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Martial Peak – Chapter 5835, Hit and Run

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After sensing the deaths of five Pseudo-Royal Lords, the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been lucky enough to survive huddled together on the Universe Fragment where the Black Ink Clan’s base was. It was hard to describe what they were feeling as questions ran through their minds. [Isn’t the killing star supposed to be confined inside the Universe Furnace? Why did he show up here out of the blue? How did he manage to get out?]


Regardless of how Yang Kai, who was now a Ninth-Order Master, managed to leave the Universe Furnace, he was bound to be a great threat to the Black Ink Clan. Upon showing up at E-5 Territory, he swung the battle wildly in the Humans’ favour and the Black Ink Clan Army suffered tremendous losses.


The deaths of their clansmen filled their hearts with dread. The Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord squared his chest and said, “Yang Kai is back and none of us can challenge him one-on-one. Even if we form Battle Formations, we might not be able to gain the upper hand when he has that strange river of his. Now that Hu Yu and the rest are dead, Yang Kai will surely seek us out. From now on, we must always travel in groups. No one is to move around alone. We cannot let him get even the slightest chance of attacking us. As for what we’re going to do next… Well, let’s wait for Sir Mo Na Ye’s orders. What do you say?”


All the Pseudo-Royal Lords swiftly nodded in agreement. Grouping up was the only way they could feel a little more secure when they were up against an opponent as strong as Yang Kai and all his peculiar methods.


Now that they were all on the same page, the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not dare to venture away from each other. They gathered together and used their Divine Senses to scan the surrounding area, constantly keeping their guard up against Yang Kai.


Back at the Humans’ temporary base, after killing the five Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been captured, Yang Kai flicked the Space-Time River one last time and countless dead bodies were thrown out.


These were the other Black Ink Clansmen who had been pulled into the Space-Time River earlier.


Pseudo-Royal Lords who were caught inside the Space-Time River could still use their immense power to defend themselves from the torrent of Dao Strengths, but the others who were not as powerful could not do likewise. Even the Territory Lords who had fallen into the river could only survive for a few moments while the weaker ones died as soon as they were sucked in.


During Yang Kai’s dash across the battlefield, over a million Black Ink Clan Soldiers had been swept into the Space-Time River. The dead bodies that fell out created a mountainous pile that made the Eighth-Order Masters and Divine Spirits feel their scalps numbing.


They sighed in awe. Yang Kai had already been known for his fearsomeness when he was just an Eighth-Order Master. Now that he was a Ninth-Order Master, they were certain that he was the most powerful Master among the Humans as they doubted that any other Ninth-Order Master had the ability to decimate as many enemies as he did.


“Wait here, everyone. I’ll be right back,” Yang Kai instructed, putting away the Space-Time River before standing up and taking a step and vanishing.


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others had been waiting to ask Yang Kai what they should do next, but since he had given the word, they could only wait patiently, though they were puzzled as to what Yang Kai was doing.


However, they soon found out what Yang Kai was up to.


A great chaotic explosion burst forth from the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s base. Everyone’s attention was drawn to it as they saw flashes of Secret Techniques shooting in all directions. They even heard the sounds of Yang Kai’s laughter and the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ roars of fear and anger…


The Eighth-Order Masters and Divine Spirits were dumbstruck!


[He went to attack the Black Ink Clan’s base alone!? Just how fearless is he?!] 


They could not help but feel nervous on Yang Kai’s behalf. Even though Yang Kai had exhibited unparalleled strength in the earlier battle by killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord and capturing five others, the Black Ink Clan still had over a dozen other Pseudo-Royal Lords. Now that they had all gathered at their stronghold, they would surely be vigilant against any possible attacks. Would Yang Kai really be able to do something by charging over there alone?


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were not pushovers, after all. The great success of the earlier battle could be largely attributed to the Black Ink Clan’s lack of defence against Yang Kai. It was their first time dealing with Yang Kai as a Ninth-Order Master and they had no experience handling that strange river.


However, now that the Black Ink Clan Masters were on guard against Yang Kai, he might not be able to attack them successfully. 


Even though the Eighth-Order Masters and the Divine Spirits did not think Yang Kai’s attempt would be fruitful, they still felt reverence and were motivated by his drive. It was unlikely that any other Ninth-Order Master would be as bold and courageous as him.


Meanwhile, the Space-Time River was whipping around the Universe Fragment where the Black Ink Clan’s base was, causing a huge ruckus.


Despite losing six Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Black Ink Clan still had over a dozen of them who were now gathered in one place, banking on their strength in numbers. Furthermore, they were taking precautions against the possibility of a sneak attack from Yang Kai, so they were highly vigilant.


Never would they have thought that even with such stringent defence measures, Yang Kai would still be able to pop up right next to them without them noticing his approach. The Pseudo-Royal Lords’ strict security measures had been entirely useless as no one noticed Yang Kai’s before he showed himself.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords only noticed the killing star’s presence when he suddenly showed up behind a Pseudo-Royal Lord and summoned that strange river.


Nevertheless, it was too late. The Pseudo-Royal Lord was engulfed by the river, and as the waves crashed down on him, he could only struggle for a brief moment before disappearing into the water. All at once, amid the cries of fury and terror, attacks were launched at Yang Kai from all directions.


It had been less than an hour since the Black Ink Clan Army fled back to their base, but another fight was now breaking out right on their doorstep.


However, the fight ended just as abruptly as it started. It had been less than 10 breaths of time in total since Yang Kai launched his sneak attack, but by now, he had already run off with that strange river of his, taking two Pseudo-Royal Lords with him who had disappeared into the river!


The remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords were shocked and furious as they stared in the direction where Yang Kai had fled, but none of them dared to go after him as they were terrified they would share the same fate as their less fortunate comrades.


The Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord had a look of lingering fear too. He had also been swept into the Space-Time River and had nearly failed to struggle back out of it. He had to thank his fellow Pseudo-Royal Lords for attacking Yang Kai so fiercely that the killing star could not focus on keeping him suppressed inside the river, which enabled his escape. Otherwise, Yang Kai would have been able to capture three Pseudo-Royal Lords instead of just two!


After experiencing this abrupt sneak attack, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were grim-faced.


They had all heard many stories about Yang Kai.


When Yang Kai was an Eighth-Order Master, his biggest trump card was his Space Secret Technique, allowing him to escape from any opponent he could not defeat.


Now that he was a Ninth-Order Master, it was one thing for him to be able to both fight or flee as he wished, but what was most unnerving was the fact that he could move around so stealthily. Even now, none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords could figure out how Yang Kai evaded their senses.


None of them had picked up on the slightest hint of peculiarity before Yang Kai made his move.


Not only was he adept at both fighting and fleeing, but he also had an even more mysterious and powerful Secret Technique that allowed him to conceal his movements… An opponent like him was far too terrifying!


Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability was even able to evade the detection of Royal Lords and Chaos Spirit Kings to a great extent. This Divine Ability in the hands of Yang Kai only served to make him even more formidable. It would be more surprising if the Pseudo-Royal Lords could detect his presence.


All of a sudden, the Ox-Head Pseudo-Royal Lord said, “Let’s withdraw our forces.”


It was not safe for them to stay any longer. No matter how many precautions they took, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords could very well die if Yang Kai launched a few more sneak attacks. Under these circumstances, their only choice was to evacuate, and the quicker the better.


None of the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords dared to oppose his suggestion as all of them quickly nodded in agreement. They had been planning on waiting for Mo Na Ye’s orders, but there was no point in waiting now. If they stuck around any longer, there was a high chance that the entire Army would be massacred.


Back on the other Universe Fragment, Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others were staring in shock at Yang Kai. Although he looked dishevelled, they still felt nothing but respect for him.


Even Yang Kai had a hard time fighting over a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords head-on. Fortunately, he was a Divine Dragon and had thick skin and strong flesh which could withstand quite a beating. He managed to endure the brunt of the attacks, though he was somewhat disappointed that one of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been drawn into the river managed to escape.


“Sir!” Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others quickly went over to Yang Kai, keeping an eye on the Space-Time River as it circled around the latter.


Yang Kai nodded, “Same as before!”


All were thrilled. [He succeeded!]


Without even a moment of hesitation, they immediately gathered their strength and waited.


Just as before, Yang Kai released a Pseudo-Royal Lord from the Space-Time River, and the latter was greeted by a flurry of fierce attacks.


The two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been captured did not even get the chance to fight back as they both died one after the other.


The Eighth-Order Masters and Divine Spirits were ecstatic. Including the six from earlier, the Black Ink Clan lost a total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords in E-5 Territory!


Since the Humans and the Black Ink Clan entered a state of all-out war, the Humans had not been able to kill as many Pseudo-Royal Lords as they did today, even when combining the achievements of all 12 Armies.


It was not because the other Ninth-Order Masters were weak, it was just that the Pseudo-Royal Lords were formidable opponents too and could still stay alive even when they were up against the Ninth-Order Masters. Furthermore, the other Ninth-Order Masters did not have all the mysterious and profound means that Yang Kai had.


If Yang Kai had gone off to hunt down Pseudo-Royal Lords by himself, he would not have been able to kill this many of them in such a short span either; however, by relying on the Space-Time River, he could capture some Pseudo-Royal Lords and bring them back to let everyone work together to finish them off. This made things much easier.


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others still barely believed the situation happening before their eyes. They never thought there would come a time when they could kill off Pseudo-Royal Lords this easily…


Yang Kai sensed their eager gazes and knew what they were after. They wanted Yang Kai to make a few more trips to the Black Ink Clan’s base. Even if he only brought back two per trip, they would still be able to slaughter all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords if he made six or seven trips.


Yang Kai, however, just chuckled, “It’s not possible anymore. The Black Ink Clan seems to be withdrawing their Army. The remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords would’ve fled by now.”


“Withdrawing their Army?” Zuo Qiu Yang Hua and the others were stunned as they stared off into the distance at the Black Ink Clan’s base. True enough, once they focused, they could see the bustle of activity at the Black Ink Clan’s base. A large number of Black Ink Clansmen were rushing towards the Territory Gate to retreat to the adjacent Great Territory. It was less of an orderly withdrawal than a rush to escape.


How could the Humans just let them go though?


The two Armies had been clashing at E-5 Territory for over a decade and countless Humans had died in the process. The bloody feud between them made it impossible for the Red Flame Army to simply allow the Black Ink Clan to retreat in peace.


Moreover, the Black Ink Clan Army’s large-scale retreat was a great chance for the Humans to hunt them down and bolster their victory with even more kills.


With that thought in mind, the Army Commanders exchanged glances and instantly picked up on each other’s intentions.


The Army Commander of the Southern Army patted Zuo Qiu Yang Hua’s shoulder and gave him a meaningful look, “You’re injured, Senior Brother, so you should stay here and tend to your wounds. You can keep Sir Yang company and chat with him for a bit. Leave the enemy to us.”


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua got the message and nodded, “Good. I’ll handle the rear this time.”


Soon, the orders went down and the Human Race Masters who had only just finished setting up their camps flew off again. This time, the four Armies rushed straight towards the Black Ink Clan’s base as yet another battle was about to begin.



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