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Martial Peak – Chapter 5869, The Enemy Approaches

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Hence, Mo Na Ye brought out the speech he had prepared in advance, “Sir, the Human Race Army is taking an extremely aggressive approach. I’m sure they are fighting with everything they have; moreover, based on my understanding of the Human Race, the No-Return Pass is not their true goal. If they manage to conquer the No-Return Pass, they will definitely dispatch their Army towards the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.”


“The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction!?” Mo Yu’s expression darkened at those words.


The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was the origin of the Black Ink Clan. It was understandable for the Human Race to attack the No-Return Pass, especially since the No-Return Pass originally belonged to them. The Black Ink Clan had simply occupied this land for the past several thousands of years; however, the fact that the Humans planned to use the No-Return Pass as their stepping stone to launch an offensive against the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction enraged Mo Yu.


“The Humans are too arrogant! We currently have many Pseudo-Royal Lords among our ranks, so we are perfectly capable of defending and holding the No-Return Pass. Not to mention, we also have the support of the two of the Supreme One’s Soul Clones. It will not be easy for the Human Race Army to conquer the No-Return Pass.”


Mo Na Ye cautioned Mo Yu, “There is no need to be concerned about the ordinary members of the Human Race, but I hope you do not forget about Yang Kai, Sir. It’s true that we currently have many Pseudo-Royal Lords among our ranks, but the situation on the battlefield can change in the blink of an eye. If Yang Kai was given the chance, there is no guarantee that the Pseudo-Royal Lords would be able to survive a sneak attack from him.”


Upon hearing that name, Mo Yu’s expression darkened even more as he couldn’t help recalling the battle from several thousand years ago.


When the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds back then, they had forced the Humans back into a mere dozen or so Great Territories. With such a glorious achievement, it seemed as though they could exterminate the Human Race with just a little more effort. That was the era when the Innate Territory Lords had been locked in conflict with the Eighth-Order Masters!


At the critical juncture though, Yang Kai had abruptly appeared out of nowhere. Wielding a strange Secret Technique that harmed both himself and the enemy at the same time, he caused panic among the Innate Territory Lords scattered across the various battlefields. In the end, he even managed to force the Black Ink Clan to concede and sign a series of truces on the condition that he would no longer attack them. These agreements had given the Human Race some breathing room.


Now, that person, who overturned the entire situation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan by himself, had advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. There was no denying that the Black Ink Clan currently boasted a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, but based on Yang Kai’s previous battle records, it was clear those Pseudo-Royal Lords had no means to protect themselves from him whatsoever.


His interference alone had caused the Black Ink Clan to lose eight Pseudo-Royal Lords in E-5 Territory.


The current situation could be said to be even worse than the one in the past. A few thousand years ago, Yang Kai had relied upon his strange Secret Technique that harmed both himself and the enemy to carry out his attacks. As a result, he had always needed to recuperate for some time after each strike. Now, however, he no longer had such scruples.


“The goal of the Human Race Army has never been the No-Return Pass. Now that they have dispatched their troops, they must be confident they will obtain the ultimate victory. If we wish to gain the upper hand under these circumstances, then we must change our approach from being passive to aggressive. We must strike a crushing blow while the Human Race Army is on the march; otherwise, they will only become harder to defeat once they establish themselves outside the No-Return Pass.”


Mo Yu fell into deep thought at those words.


Mo Na Ye relentlessly pressured Mo Yu, “Sir, this is our only chance! The opportunity will not come again!”


After a long time, Mo Yu finally raised his head to look at Mo Na Ye, “How should we deal with Yang Kai?”


Mo Na Ye replied, “Alone, I am definitely not his opponent, but I am capable of restraining him with the help of several Pseudo-Royal Lords.” Then, he turned to look at the Royal Lord who had remained quiet all this time, “Di Ya Luo can hide in the shadows and find an opportunity to ambush him. If all goes well, we might even be able to injure him heavily!”


