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Martial Peak – Chapter 5858, The Future

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The Infinite River passed through the entire Universe Furnace but was untouchable to many. Even one’s Divine Sense couldn’t sense the tributaries filling the space inside the furnace. It could be said that the Infinite River was the basis of why the Universe Furnace could split Heaven and Earth apart. 


[Since the Infinite River forms Universe Worlds and Celestial Phenomena, why can’t my Space-Time River do so as well?]


While thinking about that, Yang Kai shook open the Space-Time River in his hand and dove inside, looking for any trace left behind by that strange reaction. 


With Space-Time Dao as his foundation, Yang Kai gathered the Dao Strengths from the 10,000 Grand Daos and condensed them into the Space-Time River. He had previously dived inside many times, but it was usually to deal with the strong enemies he swept up into the river. That was because he had the absolute advantage inside the river and could make the most of his strengths there. Moreover, every undercurrent inside the river, as well as every wave, was made by the surging of his Dao Strengths.


However, the situation was different this time. 


Perhaps it was because Yang Kai had just created the Myriad Dao Sealed World, but he discovered that his Space-Time River had changed profoundly.


In summary, Yang Kai suddenly had a strange and mysterious feeling when he dove into the river this time.


He felt like Time and Space were distorted.


When he looked up, he saw an astonishing view flash across his eyes.


He saw the magnificent No-Return Pass, a bloody battle between the Black Ink Clan and Human Race, and dead bodies from both sides densely littered around the battlefield.


Watching this scene, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown as he didn’t understand why he was seeing this. He didn’t participate in the battle at the No-Return Pass back then, so theoretically, he wouldn’t have this scene in his memory. Moreover, how could a memory appear inside the Space-Time River? 


However, he soon realised something was not right. 


That was because he saw his figure appear in many of the scenes flashing by his eyes, and he was fighting someone he knew. It was Mo Na Ye, and it was Mo Na Ye after he became a Royal Lord. 


Every scene that flashed past was like a Master had splashed the canvas with ink and drew every detail of the tragic battle with subtle brushwork and great skill. 


Inside the silent scenes, Mo Na Ye’s dead body suddenly appeared, followed by Mo Yu’s…


After that was the scene of the Humans occupying the No-Return Pass once again, cheering happily…


Yang Kai suddenly realised this wasn’t a scene from his memory, but a battle that would happen in the future.


[This is the future! I am looking into the future!]


Yang Kai had already experienced this before when he came out from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon. At that time, his attainment in the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time soared, so he had a glimpse of the future when using the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to kill the Sheep-Headed Royal Lord. 


Future events proved what he saw was real. He had killed the Sheep-Headed Royal Lord that had been chasing him and held his head while standing proudly inside the void. That moment was the scene he saw.


The late Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor Chu Tian Ji claimed he had the power to see the future and it was rumoured that he could also see the past. 


With Yang Kai’s current cultivation, he believed that Chu Tian Ji most likely didn’t have such a mysterious ability. If he did, he would have been able to avoid the many dangers and wouldn’t have died in battle. 


But he did have some sort of foresight ability, or else he wouldn’t have gotten the title of Heaven’s Revelations. 


Now that Yang Kai recalled the time he was at the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, he found that he had undergone a significant change, whether it was his cultivation or his attainments in the different Grand Daos. Since the Space-Time River was based on the Space-Time Grand Dao, the deeper he dove into the river, the greater the Dao Strength surge. Under the disruption of Space and Time, seeing some part of the future should be expected. 


Recapturing the No-Return Pass wasn’t surprising to Yang Kai because, with the Human Race’s current strength, they would certainly be able to win if they launched a battle regardless of how they approached it; however, they would have to pay quite a high price if they acted recklessly. 


That was why Yang Kai didn’t feel anything after seeing such a scene. 


If the Human Race couldn’t even conquer the No-Return Pass, how could they think about going to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and ending Mo once and for all?


The final deciding battle between the Black Ink Clan and Humans should be at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. 


Inside the Space-Time River, the Dao Strength of Space-Time was surging even stronger, while the scenes continuously flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes. 


In the meantime, Yang Kai’s expression became more solemn.


That was because many of the scenes after that contained many things he didn’t wish to see. 


The final battle began as expected outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The Black Ink Clan appeared in huge black waves with Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods walking among them. There were also several destroyed Great Passes turned into ruins and countless Human corpses, many of which Yang Kai recognised. 


There was even a scene where a 100,000-metre White Divine Dragon floated in the void, its body battered with all its Dragon Scales destroyed. 


That White Divine Dragon was naturally Fu Guang!


In another scene, a World was filled with darkness, and inside the ruins was a big dusty sign with the characters ‘High Heaven Palace’ on it. In the corner of the scene was a majestic fallen branch from the World Tree clone, obviously long dead. 


The last scene showed a Great Pass moving towards the depths of the void, seeming to be escaping from something. Inside the Great Pass were all the surviving Humans, and close behind that Great Pass was a black figure.


