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Martial Peak – Chapter 5817, Ask Two Seniors to Die

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Through the hole in the boundary wall, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing vaguely perceived some minor commotion, but they didn’t pay much attention to it at the time; however, decades later, a similar commotion came again from the Barren Territory, with traces of powerful Black Ink Clansmen appearing among them.


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had never figured out what happened on the other side in the Barren Territory until Mo Na Ye suddenly appeared this time as a Royal Lord. It was then that Xiao Xiao connected the dots.


She stared at Mo Na Ye while explaining to Wu Qing, “In the Universe Furnace, there are Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills that are born from Heaven and Earth. These pills are not only useful to the Human Race though, but also to the Black Ink Clan!”


Wu Qing turned to her with a look of surprise in his eyes.


In terms of age and seniority, Wu Qing was much younger than Xiao Xiao, so there were many things that he did not know despite both of them being Ninth-Order Masters.


On the other hand, Xiao Xiao knew about this because she had heard her senior Ninth-Order Masters talking about it previously.


Finally, Wu Qing realised, “So, he was able to become a Royal Lord because he got an opportunity in the Universe Furnace?”


Xiao Xiao nodded, “Otherwise, how could an Innate Territory Lord become a Royal Lord?”


The two seemingly unrelated events, an Innate Territory Lord becoming a Royal Lord and the commotion in the Barren Territory, combined to reveal the truth.


Wu Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the information on the Human side should not be wrong. An Innate Territory Lord could not become a Royal Lord, but if he had an opportunity in the Universe Furnace, things could be explained.


“You’re quite lucky,” Xiao Xiao said while looking at Mo Na Ye with a sarcastic smile, “There should be many Ninth-Order Masters born in the Human Race too, right?”


Over the years, every time the Universe Furnace opened, the Human Race would gain benefits to varying degrees; therefore, after realising that the Universe Furnace had reappeared, Xiao Xiao was certain that there must have been Ninth-Order Masters born among the Human Race.


Upon hearing her words, Mo Na Ye’s smile disappeared, and he replied after a moment of silence, “A total of four Ninth-Order Masters rose inside the Universe Furnace!”


He spoke the truth, though he did not mention that the Human Race already had two Ninth-Order Masters before that, Luo Ting He and Wei Jun Yang.


“Yang Kai should be one of the four!” Xiao Xiao nodded lightly, speaking with a tone of certainty rather than asking a question.


Mo Na Ye’s brow twitched. The fact that the other party trusted Yang Kai so much showed that this Ninth-Order Master also had high hopes for him.


Well, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment!


After collecting himself, Mo Na Ye laughed lightly, “Brother Yang… is truly a genius of the ages. I have always respected him. In the past, I have had many dealings with him.”


“It looks like you suffered quite a bit,” Xiao Xiao said, her smile widening.


Mo Na Ye ignored her taunting and continued, “Perhaps you don’t know, but Brother Yang ascended to the Ninth-Order not by relying on a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, but by cultivating an extremely marvellous Secret Technique. In the Universe Furnace, my Black Ink Clan had a strong army and was fully prepared, with ambushes and traps set up, waiting for him to fall into the pit. However, Brother Yang, being himself, was able to turn the tide even in such dire circumstances, breaking through on the spot and in very short order. Not only did he ruin my plans, but he also killed one of our new Royal Lords in the process. In that battle, my Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties. After that battle, the Black Ink Clan in the Universe Furnace was powerless to resist, so the survivors had to run and hide, not daring to show their faces. I felt tormented, knowing that my time was running out. Since Senior Xiao Xiao knows some secrets about the Universe Furnace, you should know that if people enter the Universe Furnace from the same entrance, they will return to the same place. And on that day, Brother Yang and I entered the Universe Furnace from the same entrance!”


He described the confrontation in the Universe Furnace from top to bottom, not hesitating to praise and show his admiration for Yang Kai, which made Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing frown while feeling that something was amiss.


Though they heard that Yang Kai had mastered a miraculous Secret Technique, which allowed him to break through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and had even killed a Royal Lord, there was no great joy in that news.


Sure enough, Mo Na Y’s tone changed, “When the Universe Furnace closed, I was prepared to fight Brother Yang to the death. If I died at his hands, it would not be unjust, but can two Seniors guess what happened later?”


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing remained silent.


Since Mo Na Ye did not die, it meant that Yang Kai had not been able to kill him at that time. There must have been some unexpected event, but there was no need to play along with Mo Na Ye’s intentionally tantalising remark.


After seeing the two Old Ancestors remain silent, Mo Na Ye continued, “When the Universe Furnace closed, I returned, but saw no signs of Brother Yang. I was fortunate enough to survive and restore myself after 100 years of cultivation. Of course, that’s not the point. The point is… there has been no news of Brother Yang till today!”


“On the day the Universe Furnace closed, I found it strange that I did not see Brother Yang. At that time, I did not pay too much attention because my Black Ink Clan did not know much about the Universe Furnace; however, after so many years, it is strange there’s still no signs of Brother Yang!”


Xiao Xiao’s expression darkened, “What are you trying to say?”


Mo Na Ye smiled and stared into Xiao Xiao’s eyes, “Brother Yang is probably trapped somewhere in the Universe Furnace and has no way to escape.”


