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Martial Peak – Chapter 5851, Defeating the Black Ink Clan

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After returning from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai sealed the Territory Gate linking the Barren Territory and the No-Return Pass, the Territory Gate linking the Shattered Heaven to the Barren Territory, and the Territory Gate to the Shattered Heaven.  


After sealing those three Territory Gates, the Black Ink Clan Army left in the 3,000 Worlds would be like turtles hiding in their shells.


Even though the Masters of the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass had the ability to forcefully break these seals, Yang Kai was certain that with his knowledge of Mo Na Ye, he wouldn’t bother. 


That was because the Black Ink Clan were lucky enough to be able to save most of their main forces. As for the rest of the Black Ink Clan Army left on the frontlines, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t do anything to save them. 


Meanwhile, Mo Na Ye didn’t intend to, nor could he afford to care about the deaths of those left on the battlefield, so he naturally didn’t have to waste time and effort to break the seals on the Territory Gates. 


At the same time, large battles had broken out on each frontline battlefield.


Like Mi Jing Lun had guessed, the six Ninth-Order Masters overseeing their battlefields had sensed the change on their enemy’s side; after all, the commotion from all the Pseudo-Royal Lords, Territory Lords, and Feudal Lords evacuating wasn’t small. It was impossible for such Masters to leave without a trace, especially when both Armies were at war.


When the Ninth-Order Masters noticed this change, they immediately led their respective Armies to launch a probing attack. Soon, they discovered that the enemy they had been fighting for many years suddenly lost a large deal of their more powerful combatants; all the Pseudo-Royal Lords were gone.


Although the Ninth-Order Masters had no idea what happened to the Black Ink Clan, they wouldn’t give up such a good opportunity; therefore, the six battlefields with Ninth-Order Masters in command launched all out assaults and slaughtered large portions of the Black Ink Clan Armies. 


However, the other six Armies without Ninth-Order Masters, such as Shocking Thunder and Burning Moon, didn’t have such keen senses. 


Furthermore, the Pseudo-Royal Lords had planned all kinds of misleading tricks before evacuating. They had ordered the Black Ink Clan Army to show aggressive behaviour from afar so that the Humans wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. 


The only exception was the battlefield where the Azure Dawn Army was stationed. A war broke out quickly because the Red Flame Army, that had fully reclaimed E-5 Territory, came to help after a short period of recuperation. 


The two Armies working together greatly increased the Human Race’s combat power. Since the Red Flame Army had just won a great battle, they weren’t afraid when facing the Black Ink Clan.


They originally thought it would be a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents, but when they began fighting, the Humans discovered that the Black Ink Clan’s resistance was hollow and weak. The superiors of both Armies quickly discovered that there weren’t many Masters from the Black Ink Clan fighting on the battlefield. 


Zuo Qiu Yang Hua was also a quick thinker and soon realised the most important factor of this situation. This was the aftermath of the battle led by Yang Kai in E-5 Territory.


If this was the situation here, it should be the same on the other battlefields. So, he immediately sent messengers to those battlefields. 


Before the news from the Supreme Headquarters arrived, Shocking Thunder, Burning Moon, and the other Armies had already received intelligence updates from Zuo Qiu Yang Hua.


All the Human Race Armies quickly began attacking. Since the Black Ink Clan couldn’t withstand this fierce assault, they were swiftly torn apart and routed. The war had barely begun, yet many Black Ink Clansmen were already escaping through the Territory Gates with Human soldiers in hot pursuit. 


Several months later, a Black Ink Clan Army remnant, led by a Territory Lord, was frantically fleeing in the direction of the No-Return Pass. 


This Army had tens of thousands of Black Ink Clansmen, which was no small number. There used to be even more of them, including two other Territory Lords, but the Humans had caught up to them at some point, killing many of them; hence, they were all that remained. 


Before them was the Territory Gate leading to the Shattered Heaven. Once they passed through it, they would be able to pass through the Shattered Heaven to the Barren Territory before entering the No-Return Pass. That way, they could finally escape from the Humans’ chasing them.


Having escaped death several times already, this Black Ink Clan Army was feeling overwhelmed, and after months, they finally arrived at this place. The tired Black Ink Clansmen finally saw a ray of hope.


When they looked at the Territory Gate from afar, the leading Territory Lord suddenly became solemn as he vaguely felt like there seemed to be something wrong with it. 


Usually, there should be a spiralling whirlpool where the Territory Gate was situated, but at this moment, that Territory Gate looked like the surface of a frozen lake.


Before he could figure out what had happened, he heard a carefree voice beside his ear. The voice wasn’t loud, but it sounded like a thunderclap to the Territory Lord. 


“Another batch has arrived!”


“Who!?” The Territory Lord bellowed. The rest of the Black Ink Clan soldiers were also shocked. 


Once the Territory Lord finished speaking, he finally saw the face of the person speaking. That person was openly sitting not far from the Territory Gate, and though he didn’t look conspicuous, he was by no means a person who could be easily ignored. At this moment, he had a bored look on his face while looking at the newly arrived guests. 


The Territory Lord couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t see this person earlier, but when he did finally see the person’s face, he understood everything. 


The difference in strength between them was too large. If this person was deliberately hiding just now, how could the Territory Lord possibly notice him?


[Yang Kai! The killing star!]


Instantly, the Territory Lord felt his blood run cold, and his head felt like it was about to explode.