Di Ya Luo nodded lightly, “If given the chance, I will do my best.”


Mo Na Ye added, “The Human Race is unaware of your existence, which makes you our trump card against Yang Kai. Do not expose your existence unless you have absolute confidence in achieving success.”


“I understand.”


Mo Yu questioned once more, “What about the Supreme One’s Soul Clones? Do we need to mobilize them?”


Mo Na Ye shook his head, “We must not mobilise them. The two Giant Spirit Gods are watching us hungrily from the Barren Territory. What’s more, we don’t know if the Human Race has any other plans in place. If the Supreme One’s Soul Clones leave the No-Return Pass, we will lose the ability to restrain the two Giant Spirit Gods. The consequences will be dire if those two beings charge into the No-Return Pass at that time.”


Mo Yu frowned deeply in thought. Although he felt that Mo Na Ye’s words made sense, he could not bring himself to make a decision.


Seeing that, Mo Na Ye earnestly continued to persuade Mo Yu, “Sir, in the worst-case scenario, we will be besieged by the Human Race Army at the No-Return Pass. They will chip away at our strength, just like how we attacked the No-Return Pass in the past. In such a situation, our defeat will be inevitable. On the contrary, we might have a chance at victory if we take the initiative to strike first.”


After he finished speaking, he watched Mo Yu calmly. Mo Na Ye had said everything he needed to say, so it was now up to Mo Yu to make the decision. There was nothing else he could do if Mo Yu refused to dispatch their troops to intercept the Human Race Army. He might have made their situation sound extremely serious, but the truth was things were not that bad. Even if the Human Race Army laid siege on the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan was not completely helpless to fight back. They had made various preparations in the No-Return Pass over the years, all for the arrival of this day. It was just that… Comparatively, Mo Na Ye preferred to take the initiative and launch an offensive for once.


After a long time, Mo Yu nodded lightly, “I hope you are right.”


Mo Na Ye was overjoyed, but just as he was about to leave to make arrangements, a Territory Lord rushed into the room from the outside with a panicked expression.


Mo Yu scowled at the Territory Lord and questioned in great displeasure, “What is it!?”


The Territory Lord hurriedly submitted a jade slip, “Sirs, the scouts on the frontlines have discovered something of critical importance.”


Mo Yu raised a hand and grabbed the jade slip. Sending his Divine Sense inside, he studied the contents before his expression abruptly changed.


Mo Na Ye’s heart thundered uneasily at the sight as he instantly realised that something had gone terribly wrong. Although he did not know what was written in the jade slip, he could tell from Mo Yu’s expression that it was something detrimental to the Black Ink Clan.


In the next moment, Mo Yu silently handed the jade slip over.


Mo Na Ye took the jade slip and checked the contents. His expression quickly changed upon reading the contents and he exclaimed in alarm, “How can that be!?”


The information indicated that they had lost contact with countless Black Ink Clan scouts along the route that he previously plotted from the No-Return Pass to the secret passage. More importantly, the location of these scouts was situated along the midpoint of the route. In other words, there were Human Race Masters who not only travelled the distance that would have normally taken a year in less than 10 days, but also eliminated some of their spies who were stationed to monitor their progress.


Mo Na Ye immediately thought of Yang Kai; after all, Yang Kai was the only Human at the moment who had enough proficiency in the Dao of Space to travel at such mind-boggling speed. Looking back at the contents once more though, he felt his heart sinking after reading the second part. According to the information recorded, some of the Black Ink Clan scouts had seen a magnificent Grand Hall in the void from a distance. Furthermore, the periphery of the Grand Hall was heavily guarded by the Human Race Army!


[A Universe Temple!]


The Black Ink Clan was no stranger to these Early Ancient Era creations, having learned about the functions of the Universe Temples from the Black Ink Disciples. The Universe Temples were mainly used by the Humans in their travels thanks to the ability to shorten the time and distance required during their journey. Almost every Great Territory in the 3,000 Worlds had a Universe Temple, it was just that the Black Ink Clan had destroyed many of them during the initial invasion. Nevertheless, it was evident that some had survived the war.


