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Martial Peak – Chapter 5812, Mo Na Ye Exits

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The war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan suddenly became even more intense. Large and small battles frequently broke out on the raging battlefields, often lasting months before ending.


In such high-intensity battles, both the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan suffered huge casualties, especially the Black Ink Clan. Although they far outnumbered the Humans, it was precisely because of their numbers that their casualties in each battle were so horrific.


Nonetheless, the upper echelons of the Black Ink Clan would never feel distressed about this. The Black Ink Clan was different from the Human Race. The Human Race needed a lot of time and resources to cultivate even one Open Heaven Realm Master, but the Black Ink Clansmen were all spawned from Black Ink Nests. So long as they had enough resources, they could endlessly raise more troops.


Essentially all the Black Ink Clansmen below Feudal Lord rank were cannon fodder. In any battle, they were often the first to be dispatched to exhaust the strength of the Human Race.


A war had broken out in Great Storm Territory. A fleet of numerous Human Race Warships split on the battlefield, outflanking the Black Ink Clan Army. Meanwhile, the battle on the main front raged like a wildfire.


Furthermore, the higher-ups of the both sides had also established a battlefield away from the main battlefield where the Eighth-Order Masters fought with the Territory Lords, and the Ninth-Order Masters faced the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


To a certain extent, the battle between the top Masters from both sides would directly affect the outcome of the battle on the main battlefield, because once the powerhouses of one side gained the upper hand, they would be able to suppress the enemy on the main battlefield.


In Great Storm Territory, two Human Race Armies happened to be fighting against the Black Ink Clan Army. One was the Azure Sun Army under Luo Ting He’s command, while the other was the original Great Storm Army of Great Storm Territory.


After reclaiming Azure Sun Territory, the Azure Sun Army had converged with the Army of this Territory, greatly bolstering their strength.


Originally, it would not have been difficult to reclaim Great Storm Territory, but with the birth of a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords and their addition to the Black Ink Clan Army, it made the war far less predictable.


A mere Pseudo-Royal Lord was indeed no match for a Ninth-Order Master, but there were far too many Pseudo-Royal Lords.


This was not the first time the two sides were fighting. Both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had clashed with each other multiple times over the past few years, enough to already become familiar with each other.


But this time, something different and unexpected happened.


When the battle started, a fearsome aura suddenly appeared out of thin air somewhere on the battlefield, and immediately after, they could sense the death of a Pseudo-Royal Lord from that direction.


This sudden turn of events left many of the Black Ink Clansmen bewildered, thinking that another Ninth-Order Master had been born. However, when they recognized that it was none other than Xiang Shan, they actually felt relieved.


No new Ninth-Order Master had been born in the Human Race, Xiang Shan had simply come to lend support.


The Black Ink Clan wasn’t completely unprepared for this. The Black Ink Clan Master, who was commanding the Black Ink Clan Army this time, instantly dispatched several Pseudo-Royal Lords to intercept Xiang Shan, while also passing on this news up the chain of command.


Xiang Shan’s appearance in Great Storm Territory meant that the Great Territory Battlefield he was originally in charge of had no Ninth-Order Master at this moment. This happened to be a good opportunity for the Black Ink Clan; perhaps they could use it to deal a heavy blow to the Human Race.


The Black Ink Clan had suffered a huge loss in this battle. Furthermore, with Xiang Shan and Luo Ting He teaming up, the lives of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were hanging by a thread.


But in the end, it still amounted to nothing!


Ultimately, Xiang Shan could not stay for too long. He immediately returned to the Great Territory Battlefield where the Blood Flame Army was stationed after the battle had come to an end. A battle had also broken out there, and without a Ninth-Order Master overseeing the situation, things were definitely not good for the Blood Flame Army.


The same tactic was continuously used in other Great Territory Battlefields as well. The Armies of both sides fought back and forth, reducing every Great Territory into a meat grinder.


Although the Human Race’s fierce offensive had failed to recover their lost territory, it had caused unimaginable losses to the Black Ink Clan. Not to mention anything else, just the amount of cannon fodder on Black Ink Clan’s side had decreased a lot by the next battle.


If nothing unexpected happened, this dire situation would likely continue for many years until one side was no longer capable of continuing.


Unfortunately, something unexpected happened; the awakening of a Royal Lord.


At the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye, who had returned from the Universe Furnace World and was slumbering inside a Black Ink Nest, had finally recovered after nearly 100 years.


The first thing he did was pay a visit to Royal Lord Mo Yu and inquire about the current battle situation. After learning that the Human Race had already reclaimed six Great Territories and was currently going toe to toe with the Black Ink Clan in the remaining Great Territory Battlefields, Mo Na Ye was slightly taken aback.


When they were in the Universe Furnace, four new Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had emerged in the Human Race, along with quite a lot of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. As the Human Race’s strength had greatly increased, it was not surprising for them to achieve such results in the battle.


What took him by surprise was that the Black Ink Clan was able to defend the remaining Great Territory Battlefields without losing any ground.


Originally, he had thought that the Black Ink Clan would have lost all the Great Territory Battlefields by now.


“Sir, which battlefield is Yang Kai on?” Mo Na Ye asked. Although he had already become a Royal Lord, he still considered himself a subordinate before Mo Yu. He had no intention of competing with Mo Yu for power because the latter was still stronger.


Mo Yu was very satisfied with the way Mo Na Ye addressed him. To be honest, when Mo Na Ye returned from the Universe Furnace, he was greatly shocked by the latter’s advancement to becoming a Royal Lord. Although he looked extremely wretched and miserable at that time, it was an undeniable fact that he had become a true Royal Lord.


Furthermore, Mo Na Ye looked extremely flustered at that time, as if he was being chased by something terrifying.


