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Martial Peak – Chapter 5849, All Done

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The three Masters, one Human and two from the Black Ink Clan, sat there in the void staring at each other in total silence.


“The tea’s getting cold,” Mo Na Ye quipped with a chuckle to gloss over the earlier topic; obviously, he did not wish to answer Yang Kai’s question.


His question did not affect much. Even if Yang Kai exposed where the entrance to the secret passage was, the Black Ink Clan could not do anything about it anymore. On the other hand, Yang Kai was asking about highly confidential information of absolute importance to the Black Ink Clan. Mo Na Ye was not going to answer that question.


However, Mo Na Ye did not expect Yang Kai to snatch the cup out of his hands and even stuff the table back inside his Small Universe. Yang Kai got up and made it clear their presence was no longer welcome, “You’ve had your tea so you can scram now.”


Mo Na Ye was dumbstruck, [You’re the one who invited us over for tea and yet you’re chasing us off now? How can your attitude change faster than flipping the pages of a book?]


Nevertheless, despite being displeased, Mo Na Ye did not want to trifle with Yang Kai over such inconsequential matters. He glanced at Mo Yu and the two Royal Lords went back to the No-Return Pass, leaving Yang Kai alone by the Territory Gate.


Three days later, they were done gathering the materials and Mo Na Ye personally handed over the Space Rings to Yang Kai.


They were giving over so much that they had to use over 100 Space Rings.


Yang Kai checked every single one of the Space Rings as Mo Na Ye reminded him, “Don’t forget about our agreement, Brother Yang.”


“Don’t worry. I’m someone who keeps my word. In all our years of dealings, have I ever reneged on something I said?” Yang Kai replied.


[That’s true, but things are no longer the same now.] Mo Na Ye was still a little uneasy.


After seeing the expression on Mo Na Ye’s face, Yang Kai suggested, “How’s this? I’ll step aside and you can stand guard at the Territory Gate. That way, I won’t be able to leave through it.”


Mo Na Ye solemnly nodded, “That’s exactly what I was thinking too!” He came over because he wanted Yang Kai to do just that.


Yang Kai pursed his lips, “At the end of the day, you still don’t trust me. Don’t we have a relationship that includes surviving a narrow brush with death? I’m sorely disappointed by the attitude you’re taking right now!”


[How can you call it a relationship when it includes surviving a narrow brush with death? You were the one who nearly killed me!] Mo Na Ye griped to himself. He could not avoid recalling his embarrassing past.


His head was throbbing as he replied, “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that I have to consider the bigger…”


“Yeah, yeah I get it!” Yang Kai cut him off. He could not be bothered to waste any more of his breath. He was in a good mood over the fact that he managed to extort a massive amount of materials from the Black Ink Clan, so he was not going to bother with Mo Na Ye and readily stood aside.


The Black Ink Clan had clearly been prepared for this. Nearly 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately flew over to Mo Na Ye to block the Territory Gate.


Soon, Yang Kai finished taking stock of all the materials and put them away with great satisfaction.


This time, the Black Ink Clan did not try to shortchange Yang Kai. It was quite the contrary as they gave him more than what he expected. He assumed it was because they did not want to give him an excuse to find fault with them.


Meanwhile, Mo Na Ye let out a small exhale of relief when he saw that Yang Kai did not leave the moment he was done checking.


Even though Yang Kai had allowed Mo Na Ye and a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords to stand guard at the Territory Gate, there was still the secret passage between the 3,000 Worlds and the Black Ink Battlefield. Yang Kai did not need to use the Territory Gate to leave, and if he had chosen to do just that, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to stop him.


Though it was a pain to deal with Yang Kai, there was one thing that Mo Na Ye was glad about. As long as the situation wasn’t harmful to the Human Race, Yang Kai never went back on his word.


Time passed and several days later, the Territory Gate began rippling with the surge of Space Principles.


The numerous Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been standing around waiting grew alert as they checked the Territory Gate and saw silhouettes popping out.


There were a total of 11 of them with imposing auras which made it clear they were all Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Yang Kai glanced at them as well and spotted a few familiar faces. He immediately figured out where they had just come from.


These were the Pseudo-Royal Lords who fled E-5 Territory.


The Black Ink Clan had chosen the battlefield at E-5 Territory to be the place where they were going to prove their strength. They wanted to crush the Red Flame Army that was fighting there, so prior to Yang Kai’s appearance, E-5 Territory had the most Pseudo-Royal Lords, and it had been too many for the Red Flame Army to handle.


However, Yang Kai came to the Red Flame Army’s aid and they managed to kill eight Pseudo-Royal Lords. The rest of them knew the situation did not look good for them so they fled at once, and after nearly three months of travelling, they finally got back to the No-Return Pass.


Truth be told, they were quite fortunate. After leaving E-5 Territory, Yang Kai did try to track them down, but he could not find out in which direction they went.


Throughout this whole time, the Pseudo-Royal Lords fearfully travelled as stealthily as possible. They did not even try to get in touch with the No-Return Pass, except for the initial report they sent back just before fleeing to report on the change in the situation in E-5 Territory.


If they wanted to contact the No-Return Pass, they would have to find one of the Black Ink Clan’s forward outposts across the various Great Territories, but those places were not all that safe.


However, when the Pseudo-Royal Lords got back to the No-Return Pass and found a group of Masters from the Black Ink Clan, including Mo Na Ye, waiting right in front of the Territory Gate, they were startled and confused as they did not know what was happening.


