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Martial Peak – Chapter 5866, Opening the Way

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Everybody watched intently as the Space Principles fluctuated vigorously. It did not take long for the entrance of the passage that Yang Kai sealed in the past to appear before them in the form of a perpetually rotating vortex. Furthermore, there was an aura of nihility radiating from the entrance.


Yang Kai slipped inside, and the Void Guard followed closely behind him, their figures vanishing from sight in the blink of an eye.


The entrance to this passage was located in Black Territory. On the other hand, the exit was located somewhere in the void of the Blue Sky Theatre, within the Black Ink Clan’s former territory.


Yang Kai had used this secret passage to travel between Black Territory and the Black Ink Battlefield on multiple occasions, so he was very familiar with the process.


It would take no effort for Yang Kai to bring a small number of cultivators through this Void Corridor as they would succeed as long as they persistently forged forward and overcame the few obstacles in their way. However, a massive number of people would soon be passing through this passage. There were 12 Armies, and each one had at least two to three million soldiers in their ranks. In other words, the 12 Human Race Armies consisted of nearly 30 million soldiers.


The original passage could not meet the requirements of the Human Race Army. If they wanted to transport the Army to the Blue Sky Theatre in short order, they had to figure out a method to expand and fortify the corridor.


Even Yang Kai, who had advanced to the Ninth Order, could not achieve such a feat with his strength alone. Fortunately, he was not the only person who was proficient in the Dao of Space. With 140 Void Guards assisting, this task was no longer impossible to pull off.


Deep inside the passage, everyone immediately noticed the presence of the ubiquitous Void Turbulence around them. Strictly speaking, this corridor was just a long Void Crack. If those who entered this place were not proficient in the Dao of Space, they would quickly lose their way and never find their way out again, be it to the exit or the entrance. Even those who were proficient in the Dao of Space had to be very careful in such places.


Yang Kai took the lead to clear and mark the path ahead, his Space Principles oscillating constantly. Meanwhile, the Void Guard formed a long line behind him and drew upon their respective Space Principles in a similar fashion. It was thanks to these actions that the passage was expanded at a steady pace and the Void Turbulence was smoothed into an orderly tunnel.


During this period, Yang Kai also arranged Dao Arrays along both sides of the passage to further increase its stability. The fortified passage continued to extend forward under their wholehearted cooperation.


Whenever they progressed forward by a certain distance, a Void Guard would remain behind under Yang Kai’s orders to monitor the situation and deal with any unexpected emergencies that might occur. Seeing as it was Yang Kai’s first time undertaking such a task, he did not dare to guarantee that the passage would remain stable at all times. It was better to prepare some safety measures just in case.


They steadily progressed forward with only 100 Void Guards remaining by the time they arrived at the exit. 40 Void Guards had been left behind to monitor various locations in the passage.


At the exit, Yang Kai stood motionless and glanced behind him. When he saw that Li Wu Yi and the others were following closely behind him, he raised his hand and pressed against the space before him. Space Principles fluctuated, and ripples suddenly appeared in the void that had been sealed for many years. As the ripples spread out, a portal soon emerged. Yang Kai slipped out of the passage, and the Void Guard rushed out from behind him under Li Wu Yi’s lead.


“Stay here and expand the passage as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to send a message to inform Supreme Commander Mi that the preparations have been completed. I will go and check out the surrounding situation,” Yang Kai instructed.


Li Wu Yi accepted the order. After choosing one person to report back to Mi Jing Lun, he assigned a group of people to stand guard around the exit. As for the rest, they began to expand and stabilize the passage further.


Back in Black Territory, Mi Jing Lun soon received news of their progress. Following his command, the Squads quickly kept their respective Warships in their Small Universes before flying into the passage under the leadership of their higher-ups.


On the other side, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he travelled through the void, his Divine Sense spreading out to investigate his surroundings. Now that he was in the Ninth Order, his Divine Sense was extremely powerful so it did not matter whether the movement was as slight as the wind blowing through the grass, nothing in the vicinity could be concealed from his perception.


A group of Black Ink Clansmen with a dozen or so members was wandering around the void. They did not seem to have any fixed goals in mind. On the contrary, they seemed to be searching for something in all directions. Every corner of the void and every piece of rock and debris was carefully investigated without exception.


When they reached a certain part of the void, something unexpected occurred. Space suddenly shattered apart like a piece of broken glass. Caught in the shattered Void, they didn’t even have time to react before they were turned into hashed meat and severed limbs.


In the next instant, Yang Kai’s figure appeared not far away with a deep scowl on his face.


Several dozen years ago, Yang Kai had spent some time chatting with Mo Na Ye at the No-Return Pass. Although they probed each other for information, neither party had gotten any valuable clues from their exchange. Yang Kai had failed to learn whether Mo, in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, had awoken, and Mo Na Ye had failed to discover the location of the secret passage that led from the 3,000 Worlds to the Black Ink Battlefield.


Although Mo Na Ye did not know much about the secret passage, that did not prevent him from taking action to search for it. This was actually the fifth Black Ink Clan team that Yang Kai eliminated so far. All of them had been Low-Rank and High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen. Strangely enough, not a single Feudal Lord had been seen. Furthermore, the number in each team was small, ranging from a handful to a dozen at most.


It could be conceived that Mo Na Ye had dispatched many Black Ink Clansmen to search in a grid-like manner over the years, all in hopes of finding the location of the secret passage. Despite knowing that this method might not show any results, Mo Na Ye still ordered it in the hopes of preventing an ambush from the Human Race. At the very least, the Black Ink Clan would quickly receive feedback that five Black Ink Clan search teams that Yang Kai eliminated had gone missing. Based on such reports, Mo Na Ye would be able to determine the general location of the Human Race Army and make some preparations in advance. It could even be said that these Black Ink Clansmen were dispatched to be killed by the Human Race, which also explained their weak strength and low numbers.


