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Martial Peak – Chapter 5816, Rare Guest

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The void was silent as the once bustling Great Territory had long become a lifeless wasteland. 


There used to be several Universe Worlds nearby, but the Black Ink Clan Armies invaded and destroyed them, reducing them to scattered Universe Fragments.


For years, no one had visited this place except for occasional Black Ink Clansmen who came to check on the situation, but even they refused to stay for long. 


Wind Mist Territory…


Since the brutal Barren Territory War, the only two surviving veteran Ninth-Order Masters had been guarding Wind Mist Territory for some 5,000 years.


Before Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing stood a magnificent and spectacular arm, extending from Barren Territory and breaking the boundary wall between two Great Territories, creating a passage that connected the two domains.


It was through this passage that the Black Ink Clan Army bypassed the defences of the Human Race Army and invaded the 3,000 Worlds. It was also since the arm pierced through the boundary wall that the 3,000 Worlds fell into chaos.


At this moment, thick chains wrapped around the arm, binding it tightly. These chains were the joint Secret Technique of the two Ninth-Order Masters, used to restrict the Black Ink Giant Spirit God that resided in the Barren Territory.


In terms of strength, a Black Ink Giant Spirit God was not something that two Ninth-Order Masters could contend with, but during the war that year, this one had been severely injured. Moreover, with one arm stuck between two Great Territories, it was difficult to fully utilise his strength.


While the two Ninth-Order Masters were no match for the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in a frontal confrontation, they were able to restrain it and prevent it from escaping, given its weakened state and the restriction on one of its arms; however, as time passed, even this simple restraint became increasingly difficult.


After thousands of years, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s strength had been mostly restored and the two Ninth-Order Masters could clearly feel the difficulty in binding him.


100 years ago, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God nearly broke free during a rebellion, and the Ninth-Order Masters didn’t know how much longer they could hold him down.


Trapped in Wind Mist Territory and isolated from the world, they had no way of knowing the current situation of the 3,000 Worlds or what the status of the Human Race was.


It seemed as though the world had forgotten about them.


The torment of solitude was far worse than the pressure that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had inflicted upon them.


Over the years, Yang Kai visited them twice and informed them about the situation of the Human Race, but after those two times, he never visited them again.


The great war in the Barren Territory took the lives of almost all veteran Ninth-Order Masters, leaving just the two of them alive.


The dead were finally freed, but those who survived had to bear with the aftermath.


The supplies that Yang Kai had given them back then were almost depleted, and now they could only try to minimize the consumption of their own power in order to persist a little longer.


In this extremely quiet environment, both of them just meditated with their eyes closed. In fact, they had spent most of their time this way, only taking action when Black Ink Giant Spirit God attempted to break free.


Suddenly, both of them felt something and opened their eyes, turning their heads to look in a certain direction.


Over there, a figure was strolling towards them with a composed posture, exuding an unmasked magnificent and powerful aura.


A Royal Lord!


Wu Qing raised an eyebrow slightly and said, “A rare guest…”


For so many years of entanglement with the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, no one from the Black Ink Clan had dared to approach this area.


This was mainly because there were not many Masters on the Black Ink Clan side; the only Royal Lord had to guard the No-Return Pass all year round, and the Innate Territory Lords did not dare to come here and act recklessly.


So, even though the Black Ink Clan knew that two Ninth-Order Masters were restraining the Black Ink Giant Spirit God here, they never had any intentions of interfering.


However, the situation now was different. The number of powerful Black Ink Clansmen had surged, not only with an additional Royal Lord but also with a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords being created. Moreover, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s injuries had already improved. With things the way they were, the Black Ink Clan naturally had some thoughts about this situation.


“Mo Yu?” Xiao Xiao smiled and looked at the lone Royal Lord who came. She had heard Yang Kai mention that the only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan was named Mo Yu, who guarded the No-Return Pass all year round, and who Yang Kai had fought with on several occasions.


Although Yang Kai seemed calm and relaxed when he talked about it, Xiao Xiao knew that the real situation must have been that he was being chased after by the Royal Lord…


Since the one who was strolling over was a Royal Lord, Xiao Xiao naturally thought he was Mo Yu.


The visitor stood still in front of the two Ninth-Order Masters, maintaining a relatively safe distance, and smiled slightly with a hint of surprise, “Senior Xiao Xiao knows my name?”


He easily called out Xiao Xiao’s name, which was not surprising since over the years many Humans had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan, and once transformed into Black Ink Disciples, they could extract some basic information from them. 


There were only two Ninth-Order Masters here, a male and a female, making it easy to distinguish them.


Xiao Xiao looked at him coldly and said, “Senior? I dare not accept such a title. We are of different Races and enemies, so how can I be considered your Senior?”


The visitor did not seem to mind and just smiled casually. 


Then, Wu Qing quickly asked, “You’re not Mo Yu, are you? Who are you?”


They had never met Mo Yu. Even though they had participated in the Barren Territory War, at that time, Mo Yu was stationed in the No-Return Pass, so they didn’t know what Mo Yu looked like. 


