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If that were the case, then his actions would be much easier in the future. Even if he encountered the same situation as before, he wouldn’t have to spend too much time rushing around since he could simply open up his Small Universe, borrow the connection between his World Tree clone and the World Tree, and return at will when needed.


That was what he thought, but Yang Kai couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. The situation seemed more complicated than he had imagined.


Old Tree didn’t directly answer the question, but instead said, “Think about it. What is the source that helps me to guide you to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and the many Universe Worlds from here?”


“Source?” Yang Kai mused.


Upon closer inspection, he realised that he was able to enter the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary through the power of the World Tree because he had refined over 2,000 Universe Worlds in the past. Each of those Universe Worlds reflected the World Fruits on Old Tree’s body, creating an inseparable connection between them.


Therefore, regardless of where Yang Kai was, he only needed a living Universe World as a medium in order to use the power of the Old Tree to enter the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


It was also for this reason that he specially refined a Universe World from the 3,000 Worlds and brought it to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction so that he could easily investigate the situation there at any time.


And every time he left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he needed a World Fruit as a medium. For example, if he wanted to go to the Star Boundary, he needed to find the corresponding World Fruit. If he wanted to go to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, he just had to find the World Fruit that corresponded to the Universe World he had left behind previously…


Yang Kai suddenly realised, “The source is the World Fruit.”


The face on the trunk of the tree nodded, “You can also say it’s the still living Universe Worlds.”


“So, my plan won’t work.”


His Small Universe didn’t have a corresponding World Fruit. When he returned just now, he only strengthened the connection between himself and the Old Tree using his World Tree Clone; after all, each clone was a part of the Old Tree, and there was an inseparable connection between each clone and the Old Tree.


Realising this, Yang Kai became slightly disappointed.


Then, Old Tree suddenly said, “I may not be able to guide you to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the future at all.” 


Yang Kai was taken aback as he realised the problem, “Was the consumption too great this time?”


He had just noticed that Old Tree’s condition was worse than the last time he saw it; the leaves on the huge tree crown were slightly yellowed and showed signs of withering.


Old Tree responded with a grunt, “The distance was too great. Although my clone did establish a connection, my power has not completely radiated to that range. I’m afraid I will fall into a deep sleep soon.”


“What can I do to help?” Yang Kai asked. With Old Tree sleeping, he would definitely lose a means of quick travel. At the very least, he would not be able to go to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction whenever he wanted.


Old Tree pondered for a moment and then shook its trunk, “You probably can’t help much unless there are more Universe Worlds that can establish a connection with me like this time.”


However, that was unrealistic. All the remaining Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds had already been corrupted by Black Ink Strength and had died. Where could there be more Universe Worlds?


On Yang Kai’s return journey, he did see many newly born Universe Worlds, but Old Tree’s power could not cover such a far distance; though he could use the World Tree clones, Old Tree could not give him any more of those either. 


The three World Tree clones back then were already Old Tree’s limit.


It could be said that it might never wake up after this deep sleep. Only when the Human Race completely defeated the Black Ink Clan and after the 3,000 Worlds went through generations of recuperation might there be a chance for it to restore its vitality.


Yang Kai fell silent. Since he had established a connection with Old Tree years ago and received Old Tree’s assistance, he felt quite helpless not being able to provide it with any help this time.


“Where do you want to go now?” Old Tree asked, “Before I fall asleep, I can still send you there for the last time.”


“The Star Boundary,” Yang Kai slowly stood up, cupped his fist, and looked at Old Tree’s aged face on the trunk, “Please rest assured and recuperate. I will take care of the matter with the Black Ink Clan. When you wake up, it will be after the disaster has passed!”


Old Tree chuckled, “I’ll be waiting for that day!”


Hopefully, that day would come soon.


Yang Kai nodded then quickly headed towards the World Fruit corresponding to the Star Boundary. At the same time, Old Tree exerted its last bit of strength. In an instant, the world turned upside down and it rapidly enlarged in Yang Kai’s vision.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Old Tree used its last bit of power, and its face slowly dissipated. In the moment of its consciousness falling asleep, it suddenly realised something. 


This time, Yang Kai seemed to have already reached the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm… It was so weak before that it had not noticed it.


Somewhere close to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai broke through Space and appeared. As always, the moment he showed up, a powerful Divine Sense probed from somewhere in the Star Boundary to investigate the situation. This was the Master who was in charge of the Star Boundary, using his Divine Sense to check the situation.


Open Heaven Realm Masters in general were not so sensitive, even those who reached the Eighth Order would not have sensed Yang Kai while he was concealing himself. However, the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were capable of such feats. As Great Emperors, they were intimately tied to the Star Boundary and recognised by its Will. With their hearts set on it, they could not miss any suspicious situations with their Divine Sense in the range of the Star Boundary.


With a touch of his Divine Sense, the other party clearly perceived Yang Kai’s identity and quickly withdrew it.


The next moment, a figure soared into the sky from somewhere in the Star Boundary, appearing soundlessly and swiftly before Yang Kai.


Looking at the visitor, Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Senior Iron Blood, it’s been a while!”


