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Martial Peak – Chapter 5861, Demonstration

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Soon, the busy Void Guard disciples inside the other Universe Temples, as well as Huang Si Niang and the couple dozen Phoenix Clan members, were all gathered in the Grand Hall. 


Although the Grand Dao of Space was a Bloodline Talent of the Phoenix Clan, their current heritage wasn’t enough for any of their clansmen to obtain higher attainment than Yang Kai. Perhaps the former Phoenix Clan Leader who died in the Barren Territory War could match him, but until now, the Phoenix Clan still hadn’t seen the rise of a Ninth-Order Phoenix. 


That was why the Phoenixes were also excited after hearing that Yang Kai would personally show them how to arrange the new Space Array. 


As for the Void Dao Temple disciples, there was no doubt that they were excited as well. They were born in the Void World and inherited their Grand Dao from Yang Kai; hence, their respect and admiration for their Dao Lord was unparalleled.


Once everyone was gathered, Yang Kai spoke up, “You’ve worked hard these past few years. The formation of the Void Guard is crucial to the future dispatch and support of our Army; however, there are only a few who are proficient in the Dao of Space, so even though it will be difficult, I hope all of you can persevere through this.”


The disciples below answered, saying things like ‘it was nothing’, or ‘it was our duty’.


Yang Kai nodded and continued, “At first, I was planning on waiting until all the Universe Temples were gathered before demonstrating the new Space Arrays we would be arranging and their wonders, but something unexpected happened, so I was caught up for a while. Luckily, there is still ample time, so it’s not a major concern. There are no large errors in how you all are approaching the new Space Arrays, so there are only some slight changes to be made. You might not understand with just my explanation, so I will personally arrange a Space Array while you observe and emulate my process.”


The crowd agreed and became excited. 


Watching a Ninth-Order Master setting up a Space Array up close, especially a Ninth-Order Master who was proficient in the Dao of Space, was equivalent to an opportunity to gain epiphany or enlightenment. It was a chance that was hard to come by.


Back when Yang Kai was on the Black Ink Battlefield, he needed to exchange a massive amount of Military Merits for a chance to listen to any Ninth-Order Old Ancestor share their insights in person; therefore, everyone present, even the Phoenixes, focused all their attention on what he did and said next. 


Yang Kai flew up and swiped with his hand. Space Principles fell and completely removed the Space Array Li Wu Yi and the others created, making it as though it never existed.


After that, he took out the resources he had prepared in advance and used his technique to refine them. While doing so, he added the first pattern inside the Universe Temple. 


“A Space Array is used as a means of transportation; with the help of the connection between Space Arrays, we can cross through the Void and instantly move from one Space Array to another. So, the first thing we need to consider is the stability of the Array. If an Array isn’t stable enough, it might cause an accident while one is in transit, exiling people to the Void. Those of us who cultivate the Dao of Space might be able to find our way out of such a situation, but ordinary soldiers won’t be able to do that.”


While Yang Kai was explaining, several delicate but complex patterns began forming inside the Grand Hall. As the Space Principles fluctuated, all the Void Guard disciples had thoughtful expressions on their faces. 


“Once the Array is stable enough, the next thing to consider is the teleportation distance,” Yang Kai continued, “We can’t just look at the current situation, we have to think about the future as well. Few here participated in the original crusade, so you don’t have an idea about the distance we needed to travel. When all the Great Passes set out to the Primordial Heavens Source Restriction, it took them some 20 years to arrive…”


“…With such a large distance, once the war breaks out in full, it will be nearly impossible for the rear bases to send any reinforcements to the frontlines without the help of Space Arrays. Therefore, the true aim of forming the Void Guard is to pave two paths. One from High Heaven Territory to the No-Return Pass, and another one from the No-Return Pass to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. That way, the reinforcements sent from the back can reach the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction as soon as possible. Only through this method can we wage a successful war. If we Humans suffer a major loss of supplies or are cut off from reinforcements, we won’t be able to continue fighting.”


“…Therefore, all of the Space Arrays must at least fulfil one criterion, the distance they cover must be at least an entire Great Territory!”


Hearing this, everyone paled. 


Using just two Space Arrays to cross an entire Great Territory was no simple feat. That was such a great distance that with their current methods and plans, it was simply impossible to achieve. 


However, since Yang Kai came to personally demonstrate how to set up the new Space Arrays, it meant that he had found a way to solve this problem. Once they thought about that, the crowd calmed down slightly. 


“A stable Array that can allow one to cross such a distance isn’t enough though, we also have to think about the number of people the Array can teleport in one transmission, and also the consumption to do so. Only after we solve all these problems can the Space Arrays be of use to us.”


Everyone in the Grand Hall remained silent while only Yang Kai spoke from time to time. Meanwhile, those delicate and complex patterns became denser and gradually filled the Grand Hall. 


All the Void Guards were entranced by what was happening. When they felt the dense strength of Space Principles surging around Yang Kai, they felt even more admiration for him.


