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Martial Peak – Chapter 5832, Joining the Fight

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The battle was intense, and with each passing moment, more lives were lost on both sides. The other Eighth-Order Masters saw the predicament that Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others had fallen into and they were beside themselves with worry, but they were all occupied with their own opponents and could not lend a hand.


After just moments of clashing, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others’ frenzied strength was beginning to weaken.


For the sake of killing Jiang Chi, the Eighth-Order Masters had unleashed their most powerful Secret Techniques, but these methods were similar to Yang Kai’s Soul Rending Thorn in that they not only harmed their enemy, but also themselves. Alas, they failed to kill Jiang Chi in time and were now injured themselves, so it was challenging for them to continue putting up a fight.


Even so, the Eighth-Order Masters were determined to fight to the end.


Jiang Chi and Hu Yu seemed to have noticed this as well and were no longer in a rush. They remained defensive the whole time to prolong the fight as they were waiting for Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others to expend all their strength before dealing the final, crushing blow. This was the safest way for them to proceed with this battle. After many years of clashing against the Humans, they had garnered numerous experiences and learned the hard way to never underestimate their enemy, especially when they were desperate.


Many a time, the Humans who were on the verge of defeat were able to unleash startlingly powerful attacks at the very last breath, just before perishing. If the Pseudo-Royal Lords were not careful, there was a high chance that they could end up with an unexpected failure instead of a complete victory.


Such incidents had happened numerous times in the past.


Thus, even Jiang Chi, who was heavily injured, was able to remain patient and quell his ferocious murderous intent. He did not allow his rage to overpower his reason.


Amidst the devastation across the battlefield, an undetectable silhouette was rushing unnoticed towards Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others.


Yang Kai, now a Ninth-Order Master, was using Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to stealthily infiltrate the battlefield. It was highly unlikely that a true Royal Lord would be able to sense his approach, let alone these Pseudo-Royal Lords.


This Innate Divine Ability was incredibly useful; for instance, inside the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai had used it to snatch the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill away from the Chaos Spirit King.


However, despite its usefulness, there was still a disadvantage. When Yang Kai was using it, he could not use Space Principles for as soon as he did, he could no longer conceal himself.


That being said, it was not a bad trade-off as he was immensely powerful now and could move at great speed even without Instantaneous Movement.


When the Purifying Black Ink Battleship exploded, it caused a huge commotion with Purifying Light lighting up half the battlefield. Yang Kai’s attention had naturally been drawn to it right away, so he immediately noticed the situation.


Knowing that Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others were in a perilous position, he did not waste a single breath as he rushed to their aid.


Yang Kai avoided all the fights between the two Armies and in just over a dozen breaths of time, he arrived at the part of the battlefield where Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others were clashing with the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


At the moment, the Eighth-Order Masters’ strength had greatly diminished. Hu Yu knew that now was his chance to strike, so he charged at the Humans and threw a punch with his full force, delivering a shock to the Humans as their strength declined at once. 


To make matters worse, as the Humans’ injuries were piling up and their auras had grown unstable. Even the Battle Formation was beginning to show signs of cracking.


The Eighth-Order Masters’ hearts sank. There were two reasons why they could put up a fight against the two Pseudo-Royal Lords until now. The first was that Jiang Chi and Hu Yu were being cautious in their attacks, but secondly, and more importantly, they were relying on their Battle Formation. They had formed a Six Paths Formation which allowed them to combine their strengths as one.


However, if the Battle Formation broke, they would no longer be able to pose a threat to the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Jiang Chi was already seething with rage because the Humans had managed to severely injure him earlier, so when he saw the situation now, he knew he could not let this chance slip away from him. He stopped acting passively and instead followed up Hu Yu’s attack with a powerful Secret Technique of his own that hurled straight towards the Humans.


Someone of his strength and power would certainly have enough discernment to strike at the most opportune moment.


As Black Ink Strength loomed over them, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others were now in an even more precarious situation. The Battle Formation that they tried so hard to maintain was on the verge of crumbling apart.


“They can’t hold out any longer!” Hu Yu noticed what was happening and growled, “Kill!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he began charging towards Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others murderously; however, at that very moment, he had a strange feeling. His senses tingled with the warning of danger and alarms seemed to ring in his head. He then seemed to hear the churning of a river rushing towards him…


[What’s that?] Hu Yu was confused, but soon really saw a rampaging river appear out of nowhere and crash down on him. He instinctively tried to move away, but all at once, space solidified around him and he could not escape.


Once the river washed over him, Hu Yu disappeared.


Jiang Chi jumped in fright at the abrupt turn of events. He looked over to see what was happening, but all he saw was a massive river cutting through the void. As the currents surged along the great river, he could vaguely see Hu Yu’s figure struggling within, but once one of the waves came crashing down, the figure disappeared.


All at once, Jiang Chi’s scalp grew numb and his hair raised on end as he spotted the figure standing in front of the great river.


One look and he knew who this was.


[Yang Kai!]


It was the killing star, the one whose name was known far and wide among both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, the one who made the Black Ink Clan suffer countless terrible losses over the last few thousand years!


Jiang Chi had never met Yang Kai in person before. He was one of the many Innate Territory Lords who managed to sneak out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, and upon his arrival at the No-Return Pass, he hibernated in a Black Ink Nest to recuperate from his injuries. That went on until a few centuries ago when the war broke out in full between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. Under Mo Yu’s command, many of the Innate Territory Lords used the Source Fusion Technique to create a large group of Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal with the Ninth-Order Masters. Jiang Chi was fortunate enough to survive the process and become a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


Thus, he had only heard of Yang Kai and how terrifying he was.


