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Martial Peak – Chapter 5815, Plan

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As Yang Kai travelled forward on his journey, he searched for a Universe World every few years to investigate the situation and determine his direction based on the completeness of the World Principles he found.


In this way, he could ensure that there were no large mistakes with his travelling direction.


There were too many unknown wonders in this vast universe. If Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to return to the war, he would surely explore them thoroughly.


After 100 years went by, Yang Kai figured he should be getting closer to the 3,000 Worlds as the World Principles he observed in the Universe Worlds along the way were gradually being perfected.


Perhaps one day, when a Universe World was found with truly perfect World Principles, he would be close to the 3,000 Worlds.




Since the appearance of the Universe Furnace and the outbreak of the two Races’ full-scale war, it had been almost 300 years, during which time one Great Territory after another had been successfully recovered by the Humans.


The rapid progress of the Humans could be attributed to the huge heritage accumulated over thousands of years and also to the Black Ink Clan’s active avoidance.


Therefore, although the Humans had reclaimed many Great Territories in recent years, the number of fallen Black Ink Clansmen was not high. Even if the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters personally made a move, it was difficult to kill those Pseudo-Royal Lords who already had countermeasures.


Years of fighting had made the Human Race Masters aware of some abnormalities. The Black Ink Clan was deliberately making them lengthen their battle lines, using the reclaimed Great Territories to weaken the strength of the Human Race Army while looking for opportunities to make a breakthrough.


But as Mi Jing Lun said in the Supreme Headquarters, this was open intrigue. The Black Ink Clan had thrown out their bait, and the Humans had to swallow it!


The 3,000 Worlds and the vast Great Territories were originally the Humans’, so faced with those victories that were easily within reach, the Human Race could not remain indifferent. After all, the ultimate goal of this war for the Humans was to expel these invaders.


To this end, the Humans had prepared many countermeasures.


First of all, every time a Great Territory was recovered, the Humans would block the Territory Gates, leaving only one necessary passage.


The Great Territories were connected by Territory Gates, and most Great Territories had several of them leading to other Great Territories, with the exception of a few Great Territories with only one Territory Gate.


Although these Territory Gates could ensure communication with the outside world, they could also become breakthrough points for the Black Ink Clan. In order to prevent this from happening, the Human Race had no choice but to completely seal off the extra Territory Gates.


Fortunately, there were still many Masters who were proficient in the Dao of Space, all of whom were from the Void Dao Temple and inherited Yang Kai’s legacy. With the help of the Phoenix Clan, it was not difficult to seal off these Territory Gates, though some time and resources were required.


After reclaiming each Great Territory, all Territory Gates except for the essential ones were sealed to ensure that the Black Ink Clan could not suddenly attack through them. 


In addition, the Masters of each Army coordinated and reorganized each time more territory was taken.


At present, although the Human Race had only a few Ninth-Order Masters, they had a total of nine of them. 


Yang Kai was missing, Wu Kuang and Yang Xue guarded the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were restrained the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in Wind Mist Territory, Ou Yang Lie commanded the Profound Nether Army, Xiang Shan commanded the Blood Flame Army, Luo Ting He commanded the Azure Sun Army, and Wei Jun Yang commanded the Wolf Fang Army.


With over 10 Armies, however, and only four Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters available, they couldn’t manage everything. 


Under the arrangements of the Supreme Headquarters, many Masters were recruited to bolster the Armies that did not have a Ninth-Order Master, including many Divine Spirits, to ensure that each one had what it took to fight against the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


A large number of Warships and Evil Purging Divine Spears were also allocated to the frontline battlefields. With various measures in place, the Human Race Masters steadily swept away the Black Ink Clan in each Great Territory, never giving them any chance to rest.


However, as more and more Great Territories were reclaimed, the military strength of the Human Race’s Army that went to war constantly weakened. To guard those reclaimed Great Territories, it was inevitable that they had to divide their forces.


At present, there were not a lot of reclaimed Great Territories, so the Humans could still bear the burden, but there would always be a limit. Once the limit was surpassed, no matter how the Humans responded, there would unavoidably be gaps on the extended front line.


In fact, solving this problem was actually quite simple; they just needed enough troops. With enough soldiers, no matter how divided they were, they would have what it took to fight against the Black Ink Clan.


These troops came from the Second-Class or Third-Class Forces.


Many years ago, the upper echelons of the Human Race were already aware of this impending problem. During the great evacuation, too many Masters of the Human Race perished in the war, including some ancient inheritances, Sects, and even more Humans simply living in the various Universe Worlds. All were slaughtered by the Black Ink Clan!


These cultivators were weak, and even if they were transformed into Black Ink Disciples, they were of little use, so the Black Ink Clan would naturally not show mercy.


