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Martial Peak – Chapter 5820, Nothing Related to Yang Kai is Ever Good

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The Giant Spirit God Clan had very few clansmen, but each one was incredibly powerful. They were practically the strongest beings in the Universe, with even the Divine Spirits like the Dragons and Phoenixes not being their match.


Fortunately, the Giant Spirit God Clan had a gentle, almost child-like nature and never actively sought out trouble. Otherwise, if they were as destructive as the Black Ink Clan, the 3,000 Worlds would have been destroyed by them long ago.


This Race fed on dead Universe Worlds and had the unique ability to sense the location of dying Universe Worlds from afar.


Yang Kai and Ah Da first met during the Star Boundary’s crisis. 


During the great battle with Great Demon God Mo Sheng, the Star Boundary was brought to the brink of collapse. Ah Da arrived and slept outside the Star Boundary, waiting for an opportunity to eat it. It was from Ah Da that Yang Kai learned how to save the Star Boundary. Later, Yang Kai broke free from the shackles of the Star Boundary and went to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the 3,000 Worlds to obtain a root of the World Tree, which he then planted in the Star Boundary to bring it back to life.


Ah Da then disappeared without a trace, but it was thanks to his guidance that the Star Boundary was saved. Without Ah Da telling him to search for the World Tree, Yang Kai would not have been able to save the dying Star Boundary.


Years later, Yang Kai discovered traces of a Giant Spirit God in the void, thinking it was Ah Da, but it turned out to be another Giant Spirit God named Ah Er. Under Ah Er’s guidance, he entered the Chaotic Dead Territory and met Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan…


Because Giant Spirit Gods fed on dead Universe Worlds, they had an irreconcilable enmity with the Black Ink Clan since ancient times. If the dead Universe Worlds were like pieces of meat for the Giant Spirit Gods, then the Universe Worlds corrupted by Black Ink Strength were like disgusting rotten flesh. The Giant Spirit Gods would never feed on such filth.


The existence of the Black Ink Clan was naturally in opposition to the Giant Spirit Gods. It was because of this that Ah Er rushed over to assist the Humans in the Barren Territory to fight against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God. Otherwise, with the Giant Spirit God’s gentle character, how would they easily start a fight with another creature?


In the Late Ancient Era, during the great war between the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race, the Giant Spirit Gods were also active. Both Ah Da and Ah Er had even participated in the war against the Black Ink Clan back then. 


At that time, there were more than these two Giant Spirit Gods, but after the endless fighting that lasted for countless years, the already small number of Giant Spirit God Clan members was reduced to two.


Many years later, Ah Da woke up from his slumber and saw the only Race that the Giant Spirit God deeply hated, which caused his terrifying aura to sweep across half the Barren Territory. He took big steps forward, and although his movements were clumsy, he was extremely fast. He reached out his gigantic hand and grabbed at the gathering place of the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The hand was so big that it seemed to cover the entire sky, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords were all shocked as they quickly tried to flee in all directions. However, there was an extremely mysterious force surging in the area covered by the giant hand that stirred the void, leaving many Pseudo-Royal Lords staggering despite Ah Da missing the target.


Without giving them a moment to catch their breath, another gigantic hand slapped down. The next moment, a miserable cry resounded as a Pseudo-Royal Lord who could not dodge in time was instantly smashed into paste, exploding into a blood mist from which thick Black Ink Strength dissipated.


The survivors were terrified at the sight as even a true Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye had to flee desperately under the wild attacks of the Giant Spirit God. Such power was simply impossible for any Royal Lord to resist, and he finally understood the pressure that the two Ninth-Order Masters faced when confronting the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


“Ahh!” Ah Da shouted as he slapped his hands down one after another, causing chaos throughout the entire Barren Territory. 


Many Pseudo-Royal Lords were unable to avoid being hit either directly or by the shockwaves of these attacks. As strong as the Pseudo-Royal Lords were, they could not withstand the might of a Giant Spirit God. Within moments, three Pseudo-Royal Lords died, and several more were injured to the extent that they were coughing up blood non-stop. 


Mo Na Ye was also grazed by the giant palm and his vitality fluctuated wildly as his heart filled with fear. Even in this situation though, he continued to give orders, commanding the rest to form Battle Formations and kill the enemy.


However, even after the Pseudo-Royal Lords formed Battle Formations, they were no match for the Giant Spirit God. Often, before they had a chance to fight back, the Battle Formation was broken and they were left dazed from the crude yet overwhelming power used against them.


Mo Na Ye felt a chill all over his body as he commanded the battle as he cursed Yang Kai in his heart, [How malicious can he be to have this hidden hand and not show it after all this time!]  


Over the years, nothing related to Yang Kai was ever a good thing.


Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but think back to the great battle between the Ninth-Order Masters and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God. The Ninth-Order Masters were not necessarily stronger than the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, but with the cooperation of a dozen of them, they were still somewhat able to hold it back. Just how much courage and determination did that take?


