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Martial Peak – Chapter 5818, Only Way Out

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In Wind Mist Territory, Mo Na Ye led the many well-prepared Pseudo-Royal Lords while the Black Ink Giant Spirit God made its move. Despite Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing’s efforts, they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Though they were not yet in dire straits, they could no longer restrain the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in such a situation.


Once the Black Ink Giant Spirit God broke free, the two Ninth-Order Masters who had held out for thousands of years would have their efforts undone, and the other Human Race Masters would have no chance against such a being.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God played a vital role in the Black Ink Clan’s invasion of the 3,000 Worlds previously; had it not been awakened from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land and charged into the Barren Territory, forcibly opening a passage connecting to the Wind Mist Territory, the Human Race Armies would have had the ability to hold off the Black Ink Clan in the Barren Territory. 


However, the breach nullified all of the Humans’ efforts, leading to a grand final battle where many Ninth-Order Masters sacrificed themselves to preserve hope for the future. This was followed by the mass migration of people in the 3,000 Worlds.


It could be said that the existence of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God established the current state of affairs, with the Black Ink Clan occupying the 3,000 Worlds and Human Race defending only a dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields.


If the Black Ink Giant Spirit God were to break free now, it would bring disastrous consequences to the Human Race. 


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had been stationed in Wind Mist Territory precisely to prevent such a thing from happening. Previously, the Black Ink Clan did not come to bother them because they could not do so as there weren’t a lot of top Masters on the Black Ink Clan’s side either. In addition, under the premise that the only Royal Lord was unable to come forward, Innate Territory Lords were unable to cause any commotion against two veteran Ninth-Order Masters.


Besides, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was heavily injured in that great battle thousands of years ago and needed time to restore itself.


Now that the Black Ink Clan had Masters emerging one after another, and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s injuries had been mostly restored, the time had finally come!


World Force surged and Black Ink Strength roiled as they clashed, causing the void to shatter. 


Along with that, some chains that bound the gigantic arm had also broken.


The huge Yin-Yang Fish rotated continuously, and Dao Strength permeated. While struggling to withstand the joint attack of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords, the two Ninth-Order Masters attempted to continue restraining the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


However, their strength was limited. How could they hold on in such a situation? 


Wu Qing roared, and Xiao Xiao yelled. The two had an overwhelming presence, and they would never compromise even when facing adversity, just like the many Human Old Ancestors who had sacrificed themselves for the greater good in the Barren Territory years ago.


Mo Na Ye only laughed, “The situation is as such, why bother struggling? I have always admired the strength of the Human Race, but my arrival today is just to give you both a dignified death!”


Meanwhile, in the Barren Territory, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God roared in anger, “You think you can restrain this Supreme One? Break!”


As the roar echoed, the arm of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God suddenly expanded, unleashing a violent surge of power. The chains that had been struggling to hold on could no longer bear the immense pressure and shattered into twinkling fragments of light, scattering in all directions.


With the Secret Technique broken, Wu Qing and Xiao Xiao both grunted, clearly suffering from some backlash.


On the other hand, Mo Na Ye stood outside the battle ring, enjoying the despair in the eyes of these two Ninth-Order Masters. 


For years, the Black Ink Clan had not gained many advantages in their battles against the Human Race, but after this victory, those Humans who continued to resist would finally understand who the true masters of the Universe were!


*Hong long long…*


With a resounding boom, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God finally broke free after being restrained for thousands of years. 


To the Human Race, this was surely a great calamity.


The despair in the eyes of Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing grew even more intense as Mo Na Ye coldly said, “Don’t even think about escaping. This space has already been sealed off, and with your strength alone, you won’t be able to get away.”


He had even brought the Grand Array that could be used to deal with Yang Kai, fearing that these two Ninth-Order Masters would try to escape.


It was difficult to find an opportunity to ambush two Ninth-Order Masters at once, and if they managed to escape, it would be a huge problem for the Black Ink Clan.


After Mo Na Ye finished speaking, Wu Qing charged at him with his halberd, intending to execute the leader of the enemies to intimidate his troops. However, as soon as he moved, he was stopped by a Three Fortunes Formations and became trapped in a bitter battle, unable to escape.


Seeing this, Mo Na Ye smirked in mockery.


[The trap has already been sprung, now it is up to you both to decide what to do next!] He thought to himself, hoping that they wouldn’t disappoint him.


At that moment, Xiao Xiao suddenly shouted, “Let’s go!”


The Yin-Yang Fish suddenly became turbulent and many Pseudo-Royal Lords were violently pushed back by the overwhelming force. Xiao Xiao then charged straight up, followed closely behind by Wu Qing with his halberd.


The direction they were heading was the same as the spot where the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had retreated, a crack leading to the Barren Territory!


“Hah!” Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but snort, his expression showing no surprise as if he had expected this all along.


In fact, he had already anticipated how the two Ninth-Order Masters would respond to the situation. 


This strength of void was completely sealed off, and with so many Pseudo-Royal Lords surrounding them and Mo Na Ye himself presiding over the situation, the two Ninth-Order Masters simply did not have the strength to fight back. Continuing to engage in battle would only result in their inevitable defeat and demise.


However, Mo Na Ye was not willing to take on too much risk or suffer heavy losses. He was confident that he could kill the two Ninth-Order Masters here, but he didn’t know how much it would cost him. If the two of them abandoned all hope of survival and fought to achieve mutual destruction, the Pseudo-Royal Lords would surely suffer heavy casualties. Even he might not escape intact.


With such concerns in mind, he couldn’t force them too hard or else it would be too risky. 


As someone who had been in charge of the Black Ink Clan’s military affairs for so many years, Mo Na Ye knew that sometimes giving the enemy hope was the best way to corner them and reduce one’s own losses.


Although the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had been freed, and the arm that had been chained for thousands of years had been retrieved, the opening in the boundary wall connecting the Barren Territory and Wind Mist Territory had long stabilized and did not disappear.


In this dire situation, the two Ninth-Order Masters only had one way out, to charge into the Barren Territory!


[Everything is going according to plan…]


In the Barren Territory, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had been fully freed. If the two Human Masters rashly charged in, there would surely be no good outcome. By that time, Mo Na Ye would lead his Pseudo-Royal Lords to pincer them with the assistance of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God; a way simpler way to take them down rather than fighting to their death here in the Wind Mist Territory.


The two Ninth-Order Masters knew what they were about to face, but under the current circumstances, they did not have another choice.


Staying here meant certain death as they would be worn down and killed sooner or later. So, charging into the Barren Territory was their only chance to snatch life from the gates of death.


The arm of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had already been retrieved, and Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had also charged into the passage and disappeared. The many Pseudo-Royal Lords followed closely behind, ready to charge in, but were suddenly stopped by Mo Na Ye, “Wait!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately paused their movements.


Mo Na Ye remained calm, silently waiting and feeling the intense fluctuations of battle coming from the other end of the passage that was occasionally mixed with the muffled groans of Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing. It was clear that they had suffered losses at the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s hands.


Mo Na Ye sneered in his heart, [So what if you’re a Ninth-Order Master? You’re nothing in the face of our Black Ink Giant Spirit God.]


Previously when the Black Ink Giant Spirit God appeared on the battlefield, the Human Race had needed to mobilize at least 10 Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to simply contain it. 


But currently, with only the two of them, how could Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing be opponents of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God?


“Charge!” Mo Na Ye commanded his subordinates soon after. The reason the Pseudo-Royal Lords and the others had to wait was to prevent the two Ninth-Order Masters from ambushing them on the other side of the passage. If they did, it would be a surprise attack that could deal them serious damage.


Now that they had confirmed that the two had fully charged into the Barren Territory, they didn’t need to wait any longer. Besides, Mo Na Ye was also worried that if they followed too late, the two Humans might have a chance to escape. Although the Barren Territory had some defences in place, there were not enough Masters to provide comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, though the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was powerful, it might not be able to stop the two Ninth-Order Masters if they were determined to escape.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords rushed into the passageway, with Mo Na Ye following behind. Soon after, the many Black Ink Clansmen entered the Barren Territory. 


Looking up, Mo Na Ye saw the imposing Black Ink Giant Spirit God standing in place as its two massive hands reached out to grab at the two Ninth-Order Masters who were frantically flying around, trying to avoid its grasp. 


Although the Black Ink Giant Spirit God occasionally threw a punch that didn’t land, the shockwaves alone were enough to shatter the void and send the Ninth-Order Masters tumbling.


Watching this scene quietly, Mo Na Ye ordered, “Set up the Array and kill them both!”


The two Ninth-Order Masters were at a dead end. With the Black Ink Giant Spirit God here, along with a Royal Lord and many Pseudo-Royal Lords working together, there was no way they could survive.


It was time to reap the rewards of their victory. 


Suddenly, Mo Na Ye felt a bit disheartened, [If the one we were targeting was Yang Kai, what would he do to break out of this situation?]


He couldn’t think of any effective methods to break through such a defence, except to avoid entering the Barren Territory altogether and to simply fight in the Wind Mist Territory until one side gave in, but that would likely result in losses for his side.


It was a shame that the killing star was now certainly trapped in the Universe Furnace. He might have already perished inside, or he might have to wait until the next time the Universe Furnace opened to escape; however, who knew how many years it would take for the next opening? By then, the entire Universe would belong to the Black Ink Clan.


As Mo Na Ye was lost in thought, his expression suddenly changed as he looked towards Xiao Xiao, who was flying about frantically.


Xiao Xiao had suddenly looked towards him too, and when they locked eyes, Xiao Xiao shouted, “Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai left something for the Black Ink Clan as a gift, please accept it!” 


With that, she tossed a round bead towards him. There was no fluctuation of power, and it didn’t seem to be an artifact; in fact, it looked like a simple pebble that could be found anywhere in any Universe World.


But when Xiao Xiao threw out that bead, Mo Na Ye felt a sense of imminent crisis and a chill shot up his spine from the tips of his toes to the top of his head.



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