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Martial Peak – Chapter 5834, Slaughter

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As the battle came to an end, the Red Flame Army at last tasted victory that had long eluded them. Many lives had been sacrificed in the process, but even so, they could not hide their joy.


The Army Commanders gave the order and everyone began cleaning up the battlefield. Universe Fragments were dragged over and a temporary base was created in the void. The Human Race Army gathered at the spot which was directly opposite the Black Ink Clan’s main base in the distance.


The two bases were only half a day’s travel apart, so the stronger Masters with keener eyesight could even see what was happening inside their enemy’s stronghold.


They could tell that the Black Ink Clan was on high alert. Now and then, the aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord would flicker and flash. It was as if the Black Ink Clan was trying to scare the Humans, but that only proved that they were putting up a strong front.


Throughout the war, the Red Flame Army reclaimed many Great Territories, but they faced the most resistance in E-5 Territory by far. In the previous Great Territories, the Black Ink Clan rarely engaged the Humans in large-scale battles. It was almost as if they surrendered without much of a fight.


The Red Flame Army had suffered many losses throughout the decade of war in E-5 Territory, but in the battle today, they managed to deal a crushing blow to the Black Ink Clan Army and slaughter many of their Masters. The Humans were thrilled, and they were even more excited because it seemed as if a Ninth-Order Master was joining them!


All along, the Red Flame Army and five other Armies did not have a Ninth-Order Master assuming command, leaving them deeply envious of the Azure Sun Army, the Profound Nether Army, and others with Ninth-Order Masters leading them. The presence or absence of a Ninth-Order Master made things feel entirely different. Having a Ninth-Order Master made them feel as if they were children who were well-loved and cared for, and not having one made them feel like orphans that no one cared about.


Nevertheless, they soon regrouped and prepared themselves for the next battle.


On a Universe Fragment that was just 10,000 kilometres away from the temporary base, Yang Kai sat cross-legged with the Space-Time River weaving around him.


The long river was churning with a violent undercurrent that sent tumultuous waves crashing all over.


This could not be helped as the river was currently suppressing five Pseudo-Royal Lords. Even with the power that Yang Kai had now, this was his limit.


During the battle, he first used the Space-Time River to restrain Hu Yu before killing Jiang Chi who was already heavily injured. Then, he used the Space-Time River to suck up the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who charged at him. He already felt the pressure when there were four of them inside there. The Pseudo-Royal Lords would not just stand idly by and allow themselves to die inside the Space-Time River. They kept struggling relentlessly and Yang Kai had to dedicate a large amount of his strength and focus to keep them suppressed.


Witnessing Yang Kai suppress and capture three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been in a Battle Formation in one go, the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords became terrified and began fleeing. In reality, if they had chosen to gang up on Yang Kai at that moment, he would have had to flee from them at once too.


Approximately two-thirds of Yang Kai’s strength was currently being used to quell the commotion inside the Space-Time River. Even he could not hold his own against that many formidable opponents.


Still, the Black Ink Clan had never witnessed such a bizarre method before. They were frightened by the way the three Pseudo-Royal Lords disappeared after simply coming face-to-face with Yang Kai.


Thus, knowing how fearsome Yang Kai was, they did not have the guts to stick around anymore and they immediately ran off.


The last Pseudo-Royal Lord that Yang Kai targeted did not manage to escape either. Yang Kai had purposely delayed for a little while before swallowing that Pseudo-Royal Lord up with the river, allowing the others to think they had gotten away on their own as opposed to him not being able to go after them.


Therefore, there were five Pseudo-Royal Lords sealed up inside the Space-Time River right now, and around four-fifths of Yang Kai’s strength was tied up suppressing them. If that had not been the case, he would have charged straight into the Black Ink Clan’s stronghold by now rather than letting them delay the inevitable.


Silhouettes began moving swiftly from the Humans’ temporary base towards Yang Kai’s position. The four Army Commanders of the Red Flame Army’s Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Armies were in the lead, and they were followed by over a dozen powerful Divine Spirits.


When this group came over and saw Yang Kai with the Space-Time River around him, reverence coloured their expressions.


“Greetings, Sir!” Everyone bowed in greeting.


Yang Kai smiled and raised his hand, “At ease.”


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua was pale-faced as he and the other Eighth-Order Masters had been injured during their earlier fight when Jiang Chi and Hu Yu came to attack them. They would have surely met their doom if Yang Kai had not come to their rescue at the last moment.


Now that Yang Kai had summoned the various Army and Division Commanders, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua did not waste any time recuperating from his injuries and immediately rushed over with everyone else.


In terms of age and generational seniority, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua was far above Yang Kai; however, in this chaotic world where many geniuses were born, a person’s strength determined their authority.


Zuo Qiu Yang thanked Yang Kai for saving his life before asking, “Why did you call us over, Sir?”


“To kill the enemy!” Yang Kai smiled faintly.


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua immediately turned his eyes to the Space-Time River. He already guessed as much when he came over and spotted the Space-Time River still flowing about, and Yang Kai’s words confirmed it for him.


He was not the only one who figured this out as it was far too obvious. All of them could see that a struggling figure would occasionally be visible within the Space-Time River. It was clear that the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were confined inside were not about to go down without a fight.


It dawned on the crowd that though the strange river was useful when it came to restraining enemies, it was not strong enough to take the lives of Pseudo-Royal Lords.


There was no reason for them to hesitate, so the Eighth-Order Masters and Divine Spirits immediately formed Battle Formations and prepared themselves.