At this moment, if there were more Royal Lords cooperating with him, Mo Na Ye would have had the confidence to contain this Giant Spirit God, but there were only two. Besides, Mo Yu was currently stationed at the No-Return Pass, unable to come to the rescue, so what could Mo Na Ye accomplish alone? Although there were enough Pseudo-Royal Lords, they were ultimately not true Royal Lords so Mo Na Ye did not expect much from them.


Originally, victory seemed certain for the Black Ink Clan after forcing Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing into the Barren Territory; however, they had turned the tables by using their previously displayed despair to trick their opponents into letting their guard down.


The situation became awkward as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God struggled to quickly kill the two Ninth-Order Masters, while Pseudo-Royal Lords were being decimated. If this continued, their situation would only become worse and there would be more casualties.


Mo Na Ye had no choice but to shout loudly, “Supreme One!”


He could only beg the Black Ink Giant Spirit God for assistance. However, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God ignored him even after hearing this cry, treating the two Ninth-Order Masters like annoying insects buzzing around him. It frustrated the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who sought to crush them.


In truth, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were in a precarious state. Though the Pseudo-Royal Lords were struggling to withstand the aftermath of the Giant Spirit God’s attacks, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing also couldn’t hold out for long despite being stronger.


However, the two of them had no intention of fleeing. They gritted their teeth and continued to fight back against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, provoking its anger and preventing it from helping the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


After a while, another Pseudo-Royal Lord’s aura was extinguished. He had failed to avoid a fierce attack from Ah Da and was instantly obliterated. As a result, four Pseudo-Royal Lords from the Black Ink Clan had fallen, while all the others were now heavily injured.


Both the Giant Spirit God and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God were enormous and seemingly clumsy in their movements, but every single blow they unleashed contained tremendous power that could destroy the Heavens and Earth. It was impossible to completely avoid such attacks.


Perhaps after killing some enemies, Ah Da’s sleep-addled head became clearer. At a certain moment, after sweeping his palm around, he stopped in his tracks and stared in one direction, “Big guy!”


He finally saw the Black Ink Giant Spirit God!


Enraged, his eyes immediately erupted with boundless fury towards that entity that looked almost identical in appearance and size but was completely different in nature. He seemed to have a great deal of hatred towards this being.


In an instant, he abandoned the numerous Pseudo-Royal Lords and Mo Na Ye, instead taking large strides towards the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


The many Pseudo-Royal Lords, who had been teetering on the edge of life and death, breathed a collective sigh of relief…


In that direction, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God naturally sensed the approaching foe and with a broad wave of his arm sent Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing flying before quickly turning around and striding towards Ah Da.


The two colossal creatures charged each other, their identical size and aura making them seem like a mirror reflection in the void, except that one of them was surrounded by Black Ink Strength. 


This was a battle between the most powerful beings in the Universe, one in which no one could interfere. 


On the other side, many Pseudo-Royal Lords wore expressions of relief, glad to have survived that encounter.


Fortunately, the Giant Spirit God discovered the Black Ink Clan Giant Spirit God’s presence; otherwise, none of them knew how many more of them would have died.


Mo Na Ye felt extremely bitter. In the end, it wasn’t their own strongest Master who saved them, but the enemy who drew the Supreme One’s attention.


In the blink of an eye, the two colossal creatures closed in on each other, seeming to have a telepathic connection as they both threw punches at the same time. 


When their fists collided, space shattered.


The silent collision created visible shockwaves that spread out in all directions from the point of impact.


The fallout was so intense and far-reaching that they swept up the injured Pseudo-Royal Lords, causing them to tumble and flip over. Even Mo Na Ye had a hard time standing his ground.


This was not the first time this level of battle was fought in the Barren Territory.


Back then, Ah Er and another Black Ink Giant Spirit God fought for nearly 1,000 years, with each clash being incredibly terrifying, causing chaos all around them. 


It wasn’t until they grappled each other’s limbs, making it impossible for either to move easily, that the 1,000-year-long battle reached a stalemate.


Even now, these two Giant Spirit Gods were entangled with each other somewhere in the Barren Territory’s void, and no one knew how long this fight would last.


After another violent collision, Mo Na Ye felt like he could barely stand still as he was too close to the battlefield of these two Supreme Masters, so the aftermath he suffered was naturally more intense.


Suddenly thinking of something, he became alert and muttered, “Where are Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing?”


Before this, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were entangled with the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, but now that the Giant Spirit God had his eyes on the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were nowhere to be found…


“Watch out for sneak attacks!” Mo Na Ye hastily shouted, but just as he finished his sentence, a desperate scream came from nearby. He turned his head to see a fleeting figure; it was a Pseudo-Royal Lord falling into a rapidly rotating Yin-Yang Fish, unable to escape as the Yin-Yang Power ground him up.



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