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Martial Peak – Chapter 5856, Ah Da and Ah Er

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The Human Race’s heritage had grown to become more powerful than before. Many talented Humans were born from the two Open Heaven Realm Cradles, the Star Boundary and the Myriad Monsters World. Yang Kai’s Small Universe also helped. According to estimations, over 1,000 talented Humans advanced directly to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm in the past few thousand years.


On average, one or two such talents would appear every ten years, and every one of them had a chance to become Ninth-Order Masters.


Before the appearance of the Open Heaven Realm Cradles, the Humans would never have imagined having so many talented youths who could become Ninth-Order Masters. Any one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises would cherish such talents and use all their available resources to nurture them.


Now, 80% of those who directly advanced to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm had become Eighth-Order Masters, with the earliest batch of those talents having already reached the peak of the Eighth-Order.


It could be said that these rising stars represented the Human Race’s future. Once one of them became a Ninth-Order Master, the Humans would constantly have new Ninth-Order Masters appearing, with the promise of more in the near future. If that happened, it would only be a matter of time before the Humans surpassed their past glory, let alone restored it.


While the few current Ninth-Order Masters were reminiscing about the past, Yang Kai was coaxing Ah Da and Ah Er.


As they were previously about to chase after their enemy, they had shrunk their humongous bodies. Even though they still seemed as big as mountains, they were much smaller than they used to be.


Yang Kai had a kind expression as he looked at the two innocent Giant Spirit Gods, asking, “Do you understand? Don’t go anywhere and stay here. If the other side tries to open the gate, just beat them up and make them go back to where they came from.”


Ah Da and Ah Er looked at him dazedly and said nothing, causing the atmosphere to feel awkward.


Just as Yang Kai was about to repeat his words, Ah Da suddenly nodded and said, “Okay!”


Yang Kai felt relieved!


Ah Er added, “So annoying. Why do you keep repeating…”


[I’m afraid you won’t understand if I don’t!] Yang Kai rolled his eyes.


At that moment, Ah Da sat down and rubbed his belly, “I’m hungry.”


Ah Er nodded, “Hungry!”


Hearing that, Yang Kai felt his headache grow worse and gave Ah Da a sideways glance, not understanding what he was doing.


It was fine if Ah Er said he was hungry because he had been in the Barren Territory, fighting the Black Ink Giant Spirit God for thousands of years non-stop. After so many years of battle, he must have consumed a lot of energy, so it was reasonable for him to feel hungry.


But why the heck was Ah Da hungry? Ah Da had been asleep until Xiao Xiao woke him up a few years ago. He was the absolute epitome of laziness, sleeping until he was hungry and then finding something to eat then sleeping again.


While rubbing his forehead, Yang Kai told them, “Wait a moment while I find something for you to eat.”


The Giant Spirit God Clan fed on dead Universe Worlds, but there weren’t any suitable dead Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds left. Many of the Great Territories here were already barren, and any Universe Worlds still present would have been corrupted with Black Ink Strength. To the Giant Spirit Gods, this was akin to spilling shit onto their food. How could they stand to eat something like that?


The only place where there might be dead Universe Worlds was the New Great Territory, which was now known as Myriad Monsters Territory.


There were quite a number of Universe Worlds there, and many of them hadn’t developed any vitality and had incomplete World Principles. Perhaps those Universe Worlds could help fill Ah Da and Ah Er’s stomachs.


After thinking about it, Yang Kai said, “Let me tell you this. The Black Ink Clan made a mess of the 3,000 Worlds and destroyed all the Universe Worlds, so it will be hard for you to find food in the future.”


Ah Da and Ah Er immediately became furious.


Yang Kai continued, “So, if you don’t want to feel hungry, you have to deal with the Black Ink Clan first! Once that’s done, I’ll bring you deep into the Black Ink Battlefield. In that place, there are countless Universe Worlds and you can eat however many you want to.”


The two Giant Spirit Gods were immediately motivated while Ah Da smacked his lips.


Meanwhile, Ah Er determinedly bellowed, “Kill Black Ink Clan!” 


When Yang Kai heard that, he nodded delightedly, “Yes, kill Black Ink Clan. Smash every one of them!”


After exhorting them to guard this place and not let any Black Ink Clansmen come through the Territory Gate, Yang Ki finally finished his conversation with them, feeling only somewhat confident he got his point across.


On the other hand, the rest of the Ninth-Order Masters weren’t chatting; instead, they were quietly looking at him from the side.


When Yang Kai flew over, he saw strange expressions on their faces.


Xiao Xiao chuckled, “The way you were acting just now seemed like a bad guy trying to trick children with candied fruits.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai glared at her, “Do you think everyone is the same as you?”


Even now, he could still remember when he was at Yin-Yang Pass and bumped into the heavily injured Xiao Xiao. Back then, she looked just like a child, and her favourite foods were candied fruits and steamed stuffed buns.


Immediately after that, Xiao Xiao coldly snorted, “Are you looking for a beating? You used to always affectionately address me as ‘Old Ancestor.’ How can you speak to me this way now?”


While saying so, she approached Yang Kai and pinched his ear,


[Do you have some sort of misunderstanding about the word ‘affectionate’?]