“Run!” The Territory Lord only managed to scream one word before he felt pain all over his body, followed by his vitality draining away. 


Beside the Territory Gate, Yang Kai opened his hand and waved it in the direction of the defeated Army. Space Principles surged around him, and the local space instantly became a killing ground filled by Void Cracks.


Tens of thousands of Black Ink Clansmen didn’t even get the chance to make a sound before they were wiped out. Only the Territory Lord was able to withstand a little while longer before he too followed the others. 


Meanwhile, the Void Cracks that had sliced through the remnant Army didn’t disappear immediately but continued to expand. Then, like huge mouths, they completely devoured the broken limbs, and even the Black Ink Strength left over by the fallen. 


When Yang Kai clenched his fist, the Void Cracks faded away and the space stilled, as if nothing had happened. 


Even Yang Kai’s figure was gradually fading before completely disappearing. 


After he sealed the three Territory Gates, he decided to stand guard here because he had expected today’s scene. 


Since all the Pseudo-Royal Lords and a large group of Territory Lords and Feudal Lords from the frontlines had retreated to the No-Return Pass, the rest of the Black Ink Clan soldiers on the battlefields couldn’t defeat the Human Race. However, there were huge amounts of Black Ink Clansmen on every battlefield, and without him heading over to seal the Territory Gates, it would be difficult for the Humans to wipe out all the remnants like the Red Flame Army had. The 3,000 Worlds was a vast place with numerous Great Territories, so once the Black Ink Clan Army fled, the Humans would have a hard time exterminating all of them.


So, Yang Kai decided to stay here and wait for the Black Ink Clan Army to fall into his trap.


During these past months, Yang Kai had killed over a dozen groups of Black Ink Clansmen that escaped all the way here. There weren’t any specific number of Black Ink Clansmen in each remnant Army, as some had barely a few thousand, while some had over a million. Yang Kai cleverly used his Space Secret Techniques to kill the enemies without being noticed and without leaving any traces behind. 


Half a day later, a stream of light with an imposing aura suddenly swept in from afar. It came in very quickly but suddenly stopped and froze before the Territory Gate. 


The light then dispersed and revealed a heroic figure. 


The man first glanced at the blocked Territory Gate in confusion, showing a look of surprise, then turned to look at Yang Kai’s hiding place, and nodded lightly, “Junior Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai appeared, stood up and saluted, “Senior Brother Wu!”


The person who came was Wu Qing.


This surprised Yang Kai, but after thinking about it, he realized that Wu Qing was obviously aware that the defeated Black Ink Clan soldiers would try to escape to the No-Return Pass, so he came straight here for the same reason Yang Kai was standing guard over this place. He too had the idea to intercept and kill those defeated remnants when they reached here.


As their eyes met, and a rare smile appeared on Wu Qing’s serious face, “It seems that Junior Brother has already dealt with things. I worried too much.”


He had not had much contact with Yang Kai. Even when he and Xiao Xiao were holding down the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, Yang Kai had only visited twice, so they were not too familiar with each other.


But that did not hinder his admiration for Yang Kai. During the years when he and Xiao Xiao were suppressing the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, he heard Xiao Xiao lament more than once that Yang Kai could not break through to the Ninth Order. Xiao Xiao also clearly said that if Yang Kai could be promoted to the Ninth Order, his future achievements would be greater than any Ninth Order in the history of the Human Race.


Wu Qing was initially doubtful about this, but after receiving the battle report from E-5 Territory and the various subsequent reactions from the Black Ink Clan, he finally understood why Xiao Xiao valued Yang Kai so much.


Such a Junior was indeed not comparable to ordinary Ninth-Order Masters. Even if he himself broke through to the Ninth Order thousands of years earlier than Yang Kai, Wu Qing thought that he would never be Yang Kai’s opponent.


While he was deep in thought, Yang Kai smiled and said, “I just returned from the No-Return Pass, so it was more a matter of convenience.”


“You went to the No-Return Pass?” Wu Qing was stunned. Although he received the battle report from E-5 Territory, it did not mention Yang Kai’s subsequent whereabouts.


“I went to have a nice chat with Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu.”


Wu Qing remained silent, knowing that Yang Kai visiting the No-Return Pass was about more than just chatting with the two Royal Lords. The current changes in the war in the 3,000 Worlds may not have only been affected by the decisive win in E-5 Territory, but also by Yang Kai’s follow-up actions. Something was done at the No-Return Pass that put even more pressure on the Black Ink Clan’s side.


Wu Qing didn’t ask too much and simply nodded, “Good, the Black Ink Clan Army is fleeing everywhere from the battlefield. Junior Brother is equipped with Space Secret Techniques, which is more suitable for dealing with this situation. Why don’t you let me take over here while you move about freely?”


“I was thinking the same,” Yang Kai responded happily. He was originally planning to wait for some other Human Squad or group to arrive so he could use them to contact the other Ninth-Order Masters, but now he didn’t need to follow such a circuitous place. Wu Qing ran over by himself, which saved a lot of trouble.


A veteran Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master sitting here would be more than enough to deal with any routed Black Ink Clan Army, so Yang Kai could leave this place to Wu Qing without worry.


What Wu Qing said was right; Yang Kai had Space Secret Techniques so he had a greater advantage when it came to hunting down the scattered Black Ink Clan soldiers. If the two swapped places, their abilities could be better utilized.


There was nothing more to explain, so after chatting with Wu Qing for a bit, Yang Kai departed.



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