He was only able to recognise Yang Kai because Mo Na Ye had once shown Yang Kai’s face and image to all the Black Ink Clansmen before they were sent out.


Even now, Jiang Chi could still recall Mo Na Ye’s instructions. If they were to encounter this person on the battlefield, their first priority should be to flee. However, if they could not flee, they were to do their best to take on Yang Kai in groups, and under no circumstances were they to fight him alone as they would not be able to hold their own against him.


At the time, Jiang Chi did not think much of it. Based on the information the Black Ink Clan received, Yang Kai was sealed up inside the Universe Furnace and would most likely only be able to leave the next time it opened; thus, what were his chances of running into this Human on the battlefield?


All along, Jiang Chi thought that Mo Na Ye was panicking over nothing. Nevertheless, Mo Na Ye was a true Royal Lord, so as a Pseudo-Royal Lord himself, he could not make any objections.


Despite thinking that there was very little chance of running into the Human killing star, Jiang Chi did not look down on Yang Kai’s strength.


Multiple Pseudo-Royal Lords died at Yang Kai’s hands after he became a Ninth-Order Master inside the Universe Furnace. Even a true Royal Lord had fallen to the killing star. None of this information had been kept a secret, so naturally, Jiang Chi heard about everything.


However, he never thought that the impossible would happen right in front of him.


The killing star, who was supposed to be confined to the Universe Furnace, had appeared on the E-5 Territory battlefield, and as soon as he showed up, he used some kind of mysterious ability to incapacitate Hu Yu.


[He has his eyes on me now!]


Jiang Chi felt chills running down his spine. The cold look in the eyes of his opponent made him feel as if death itself was staring at him.


Just as the wheels in Jiang Chi’s mind finished spinning, Yang Kai hoisted the spear in his hand and thrust it out. A torrent of spear shadows instantly loomed over Jiang Chi’s head!


Jiang Chi had been extremely wary of the strange river where Hu Yu had vanished, but he did not expect Yang Kai to forego using it against him; thus, he was completely unprepared for the attack.


He had no way of retaliating against the sudden attack. If he had been at his peak, he might have been able to hold out against Yang Kai for a little while, but he had been gravely injured by the Purifying Light that burst forth when the Purifying Black Ink Battleship exploded; thus, he was no match at the moment.


Black blood splattered everywhere as Jiang Chi gasped in agony. He stumbled backwards from the onslaught of never-ending attacks. No matter how much strength he tried to muster, he could not do anything to block his opponent.


A few short breaths later, Jiang Chi froze in place, his eyes wide with terror and bitterness.


Yang Kai casually raised his spear with one hand before jabbing it through Jiang Chi’s chest. The spear jerked and unleashed a ferocious force that turned the Pseudo-Royal Lord into a cloud of blood mist.


It had been less than 10 breaths of time since Yang Kai’s sudden appearance, but in that time, he managed to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord while restraining another.


Meanwhile, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others had come to terms with their impending deaths and were about to make one last attempt to gravely injure their opponents; but now, they were simply standing to the side in complete shock…


They were all struck with disbelief.


[How did he… show up here?]


However, they quickly snapped out of it as they filled up with renewed energy. Regardless of why he came, the fact that he was here meant that the Black Ink Clan in E-5 Territory were doomed.


After dealing with the two Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai glanced at Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others. When he confirmed that there was no threat to their lives despite their depleted strength and serious injuries, he was able to relax and nod lightly to them before his figure vanished.


After witnessing Yang Kai summoning the Space-Time River to confine Hu Yu and slaughtering Jiang Chi right after, Masters across the battlefield, be they Humans or Black Ink Clansmen, were shaken to their core.


The sudden eruption of a Ninth-Order Master’s strength was akin to a brilliant sun that illuminated the darkness of the chaotic battlefield.


Furthermore, it was accompanied by the disturbance of the death of a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


The Humans’ spirits soared! Even though they had no clue which Master had come to their aid, they knew for certain that it was a Ninth-Order Master.


On the other hand, those from the Black Ink Clan were petrified and filled with dread.


[Since that Human killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord that quickly, it’s probably one of the two Old Ancestors, right?] Though the other Ninth-Order Masters were powerful as well, they had only recently reached the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it was impossible for them to unleash a force this imposing.


The Black Ink Clan Masters were busy making their guesses when all of a sudden, a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s furious yet terrified roar rang out from a corner of the battlefield, “Yang Kai!?”


As soon as the Pseudo-Royal Lord managed to get the name out, his aura vanished. No one knew what happened to him.


All at once, all from the Black Ink Clan fell into a stunned daze.


It would not have been as serious of a situation if either Xiao Xiao or Wu Qing had come. Though these two veteran Ninth-Order Masters were stronger than the other Ninth-Order Humans, the Black Ink Clan was still able to deal with them; after all, the Pseudo-Royal Lords had a lot of experience going up against the Ninth-Order Masters by now. By forming a Three Fortunes Formation with three Pseudo-Royal Lords, they could put up a fight against any Ninth-Order Master.


However, if it was Yang Kai who came, then things were going to be a lot more difficult for them.



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