In the black figure’s hand was the… Azure Dragon Spear!


Yang Kai instantly felt his hairs stand on its ends. 


Even though that black figure was fully enveloped in Black Ink Strength, with its appearance completely hidden, that spear was too familiar to Yang Kai. 


[Is this our future?]


At that moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt exhausted and couldn’t help but exit the Space-Time River. Once he found his footing, the feeling like he was in an illusion disappeared. 


It wasn’t until this moment that he discovered the Dao Strengths in him had been seriously depleted. This just showed that looking into the future wasn’t without cost or consequence. 


Since Yang Kai’s Dao Strengths were heavily depleted, he almost lost the ability to maintain his Space-Time River. He quickly used his strength to keep the river steady before sitting cross-legged with a serious expression. 


Back at the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, he had foreseen a scene that did happen later. He had successfully killed the Royal Lord who had been chasing him for many years when he was still in the Eighth Order. 


The vision today came too suddenly, and though Yang Kai could accept the first half of it, he couldn’t accept the latter part of what he saw. 


He knew that there would be a bitter battle outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, and the Human Race and Black Ink Clan would decide their life or death there, so it was that battle that would truly influence the Human Race’s survival.


On the other hand, he had mentally prepared himself for the possibility that the Human Race couldn’t defeat their enemy. If that day really came, he was prepared to lead the surviving Humans to flee to the end of the Universe where they could rebuild their strength; after all, the current 3,000 Worlds weren’t something they couldn’t sacrifice. 


However, the scene he saw during the distorted Time and Space was surreal. 


Without mentioning who would win the final battle, Yang Kai had a World Tree clone isolating and protecting his Small Universe, so how could he be corrupted by Black Ink Strength? But that wasn’t entirely impossible either because no one knew how strong Mo truly was, and no one knew if the World Tree clone was enough to keep his Small Universe safe if he was directly attacked by Mo.


[Could that really be my future? If it is, it’s unacceptable.]


Yang Kai felt solemn but not enough to feel devastated. In the end, this was just something he foresaw, and no one was sure if it would happen. 


If this were something that would happen in the future, he would personally break this prophecy!


After composing himself, Yang Kai clicked his tongue. 


His goal when diving into the Space-Time River was to trace that strange phenomenon, not see the future, but this was uncontrollable. He couldn’t have known that the Dao Strengths would surge after he dove into the Space-Time River, causing those scenes to appear. 


Sitting upright in his spot, Yang Kai calmed down for a while before diving into the Space-Time River again. 


This time, there weren’t any future scenes flashing before his eyes. He steadied himself and looked for any changes in the Space-Time River. Soon, his figure swayed as he arrived at a corner of the river. 


He had sensed that the 10,000 Grand Daos had gathered here and were transforming into endless wonders. 


Yang Kai’s experiences in the Infinite River helped him understand the truth behind the 10,000 Grand Daos. Chaos evolved into the 10,000 Grand Daos, while the 10,000 Grand Daos would return back to Chaos in the end. That was a mysterious cycle, and every time that cycle turned, miracles would happen. 


Just like what he saw… 


Reaching out, Yang Kai grabbed the obviously different river water in his hand and looked at it silently. A thoughtful look flashed in his eyes as he gradually lost himself in contemplation. 


Meanwhile, the appearance of the Myriad Dao Sealed World didn’t attract much attention. Only the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors had sensed the commotion and came to investigate. Then, they entered the Myriad Dao Sealed World to investigate it after learning about its uses. 


Several days later, Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen was the first to emerge. Although his cultivation didn’t increase, his aura was clearly more condensed than before. 


He had long reached the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm and had achieved the limit of his Martial Dao in this lifetime, so he had no way of increasing his cultivation; however, his aura had become more solid because he had accomplished something while being inside the Myriad Dao Sealed World. 


Any place where a peak Eighth-Order like him could benefit was indeed extraordinary. 


Zhan Wu Hen looked at the Myriad Dao Sealed World and couldn’t help but praise, “A treasure!”


With the Myriad Dao Sealed World, the Human Race’s strength might be able to increase yet again. This was undoubtedly beneficial to the war in the future. 


Turning his head, Zhan Wu Hen didn’t see Yang Kai but did see the Space-Time River floating in midair. Since the Space-Time River was here, it meant Yang Kai was as well, so Zhan Wu Hen didn’t go anywhere and waited in place. 


A few days later, all the Great Emperors came out one after another, and from the order of each Great Emperor’s return, one could see that the stronger the Great Emperor, the quicker they came out. That was because the stronger the Great Emperor, the smaller their chance of improving their strength, which meant the Myriad Dao Sealed World couldn’t help them too much. 


After nearly 10 days, Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder came out one after another, both of them practically glowing with happiness. 


Duan Hong Chen glanced at them and chuckled, “Congratulations.”


The others also congratulated the pair as well. 


This couldn’t be helped because those two went in as Seventh-Order Masters but came out as Eighth-Order Masters!



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