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Martial Peak – Chapter 5839, How About Now?

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The clash between the Giant Spirit Gods stirred up Yang Kai’s urge to join the fight, but he had to force himself to quell that desire of his.


He still had some self-awareness. Despite being a Ninth-Order Master now and possessing strength that seemed to touch the limits of Martial Dao, it was still not enough for him to go up against a being as strong as a Giant Spirit God.


If he did insert himself into the fight, he would only end up fleeing in defeat.


Furthermore, if he was not mistaken, the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass would have already set up the stage for him to put on a grand show!


Thus, he decided to stay out of the battle between the four Giant Spirit Gods. He cupped his hand around his mouth and hollered, “Ah Da, Ah Er, fight!”


His voice rang like a dragon’s roar and spread far and wide.


Ah Da, who was in the middle of his battle, could not resist turning his head around to take a look, but he ended up being caught off guard as his opponent landed a punch against his face which caused him to stagger.


Infuriated, Ah Da steadied himself and bent down before charging at his opponent and grabbing him by the waist. He landed a series of blows with his elbows and knees which caused the Black Ink Giant Spirit God to stumble. Then, Ah Da climbed on top of his opponent and began pounding the latter with his fists. The pummelling was so intense that every punch rang out like thunder across the entire Barren Territory. 


Yang Kai’s eyes twitched at the sight.


[I better not disturb them…]


He then suppressed his aura and started rushing towards the Territory Gate to the No-Return Pass.


There were many Black Ink Clansmen on guard at the Territory Gate all the time. This was not only to maintain control over the Territory Gate but also to keep an eye on the fight between the Giant Spirit Gods; thus, when they heard Yang Kai’s voice, their expressions stiffened as they immediately rushed through the Territory Gate and headed back to the No-Return Pass.


Soon, the news of Yang Kai’s appearance in the Barren Territory reached Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu. The two Royal Lords had grim expressions as they exchanged looks.


[That Bastard came all the way here after all! Even though he’s now a Ninth-Order Master, if he does pass through the Territory Gate, we might have the chance to take him down.]


The trap for Yang Kai was already in place, and once Mo Na Ye gave the order, the Black Ink Clansmen got into their positions.


Yang Kai whizzed through the Barren Territory and arrived at the Territory Gate that led to the No-Return Pass. He glanced at it and stepped through without even pausing.


As soon as he did, Space Principles enveloped him and he felt everything around him shake ever so slightly. The sight before him blurred for a moment, and at the very next moment, he popped up in front of the No-Return Pass.


All at once, dozens of powerful auras shot at him from all directions to lock him in place. Two of them stood out among the rest.


Yang Kai smirked as he studied Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye, the two Royal Lords, with a strange feeling in his heart.


In the past, he came to raise chaos at the No-Return Pass a few times, but he always snuck around and took extreme precautions to avoid being discovered whenever possible; however, he could now afford to walk right in without needing to be cautious at all. He could openly step through the Territory Gate and make his way to the No-Return Pass.


The Black Ink Clan did not attack Yang Kai right away as there was no point in doing so. The Territory Gate was right behind him and he could return to the Barren Territory at any time. Even though the Black Ink Clan gathered every available Master here, they did not feel confident about their ability to take him down immediately.


They knew their best chance to strike was not when Yang Kai first showed up and had planned accordingly; thus, they patiently waited…


The atmosphere was incredibly tense.


Mo Na Ye’s expression was the grimmest it could be. Even though he could tell from the various dispatches that it was indeed Yang Kai who showed up in E-5 Territory and all the other Great Territories along the way, he still harboured the barest glimmer of hope that the reports had been mistaken as he had not seen Yang Kai himself. However, now that Yang Kai was before his very eyes, even that glimmer of hope was dashed.


[He’s really back…]


As someone who suffered multiple miserable losses at Yang Kai’s hands, Mo Na Ye was more cautious of him than anyone else.


“That’s it?” Yang Kai abruptly chuckled in the middle of the standoff. He thought the Black Ink Clan would attack him the moment he appeared and had not thought they would be able to hold themselves back so well. However, he had an idea as to why they did not attack him. The Territory Gate was right behind him, so if they did attack him, he could still make an easy retreat.


His taunting smile aggravated many from the Black Ink Clan and most of the auras that had honed in on him grew aggressive.


Ever since the Black Ink Clan’s invasion into the 3,000 Worlds, the Human Race had been the ones at a disadvantage. No Human had ever been this arrogant when standing right on the doorstep of the Black Ink Clan’s greatest stronghold. The Black Ink Clan naturally felt deeply humiliated.


“You’ve got quite the nerve, Yang Kai!” Mo Na Ye coldly snorted.


Yang Kai studied Mo Na Ye for a moment as if it were his first time seeing the latter before remarking, “And you’re quite lucky!”


Mo Na Ye frowned, and soon, he realised what Yang Kai meant. When the Universe Furnace closed up, Mo Na Ye thought that he was doomed to die. He had been badly injured at the time so if Yang Kai had returned to the same spot as him, he would not have been able to put up a fight. Yang Kai would have killed him off at once.


He was indeed rather lucky to be able to stand here now. Mo Na Ye did not know what Yang Kai had gone through and why he was only returning after all these years, but either way, he had barely managed to escape from Yang Kai with his life the last time they met.


