Kai was in control of that artifact called the Loyalty List, they could still determine Yang Kai’s situation through the life and death of the people who had left their names on the Loyalty List. But back when Yang Kai embarked on his journey to the Black Ink Battlefield, he voluntarily lifted the restrictions placed on the nine people on the Loyalty List. Yang Kai no longer had any life-and-death relationship with them.


Xia Ning Chang was silent for a moment before replying, “A feeling?”


Mi Jing Lun couldn’t help but break into a fit of laughter. How could she judge such a big matter based on her feelings? It was simply too childish.


Xia Ning Chang added, “This Mistress and Husband met each other when we were still young disciples of High Heaven Pavilion. Senior Sister Su Yan was also with us. In the beginning, Husband’s aptitude for cultivation was very poor and he was almost kicked out of the Sect…”


Recalling the past, the corners of Xia Ning Chang’s eyes curled up like crescent moons. Obviously, she was fondly remembering those times.


Mi Jing Lun didn’t interrupt her and quietly listened. Only now did he realize that Yang Kai’s rise to power was no different than an insignificant character’s arduous struggle.


From being a sweeper in a small Sect in a remote backwater world, he had grown up to become a cornerstone of the entire Human Race, a symbol of faith. Such a journey required outstanding willpower, and he had clearly put in far more effort than those born with extraordinary talent.


Mi Jing Lun couldn’t help but heave a long sigh, “When great waves wash away the sand, one’s spirit is revealed, and only as the ocean flows can one’s true colours be seen.”


Xia Ning Chang lifted her hand and brushed her hair behind her ear, “Husband has always accomplished great things. We Sisters have been under his wings for many years; but oftentimes, we are unable to help him. In fact, everyone is quite anxious, so whether it is Sister Ru Meng or Senior Sister Su Yan, all of them have been diligently cultivating all these years, hoping that someday, even if they cannot help Husband, they will not become a burden to him.”


Mi Jing Lun solemnly stated, “Madam Xia, there is no need to be so serious. Yu Ru Meng and the others are currently at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction under Senior Fu Guang’s command, resisting the Black Ink Clan inside the Grand Restriction while ensuring its integrity. They have been working hard for many years without anyone to rely on. Madam, you might not have been fighting on the battlefront, but you have been refining pills for the Human Race, doing your absolute best. All of you are exemplary figures of the Human Race. No one would dare to say that you are a burden.”


Xia Ning Chang continued with a smile, “The Black Ink Clan’s invasion concerns the survival of the Human Race, so we naturally must do our best. We are doing what we can, and so is my Husband. For many years, my Husband has been constantly on the move, often there are no news for many years. Back when he first entered the Black Ink Battlefield without hesitation or looking back, there had been no news of him for almost 1,000 years, but…”


She paused for a moment before her tone became firm, “But, Husband has never disappointed us Sisters. We just need to wait, and no matter where Husband is, no matter what happens, he will return to us some day.”


This was the reason why she felt that Yang Kai was fine, because many people were waiting for him! And he had never disappointed those who had been waiting for him.


Mi Jing Lun remained silent.


After a while, Xia Ning Chang stood up and left.


Mi Jing Lun also left High Heaven Palace with Hua Qing Si and flew out of the Star Boundary.


In the void, Mi Jing Lun suddenly stopped, glancing back.


Although he had come here looking for answers, he had not gained anything factual. Xia Ning Chang was undoubtedly unaware of whether Yang Kai was alive or dead, she simply expressed her absolute confidence and hope in him.


She believed that Yang Kai would return safely one day, just like how he had suddenly killed his way back from the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield, quelling the war in Profound Nether Territory in one fell swoop.


It could be said that Madam Xia had blind faith in this man, but there was nothing wrong with that.


However, as the Supreme Commander of the Human Race’s Armies, planning the movement of every soldier, Mi Jing Lun couldn’t afford to have any delusions. He had to be prepared for the worst. What would he do if Yang Kai had really met with a mishap and died in some unexplored place?


War could not tolerate any unrealistic fantasies!


The Human Race was not made up of just one man, it consisted of every Human being. Yang Kai had done more than enough for the Human Race. It was because of his actions that the Human Race had been able to steadily develop for thousands of years and build up their current strength.


If the Human Race failed to defeat the Black Ink Clan even after this, it would be because the Human Race had lacked in effort. As the favoured children of this era, they had to bear the responsibility alongside the fortune. If they couldn’t survive this crisis, they were destined to be abandoned by this era.


In the end, this era still belonged to the Human Race!




Somewhere in the void, a figure was rapidly moving across. The figure was surrounded by deathly and desolate Universe Worlds, as well as all kinds of magnificent Celestial Phenomena filled with unknown dangers.


Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out, “Second Brother, are you lost?”


Fang Tian Ci gloomily stated, “Big Brother said to go in the opposite direction, and that’s where I’m going. This is the literal edge of the Universe. It should be quite far from the 3,000 Worlds. Don’t be impatient!”


“Why don’t I take the helm for a while?” Thunder Shadow suggested, mainly because he had been idling for too long and wanted to come out and stretch.


“You don’t understand the Dao of Space, so giving the helm to you will only slow things down.”


“Fine, fine, you continue.”



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