The visitor was none other than Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen. He looked at Yang Kai with suspicion before nodding, “You’re back?”


When the Universe Furnace closed and Yang Kai disappeared without a trace, not only did the Black Ink Clan speculate that he was trapped inside, but some of the high-ranking authority figures of the Human Race did too. Although they didn’t know why Yang Kai would be trapped inside, they had no way to rescue him, so they could only let it be.


However, a small number of people still firmly believed that even if Yang Kai was trapped in the Universe Furnace, he wouldn’t be stuck for too long. They believed that he would break free and return eventually without needing to wait until the next opening of the Universe Furnace.


Therefore, when Zhan Wu Hen saw Yang Kai, he wasn’t too surprised since he had watched Yang Kai grow up from when he was still a young man. Yang Kai could do what ordinary people couldn’t, so escaping from the Universe Furnace shouldn’t be anything to him.


“Are you injured?” Yang Kai frowned.


Zhan Wu Hen clearly had quite severe injuries on his body. At this moment, his face was pale and his aura was unstable. With his cultivation at the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, it was evident how intense his war had become.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, was not surprised that Zhan Wu Hen had ascended to the Eighth Order, given that the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had all directly broken through to the Sixth-Order Realm. Additionally, with their unique advantages when cultivating in the Star Boundary, they had all already advanced to the Eighth Order many years ago.


At this moment, Zhan Wu Hen was already at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but because of the innate limitations of the Open Heaven Realm Method, he couldn’t make another breakthrough.


He did not enter when the Universe Furnace opened. In fact, Yang Kai did not see any Masters from the Star Boundary inside.


Zhan Wu Hen said lightly, “I was injured while fighting outside. It’s nothing special.”


If it weren’t for his serious injuries, he wouldn’t have come back to the Star Boundary to recuperate. To him, battles were the essence of life.


After a moment of silence, Zhan Wu Hen continued, “Ice Feather and Heavens Revelations died.”


Upon receiving the news, Yang Kai’s expression trembled as he closed his eyes and sighed.


There was never a war with no casualties. In the countless years of battle against the Black Ink Clan, there were naturally countless deaths. Whether it was on the Black Ink Battlefield or later on the Great Territory Battlefields, the reaping of life had become a norm of war.


Even Yang Kai’s own Dawn Squad, which he had led back then, had lost several members under his watch.


Ice Feather and Heaven’s Revelations were Great Emperors of the Star Boundary, who already ascended to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm for a long time, but in this catastrophic war that swept across the Universe, what use was it being in the Eighth-Order? Many times, it was difficult to even protect oneself from the Black Ink Clan with such a cultivation.


Frankly speaking, Yang Kai was not that familiar with these two Great Emperors. It was only because they were fellow people from the Star Boundary, which gave him a sense of kinship compared to those Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Even so, when he heard the news of their deaths, his heart sank.


“Is the war that intense?” Yang Kai furrowed his brows and asked.


Zhan Wu Hen nodded, “You’ll have to ask the Supreme Headquarters for the specifics. They have a better grasp of the situation.” He paused then continued, “Their sacrifice was not in vain. The Star Boundary’s reputation was not tarnished, and their deaths also made room for successors. There are a few new Great Emperors who have emerged, all who directly ascended to the Seventh Order, with the potential to reach the Ninth Order in the future.”


Every Universe World had a limit to the number of Great Emperors it could sustain. The Star Boundary’s limit was 10 many years ago, but with the continuous nourishment of the World Tree clone, its capacity had increased, and now it can support 12 Great Emperors. However, as long as the older generation Great Emperors remained, it was difficult for newcomers to rise to power.


With the fall of Ice Feather and Heaven’s Revelations, two Great Emperor positions were vacated in the Star Boundary. Currently, there were many talents in the Star Boundary who had already directly ascended to the Seventh Order, so they should be able to gain recognition from the Star Boundary’s Will and become Great Emperors in the future, achieving twice the result with half the effort when they cultivate in the Star Boundary. 


But, Yang Kai shook his head, “There isn’t much time left for them to grow.”


The time it took to advance from Seventh-Order to Ninth-Order was incredibly long. Even if they became Great Emperors of the Star Boundary, it would take thousands of years for them to fully mature. 


It was better to rely on the many Eighth-Order Masters than them at present.


The good seedlings who directly advanced to Seventh-Order in the first generation were now all Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Perhaps in a short time, they could advance to the Ninth Order.


As for the Human Race, as long as the first new generation of Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters finally arrived, there would be an endless stream of Ninth-Order Masters emerging. Over the past thousands of years, the accumulation of the Human Race’s power had already reached a point where they were ready to soar. Once a certain critical point was reached, the Human Race would inevitably produce countless elites.


This was the power that the Human Race could rely on in the future, and it was also due to the Open Heaven Realm Cradle, the Star Boundary.


As Yang Kai spoke, he connected his mind with Void World and projected it into the Void Dao Temple. Soon, the portal to his Small Universe opened, and figures poured out of it one after another.


Over the years, Void Dao Temple had accumulated a large number of good seedlings who could ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.



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