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Martial Peak – Chapter 5825, Return

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In Yang Kai’s Small Universe, time flowed at a different pace from the outside world, and this flow rate only increased as his mastery over the Dao of Time and his strength grew.


At present, with his cultivation at the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and his mastery of the Dao of Time at the Eighth-Level, the flow rate in his Small Universe had reached a 10:1 ratio compared to the outside world.


In other words, while one day passed outside, 10 days had already elapsed in his Small Universe.


It had been many years since Yang Kai last brought out talents from the Void Dao Temple. In terms of the passing of time in his Small Universe, it had been over 10,000 years. Over such a long time, a considerable number of outstanding talents had naturally accumulated in the Void Dao Temple.


These people had already reached their limits within the Void Dao Temple and would generally ascend to the Open Heaven Realm shortly after leaving Void World, requiring a Master to guide and protect them.


However, Yang Kai always left this matter to his Head Manager to handle, and since Hua Qing Si was not present today, he handed the task to Zhan Wu Hen.


When all the Emperor Realm Masters gathered, Yang Kai said, “I’m entrusting these people to you. Manager Hua knows how to handle them.”


Zhan Wu Hen nodded and asked, “Are you not going back?”


Yang Kai looked towards the Star Boundary and shook his head, “No need!”


He had just returned, and knowing how intense the war had become, he needed to head to the Supreme Headquarters right away.


Saying so, he waved his hand and took a step forward, immediately disappearing.


The group of disciples who just left the Void Dao Temple didn’t understand what was going on and simply watched the Dao Lord disappear far off into the distance. They could only bow and send him off.


Meanwhile, in High Heaven Palace’s Pill Room, in front of a huge Alchemy Furnace, Xia Ning Chang, who had her face veiled, was using different techniques to control the furnace’s fire and refine Spirit Pills.


The process of refining these Spirit Pills was not difficult as it was a standard kind of healing pill that was in high demand on the battlefield. With her being an Alchemy Great Grandmaster, she naturally had no difficulty in refining them.


Suddenly, Xia Ning Chang paused for a moment and looked up at the sky outside. Although thick walls and heavy barriers were blocking her view, her clear eyes seemed to ignore all obstructions and she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure that was already far away.


The flames in the furnace of the Alchemy Furnace flickered slightly. 


Then, Xia Ning Chang quickly focused her mind and controlled the heat, continuing to refine the Spirit Pills. Her eyes instantly became crescent-shaped as she became extremely happy and joyful upon seeing that figure. Her techniques changed constantly, and the Alchemy Furnace echoed with the sound of the Spirit Pills forming, a clear and pleasant sound.


Previously when Mi Jing Lun came to the High Heaven Palace to talk to her about Yang Kai’s disappearance, Xia Ning Chang had acted calm and not worried about Yang Kai’s safety, but in reality, how could she not be concerned at all? She simply had enough confidence in her Husband to one day return.


She believed that no matter what difficulties and dangers he faced, no matter where he was, he would definitely come back because this was his home, and there were still people waiting for him there.


Now that he had finally returned, Xia Ning Chang could finally put down the worry that had been weighing on her heart. 


Outside of the Star Boundary, Hua Qing Si urgently led a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters over after receiving Zhan Wu Hen’s message. When she saw the many Emperor Realm Masters gathered around, she was slightly startled, but quickly realised what was happening and exclaimed in delight, “Palace Master has returned?”


This was not the first time she had seen such a scene of many Emperors who were about to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm gathered together, and she knew exactly where these Emperor Realm Masters came from. Zhan Wu Hen nodded and pointed to those Emperor Realm Masters, saying, “I’ll leave this to you.”


After speaking, he flashed back to the Star Boundary. He was seriously injured and needed to continue healing. If he had not sensed Yang Kai’s aura, he would not have ventured out of seclusion so rashly.


Originally, Hua Qing Si wanted to ask more about Yang Kai’s condition, but Zhan Wu Hen left too quickly, giving her no chance to speak. She was annoyed, but the Palace Master’s return was good news. For years, there had been rumours that their Palace Master was trapped in the Universe Furnace, and many people were worried about him. Now that the Palace Master had returned though, those people should be able to rest assured.


“S-Senior… I can’t hold on much longer…” A weak voice suddenly came from the side. 


Hua Qing Si turned her head and saw a Dao Temple disciple with a strained expression, his aura fluctuating violently, clearly on the verge of a breakthrough.


They had been cultivating in Void Dao Temple for many years and had already reached the limit of their cultivation with their condensed Dao Seal and refined Element Powers, but because of the suppression of Yang Kai’s Small Universe, they were unable to break through. Now that they had left his Small Universe and the suppression was gone, they were basically ready to burst forth.


Not only the speaker, but many others showed signs of imminent breakthrough. Hua Qing Si was used to this kind of situation already and immediately ordered these disciples to spread out and find suitable positions. Afterwards, she had the Open Heaven Realm Masters she brought to stand guard for the disciples.


She personally distributed Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilising Pills to the Dao Temple disciples, which drastically increased the success rate of their breakthrough.


