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Martial Peak – Chapter 5833, A Show of Strength

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The roar of shock and bewilderment echoed across the void, startling the Black Ink Clan.


Yang Kai’s fame preceded him, and out of all the Ninth-Order Masters, the Black Ink Clan was most afraid of him, the one who should have been confined inside the Universe Furnace right now.


Though they had no clue as to how he managed to escape, he did indeed show up here.


Following the cry of fury and alarm, the aura of yet another Pseudo-Royal Lord disappeared without a trace. It did not seem as if he had died; instead, it was as though he was isolated somewhere and his aura became undetectable.


“Formations! Get into Battle Formations!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord roared. The Pseudo-Royal Lords then swiftly withdrew from the fights they were in to gather among themselves.


The Red Flame Army did not have a Ninth-Order Master among their ranks, so most of the time, the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not team up into Formations. Although they could form a Three Fortunes Formation, usually, they would only do so if they were under some kind of pressure from the situation they were in. They were under no such threat in E-5 Territory, so they mostly chose to fight alone. This allowed them to occupy the attention of even more Eighth-Order Masters, and it also gave them more freedom to move around.


However, a real threat had arrived and they were immediately under great pressure; so naturally, they chose to link up their auras and quickly form Three Fortunes Formations. This allowed them to feel a little more secure.


Nearly 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords had been sent to E-5 Territory. Their high number explained why the Red Flame Army failed to claim this Territory despite being a mighty army with the finest fighters and arms, assisted by numerous powerful Divine Spirits. 


Now that most of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had formed Battle Formations, there were two of them remaining who could not form one and were stuck in an awkward predicament.


A Battle Formation could not be formed with just two Pseudo-Royal Lords, but there was no other Pseudo-Royal Lord around to form a trio with them. It was as if they had been abandoned by their allies. They felt annoyed and resentful for having been too slow.


Nevertheless, they had their wits about them still. Since they could not form a Battle Formation, they immediately withdrew from the battlefield and moved to the rear.


Once the Pseudo-Royal Lords had their Battle Formations to rely upon, they felt more confident; however, when they looked around and saw what was happening in front of them, their expressions morphed into shock and terror.


Yang Kai was cutting across the battlefield without hiding himself at all. He had a long, meandering river around him that was like a massive Dragon swimming through the void. Wherever he went, the great river surged and its currents washed over countless Black Ink Clansmen, all of whom disappeared as a result. On the other hand, even if some Humans were entangled with the captured Black Ink Clansmen, they were completely unaffected.


No one could stand in Yang Kai’s way. Even the Territory Lords could not defend themselves from the rampaging river.


Yang Kai was single-handedly carving out a path through the intense battlefield!


[What the Hell is that thing?!]


All the Pseudo-Royal Lords were thunderstruck by the river that was circling around Yang Kai. They were formidable Masters in their own right, but even though they had such power, they did not have the confidence that they could cut through the battlefield this easily; after all, the Humans were not pushovers.


However, Yang Kai was doing what they could not. He did not stop moving and did not have to do anything else either. He simply relied on that strange river to accomplish this feat!


The Pseudo-Royal Lords could not help but recall the information Mo Na Ye had provided in the past. When Yang Kai was inside the Universe Furnace, he used a strange river to kill multiple Pseudo-Royal Lords. It seemed to be a river that was formed by a multitude of Dao Strengths. Falling into the river was essentially a death sentence.


Yang Kai was rushing about, seemingly charging straight at the Pseudo-Royal Lords, causing them to feel trepidatious.


They knew that they could not defend themselves from Yang Kai’s attacks, but as Pseudo-Royal Lords, they could not allow themselves to flee at the mere sight of him either; after all, they should be able to put up a fight against him now!


After composing themselves, the Pseudo-Royal Lords began communicating with each other, and they soon came up with a strategy.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai, who was flying across the battlefield, was feeling a little helpless. Initially, he wanted to use Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to sneak up on the Pseudo-Royal Lords. With the difference in strength between him and a Pseudo-Royal Lord, as well as the help of Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, he would certainly be able to kill them off one by one. Anyone he had his eyes on would not be able to escape.


He did not need to kill too many, just a third of them would do.


However, he was forced to expose himself in order to save Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others, and now that he had summoned the Space-Time River, there was no way he could hide his presence any longer.


That being said, the Space-Time River proved to be highly effective on this battlefield with massive numbers on both sides. Even though the size of his Space-Time River could not compare with the Infinite River that flowed through the Universe Furnace World, it was still quite expansive. Wherever the river flowed, Yang Kai could clear the place in a flash as all from the Black Ink Clansmen would be sucked into the river.


With so many violent Dao Strengths filling the Space-Time River, most of the Black Ink Clansmen died the moment they fell into it. Even the few stronger ones could only barely survive for a few breaths.


In just a few moments, Yang Kai had cut across the entire battlefield. He instantly saw three Pseudo-Royal Lords in a Battle Formation charging over to him while even more of them were trying to come around from the sides.


Yang Kai did not care about the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were taking the longer route; instead, he met the three in front of him head-on.


Chills ran down the spines of the three. It took a lot of courage for them to face off against the killing star. They were only able to muster up the courage to do so because they were now Pseudo-Royal Lords and had allies of similar strength to back them up. When they saw Yang Kai rushing towards them, they had to force down their urge to run away as they desperately began hurling powerful Secret Techniques at him.