The leader of the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords had an ashamed expression as he went forward and greeted them. He filled them in on the situation that had broken out at E-5 Territory just before they left and went on a rant decrying the many heinous deeds committed by Yang Kai; however, as he spoke, he started getting a strange feeling, so he turned his head and glanced in a particular direction before his jaw dropped…


The other returning Pseudo-Royal Lords followed suit, and when they saw that figure standing in the distance, they grew agitated.


Yang Kai was standing there with his arms crossed as he gave the Pseudo-Royal Lords a taunting look. Chills ran down their spines, but they were entirely confused.


[What’s going on? Why is the killing star here? If he’s here, why aren’t they fighting against him? Why do they seem to be getting along with him…]


“That’s enough. You may go and rest. E-5 Territory has been lost and you’re not to blame for it,” Mo Na Ye waved his hand lethargically. The returning Pseudo-Royal Lords stood down, eyeing Yang Kai with strange expressions, now and then.


They had to check with a Pseudo-Royal Lord they were acquainted with before they found out what had recently taken place here.


In less than three months, Yang Kai attacked the No-Return Pass twice and exhibited his staggering strength before forcing the Black Ink Clan to comply with some of his demands.


However, he was still here now because they had an agreement with him. He was not here to cause trouble.


Upon hearing this, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who just came back reacted with contorted expressions that reflected their complicated emotions…


More and more Pseudo-Royal Lords came through the Territory Gate. These were the ones who had received the order to retreat from all the Great Territory battlefields. Not only were there Pseudo-Royal Lords, but a large number of Territory Lords and Feudal Lords as well.


Though, there was not a single one weaker than the Feudal Lords.


Since they were fleeing for their lives, those who were not strong enough could not keep up; furthermore, as the more powerful Masters fled the battlefields, the Black Ink Clan still needed some forces to keep the Human Race Army occupied.


These returning Masters all jumped in fright the moment they spotted Yang Kai, but after finding out what happened, they were filled with humiliation and discontent.


It would not be wrong to say the present situation resulted entirely from the actions of a single Human. It was Yang Kai who forced the Black Ink Clan to give up on the 3,000 Worlds. Just as Mo Na Ye had lamented earlier, everything the Black Ink Clan accomplished throughout several millennia had vanished in an instant.


This continued for two months, and once the final group arrived back at the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye finally exhaled and turned to Yang Kai, who had been waiting the whole time, “All done, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai eyed him coldly, “You’re done, but I’m not.”


“What do you mean, Brother Yang?” Mo Na Ye pretended to exclaim in shock.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and said, “The resources you gave me were only in exchange for the lives of the Pseudo-Royal Lords. It did not include this many Territory Lords and Feudal Lords!”


Though he had known that some of the Territory Lords and Feudal Lords would have fled alongside the Pseudo-Royal Lords, he did not think there would be this many of them! This meant that even if the Humans emerged victorious across the 12 battlefields and wiped out all of the Black Ink Clan Armies, it was still not enough to deal a severe blow to the Black Ink Clan’s overall combat power.


Mo Na Ye chuckled, “What do you want to do then?”


“The price needs to go up!” Yang Kai spat out word by word.


Mo Na Ye shrugged, “Can’t help you there!”


He showed no fear; after all, all Masters of the Black Ink Clan had returned and Yang Kai could not blackmail him with anything now, so he did not need to comply with Yang Kai’s demands.


Yang Kai glared at Mo Na Ye, and after a while, he scoffed, “You better watch your back. Don’t let me get my hands on you!”


Although he was powerful enough to mess around at the No-Return Pass, there were too many Masters gathered here right now. If he did try to do something, it would not be as easy for him as it had been back then. This was the reason why Mo Na Ye had grown a spine and took a tougher stance now.


All of the Black Ink Clan’s most powerful Masters were now gathered at the No-Return Pass. Even if all of the Ninth-Order Masters came over, there was no guarantee that they could achieve anything, let alone a lone Yang Kai.


[There are too many Pseudo-Royal Lords…]


“Move!” Yang Kai snarled.


Mo Na Ye turned around and waved his hand at the Pseudo-Royal Lords gathered in front of the Territory Gate. They swiftly retreated and cleared a path between them. Mo Na Ye gestured to Yang Kai, “Go ahead, Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai snorted and took a step forward without any hesitation. In a flash, he was right outside the Territory Gate.


At the very next moment, a low growl rang out.




All at once, a fiery storm of attacks shot out from all directions and rained down on Yang Kai who could not even say anything before he was shoved into the Territory Gate. His muffled roar rang out, “I’ll kill you, Mo Na Ye! Mark my words!”


Mo Na Ye’s expression was grim as he stared at the Territory Gate that was slowly swirling. This attack that was launched at the very last moment had not been an attempt to kill Yang Kai. He knew full well it was impossible to kill Yang Kai so easily; he simply wanted to get Yang Kai to leave as soon as possible. Perhaps they managed to injure him just a little, but not to the point where it made any difference.


Then, Mo Na Ye turned his eyes back on the Pseudo-Royal Lords and sternly commanded, “Remember this humiliation. One day, we’ll pay it back many times over!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lords agreed in unison. The humiliation and fury that coloured their expressions made them look rather grotesque.


Mo Na Ye looked back at the Territory Gate again. Just moments ago, it was still slowly swirling as usual, but now, it was as frozen as a lake in winter. He knew it meant that Yang Kai had used his power to seal up the Territory Gate from the other side.



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