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Martial Peak – Chapter 5859, Three Years

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Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder were newly recognised Great Emperors by the Star Boundary’s Will after the deaths of Heaven’s Revelations and Ice Feather. They were elite disciples who were carefully nurtured by the Cave Heavens and Paradises, and broken through directly to the Seventh Order. 


Although it had only been about 1,000 years since their initial breakthrough, thanks to the Star Boundary, they were almost at the peak of the Seventh Order. Their cultivation speed was something the other Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t compare to. 


A Seventh-Order Master was already considered a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, yet to break through from the peak of the Seventh-Order to the Eighth-Order generally needed at least 200 to 300 years. 


Just like Feng Ying from Dawn Squad. Her aptitude was also extraordinarily high, but she used a total of 300 years to advance from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order. Of course, the lack of resources at the Black Ink Battlefield was also one of the reasons for such slow progress. 


But even with ample resources, someone as talented as Feng Ying still wouldn’t be able to break through so quickly. She would need at least a few thousand years of hard cultivation before using another 100 or so years to break through. 


Things were different for the Star Boundary’s and the Myriad Monsters World’s Great Emperors because the two Open Heaven Realm Cradles had World Tree clones nurturing them. Therefore, they had extremely dense World Energy which could be freely absorbed by Great Emperors to greatly reduce the time they needed to accumulate their heritage. 


The reason the two young Great Emperors hadn’t broken through to the Eighth Order previously was that they were lacking in their comprehension of their Grand Daos. The Myriad Dao Sealed World just happened to fill in what they lacked. 


Once their Small Universes had accumulated enough heritage and their attainments in their Grand Daos rose to an appropriate level, they broke through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order in a matter of days. 


Since the two exited the Myriad Dao Sealed World, they felt very grateful to Yang Kai and wanted to thank him personally. It was a pity that Yang Kai seemed to have disappeared into his Space-Time River. 


“How long has he been like this?” Duan Hong Chen looked at the Space-Time River and asked, clearly asking about Yang Kai’s condition. 


Zhan Wu Hen shook his head, “He’s been like that since I came out.”


“That means it’s been quite a while,” Duan Hong Chen frowned, “Judging by the looks of things, he might be comprehending something inside. I think it’s best if we don’t disturb him.”


Although they didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing, he must have a valid reason to enter the Space-Time River like this, just like how a cultivator would go into retreat. That was not something one should interrupt. 


“What should we do with the Myriad Dao Sealed World?” Hua Ling Long asked. After experiencing what benefits the Myriad Dao Sealed World could bring, anyone would know it was a treasure to the entire Human Race because it could help many cultivators increase their strength in a short time. 


But this was something Yang Kai created, so it wasn’t appropriate for others to decide its use without his consent. 


“Report it to the Supreme Headquarters,” Zhan Wu Hen groaned before saying, “Since he made the Myriad Dao Sealed World at this point in time, it must be because he wanted to benefit everyone; however, although there is an abundance of Dao Strength inside, it’s not inexhaustible. If we report it to the Supreme Headquarters and let Supreme Commander Mi make the decision, perhaps he can let a few promising seedlings use their Military Merits to exchange for a spot inside.”


Hearing this, the crowd nodded as this was a good plan of action. They could wait for Yang Kai to return and deal with this, but none of them knew how long that would be. As the Human Race was running tight on time, it would be better to let the Myriad Dao Sealed World benefit their people as quickly as possible. 


“I’ll head to the Supreme Headquarters,” while Zhan Hu Hen said that, he shot into the sky and disappeared. 


After he was gone, Duan Hong Chen said, “I’ll stand by here. The rest of you can go about your own matters.”


The others nodded and dispersed. 


Several days later, news about the Myriad Dao Sealed World spread throughout the Humans and attracted the interest of many. A Sealed World with pure Grand Dao Strengths could be said to be something every cultivator wanted to experience. 


But just as Zhan Wu Hen said, even though the 10,000 Grand Dao Strengths inside the Myriad Dao Sealed World were abundant now, it would be useless once everything inside was depleted. 


Therefore, they had to choose wisely about who would get the opportunity to head inside. Only that way could they make the best use of the Myriad Dao Sealed World. 


Of course, such things were for the Supreme Headquarters to worry about. Mi Jing Lun had personally entered the Myriad Dao Sealed World to investigate because of the importance of the issue. In the end, he came out with a bitter smile and complained to Duan Hong Chen that Yang Kai had thrown him another difficult task, and it seemed like he was about to offend a lot of people. 


Recently, the Supreme Headquarters had been gathering people to repair the Pure Yang Pass which Yang Kai brought back. This required a lot of resources, so they were lucky that Yang Kai managed to ‘persuade’ the Black Ink Clan to give them some, or else it would be difficult for them to repair Pure Yang Pass.


Moreover, the Human Race regained the 3,000 Worlds and won a great victory, so rewards needed to be distributed as well, which were also given in the form of resources. 


In addition, the Void Guard also needed a lot of resources to set up the Space Arrays. 


At this moment, Mi Jing Lun felt like a shrewd housewife, carefully needing to count and allocate every single resource on hand. 


Soon, a constant stream of cultivators began entering and exiting the Myriad Dao Sealed World. Everyone went in filled with expectations and came out happy, obviously having gained a lot from the Myriad Dao Sealed World. 


