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Martial Peak – Chapter 5870, Preparations

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Although Yang Kai was half a day’s journey away from the No-Return Pass, that only referred to the time required to arrive at the No-Return Pass through normal means for a Human Race Squad Class Warship.


Be that as it may, such a distance was well within the attack range of Yang Kai and the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods.


At any rate, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God did not expect his attack to harm Yang Kai in any way. Yang Kai was in the Ninth Order, so how could a trivial Universe Fragment injure him?


In response to the menacing attack, Yang Kai simply raised his hand slightly. The Universe Fragment that was hurtling towards him at an astonishing speed instantly came to an abrupt halt and quietly hovered in front of him. Then, he clenched his raised hand into a fist. The huge Universe Fragment subsequently exploded into dust.


The loud and flashy confrontation instantly alerted the entire Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass to the enemy’s presence. One after another, countless figures quickly rushed out of the No-Return Pass and stared in Yang Kai’s direction. Those figures radiated with powerful auras that shook the void. They were none other than the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords had obtained tremendous power with the help of the Source Fusion Technique, but in exchange, they could never utilize their full strength. The price of their power was also their lack of ability to control it. For that reason, every one of them was extremely conspicuous. They generally resembled bright lights in the dark of the night when they stepped onto the battlefield, which made it impossible for them to carry out any kind of ambush.


Yang Kai also saw Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu. The two Royal Lords were standing in the middle of the No-Return Pass, surrounded by many Pseudo-Royal Lords. When their gazes collided, Yang Kai grinned at them. On the other hand, the expressions of Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu darkened at the sight.


Now that Yang Kai was here, how far behind could the Human Race Army be? The Black Ink Clan had known that the Humans were coming to attack the No-Return Pass and consequently made the necessary preparations in anticipation of the enemy’s imminent arrival. Nevertheless, the speed of the Human Race Army’s advance was simply too swift.


After staring at each other across the distance for some time, Yang Kai raised a hand and made a slashing motion across his throat at Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu before he casually departed. It did not take long before his figure vanished from sight.


Inside the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye scowled fiercely. There was no denying that Yang Kai’s actions were incredibly childish, but he could not guess the reason for him acting this way.


[Did he come here just to demonstrate his might? But, what was the point? Could he have other intentions?] Mo Na Ye instantly fell into deep thought, but he could not be blamed for being so cautious. Having been in conflict with Yang Kai for so many years, he knew that the latter had always taken advantage of the situation on every occasion. That was why, in his opinion, Yang Kai’s every move was worthy of vigilance.


At the same time, a Universe Temple had appeared in the void approximately three days’ journey from the No-Return Pass and a steady stream of Human Soldiers was emerging from it. 


The first to arrive was the Azure Sun Army. When their members had all been assembled, they quickly formed a solid line of defence around the Universe Temple. That was not all as the Void Guard who arrived here the earliest were also searching for Universe Fragments of various sizes in the vicinity to serve as temporary camps.


Mi Jing Lun was standing near the Universe Temple when Yang Kai hurried over and reported his discovery at the No-Return Pass.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s report, Mi Jing Lun nodded, “I expected as much. The Black Ink Clan has always ignored the Great Passes because we had no means to threaten the safety of the No-Return Pass, but now, they are the ones under attack instead. Knowing that an attack by our Army is imminent, I am sure they made various arrangements in preparation. The Great Passes that we left behind back then are perfect as barricades and barriers.”


After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Yang Kai and asked, “Did Mo Na Ye discover you?”


Yang Kai replied, “I wasn’t hiding.”


Mi Jing Lun chuckled, “In that case, they won’t dare to act rashly. Mo Na Ye is both shrewd and suspicious, so your sudden appearance outside the No-Return Pass will definitely make him worry about various possibilities. I was worried that we might be attacked, but it looks like there’s no need for such concerns anymore.”


If the Black Ink Clan struck before the Human Army could finish assembling, the latter would definitely be troubled. The situation at this moment was the perfect example. Just the Azure Sun Army alone would not be able to hold back so many Black Ink Clansmen.


Naturally, such an endeavour would also have been a huge risk to the Black Ink Clan. The defences at the No-Return Pass would weaken considerably if such a large number of Black Ink Clan Masters were to leave, which would have allowed the Humans to exploit.


The possibility was not likely to occur now though, so Mi Jing Lun was only being vigilant towards every scenario. At this moment, he was practically certain that the Black Ink Clan would not dare to act rashly again after Yang Kai’s actions.


