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Martial Peak – Chapter 5840, Are You Sleep Talking?

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Just as Yang Kai grabbed onto the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the attacks from the Black Ink Clan landed on him as well. Even though Yang Kai had thick skin and strong flesh, the attacks still managed to make him shake and tremble.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were not to be underestimated; furthermore, the attacks from two Royal Lords were also in the mix. All in all, it was an avalanche of formidable attacks that blasted off his Dragon Scales.


There were pros and cons to having a massive body. The good thing about it was that regardless of what Yang Kai did, even the simple action of clawing at his enemies was shockingly grand and powerful. On the other hand, the downside was that it was hard for him to dodge attacks.


Nevertheless, a Divine Dragon’s physical body was exceedingly strong, and with the protection of his Dragon Scales, Yang Kai was able to withstand their torrent attacks for now, though there was no telling how long he would actually be able to hold out.


As the Black Ink Clan unleashed their attacks in full force, the Pseudo-Royal Lords that Yang Kai had caught were also beginning to fight back. Though they had accidentally allowed themselves to be captured, they were still Pseudo-Royal Lords and would not die so easily. They began channeling their power and using their Secret Techniques to batter Yang Kai.


With the help of Mo Na Ye and the others, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been caught inside Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw were finally able to escape three breaths later.


Nevertheless, they bore expressions of lingering fear. The moment they had been caught, they thought they were going to die. Even though they managed to escape, they were all heavily injured as Yang Kai’s clutch had not been for nothing.


The gigantic Dragon Form loomed large just outside the No-Return Pass and the silhouettes that flew around him looked like flies. The fight that broke out in a flash intensified even further.


This was Yang Kai’s first time taking on his Dragon Form after becoming a Divine Dragon. From the eyes of a Divine Dragon, everything in the vicinity looked incredibly small. He could not help but feel an innate sense of pride. It was as if all the tiny beings around him could not even withstand the slightest blow from him.


All of a sudden, he realised why the Divine Spirits tended to be so arrogant. For one thing, they were the first generation of rulers under the Heavens, giving them a sense of superiority over all others. Secondly, they possessed enormous bodies and incredible power. It made sense that they did not view other beings as equals.


This was entirely due to the strength of Divine Spirits and had nothing to do with their personal character. Yang Kai realised it now. Though he did want to find out what his limits were, he was not about to underestimate the Black Ink Clan. The situation could very well backfire on him if he viewed them as nothing more than pesky flies.


Battles between Masters were never easy, and although Yang Kai unleashed a series of Dragon Clan Secret Techniques, the situation did not look good for him. He was up against too many opponents and they were all powerful in their own right. Soon, he was bleeding all over.


During the intense fight, Yang Kai kept scanning the area around him. At some point, he turned his massive Dragon Form around and his Dragon Tail swept across a specific spot where a Pseudo-Royal Lord who was carrying an Array Board had not gotten into his position yet, hurling him away with ferocious force. 


Mo Na Ye ground his teeth.


They needed the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array to deal with Yang Kai. Even though it looked as if Yang Kai was suffering under their relentless attacks, without the Grand Array to seal the local Space, he would be able to leave whenever he wished and no one would be able to stop him.


Thus, as soon as the fight broke out, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were in charge of arranging the Grand Array had begun moving. They only had one Array Board left to put in place before activating it, but they failed to do so at the last moment.


[He sensed it a long time ago and had his guard up the whole time!] Mo Na Ye deduced.


That was indeed the case. Yang Kai had detected the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array the moment he appeared at the Territory Gate. He did not seal the Territory Gate out of foolish overconfidence, however; instead, he wanted to use it to make the fight break out on his terms.


If he did not seal the Territory Gate, the Black Ink Clan would not have made their move this quickly, despite how many of them there were. They would wait until he entered the Grand Array first.


By sealing the Territory Gate, Yang Kai had cut off his path of retreat, but at the same time, he forced the Black Ink Clan’s hand. Thus, the Spirit Array that the Black Ink Clan had set up beforehand was no longer of any use and they had to re-position themselves before trying again.


All Yang Kai needed to do now was to keep his guard up against the Grand Array and prevent them from activating it. As long as he did that, it was basically impossible for him to be defeated here.


Dragon Roars echoed across the void as Secret Techniques flew in all directions. Numerous silhouettes flitted about as the Pseudo-Royal Lords fought with great caution. They dared not give Yang Kai the chance to strike them dead-on. While their attacks did land on Yang Kai, they did not seem to do much harm to him. On the other hand, if Yang Kai found the right opportunity to hit them, just a simple attack from him could very well leave them heavily injured.


Only Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, the two true Royal Lords, posed any real threat to Yang Kai on their own. That being said, the longer these two fought, the more frightened they became.


Yang Kai looked as if he was injured and bedraggled, but he remained as spirited as ever; in fact, it felt as if the longer he fought, the more powerful he became.


Mo Na Ye had fought against Yang Kai back inside the Universe Furnace and had suffered badly at the latter’s hands at the time, but even he knew that Yang Kai was not at his best back then and could not wield his full strength. Thus, Mo Na Ye had done his best to avoid underestimating Yang Kai’s power.


However, at this moment, he realised that Yang Kai was much stronger than even he imagined.


No one had ever possessed the combined power of a Ninth-Order cultivation and a Divine Dragon physique before. Furthermore, when Yang Kai ascended to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he also absorbed the Small Universe that belonged to Fang Tian Ci. On top of all that, what Yang Kai found inside the Universe Furnace allowed him to enhance his proficiency over many Grand Daos, greatly bolstering his strength.