It could be said that during that great evacuation, the number of the Humans in the entire 3,000 Worlds was reduced by as much as 80%. Those who were still alive today were mostly just luckier.


If the Human Race’s population was larger, there would be more Masters to support the Army.


Therefore, after realising this problem, the Supreme Headquarters began to comprehensively encourage Human reproduction, hoping to give birth to more people. Even if this generation lacked the aptitude to cultivate, there would surely be some talented individuals in the next generation or the one after.


Over the years, there had been some effects, especially in the Star Boundary. It was common for an ordinary family to have five or six children, and many families became prosperous thanks to the Supreme Headquarters’ policy.


The Star Boundary had High Heaven Palace, Dao Temples of various Cave Heavens and Paradises, and the nourishment of the World Tree clone. Hence, the impact of the war that swept across the 3,000 Worlds on the Star Boundary was not significant; instead, the outbreak of the war brought more attention and resources to the Star Boundary.


On the other hand, the families and Sects that migrated from different Great Territories were not as lucky. During the war, nobody had the mood to set up and expand their families. 


Before the New Great Territory was fully opened, these migrants were living in fear and uncertainty; they could only survive on Universe Fragments floating in the void, unable to see hope for the future.


It wasn’t until the New Great Territory was opened that these people migrated to Universe Worlds there and the situation improved slightly.


Nowadays, to supplement the Human Army’s strength, the Supreme Headquarters had issued orders once again to encourage more people to reproduce, even going so far as to offer rewards.


For every newborn, they would receive corresponding military merits. If the newborn had an aptitude to cultivate and reached different Realms, they would receive more military merits.


During the war, military merits were unquestionably valuable. Some had even calculated that if a child in a family or Sect could cultivate to the Emperor Realm, they would receive enough military merits to exchange for a set of Fifth-Order materials.


Such rewards were incredibly generous and were enough to make many small families and Sects tempted.


As a result, many babies had been born into the Human Race in recent decades, and the number of Humans had been greatly supplemented.


In many Universe Worlds, even ordinary men from common families were able to have multiple wives and concubines, daily feasting on sumptuous meals while having a weak and depleted body…


There was no right or wrong with the Supreme Headquarters implementing such measures as it was simply out of necessity. This war could last for countless years, and if they wanted to increase the Army’s strength, they had to increase their population base.


In short, the Humans had already prepared to fight this war for thousands, even tens of thousands of years. 


The biggest problem that arose from this was the supply of resources.


The Humans had limited resources available, just as it was when they defended over a dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields in the earlier years, and the situation had not improved much now. 


Fortunately, after reclaiming many Great Territories, they could exploit the resources left by the Black Ink Clan, and when fighting against the Black Ink Clan Armies, they could also seize some of their resources.


The collecting or mining of resources in the New Great Territory had never stopped, barely supplying the needs of the large Army and rear lines.


However, in these years of fighting, the two Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan had never appeared on the battlefield.


When the Black Ink Clan only had one Royal Lord in the earlier years, it was normal for him not to participate in any battles. The No-Return Pass was the Black Ink Clan’s main camp, and injured Black Ink Clansmen would return there to heal in hibernation. The materials gathered from the Black Ink Battlefield would also be concentrated at the No-Return Pass. Besides, there was a large number of Black Ink Nests there.


Mo Yu did not dare to leave easily. Under various constraints, he could only guard the No-Return Pass all year round to prevent Human Race Masters from causing trouble, especially Yang Kai.


Currently, even though the Black Ink Clan had two Royal Lords, they still dared not leave the No-Return Pass easily. The reason was that several decades ago, the Humans had gathered the power of four Ninth-Order Masters and executed a beheading plan.


At that time, the four Ninth-Order Masters located on four different battlefields joined forces to invade the No-Return Pass to kill Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu.


That battle made the void in the No-Return Pass tremble and turned the Universe upside down.


However, in the end, the attack failed. Neither Mo Na Ye nor Mo Yu was easy to kill, and it seemed that the Black Ink Clan had anticipated such an attempt and had set up an ambush with more than 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords at the No-Return Pass.


Three Pseudo-Royal Lords could contend against one Ninth-Order Master. Since the Humans only had four Ninth-Order Masters, it was difficult to gain the upper hand.


The result of that battle was that the aftermath destroyed several High-Rank Black Ink Nests, which was considered a small gain.


Seeing that they could not succeed in this kind of direct approach, the four Ninth-Order Masters could only temporarily withdraw. They couldn’t keep entangling with the Black Ink Clan, as without them present, the Black Ink Clan would definitely attack the frontlines.


Since then, the Humans had temporarily given up the idea of killing Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu. Under the various arrangements of the Supreme Headquarters, they proceeded steadily, recovering more Great Territories step by step.



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