He later came to know that Mo Na Ye was running from Yang Kai.


When Mo Na Ye inquired about the killing star, a furrow appeared on Mo Yu’s face as he replied, “Funny you asked, I’ve also ordered others to investigate Yang Kai’s whereabouts after your return, but they failed to find anything. Furthermore, we haven’t seen any trace of him all these years. It seems that the Humans are also looking for him. According to some information obtained from Black Ink Disciples, Yang Kai went missing after the Universe Furnace closed.”


“Missing?” Mo Na Ye was extremely astounded, “How did he go missing?”


Mo Yu’s face turned gloomy, “Are you questioning me?”


Mo Na Ye quickly bowed, “This subordinate doesn’t dare! But… it’s very strange.”


Mo Yu took a deep look at him before nodding and continuing, “It’s strange indeed! I’ve also been on guard against him coming to the No-Return Pass to cause trouble these years, but he is indeed missing; otherwise, he would have definitely shown up by now.”


Mo Yu knew that Yang Kai had already advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. When he had first heard this news, he had also been nervous; after all, Yang Kai was quite difficult to deal with. When Yang Kai was just an Eighth-Order Master, he could already cause a great ruckus in the No-Return Pass. Yang Kai had killed many Innate Territory Lords and destroyed many High-Rank Black Ink Nests right under Mo Na Ye’s nose back then.


Now that this killing star had reached the Ninth Order, it would be even more difficult to deal with him. If he really showed up at the No-Return Pass and kicked up a storm, Mo Yu wouldn’t be surprised.


Just because of this, Mo Yu had made a lot of preparations, but none of them had been used yet.


Standing below in the Grand Hall, Mo Na Ye had an extremely bewildered look on his face, as if he had just heard some unbelievable news. The very man who had pushed him to the brink of death, had actually gone missing?


“Hahaha…” Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but break into laughter.


He finally understood why the Black Ink Clan was still able to defend those Great Territory Battlefields. It turned out that Yang Kai had not appeared. If he had, the Pseudo-Royal Lords in those Great Territory Battlefields would have been completely useless, no matter how many of them there were. Yang Kai would have found an opportunity to ambush and slaughter them long ago.


“The Universe Furnace is filled with danger. Could he have encountered some kind of unpredictable crisis inside and died there?” Mo Yu asked.


Mo Na Ye denied, shaking his head, “With his current strength, he can’t die, but there are indeed many inexplicable mysteries in the Universe Furnace. Perhaps… he is trapped?”


He could not say anything with absolute certainty. Nonetheless, it was extremely strange that he had not seen Yang Kai after returning from the Universe Furnace. However, he was in a hurry to escape at that time, so he could not bother to give it too much thought. And after returning to the No-Return Pass, he had immediately entered the Black Ink Nest to rest and recover. 


[By the looks of it, Yang Kai is most likely trapped inside the Universe Furnace, unable to escape; otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to not appear all these years.]


Mo Yu stated, “Whether he is dead or trapped, it’s a good thing. The Black Ink Clan will have one less nemesis to worry about. Mo Na Ye, I know everything you have faced in the Universe Furnace, but you don’t need to be afraid of him now. You are a Royal Lord, so even if you run into him, you’ll still have the strength to fight back.”


Mo Na Ye respectfully replied, “You’re absolutely right, Sir.”


Mo Na Ye recalled his battle with Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace. At that time, he was already not at his peak. Although Yang Kai had just broken through, his injuries were much more severe than Yang Kai’s, and that was the reason Yang Kai had the upper hand; otherwise, he would not have lost so miserably.


But it was an undeniable fact that Yang Kai’s strength was formidable. Mo Na Ye was certain that even if both of them were at the peak of their strength, he still would not be a match for Yang Kai. On the other hand, Yang Kai could not kill him that easily either.


“Since you’ve come out of seclusion, I’ll leave all the affairs of the Black Ink Clan to you, just like in the past. Back then, you were just a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but now that you are a Royal Lord, you have the qualifications to command the entire Black Ink Clan Army, including this King!”


Mo Yu’s voice was firm and decisive.


Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly. It could not have been easy for Mo Yu to say something like that. Mo Yu might not have much talent in military strategy, but he did have one advantage, and that was that he knew how to use people well.


He had been using Mo Na Ye all these years, and that was the best proof in itself.


From the start, Mo Na Ye had never intended to compete with him for power, and after hearing this, there was not even the slightest bit of dissent in his heart.


He immediately bowed, “Many thanks for trusting me, Sir.”


Mo Yu slowly said, “Everything is for the Supreme One’s will. Black Ink Eternal!”


Mo Na Ye also solemnly shouted, “Black Ink Eternal!”


Very soon, he summoned all the personnel responsible for collecting information from everywhere and spent several days collecting and sorting information in the Black Ink Clan’s hand.


Two days after sorting everything, he visited Royal Lord Mo Yu and told him about his plan.


Mo Yu was slightly startled by Mo Na Ye’s plan and marvelled Mo Na Ye’s boldness, but after giving it a careful thought, he found Mo Na Ye’s proposal reasonable. Furthermore, the fact that he had come to ask for his opinion before taking action also pleased Mo Yu and made him feel that he had not misjudged Mo Na Ye. He immediately nodded his agreement, “Since you think so, then you can do as you wish.”


Consequently, Great Storm Territory was finally recaptured by the combined forces of the Azure Sun Army and the Great Storm Army after a fierce month-long battle. The Black Ink Clan Army, on the other hand, carried on fighting while retreating, leaving countless corpses across the void as they retreated from Great Storm Territory.


When its news reached the Supreme Headquarters and Mi Jing Lun received this piece of glorious news, there was no joy on his face.


Rather, a sigh escaped his lips. He knew that Mo Na Ye had most likely come out of seclusion!



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