Mo Na Ye had no doubt that the Human Race Army would enter the Black Ink Battlefield via the secret passage and launch an offensive against the No-Return Pass; after all, that was the only viable option. That was why he assigned a large number of scouts throughout the Black Ink Battlefield. The places where the scouts disappeared would indicate the direction that the Human Race Army would be attacking from.


Although Yang Kai was aware of this fact, he had no choice but to act. The scale of the Human Race Army was so large that it was not feasible to hide it. Once they gathered together to take action, the Black Ink Clansmen scattered everywhere would surely notice their movements anyway; hence, he might as well remove all the scouts in the area beforehand.


After searching a wide perimeter and eliminating at least 30 Black Ink Clan teams, Yang Kai finally returned.


From a distance, he saw that a large part of the Army had gathered around the exit of the secret passage; moreover, numerous Warships were being summoned one after the other. The Squads who arrived first were clearly making preparations for the arrival of their companions.


Mi Jing Lun and most of the other Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had also arrived, leaving only a few to bring up the rear.


The Ninth-Order Masters convened together, and Yang Kai reported his discoveries.


Mi Jing Lun nodded, “Mo Na Ye is certainly not an easy opponent to face, but his actions are within our expectations. Besides, we never expected to succeed in launching a sneak attack on the No-Return Pass. Since our movements have been discovered, we might as well start the fight with a spectacular bang.”


Yang Kai observed, “The scouts in this vicinity have all been removed, so there should be some delay before the Black Ink Clan receives news of our arrival; even so, the delay will not be long. I estimate that we have a month at most, possibly even less.”


No matter how slow the reaction of the Black Ink Clan was, they were bound to notice that something was wrong when so many of their scouting parties failed to contact them after a month.


“That’s enough,” Mi Jing Lun said, “The Army will only take half a month to assemble here from Black Territory.” Looking back at the exit of the passage, he sighed heavily, “It’s just a pity about the passage. The location of the secret passage will be completely exposed.”


Through Yang Kai and the Void Guard’s joint efforts to expand and fortify the passage, the corridor had been transformed into an existence that resembled a Territory Gate, though it still had some noticeable differences.


A real Territory Gate connected two Great Territories together, allowing a cultivator to arrive at the opposite side by passing through it. The key feature of such Territory Gates was the journey would only take a brief moment; on the other hand, travelling through the entirety of this passage not only required a noticeable amount of time, but also came with all kinds of potential risks. Naturally, the risks were not too high thanks to the Void Guard stationed at various positions along the passage, but they undoubtedly existed.


Such a passage could no longer be hidden completely at this stage. Even if Yang Kai used various means to seal the entrances to the passage again, it was no longer possible to completely conceal it. There was a high chance for the Black Ink Clan to locate this opening if they worked hard enough.


“If we lose this battle, the Human Race will be doomed to extinction. It doesn’t matter whether the passage is exposed or not,” Xiang Shan said lightly from the side.


Yang Kai nodded, “Let’s proceed as planned.” Then, he turned to look at Li Wu Yi, “Take a group of Void Guards and set off immediately towards the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Don’t forget to set up the Space Arrays along the way.”


Although the Human Race Army was currently targeting the No-Return Pass, it was just as Yang Kai had said. They should not limit their focus to the situation at hand; they also have to look towards the future.


Looking at the bigger picture, the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was the biggest affliction tormenting the Human Race. Not to mention, the journey to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was very, very long. It was necessary to make various preparations in advance. They would not have enough time if they waited until the war at the No-Return Pass was one to get started.


With this arrangement, the best outcome was that the Human Race would spend a dozen years conquering the No-Return Pass. This period would provide the Void Guard with enough time to finish preparing the Space Arrays connecting to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. At that time, the Human Race Army would only need to undergo some slight reorganization before quickly travelling to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction via the Space Arrays.


These actions were part of the plans that the Supreme Headquarters made in advance. During the journey from the Supreme Headquarters to Black Territory, Mi Jing Lun had explained the plans to Yang Kai in detail. In regards to manpower, the Supreme Headquarters had also taken the necessary measures beforehand. 


When Li Wu Yi heard Yang Kai’s statement, he immediately accepted the order, “Yes!”


Yang Kai glanced at Li Wu Yi and warned, “The road ahead is dangerous. May fortune be with you!”


Li Wu Yi nodded heavily and immediately gave a wave of his hand, “Designated Squads, with me!”


Out of the 100 or so Void Guards left, 80 instantly departed with Li Wu Yi. That was not all, a fleet of Warships also headed swiftly into the depths of the void. These Squads were tasked with protecting the Universe Temples; after all, the distance between this place and the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was too vast. Li Wu Yi and the others would have to prepare more than one Space Array along the way, and every Space Array they established would need to be guarded. Relying on the Void Guard’s manpower alone would not be enough to carry out the task.


Every Void Guard was proficient in the Dao of Space, so they travelled extremely quickly.


Even though the fleet of Warships set off at the same time as Li Wu Yi and the others, they did not travel together. They simply needed to arrive at each Space Arrays that were established along the route, then divide their forces to establish protective details for those Space Arrays. Hence, there was no need for them to push themselves to travel together with Li Wu Yi and the Void Guard.


In Mi Jing Lun’s plans, each Universe Temple would have at least one Eighth-Order Master standing guard. It was fortunate that the heritage of the Human Race had improved drastically over the years, so there were many Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to spare nowadays. If it had been several thousand years ago, the Human Race would not have had the capital to throw their manpower around in such a luxurious manner.



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