Mo Na Ye never expected that an object which should have remained in the 3,000 Worlds would appear on the Black Ink Battlefield. Recalling the function of the Universe Temples, however, he immediately realised what was happening.


Mo Yu had obviously come to the same conclusion. Looking at Mo Na Ye, he dryly made an observation, “Looks like we do not need to attack them anymore. Prepare our defences.”


In just half a month, a Universe Temple had appeared at the midpoint of the route that Mo Na Ye had previously plotted. Wouldn’t that mean that a Universe Temple would appear outside the No-Return Pass in another half a month? Under these circumstances, there was not enough time for the Black Ink Clan to even organize an attack on the Human Race Army. By the time they finished their preparations, the Humans would already be at their doorstep.


At this point, there was nothing else that Mo Na Ye could do about the situation. All his plans and schemes were useless in this situation. If he wanted to defend the No-Return Pass, then he could only confront the Humans; thus, he composed his expression and said, “I understand.”


Mo Yu added, “We also need to come up with another solution for the two Giant Spirit Gods.”




There was some time until the Human Race Army arrived. If they could deal with the two Giant Spirit Gods before the attack, then they would be invincible.


Over the next few days, the Black Ink Clan significantly increased the intensity of their attempts to entice and provoke the two Giant Spirit Gods. They even tried to send the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods into the Barren Territory. Be that as it may, the enraged Ah Da did not give them any chance to take a single step forward. He stood firmly in front of the Territory Gate, smashing anybody who dared to step forward through the portal. Even the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were beaten so badly that they were forced to retreat.


A steady flow of information was consistently being relayed to the No-Return Pass, and the various reports indicated that the Human Race Army had erected seven or eight Universe Temples along their anticipated route. Some of the Black Ink Clan scouts even witnessed the Human Race Army appearing and disappearing from the Universe Temples from a distance. The current situation clearly explained the deployment of the Human Race Army. With the help of the Universe Temples, they were rapidly approaching the No-Return Pass.


Some 10 days later, a figure appeared just half a day away from the No-Return Pass. It was none other than Yang Kai, who had arrived ahead of the others.


Gazing at the magnificent base in the distance, he raised his brow at the sight. The layout of the No-Return Pass had changed significantly compared to his previous visit. When he came here 20 years ago, the ruins of numerous destroyed Great Passes had been scattered around the No-Return Pass and countless Black Ink Nests had been distributed all over them without any regularity.


At this moment however, it was clear to see that the ruins of the Great Passes had been organised. The Black Ink Clan had arranged the destroyed Great Passes left behind by the Human Race in a sphere outside the No-Return Pass to form a solid defensive barrier. Furthermore, the Black Ink Clan Army was gathered on the Great Passes. The impressive High-Rank Black Ink Nests had also been moved closer to the centre of the No-Return Pass so that they could be strictly protected. It could be seen that the Black Ink Clan had made various preparations in advance to deal with the Human’s impending attack.


Yang Kai even saw traces of large-scale artifacts on some of the destroyed Great Passes. The Black Ink Clan were unable to perform Artifact Refining themselves, but they had many Black Ink Disciples under their command. These artifacts must be the handiwork of those Black Ink Disciples.


Furthermore, two enormous Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods stood guard on either side of the No-Return Pass, like two Guardian Gods. They towered over the majestic base with a chilling atmosphere around them.


As soon as Yang Kai emerged, the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods immediately detected his presence, raising their heads and turning to look in his direction. The Black Ink Giant Spirit God on the left even raised his hand and grabbed hold of a Universe Fragment nearby.


In the next moment, he viciously threw the Universe Fragment in Yang Kai’s direction with a roar. Thanks to his immense strength, the Universe Fragment, which contained Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power, broke through the barriers of space as it rapidly hurtled towards Yang Kai.



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