Previously, when they were arranging the Space Arrays, they did every step carefully and cautiously, afraid that one small mishap would ruin everything. On the other hand, Yang Kai acted both swiftly and effortlessly, making many wonder if they were even setting up the same Array. 


Half a day later, Yang Kai stopped. Then, before everyone’s eyes, he inserted his strength inside the Array, activating it. The patterns began to shine, and the Void above the Array began to twist. 


Such a scene undoubtedly showed that the Array had been successfully arranged and activated, but since there was no corresponding Array to link with, no teleportation actually occurred.


As the crowd silently watched Yang Kai set up this Array, they noticed that there weren’t any major differences from the Array they were arranging before, just some subtle changes here and there. However, those small modifications had a massive effect on the Array which allowed it to fulfil the conditions Yang Kai had mentioned before. 


The Void Guard disciples gained a lot from observing this demonstration up close. 


Once Yang Kai withdrew his strength, the Array gradually dimmed. 


“Are there any questions?” Yang Kai asked. 


Like a stone being thrown into a calm lake, numerous questions were thrown at Yang Kai all at once. 


Gesturing for them to calm down, Yang Kai said, “One at a time.”


During the following days, Yang Kai answered the questions from the 100-plus Void Guards, explaining the wonders of the Dao of Space and the Space Array to them in turn.


In just a few days, at least half of those present saw their Mastery of the Dao of Space increase by a level. 


After the last question was answered, Yang Kai finally rose to his feet, “Alright, I’ll leave the task of arranging the rest of the Space Arrays to all of you. Whether the Human Race’s second crusade goes smoothly depends on this matter, so please work together and don’t slack off. Li Wu Yi.”


Li Wu Yi immediately cupped his fist, “Here!”


“I leave you in charge of things here!”




Yang Kai nodded and took a step forward before disappearing. 


Meanwhile, Li Wu Yi lowered his head respectfully, only to suddenly realise something was not right, and when he looked over, Yang Kai had disappeared without a trace. 


At first, he thought that since Yang Kai had returned and he wouldn’t have to worry about the Void Guard anymore, only needing to do his part in the project, but now, Yang Kai was acting like an arm-flinging shopkeeper, officially putting Li Wu Yi in charge!


Outside the Star Boundary, somewhere in the barren void of High Heaven Territory, several figures stood upright while looking tentatively into the distance with anticipation and excitement. 


All those figures were either in the Seventh or Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, with many of them being at the very peak of the Eighth-Order. Though they were from different backgrounds, they were all basically from the Cave Heavens and Paradises or High Heaven Palace. Only a few of them were from other Sects or Families.


Two of them were the youngest Star Boundary Great Emperors, Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder, standing with the High Heaven Palace disciples. Although they were technically disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises disciples, they were born and raised in the Star Boundary, so they felt a sense of belonging to the latter. 


With over 100 such Masters gathered in one place, it was obvious that something big was about to happen. Moreover, if one knew who all of those gathered here were, they would discover an even more shocking fact. 


All the cultivators present had directly broken through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, which meant they all had a chance to become Ninth-Order Masters. 


In other words, everyone standing here was a future hope of the Human Race, a future powerhouse!


There was only one reason why they were gathered here. 


Someone was about to break through to the Ninth Order!


After the last battle in the Barren Territory and thousands of years of accumulating their strength, the Humans finally had a new generation of Masters ready to break through to become Ninth-Order Masters. 


The Supreme Headquarters naturally wouldn’t ignore such a huge matter, so they immediately gathered these rising stars here so that they could observe the process; after all, this would benefit them, and they might comprehend something from it. Also, they would have a reference for when it was their turn to break through!


This was a sign of the beginning of a new era. Like Yang Kai had said back then, when the first Ninth-Order Master emerged from the younger generation, it would be the start of many more Ninth-Order Masters emerging. That was something the Black Ink Clan couldn’t compare to. 


At that moment, while the void was fluctuating, Yang Kai appeared and everyone turned their attention to him. 


Right then, everyone began calling out to him with “Sir”, “Dao Lord”, and “Palace Master.”


Many of the cultivators observing the situation were either from the Void Dao Temple or High Heaven Palace. 


From the front of the crowd, Ou Yang Lie beckoned to Yang Kai, “Over here.”


A major event like the first of the younger generation breaking through to reach the Ninth Order was something the Supreme Headquarters would pay great attention to. If Mi Jing Lun hadn’t been swamped with work, he would have even personally come to stand guard. 


It was a pity that he had many matters on his hands and couldn’t make it; therefore, he dragged Ou Yang Lie out of his retreat and made him oversee the situation here. 


Moreover, Mi Jing Lun had also mentioned this matter to Yang Kai before he left the Supreme Headquarters and asked Yang Kai to come over if he was free; after all, the rising star breaking through to the Ninth Order today was from High Heaven Palace. Being High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, Yang Kai should be here no matter what.



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