Judging from the visitor’s tone though, it was obvious that he was not Mo Yu.


The visitor cupped his fist and loudly said, “Black Ink Clan’s Mo Na Ye greets two esteemed Human Seniors!”


“Mo Na Ye… you are Mo Na Ye?” Xiao Xiao frowned and immediately used her Divine Sense to probe Mo Na Ye without disguise. She seemed to be trying to determine if Mo Na Ye was truly a Royal Lord, but after observing him, it became clear that he was indeed one. 


Xiao Xiao was puzzled. 


Mo Na Ye also became surprised and asked, “Senior Xiao Xiao has heard of me?” 


Only someone familiar with him would show such a surprised reaction.


After asking though, Mo Na Ye looked like he suddenly realised something and said to himself, “Brother Yang must have mentioned me to you two, right?”


He was originally just an Innate Territory Lord, so the Ninth-Order Masters would not pay much attention to him. Yang Kai was the only person who had visited this place over the years, and since these two Ninth-Order Masters knew of his existence, it must have been because of Yang Kai’s mention of him to them.


Mo Na Ye smiled and seemed very pleased, “Brother Yang and I have rarely crossed swords before, but I regard him as my greatest opponent, and it seems he doesn’t underestimate me either. It is my honour.”


He addressed them as ‘Seniors’ and Yang Kai as ‘Brother Yang’, making Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing feel uncomfortable. They hadn’t encountered someone from the Black Ink Clan who was so polite before. If it was not for his Black Ink Clan’s identity, he would seem like a Human who was well-versed in politics and double talk.


As expected, anyone who was mentioned by Yang Kai was not to be trifled with.


They had heard of Mo Na Ye before, but only in passing. On the other hand, Yang Kai mentioned that there was a talented figure in the Black Ink Clan named Mo Na Ye, but they hadn’t paid much attention to it at the time. It wasn’t until Mo Na Ye introduced himself that they suddenly remembered Yang Kai’s evaluation from years ago.


“Wait! You can’t be Mo Na Ye!” Wu Qing suddenly said coldly.


Mo Na Ye raised his eyebrows, “Senior Wu Qing, what do you mean? If I am not Mo Na Ye, who else could I be?”


“As far as I know, Mo Na Ye is an Innate Territory Lord. Although an Innate Territory Lord is much stronger than a normal Territory Lord, they have inherent limitations and can never become Royal Lords. You are a Royal Lord, so how could you be Mo Na Ye?” Wu Qing snorted.


Mo Na Ye chuckled, “Senior Wu Qing makes a good point. Innate Territory Lords do indeed have a hard time reaching the realm of Royal Lord, but there are always exceptions. The Human’s knowledge of the Black Ink Clan is not as comprehensive as you imagine. Besides, the two of you have been isolated here for thousands of years. How much information could you have gathered?”


Those words darkened Wu Qing’s expression. The fact that Innate Territory Lords could not become Royal Lords was common knowledge among the Human Race for many years; however, if this knowledge was incorrect, the situation would be dire since the Black Ink Clan had quite a few Innate Territory Lords.


Mo Na Ye continued with a proud expression, “I don’t need to impersonate anyone. I will always be myself. Of course, my identity is not important. What’s important is why I am here…”


“I see, the Universe Furnace!” Xiao Xiao suddenly interrupted before Mo Na Ye could finish his sentence.


Mo Na Ye choked on his words, and a flash of surprise and shock passed through his eyes. He had not expected Xiao Xiao to be so sharp, instantly seeing through the situation.


On the other hand, Xiao Xiao stared into Mo Na Ye’s eyes after uttering the words ‘Universe Furnace.’ Although the hint of surprise in his eyes quickly disappeared, she still caught it.


“So that’s how it is! 300 years ago, there was a commotion in the Barren Territory. Did the Universe Furnace emerge?” Xiao Xiao asked.


Wu Qing also fell into deep thought.


Mo Na Ye smiled as he remained silent while feeling extremely annoyed deep down that the Humans were indeed not easy to deal with. He had originally wanted to use words to attack the two Ninth-Order Masters’ minds, hoping to shake their resolve; however, even the tiniest bit of information he had let leak to confuse them had been seen through and allowed them to grasp the true situation. 


“It’s true that the Universe Furnace emerged!” Seeing Mo Na Ye’s reaction, Xiao Xiao knew that her guess was correct.


Although Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had been isolated in Wind Mist Territory, they could sense some of the situations in the Barren Territory due to the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s arm tearing a hole in the boundary wall between the two Great Territories. They might not notice small movements, but they could not miss the obvious signs of a massive Black Ink Clan’s army gathering.


At the time, the two of them thought that the Black Ink Clan’s army was preparing to launch an attack on the Humans. Although they were a little suspicious, they didn’t pay much attention as there was nothing they could do about it. 


But now, it seemed that things were not as simple as they thought.


Upon careful recollection, there was indeed some abnormal commotion in the Barren Territory before the Black Ink Clan gathered their army.



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