It should be noted that those selected from Void Dao Temple were all talented individuals. At the very least, they could directly ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and many among them could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order. Every now and then, there were even a few who directly ascended to the Seventh Order.


Without the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilising Pill, it was likely that some would fail in their breakthrough; however, over the years, there had not been a single disciple from Void Dao Temple who suffered such a fate. This was largely thanks to the efficacy of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilising Pills.


Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner. 


On the other hand, Yang Kai had arrived at the Territory Gate of High Heaven Territory. Security was extremely tight here, with several Eighth-Order Masters personally guarding the portal with a Purifying Black Ink Battleship sealed with a large amount of Purifying Light on standby.


High Heaven Territory and the New Great Territory were now the most important rear bases for the Human Race and the foundation of their existence. Their importance was equivalent to the control of the No-Return Pass by the Black Ink Clan.


As the only gateway in and out of these Territories, this Territory Gate naturally received the highest level of attention and was highly guarded. The Purifying Black Ink Battleship stationed there could prevent any Black Ink Disciples from infiltrating, and all soldiers returning from the front lines, regardless of their cultivation, had to pass through it.


Yang Kai walked over without hiding his tracks. The Eighth-Order Masters guarding the area naturally noticed his aura, and each of them became suspicious and uncertain.


There were only a few Ninth-Order Masters among the Human Race, and all of them were well-known and usually leading an Army to fight the Black Ink Clan. Therefore, it was natural for them to be puzzled by the sudden appearance of another Ninth-Order Master in the rear area.


The group of Eighth-Order Masters quickly gathered together and waited attentively.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai’s figure appeared in their sight that one of the Eighth-Order Masters suddenly realised, “It’s him!”


Saying so, he showed a happy expression and took the initiative to welcome Yang Kai.


As he approached, he cupped his fist and said, “Yang… I suddenly don’t know how to address you…”


He was much older than Yang Kai in terms of age and was also a seasoned veteran Eighth-Order Master. They had met each other a few times before, and he had always addressed Yang Kai as Junior Brother. But now that Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order, calling him Junior Brother seemed inappropriate…


Besides, his seniority was much higher than Yang Kai’s, so calling him Sir was also quite inappropriate. After a moment of consideration, this Eighth-Order Master called out, “Army Commander Yang!”


In terms of titles, Yang Kai was still Army Commander of the Profound Nether Army, though currently, Ou Yang Lie was taking charge of it. However, as long as the Supreme Headquarters didn’t issue a clear transfer order, Yang Kai would always be the Army Commander of Profound Nether Army.


Yang Kai recognized the person and greeted him, “Senior Brother Hai!”


After all, they did meet each other a few times, so Yang Kai had some impression of this veteran Eighth-Order Master before him.


Qi Hai’s heart warmed as Yang Kai addressed him as Senior Brother, obviously trying to avoid the awkwardness of addressing him according to their cultivations. In the past, there was no need for such a thing as all Ninth-Order Masters had lived for countless years, with intimidating seniority and status, so the title of Old Ancestor was appropriate.


But now, the situation was different. Yang Kai had just ascended to the Ninth-Order Realm, and in the future, there would be more rising stars reaching that height as well. The title of ‘Old Ancestor’ would no longer be suitable for the new generations.


At this moment, many Eighth-Order Masters had gathered around. Whether they knew Yang Kai or not, they had already guessed his identity and bowed respectfully. The eyes of the younger-generation Eighth-Order Masters were full of admiration and awe when they looked at Yang Kai.


Even as they took their first steps on their Martial Dao, Yang Kai’s name had been famous, and many aspired to become like him. Now, he stood before them as a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, causing them all to secretly marvel that legends were indeed legends…


Yang Kai was just passing through, and he wasn’t familiar with the many Eighth-Order Masters here, so there wasn’t much to talk about. After being routinely questioned by Qi Hai, he quickly departed.


Passing through the Territory Gate, he arrived at the nearby Great Territory and headed straight for the Universe Fragment where the Supreme Headquarters was located.


Soon, the Universe Fragment was in sight. At a glance, there were figures on it, and many Masters gathered around, busy doing who knew what.


In the Main Conference Hall, Mi Jing Lun was studying the situation of the various battlefields and discussing corresponding plans with many staff members. The staff members had different thoughts and often argued over some details, but ultimately, Mi Jing Lun was the one to make the final decision. The entire hall was bustling like a crowded marketplace.


Suddenly, Mi Jing Lun turned and looked outside.


The staff members who were arguing were immediately silenced, looking at him with surprise and suspicion.


“This is…” Mi Jing Lun frowned and took a few steps forward, coming outside the Main Hall. As he looked up, he saw a stream of light swiftly approaching from the void, appearing before him in the blink of an eye. Then, the stream of light dispersed, revealing a familiar figure.


Looking at the person who had suddenly appeared before him, Mi Jing Lun couldn’t help but blink his eyes, thinking he was imagining things.


Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fist, “Senior Brother Mi!”


Following Mi Jing Lun, the other staff members became slightly shocked as well and then began to stir, with low cries ringing out. 


“It’s Yang Kai!”


“Senior Yang has returned!”



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