Yang Kai did not attempt to dodge these attacks at all. The dark bolts of light all shot into the Space-Time River, causing the waves to become even more turbulent as it churned with great ferocity, but Yang Kai remained unscathed.


The distance between them continued to shorten, and all of a sudden, Yang Kai lunged forward. He abruptly appeared near the three Pseudo-Royal Lords and eyed them coldly as he sneered, “You’re quite bold!”


He made a grabbing motion and was somehow able to hold the Space-Time River in his hand. With a quick, forceful flick, the great river seemed to turn into a long whip that closed in around the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.


They never thought that the Space-Time River could take on a new form in such a strange way. As they were caught off guard, they could not avoid the river whip. The Dao Strengths swirled around them and cut into their flesh and Souls. Their Battle Formation, which had been weak in the first place, instantly crumbled apart!


An enormous wave crashed down upon the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, and they were all sucked into the Space-Time River.


Filled with terror, they immediately tried to resist and drag themselves out of the Space-Time River, but it was as if the waters had turned into quicksand. No matter how hard they struggled, it did them no good. Waves of Dao Strengths continued to crash down on them and, one by one, their struggling silhouettes disappeared into the depths of the river.


After a brief encounter with Yang Kai, all three Pseudo-Royal Lords vanished and there was no way of ascertaining whether or not they were even alive or dead…


When the other Pseudo-Royal Lords saw what happened, their hair stood on end and they were chilled to the bone.


After many years of battle experience, the Black Ink Clan confirmed that a Battle Formation of three Pseudo-Royal Lords was powerful enough to take on a Ninth-Order Master. All of the current Ninth-Order Masters, be it the new ones or the older, more experienced ones, could not do much against three Pseudo-Royal Lords in a Battle Formation.


Even though a trio of Pseudo-Royal Lords would not be able to defeat a Ninth-Order Master either, they were still enough to keep the latter occupied.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were fully aware of Yang Kai’s terrifying reputation, and they had also done their best to avoid underestimating him; thus, when they noticed his presence, they all abandoned their original opponents and formed Battle Formations before attempting to take him on. They wanted to rely on the strength of all the Pseudo-Royal Lords combined to deal with Yang Kai.


They knew Yang Kai had his Space Secret Techniques which allowed him to escape from a losing fight, but they were also willing to accept the possibility of simply driving him off.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords never imagined that Yang Kai’s formidability in battle and the horror of going up against him would far exceed their estimations.


As soon as the three Pseudo-Royal Lords crossed paths with him, they were immediately lost to the great river, their fates completely unknown…


The Pseudo-Royal Lords began wondering whether they could truly take on such an opponent.


Yang Kai did not waste any time. He swivelled around and began charging at another group of three Pseudo-Royal Lords who no longer had the guts to face him head-on. They had just seen what happened to their fellow Pseudo-Royal Lords earlier and were not keen on sharing the same end.


Therefore, after a brief moment of hesitation, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords split up and started fleeing in three different directions.


Yang Kai was amused as he roared, “Where are you trying to run?!”


He dragged the Space-Time River with one hand and rushed after one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords. When the latter turned around and saw this, he immediately panicked.


The three Pseudo-Royal Lords had scattered to escape on their own, so he had no idea why he was the unlucky one who was now targeted by the killing star. He could not hesitate for even a single moment as he quickly used a life-saving Secret Technique, spitting out a huge mouthful of black blood as his speed dramatically increased.


All at once, the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ attempt to surround and confine Yang Kai had been negated. They lost all their will to fight after seeing the first group of Pseudo-Royal Lords vanishing into the Space-Time River. The Pseudo-Royal Lord that Yang Kai had his eye on was not the only one who was trying to flee now. All the other Pseudo-Royal Lords were running off as well. They were afraid that Yang Kai would turn around and hunt them down next.


As Yang Kai went after the Pseudo-Royal Lord, he had to focus on using his might to quell the commotion inside the Space-Time River.


Meanwhile, out on the battlefield, without the Pseudo-Royal Lords to aid in combat and lead the battle, the Black Ink Clan Army was severely weakened. The Eighth-Order Masters and the Divine Spirits naturally seized this chance to cut into the enemy lines.


Soon, the battle that had been a virtual stalemate for years dramatically tipped in favour of one side. The Humans had the upper hand, whereas the Black Ink Clan was losing miserably.


The leaders of the Eastern, Southern, Western, and Northern Armies made the most of this opportunity. Orders went out to all four Armies that made up the Red Flame Army, and they charged onto the battlefield to secure a landslide victory by wiping out the Black Ink Clan.


In just half a day, the Black Ink Clan Army had been routed and the scattered handfuls of survivors quickly retreated towards their stronghold. Alas, the Humans were not going to let this chance slip away from them.


The Commanders made the call and the Red Flame Army hunted down the remaining Black Ink Clansmen. They were able to slaughter many along the way, and Black Ink Strength that escaped from the dead corpses seemed to fill nearly half the void.


It was an overwhelming victory for the Red Flame Army, and they only stopped the chase once they were half a day’s travel away from the Black Ink Clan’s main base.



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