“So?” Xiao Xiao stared back at him with cold eyes. It did not matter whether Mo Na Ye’s words were true; even if it was, why would it matter?


Mo Na Ye sighed softly, “Nothing, it’s just that someone like Brother Yang being trapped in the Universe Furnace is a pity. This is not something I can talk about on a regular day, but I’ve said more than I should in front of you two. Please forgive me.”


“You’re not just here to talk, are you?” Wu Qing spoke while looking around. Since he began speaking, there had been some movement in the surroundings; powerful auras were faintly visible, and it was clear that the Black Ink Clan was making some preparations.


He immediately understood that the day was here!


The Black Ink Clan was going to help the Black Ink Giant Spirit God escape!


He and Xiao Xiao had always known that this day would come.


“Of course not,” Mo Na Ye’s expression became solemn, “The Human Race will be destroyed, only the Black Ink Clan will be eternal. I don’t have much time, so I only came here for one purpose!”


After a pause, he shouted loudly, “I ask Two Seniors to please die!”


As he spoke, Black Ink Strength surged around him as he charged fiercely towards Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing.


At the same time, more than 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords appeared from all directions, forming Battle Formations and using their own Secret Techniques to surround and attack them.


Not only that, but at the moment the Black Ink Clan began to attack, the towering arm that had remained motionless began to shake violently. Suddenly, the thick chains that locked the arm tightened and showed signs of being broken free.


“In your dreams!” Xiao Xiao shouted out, summoning a massive Yin-Yang Fish under her feet, enveloping all from the Black Ink Clansmen within it.


Wu Qing also summoned a giant halberd and charged towards Mo Na Ye.


In the next instant, the two figures collided, with Wu Qing’s attack becoming more and more ferocious, causing Mo Na Ye to be instantly knocked back.


In terms of raw strength, Wu Qing was far above Mo Na Ye; after all, he had ascended to the Ninth Order thousands of years ago and had not stopped improving his heritage during these years whereas Mo Na Ye had only recently broken through. He was naturally not Wu Qing’s opponent.


Mo Na Ye had already known this was the case but was not worried at all because his main goal was to help the Black Ink Giant Spirit God break free as well as to use the opportunity to surround and kill these two Ninth-Order Masters. For this reason, he brought the Grand Formation that was usually used to deal with Yang Kai. His previous chat with Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing was just to delay time to set up the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array.


The entire section of the void had been completely isolated, leaving the two Ninth-Order Masters no chance of escape. In the end, they would be killed by him and the many Pseudo-Royal Lords working together!


After this battle, the Human Race would no longer be able to fight back. An unrestrained Black Ink Giant Spirit God would eventually lead the Black Ink Clan to eradicate the Human Race!


After repelling Mo Na Ye, Wu Qing did not chase after him but immediately retreated to Xiao Xiao’s side to join forces and fight the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords.


To ensure that they could kill these two Ninth-Order Masters, Mo Na Ye not only came in person but also brought some 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords, 10 of whom were being used to maintain the Grand Formation on the periphery.


However, with a Royal Lord plus more than 10 Pseudo-Royal Lords, they were already more than enough to defeat the two Ninth-Order Masters without any external help.


The huge Yin-Yang Fish pattern continued to rotate, with Yin and Yang intermingling and reversing within it. Dao Strength pervaded while Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing each stood on one side of the Yin-Yang Fish, making it difficult for the Pseudo-Royal Lords trapped inside to break through the protection even with their Battle Formation.


Mo Na Ye rushed over and warned through clenched teeth, “I told you, your time is up. Stop being so stubborn, Seniors!”


It was a big risk leading so many Pseudo-Royal Lords here. Removing so many top Masters from the front lines could not be hidden, so there was a chance the four other Ninth-Order Masters would join forces again and attack the No-Return Pass once the Black Ink Clan’s intentions were revealed. If that happened, with the forces available, Mo Yu and the other defenders wouldn’t be able to fight back.


Therefore, before executing this plan, Mo Na Ye commanded the armies of the Black Ink Clan to launch a massive attack against the Humans to serve as a distraction to tie down Xiang Shan and the others.


At the moment, Xiang Shan and the others could not spare much attention to other matters, so the risks were minimized; otherwise, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t have made such a bold move.


But once this matter succeeded, the benefits would be significant. Not only would it allow the Black Ink Giant Spirit God to break free, but it would also eliminate two Ninth-Order Masters, completely turning the tables for the Black Ink Clan.


Divine Sense surged and under the transmission of orders, six Pseudo-Royal Lords formed two Three Fortunes Formation and attacked.


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing grew increasingly pressured!


They had never fought against Pseudo-Royal Lords, only hearing about them from Yang Kai previously. But at that time, there were only one or two Pseudo-Royal Lords among the Black Ink Clan, so the sudden appearance of 20 of them was truly surprising.


Each of these Pseudo-Royal Lords were comparable to a Royal Lord in terms of aura, but they were unable to fully control their full strength. However, facing so many enemies with such a small number of their own, the two Masters would not be able to hold on for too long.


What was even more frustrating was that though they still used a large part of their strength to reinforce the chains, the restraints that had bound the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s arm for thousands of years were rapidly breaking!



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