“You’re quite lucky yourself!” Mo Na Ye snapped back coolly. He looked into Yang Kai’s cultivation journey and realised that the latter was what the Humans considered someone blessed by destiny. Yang Kai had stumbled across many opportunities throughout his cultivation journey; otherwise, he would not have been able to rise as quickly as he did.


Yang Kai grinned, “Luck is also a form of strength.” Then, his eyes flitted around him as he taunted, “What’s wrong? Weren’t all of you waiting for me? I’m here now. Aren’t you going to attack?”


[What’s the point of attacking you now!?] Mo Na Ye growled to himself, [Take a few steps forward, if you dare!] 


To ensure that their plan could be executed flawlessly, they had to find a way to get Yang Kai away from the Territory Gate first; otherwise, if Yang Kai was unwilling to engage in battle with them, the trap that they set up would go to waste.


“Oh, I get it now,” Yang Kai commented, seemingly to himself, “You’re afraid I’ll run off, right?”


As soon as he said that, he waved his hand, and as Space Principles vibrated, the Territory Gate behind him suddenly started shaking. At the very next moment, the Territory Gate began freezing up like a lake in winter. In the blink of an eye, the Territory Gate that had remained stable for countless years was completely frozen, the swirling ripples on its surface now completely locked in place.




Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu were stupefied, and all the other Pseudo-Royal Lords were agape as well.


[What the Hell… is he doing?]


“How about now?” Yang Kai smirked at the Black Ink Clan.


“Begin!” Mo Na Ye roared at once.


Though they were boggled by Yang Kai’s actions, they believed that he was still too arrogant for cutting off his only path of retreat. Their original plan involved luring Yang Kai away from the Territory Gate to avoid letting him escape at any given moment, but since they no longer had to worry about that, Mo Na Ye did not hesitate anymore.


Since Yang Kai had voluntarily made the situation work in the Black Ink Clan’s favour, Mo Na Ye was not going to disappoint him.


As soon as his roar rang out, a series of powerful attacks shot out from all directions as nearly 20 silhouettes dashed towards Yang Kai. These were all Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Furthermore, they were not the only ones around as 12 more Pseudo-Royal Lords were tasked with powering the Grand Array. They quickly moved with the intention of setting up a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array. Once they got into position, with the help of the Array Boards and Banners they held, they could lock up the local space, making it impossible for Yang Kai to escape.


Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu attacked as well. Since they were up against an opponent as formidable as Yang Kai, neither of the Royal Lords held back as they unleashed their full strength.


Instantly, Black Ink Strength flooded over from all directions as a myriad of Secret Techniques showered down on Yang Kai.


A loud Dragon Roar rang out as golden light shot out. This was followed by some commotion, and the moment the Pseudo-Royal Lords got near Yang Kai, they suddenly realised that the originally small Human had transformed into something a lot more massive.


He was covered in Golden Dragon Scales and his Dragon Beard fluttered in the aura wind. A pair of intimidating Dragon Horns grew out of his forehead and intense Dragon Pressure emanated from him, seemingly solidifying the Void around him.


“A Divine Dragon?”


Mo Yu, who was launching off a Secret Technique at Yang Kai, was completely taken aback and his face twitched at the sight.


He did know that Yang Kai was a Ninth-Order Master and could take a Dragon Form, but when did he become a Divine Dragon?


Mo Yu had taken part in the first battle at the No-Return Pass and could still remember the power of the Divine Dragons from back then, both of whom were even stronger than the average Ninth-Order Human Master. He had once suffered at the hands of the previous Head of the Dragon Clan.


[He’s both a Ninth-Order Master and a Divine Dragon!? Just how strong is he now?!]


“Let me see what you can do!” Yang Kai roared. After switching into his Dragon Form, his thirst for battle intensified!


After becoming a Ninth-Order Master, he had only had an all-out fight once against Mo Na Ye, and even though he won that battle, his enemy was not in peak condition.


Yang Kai was already heavily injured at the time; furthermore, he had just used the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to combine with his two other Selves; thus, he did not have the time to stabilize his cultivation and could not wield his full power.


Centuries had passed since then and his cultivation realm had been solidified. Yang Kai was at his peak right now, and the only way he could test his limits, apart from doing it here at the No-Return Pass, was to challenge a Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


However, a Black Ink Giant Spirit God was too powerful and Yang Kai figured he would not be able to take one on, so it was best for him to target the No-Return Pass instead.


That was the reason why Yang Kai chose not to travel stealthily.


He wanted to know what his current limits were! Furthermore, for certain reasons, this fight was unavoidable for him as well.


Yang Kai roared as he stretched out in a grabbing motion. Considering Yang Kai’s size right now, even just a Dragon Claw of his was enough to cover half the sky.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were in that direction immediately saw the world darkening around them as the gigantic shadow loomed over their heads. It was accompanied by an immense sense of pressure that made them quake. It was the Dragon Pressure of a Divine Dragon and it weighed down on them so heavily that their knees nearly buckled.


Space-Time Dao Strength began surging as Time was thrown into disarray and Space warped. The Pseudo-Royal Lords’ senses were thrown completely off and they could not dodge in time; thus, Yang Kai caught them with his Dragon Claw.


Yang Kai tightened his Dragon Claw with a powerful squeeze that resulted in the sound of bones cracking, followed by a litany of pained cries.



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