No ordinary Ninth-Order Master was anywhere near as powerful as him.


Mo Yu was not as calm as he seemed to be either. Even just a couple thousand years ago, he had been able to toy with Yang Kai like a predator playing with its prey as the latter was far too weak to fight him head-on. However, in just a short amount of time, Yang Kai had already grown this strong.


Based on what Mo Yu saw of Yang Kai’s power now, he knew he would not be able to engage the latter in a one-on-one fight.


[Don’t Humans need a lot of time to increase their heritage once they rise up to a higher cultivation realm? This bastard became a Ninth-Order Master inside the Universe Furnace just a few centuries ago. He’s still a newly promoted Ninth-Order Master yet he’s already this strong! What will he be like if he is given even more time to grow?]


The stronger Yang Kai seemed now, the more alarmed the Black Ink Clan was.


Several more Pseudo-Royal Lords were swept off into the distance; however, Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye’s expressions brightened as they finally found their chance. In the next instant, they joined forces and fired off fearsome Secret Techniques at the Golden Dragon.


Black Ink Strength exploded as hundreds of Dragon Scales were blown off to reveal the body hidden beneath them, sending the massive Dragon reeling backwards.


[We did it!]


The two Royal Lords were smiling happily at first, but their smiles froze immediately after they saw Yang Kai’s enormous figure crash into a Black Ink Nest.


It was a High-Rank Black Ink Nest…


The towering High-Rank Black Ink Nest could not withstand such force and was instantly flattened.


There was a flash of golden light as Yang Kai transformed back into his Human Form and got to his feet. He then reached out and grabbed a figure that was caught within the destroyed Black Ink Nest.


It was a Territory Lord whose aura was fluctuating. It was evident that he was still a little dazed from the destruction of the Black Ink Nest; however, his expression changed the moment he saw Yang Kai’s face.


Yang Kai glanced at the Territory Lord before wiping off the blood from his lips, his eyes flashed as he looked up at the Black Ink Clansmen who rushed over.


The Two Royal Lords were in the lead while the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords followed close behind, just several thousand kilometres away.


With how strong everyone was, the distance of several thousand kilometres was basically the same as being face-to-face.


Mo Na Ye pursed his lips with a gloomy expression on his face. By now, he figured out that Yang Kai had simply gone along with the attacks and had purposely crashed into the High-Rank Black Ink Nest, which was the foundation upon which the Black Ink Clan had built itself. Although the Innate Territory Lords had brought a lot of High-Rank Black Ink Nests with them when they came out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, quite a large number of those had been used up to create Pseudo-Royal Lords. Every remaining High-Rank Black Ink Nest right now was incredibly precious as they had no way of replacing them once they were lost.


This time, the Black Ink Clan did not attack Yang Kai. Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu both knew that their plan to kill Yang Kai had failed. Based on the strength that Yang Kai had exhibited earlier, they had no way of restraining him and setting up the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array; therefore, there was no reason for them to keep the fight going.


A moment later, Mo Na Ye growled, “Let him go!”


Yang Kai tapped his head and queried mockingly, “Are you sleep-talking?”


As he spoke, he squeezed his hand and the Territory Lord he captured instantly exploded into a cloud of blood.


Mo Na Ye was seething with rage, but in the end, he was able to hold himself back.


Yang Kai looked around at all the High-Rank Black Ink Nests and grinned, “It looks to me that you’re about to have the new generation of Royal Lords. Allow me to offer my congratulations in advance.”


The aura of the Territory Lord he caught earlier had been unusually strong, which made it clear that he was no ordinary Territory Lord. He was one of those who could become a Royal Lord, and the Black Ink Clan clearly had a lot of hope in him. That was why they arranged for him to cultivate inside a High-Rank Black Ink Nest.


However, regardless of what he could have become, he was dead now.


There were quite a few High-Rank Black Ink Nests at the No-Return Pass. At the very least, there were 300 of them. Some of them housed Pseudo-Royal Lords who were recuperating from their injuries, but many of them had Territory Lords cultivating inside. The Black Ink Clan’s future would be bleak if all of these High-Rank Black Ink Nests were somehow destroyed.


Upon seeing the calculating look in Yang Kai’s eyes, the Black Ink Clan grew nervous. The earlier fight had allowed them to realise just how strong Yang Kai was, and if he was hellbent on targeting these High-Rank Black Ink Nests, they had no good way of stopping him. It was hard to secure everything in the middle of a fight and they could very well lose even more High-Rank Black Ink Nests.


Thankfully, Yang Kai did not act out. He dusted the dirt off his hands and glanced at Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, “Let’s end the fight here for today. I can’t do much to you and you can’t keep me here either. I’ll be off then!”


Thus, with a wave of his hand, he turned and left.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords turned to the two Royal Lords as they awaited their orders.


It took all of Mo Na Ye’s willpower to hold himself back, and in the end, he did not say anything. Nevertheless, his heart was filled with vexation and a sense of helplessness over what Yang Kai did to them at the No-Return Pass. One man alone barged into their home, destroyed a High-Rank Black Ink Nest and killed a fine candidate who could have become a Royal Lord, then left without so much as a care.



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  1. It seems that Yang Kai is no longer worried about the black ink clan that is in the return pass, the fact that he decided not to start destroying black ink nests implies that he probably wants to use these new royal lords as a whetstone for his new ones ancestors who are also about to appear.
    It seems like his only concern now is Mo.

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