Also, every cultivator that came could see an astonishing Space-Time River flowing beside the Myriad Dao Sealed World. It was the embodiment of pure Dao Strength, after all, and there was only one person among all the Ninth-Order Masters who could achieve that. 


Henceforth, everyone knew that Yang Kai was in retreat inside the huge river, and every cultivator that came would pay their respects and bow to the river. 


Days passed by quickly and soon three years had passed since the birth of the Myriad Dao Sealed World. 


During these three years, the 3,000 Worlds had basically calmed down. Under the Human Race Grand Army’s constant searching, the remnants of the Black Ink Clan had nowhere to hide and were all routed out. 


It could be said that there was no place for the Black Ink Clan to survive in the 3,000 Worlds now. 


All the Armies then returned home to enjoy the fruits of their labour and recuperate. 


However, everyone knew that this peace was only temporary, and it wouldn’t be long before a battle even crueller than the one that happened a few thousand years ago would break out. It was because they realised this that they cherished this short moment of peace even more. 


On the other hand, the Void Guard had gradually returned with numerous Universe Temples in tow. 


When the Black Ink Clan took over the 3,000 Worlds, some of the Universe Temples were destroyed while some were preserved; in the end, the Void Guard managed to gather about 1,000 of them. 


Li Wu Yi led the less than 200 Void Guards, and with the assistance of the many people sent over by the Supreme Headquarters, began to repair these Universe Temples, using them as a foundation to set up the necessary Space Arrays. 


Although there weren’t many in the Void Guard, all of them were proficient in the Dao of Space, so using Space Principles was easy for them. 


Many resources were invested into this project, obviously wanting substantial results as quickly as possible. After all, in this peaceful period, everyone knew it was just the calm before the storm and they needed to prepare for the coming war. 


Just outside of the Myriad Dao Sealed World, there were groups of people exchanging their Military Merits for the right to enter and experience what was inside. 


At one particular moment, everything, even the communication between Divine Senses, fell silent as all eyes turned in the direction of the Space-Time River. 


That was because fluctuations had suddenly appeared from the Space-Time River, which had been calm for three years. It was followed by rolling and crashing waves, with a figure emerging. 


After three years of comprehension, Yang Kai had gained a lot. He had managed to figure out some things and vaguely felt like he had pushed open a new door, but he wasn’t sure what lay ahead. 


In the end, it was still because his attainments in the various Grand Daos were lacking. 


Both his attainments in the Grand Dao of Time and Grand Dao of Space had reached the Eighth Level, while his attainments in the other Grand Daos varied from the Seventh Level to the Fourth Level. Yang Kai had a feeling that if his attainments in all Grand Daos increased to another level, especially if his attainments in the Grand Dao of Time and Grand Dao of Space could reach the Ninth Level, he might be able to understand things more clearly. 


This bout of enlightenment had let him increase his attainments in all sorts of Grand Daos, especially the Grand Dao of Time and Grand Dao of Space, so he felt like he could break through to the Ninth Level at any moment. 


It could be said that his three years of retreat were very fruitful.


“Greetings, Sir!” Below him, the group of cultivators bowed together. Most of them were in the Seventh-Order or the Eighth-Order, while a few were in the Sixth-Order. None were below the Sixth Order.


There were limited spots to enter the Myriad Dao Sealed World. To maximise the increase of the Human Race’s overall strength, the Supreme Headquarters had only allowed the more promising soldiers the opportunity to experience the Sealed World. As for those less promising ones and those with lower cultivation, they naturally wouldn’t have such a chance. 


Even so, Mi Jing Lun still felt troubled by this matter because, just like he expressed a few years ago, the matter of who got the chance to enter the Myriad Dao Sealed World was the subject of many complaints. However, he had the final say in this matter, and with his identity as a Ninth-Order Master, he wasn’t afraid of offending anyone. 


Yang Kai nodded lightly and raised his hand slightly, “No need for formalities!”


After putting away the Space-Time River, Yang Kai stepped over to Duan Hong Chen, who had been keeping watch, and nodded before beaming, “You’ve worked hard.”


Duan Hong Chen replied casually, “It was nothing. What’s more, I’ve seen a lot of good scenery while standing guard here.”


While saying so, his eyes flitted across a few beautiful women among the crowd. 


Yang Kai was instantly at a loss for words. 


“By the way, Supreme Commander Mi asked for you to find him after you came out. He has something to discuss with you,” Duan Hong Chen suddenly remembered Mi Jing Lun’s instructions. 


“I’ll head over right away,” Yang Kai nodded. 


“There’s also that brat Li Wu Yi. He keeps complaining about you not taking charge of things, so go and help him once you have time.”


“Got it!” After giving a simple reply, Yang Kai took a step forward and disappeared without a trace, shocking the many Eighth-Order Masters watching. 


Although there weren’t many Ninth-Order Masters at this moment, there were still a few around, so all the Eighth-Order Masters had more or less interacted with them somewhat. However, there wasn’t a Ninth-Order Master who could disappear right before their eyes like Yang Kai. 


Once Yang Kai left, Duan Hong Chen took a few more looks at the beautiful scenery before reluctantly leaving. 


The reason he stayed here was to act as Yang Kai’s Protector. Now that Yang Kai had come out of his retreat, there was no reason for Duan Hong Chen to stay around here any longer.



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