After silently complaining, Yang Kai didn’t dodge and let her pinch his ear. He turned to Wu Qing and said seriously, “Senior Brother Wu, I still need to trouble you to guard this place. The remnants of the Black Ink Clan might still manage to make it here. Also, we have to guard against the No-Return Pass. I think it’s too risky leaving Ah Da and Ah Er here without anyone overseeing the situation.”


Of course, Wu Qing wouldn’t mind, so he simply nodded, “Then I’ll stay here.”


Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother, rest assured. It won’t be for long.”


Now that the matters at the Barren Territory were considered solved, the next phase would be the No-Return Pass!


In fact, according to the current situation, the Humans should take this opportunity to recuperate and accumulate more strength. Thousands of years had passed, and the Humans had significantly increased their heritage while more and more Masters had emerged. Now that the Black Ink Clan was chased out of the 3,000 Worlds and the Humans had reclaimed their lost lands, it was just a matter of months or years before there would be new Ninth-Order Masters appearing.


As for the Black Ink Clan, though there might be new Royal Lords, they couldn’t get more Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Therefore, the longer they dragged this out, the more advantageous it was for the Humans.


However, all such calculations were based on the idea that no hidden dangers emerged from the Primordial Heavens Grand Source Restriction.


Yang Kai had been constantly worried about that because no one knew when Mo would wake up. Many years ago, Yang Kai had placed a Universe World that wasn’t completely dead yet outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. That way, he could go there whenever he wanted by using the World Tree, and teleport to and from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


But now that the World Tree had fallen into a coma, Yang Kai couldn’t ask it for help, which meant he couldn’t head to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to check on the situation there so easily.


The Suppressing Black Ink Army there was helping Wu Kuang, but if Mo awoke, those forces alone wouldn’t be able to do anything.


Therefore, with such dangers looming over them, they had to take down the No-Return Pass as soon as possible. Only then could the Humans have the strength to confront the enemy inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


Otherwise, the Humans wouldn’t dare to act recklessly with the No-Return Pass standing as the entrance to the 3,000 Worlds.


It could be said that the Ninth-Order Masters gathered here today came to help Ah Da and Ah Er chase away the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods so that they could better deal with the No-Return Pass in the future.


As for whether the Black Ink Clan would move away from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about that.


The Black Ink Clan had gone through so much effort to take down the Great Passes,  and placed all their foundations at the No-Return Pass, so they wouldn’t abandon it without a fight.


Moreover, they too could copy the Humans’ strategy and guard the No-Return Pass because leaving that place would only worsen their situation. They wouldn’t do that unless they were fools.


Yang Kai casually swatted Xiao Xiao’s hand away from his ear and ushered everyone, “Let’s go.”


After this battle, Yang Kai discovered the difference between his and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s strength. To sum it up, it was a big difference, but it wasn’t insurmountable. He had only just become a Ninth-Order Master a few hundred years ago, so technically speaking, he was only a newly promoted Ninth-Order Master.


He still had a huge room for improvement, but the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods couldn’t increase their strength.


Also, Yang Kai had estimated that if he were able to reach the peak of the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he might be able to fight a Black Ink Giant Spirit God head-on.


Ordinary Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t reach such heights no matter how much they cultivated; however, Yang Kai had always been able to fight above his realm, so his ability was originally stronger than the cultivators in the same realm as him.


The Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm’s heritage needed an extremely long time to build up. Without mentioning anyone else, even Xiao Xiao, who had become a Ninth-Order Master a couple tens of thousands of years ago, still hadn’t reached the peak. 


That was why the Pure Yang Old Ancestors and other veteran Ninth-Order Old Ancestors made Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing stay behind when they sacrificed themselves.


In the eyes of those Old Seniors who had lived for who knows how many years, Xiao Xiao was the new generation’s Ninth-Order Master. Wu Qing was even more so because, like Yang Kai now, he had broken through to the Ninth Order only hundreds of years prior back then.


A Ninth-Order Master’s heritage was difficult to accumulate, but Yang Kai had innate advantages. Firstly, the flow of time in his Small Universe was 10 times faster than the outside world. His Small Universe was housing a lot of living beings and Small Stone Race members, which would constantly increase his heritage. Even if he didn’t cultivate, his strength would still be continually increasing.


The uniqueness of his Small Universe contributed a lot to why Yang Kai could break through to the Seventh-Order, Eighth-Order, and even the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm so quickly.


In addition, Yang Kai had a World Tree clone. The World Tree clone could not only isolate and protect his Small Universe, but it could also purify his World Force, increasing his strength.


That was also why Yang Kai’s strength was so much greater than average, since his heritage was constantly being refined and solidified. The World Force inside his Small Universe was purer than ordinary Ninth-Order Masters’, which was why Yang Kai’s attacks were more powerful.


But that wasn’t enough, because if Yang Kai wanted to quickly reach the peak of the Ninth Order, he still needed to refine a massive amount of resources.


On the way back, Yang Kai didn’t waste any time and stuffed handful after handful of Open Heaven Pills into his mouth like he was eating ordinary beans. With his current cultivation, the moment the Open Heaven Pills entered his stomach, they were transformed into pure strength and added to his Small Universe; therefore, he didn’t stop consuming the Open Heaven Pills for even a breath.


Xiang Shan and the others were dumbfounded by his actions.


Unknown to the others, there was also a large number of resources being refined accordingly inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe to increase his heritage.



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