This incident had given the Human Race Army the opportunity to fully assemble their troops. An endless stream of soldiers poured out of the Universe Temple, but they all marched in an orderly manner without the slightest display of chaos.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took out the sphere that had been compressed by his Space-Time River. After finding a wide and open place, he raised his hand and threw the sphere. The Space-Time River lingered around the void, then the sphere expanded violently and quickly transformed into a majestic Great Pass. It was the Pure Yang Pass.


Pure Yang Pass was not only the last remaining Great Pass in the possession of the Human Race, but would also be an important weapon in conquering the No-Return Pass. What’s more, many of the soldiers learned for the first time that they had managed to regain one of the Great Passes from the hands of the Black Ink Clan; thus, they couldn’t help cheering at the sight.


The Ninth-Order Masters who arrived earlier flew over and came to stand beside Yang Kai. Staring at the modified Great Pass, they couldn’t help feeling emotional. It was as though they were recalling the tragic battle at the No-Return Pass.


A large number of troops soon swarmed into Pure Yang Pass. Following the arrangement that had been determined in advance, they swiftly took their positions. It did not take long before the many Spirit Arrays began lighting up consecutively.


At the same time, numerous Array Masters prepared some Spirit Arrays and unique artifacts in the nearby void. There was no need to mention the specific purpose of the Spirit Arrays for the time being. On the other hand, the artifacts were actually a set of Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, something that Yang Kai researched and refined in the past.


The artifact was a large-scale one meant for teleporting massive objects, so it had no power for offence or defence. Each set of the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors was composed of 16 Array Boards, which were divided into two sides, Yin and Yang. Once activated, the artifact could swap the spaces within the range of the Yin and Yang Mirrors like flipping the front and back of a mirror. The effect was both profound and mysterious.


Yang Kai had mainly researched the artifact for the purpose of mining resources in Black Territory. At the time, he had used the Loyalty List to bring Luan Bai Feng under his command; Black Territory had also fallen into his hands as a result. Black Territory was abundant with resources, but mining them was extremely dangerous. Nobody could delve deep into Black Territory due to a massive Early Ancient Era Super Array.


Therefore, Yang Kai’s initial idea was that the ore slaves could mine the resources safely if he could figure out a method to transport the Ore Stars located inside the Array to a safer location. That was how the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors came into existence.


The artifact was first created by Yang Kai, but was later modified by the Artifact Refining Great Grandmaster Ma Fan. The performance of the artifact became much better as a consequence.


Yang Kai had not only brought this artifact to the Black Ink Battlefield, but also spread it throughout the various Great Passes, allowing them the chance to study and replicate it. Thanks to the effects of the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, Yang Kai managed to solve the shortage of supplies among the major Great Passes in one fell swoop.


Before the existence of the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, the major Great Passes were forced to dispatch their soldiers deep into the void to gather supplies. These soldiers not only had to search for and mine materials, they also had to keep a constant lookout against ambushes and raids from the Black Ink Clan. Things were different ever since they acquired the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors. They could now transport dead Universe Worlds and Fragments that contained abundant resources to the vicinity of the Great Passes and mine them without worry. In this way, the efficiency of collecting resources naturally increased significantly.


It was not an exaggeration to say that the lives of the soldiers at the major Great Passes improved considerably after Yang Kai came to the Black Ink Battlefield.


At this moment, the Human Race Army was preparing many Void Yin-Yang Mirrors in their surroundings. Needless to say, they were preparing to transport many Universe Worlds and Fragments here. It was just that the purpose of these Universe Worlds was not for sourcing resources. The three million Human Race Masters in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm and below were responsible for collecting resources, so there was no need for the main Army to worry about supplies. As for the Universe Worlds that they transported here from deep within the void, there were other uses for them.


For this purpose, the remaining Void Guard, except those who had to stay behind to monitor the Universe Temples along the way, had immediately sprung into action after Li Wu Yi left for the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction with 80 Void Guard. Each of them had carried either the Yin Mirrors or the Yang Mirrors of a Void Yin-Yang Mirrors set and searched various areas of the void.


As time passed, the various Armies gathered in this place. Aside from the Central Army under Mi Jing Lun’s direct command who occupied Pure Yang Pass, the other Armies claimed a Universe World or large Universe Fragment in the vicinity as their base camp. Each of these camps was soon overflowing with people as they worked to establish temporary outposts.


The Human Race currently retained 12 Armies, just like before. Mi Jing Lun had not made many adjustments to the organization; after all, each Army had experienced thousands of years of fighting together. The heart of the Army was united by the blood of their companions and their enemies at this point, and it might instead be detrimental to make any rash changes. Therefore, the 12 Armies remained even though there were not enough Ninth-Order Masters to oversee them all.


Luo Ting He was in command of the Azure Sun Army, