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Martial Peak – Chapter 5819, Hidden Hand

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The assault of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was simple yet violent, making it difficult for even two Ninth-Order Masters to contend with. It was as the saying went, ‘One great force surpasses 10 Masters.’


Amidst the chaos, Xiao Xiao threw an object towards the Pseudo-Royal Lords and Royal Lord.


In that instant, Mo Na Ye felt a sense of danger as he heard the name ‘Yang Kai’ ringing in his ears.


Over the years, he had engaged in many battles with Yang Kai but never gained an advantage. In fact, even when he had the upper hand in their last two encounters and was on the verge of killing him, Yang Kai always managed to turn the tables on him.


In the previous encounter, the Black Ink Clan lost many Innate Territory Lords to Yang Kai, and in their last battle, a true Royal Lord and several Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen at his hands!


It could be said that Yang Kai had long since become Mo Na Ye’s heart demon.


When Mo Na Ye learned that Yang Kai was trapped in the Universe Furnace and had no chance of escaping, he felt pity but also joy as he would no longer have to face that killing star; however, he never expected to face a hidden hand left behind by Yang Kai at this critical moment. He didn’t know what the bead thrown by Xiao Xiao was, but anything related to Yang Kai couldn’t be taken lightly.


The little round bead thrown by Xiao Xiao came at an extremely high speed, almost hitting them before Xiao Xiao finished speaking, but was immediately punched furiously by a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


“Don’t!” Mo Na Ye roared, but it was too late.


Under the violent impact, the bead momentarily froze before quickly breaking through the force impacting it and came flying towards them again.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord who had attacked felt something unusual about the bead the moment his Black Ink Strength made contact. Though others might not have been able to perceive its mystery, he could feel that Xiao Xiao’s bead was unexpectedly heavy, and when combined with the mysterious power from a Ninth-Order Master, he was unable to block it with his punch.


The next instant, the round bead closed in, and although the Pseudo-Royal Lord heard Mo Na Ye, he was too focused on the sense of danger that suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed him. He did not care anymore, so he punched out again with all his strength.


With a loud bang, the void shook and the Pseudo-Royal Lord grunted as he was sent flying.


At the same time, the bead finally shattered. It was not some sturdy artifact, so it couldn’t withstand the full force of a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s attack.


At the moment when the bead shattered, Space Principles surged wildly. From the remnants of the shattered bead, large Universe Fragments appeared and shot in all directions, causing chaos among the Black Ink Clan.


“An entire Universe World!?” Mo Na Ye exclaimed in a low voice, his eyes full of shock.


Only now did he realise that the bead was not some simple stone, but rather a Universe World refined into an unremarkable appearance through some profound means.


Combined with Xiao Xiao’s words earlier, Mo Na Ye immediately thought of Yang Kai. In this world, who else could achieve such a fantastic feat but Yang Kai?


Moreover, many years ago, he had heard rumours that a Human had refined and saved many Universe Worlds before the Black Ink Clan’s Army arrived. Many of the Universe Worlds, which had been lingering in the void for countless years, had disappeared abruptly.


Some Black Ink Disciples also revealed related information that Yang Kai had the means to refine Universe Worlds into tiny beads, apparently called Sealed World Beads or World Beads. 


Putting all the pieces of information together, Mo Na Ye immediately understood that this was a World Bead that Yang Kai had refined.


Although the Pseudo-Royal Lord was powerful and could easily shatter a World Bead with his strength, he had suffered some injuries, mainly because he had not expected such a small thing to have such tremendous weight behind it.


But what could a trivial World Bead do to the Black Ink Clan? Was this the ‘gift’ that Yang Kai had left? If so, that was too disappointing. 


Mo Na Ye remained tense because he knew that things could not be that simple. While resisting the impact of those shattered Universe Fragments, he calmly observed his surroundings.


The next moment, Mo Na Ye caught a glimpse of something horrifying, causing his expression to change dramatically.


In his field of vision, a huge Universe Fragment that covered the sky suddenly exuded an extremely terrifying aura. As the aura emerged, a figure slowly rose up in the void. The figure was majestic and towering, with a bald head that shone like the Sun; despite its ferocious appearance, there was a strange simplicity in its expression.


It seemed to have just woken up from a deep sleep, and its bleary eyes were still mixed with a hint of confusion and sleepiness. It also had a somewhat displeased expression, just like anyone who was forcibly awakened from their sleep would feel.


Mo Na Ye’s soul trembled as he exclaimed, “A Giant Spirit God!”


[How could there be a Giant Spirit God? How could there be a Giant Spirit God inside!?]


He immediately realised that a Giant Spirit God had been sealed within Xiao Xiao’s World Bead, and he finally understood that the World Bead was not the gift from Yang Kai to the Black Ink Clan, but rather this Giant Spirit God was!


Although the Giant Spirit God seemed to have just awakened from a deep sleep, no one dared to underestimate its power.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were created based on this unique race. Mo had to split parts of his Soul to create them. Thus, each Black Ink Giant Spirit God could be seen as a Soul Clone of Mo.


In the whole Universe, there was no Race more powerful than the Giant Spirit God Clan and only Supreme Masters like Mo could surpass them.


The Black Ink Clan had always considered the restrained Black Ink Giant Spirit God their strongest hidden hand. They had ignored it for many years not because they had forgotten about it, but because they were waiting for the right opportunity to release it.


Now that the opportunity had come, Mo Na Ye led many Pseudo-Royal Lords to besiege the two Ninth-Order Masters in Wind Mist Territory, taking the chance to help the Black Ink Giant Spirit God break free. After they succeeded, the Black Ink Clan would have the power and strength to eradicate the Human Race.


This Black Ink Giant Spirit God was their greatest trump card, and the Human Race would ultimately find it impossible to contend with.


But never had they imagined that Yang Kai had a way to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s long-preserved hidden hand.


Worse, he clearly discovered this card long ago!


Mo Na Ye did not know when Yang Kai had given the World Bead to Xiao Xiao, but it was definitely not recently. Perhaps 1,000 years ago, or maybe 2,000 years ago, or even earlier!


[Did Yang Kai predict this day even back then?]


Mo Na Ye quickly dismissed this idea. Although Yang Kai was powerful and agile, it was impossible for him to know everything beforehand. He must have given the World Bead containing the sealed Giant Spirit God to Xiao Xiao just to guard against the day the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would escape.


He knew the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would surely break free one day, and in this Universe, only a true Giant Spirit God could stand against it!


Though there was clearly some forethought put into this, the events of today were more coincidence than careful planning.


Realising this, Mo Na Ye was filled with bitterness. He thought that Yang Kai was trapped in the Universe Furnace and he would never have to deal with this powerful enemy again, but who would have thought that he had still fallen into Yang Kai’s trap even though Yang Kai was not even here anymore?


This killing star was indeed his lifelong enemy!


With his thoughts in chaos, Mo Na Ye heard Xiao Xiao’s explosive shout, “Ah Da, kill the enemy!”


She had learned the name of the Giant Spirit God from Yang Kai himself. In the world today, there were only two known Giant Spirit Gods left, Ah Da and Ah Er. Their names were simple and they were easy to tell apart. Ah Da was bald, while Ah Er had a tuft of baby hair on his head.


Back when the Black Ink Clan Army breached the No-Return Pass, the Human Race was promptly assisted by Ah Er, who was wandering around the 3,000 Worlds. Somehow, Ah Er seemed to know what was happening and stormed into the Barren Territory to face off against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God. After the Human Army suffered a crushing defeat, they withdrew, but Ah Er stayed behind. 


For thousands of years, he had been locked in battle with another Black Ink Giant Spirit God, a battle so intense that it literally shattered space wherever they went.


Today, the Barren Territory was home to the Giant Spirit God and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


In truth, the Human Race wanted to locate Ah Da earlier, but unfortunately, they had never been able to determine his whereabouts and the matter was eventually left unresolved.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai went out searching for traces of the First Primordial Light that he found Ah Da, sleeping in one of the dead Universe Worlds.


Ah Da must have been eating well as he was sleeping so soundly that he was totally unaware of what was going on in the outside world.


That time, Yang Kai had traversed almost the entire 3,000 worlds, personally investigating each Universe World. However, instead of immediately awakening Ah Da after finding him, he first refined the entire Universe World to leave as a hidden hand. Then, when he went to visit Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing, he quietly handed the World Bead over to Xiao Xiao to keep until the day they needed Ah Da’s power to counter the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


As Mo Na Ye predicted, Yang Kai knew that the day would come when the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would break free, and the Black Ink Clan undoubtedly used it as a trump card. When that day came, Xiao Xiao could summon the World Bead and awaken Ah Da. 


No matter what the Black Ink Clan was planning, Ah Da’s appearance would surely catch them off guard.


It was just that Yang Kai would never expect that the sleepy Ah Da would react slowly even after being forcibly awakened. 


Though, to be fair, this guy had always been a simpleton…


It was only after Xiao Xiao shouted that Ah Da gradually focused his sleepy eyes, rubbed his bald head, turned his neck slowly, and looked around. 


Upon seeing the black figures around him, his already unpleasant mood became much worse.


“Black Ink Clan!” Ah Da exclaimed, his voice like thunder, shaking the void all around him. With an irritated look, he shouted, “Little friend told Ah Da to kill all from the Black Ink Clan!”


The ‘little friend’ he was referring to was undoubtedly Yang Kai. While he was sleeping in the World Bead, he repeatedly heard Yang Kai’s voice echoing in his ears, telling him to kill all from the Black Ink Clan after he woke up. 


Despite being annoyed, Ah Da remembered those words.


After waking up from his thousands of years of sleep, Ah Da finally saw them and began slowly striding towards the largest cluster of Black Ink Clansmen. 


[Little friend said to kill, so Ah should kill!]


Even if Yang Kai had not encouraged Ah Da, there was already an irreconcilable enmity between the Giant Spirit God Clan and the Black Ink Clan, so Ah Da would have killed them regardless!



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