Once they were all in position, Yang Kai raised his hand, and in the very next breath, a figure stormed back out of the Space-Time River.


It was Hu Yu, the first one who had been suppressed inside the river. As soon as he appeared, brutal attacks were launched at him from all directions before he could even grasp what was happening.


Hu Yu was terrified and quickly tried to defend himself, but how could he react in time? Even though a Pseudo-Royal Lord was immensely powerful, the combined strength of nearly 100 Eighth-Order Masters and Divine Spirits was not something he was capable of resisting even at his peak.


Thus, in the face of the avalanche of attacks, Hu Yu exploded into a cloud of blood before he could even cry out in agony.


Many of the Humans were stunned at this sight. After so many years of battling against the Black Ink Clan, it was their first time killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and they had done it so easily too. They could not help but feel as if they were dreaming…


Then again, even a true Ninth-Order Master would not necessarily be able to withstand the attacks of that many Masters, let alone a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


Hu Yu was dead, but Yang Kai did not stop there. The Space-Time River rippled once more and another figure stumbled out. Similarly, he was greeted with a barrage of ferocious attacks from all directions.


The Black Ink Clan’s base camp was situated on a large Universe Fragment that was covered in Black Ink Nests. Their remaining forces had all gathered together and their hearts were heavy with dread.


The killing star was back!


In this battle, the Black Ink Clan lost six Pseudo-Royal Lords and countless other Masters.


Even though they managed to flee back to their stronghold, the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not feel secure at all. The thought of Yang Kai’s earlier display made them extremely fearful.


The strange river seemed to contain a mysterious power that they could not deal with. Now that the Army had suffered a crushing defeat, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were beside themselves with worry as they did not know what to do next.


Previously, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who numbered almost 20 in total had gathered here under Mo Na Ye’s orders to decimate the Red Flame Army by killing as many Human Race Masters as possible.


Everything had been going according to plan. The Black Ink Clan had been in control of the battle as they had the strength of a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords backing them, so they were certain they would achieve their goal in just a few more years.


However, everything fell apart thanks to the arrival of a single Human!


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who fled back to their stronghold held a simple discussion. They quickly decided to send news regarding Yang Kai’s arrival back to the No-Return Pass.


In reality, they wanted to immediately retreat, but they dared not leave the area without Mo Na Ye’s orders, so they had no choice but to group together and watch out for any possible attacks on them.


“When Sir Mo Na Ye came back from the Universe Furnace, he brought back some information regarding Yang Kai, including information about that peculiar river. Sir Mo Na Ye said the river seems to be made out of Yang Kai’s Dao Strengths. It can be used to attack or defend and is incredibly effective when used to restrain opponents. So, even though they were captured, they could still be alive.” All was quiet and sombre when a Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly spoke up. He had an Ox-Head with two horns sticking out. It was as if he did not completely assume Human Form yet.


“They’ve fallen into the hands of the killing star. Does being dead or not make a difference?” One of the Pseudo-Royal Lords retorted darkly.


“What I meant is, since they’re not dead, should we try to rescue them?” The Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord asked.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords all turned towards the Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord at once. It was as if they were staring at a lunatic. [We barely managed to escape from that killing star! It’s good enough that he didn’t chase us down, so how can you even think about trying to pick a fight with him? Do you have a death wish?]


They were all once Innate Territory Lords who became Pseudo-Royal Lords with the help of the Source Fusion Technique. They had all experienced a narrow brush with death in the process, so they cherished their lives even more than the ordinary Black Ink Clansmen. None of them dared to agree with the Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord’s suggestion. 


The Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord frowned, “Although Yang Kai is strong, if this many of us Pseudo-Royal Lords join hands, I don’t think we need to fear him. I studied the situation earlier. Even though that river is strange, it’s not impossible to get around it. Yang Kai should be at his limit keeping five Pseudo-Royal Lords confined inside the river. Jiang Chi was killed, but Hu Yu and the others are still alive. If we don’t rescue them, how are we to explain ourselves to Sir Mo Yu and Sir Mo Na Ye if they question us about this?”


The Pseudo-Royal Lords felt exasperated by what he was saying, but they could not refute him either; nevertheless, none of them felt willing to go up against the killing star.


“Furthermore, rescuing them is also a way for us to protect ourselves. By rescuing them, we will strengthen our side and stand a better chance if we must fight Yang Kai in the future,” the Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord added.


One of the Pseudo-Royal Lords agreed, “He has a point. If we don’t rescue them, we’ll be in a disastrous situation the moment Yang Kai comes after us.”


Thus, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were caught between two hard choices. On one hand, they did not dare to mount a rescue attempt. The bizarre tactics that Yang Kai had previously used were far too frightening. On the other hand, if they did not try to rescue the captured Pseudo-Royal Lords, those five were surely doomed, and once Yang Kai was freed up again, he would turn his attention back on the rest of them.


However, before the Pseudo-Royal Lords could come to an agreement on what to do, the extinguishing of a top Master’s vitality reverberated across the void.


Even though there was quite a distance between the two bases, the Pseudo-Royal Lords picked up on the commotion with crystal clarity.


“That was Hu Yu…” the Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord turned in the direction the commotion had come from, and he could not help but sigh, “There’s no point going over now.”


Since the Humans had started their slaughter, it was already too late.


True enough, they began sensing the deaths of even more Pseudo-Royal Lords. Each death caused a huge disturbance, and in short order, the fallout occurred five times…


This meant that the five captured Pseudo-Royal Lords had all been executed.


All at once, the surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords could not help but feel grief over the lives that had been lost as it could have very easily been them who suffered this fate.



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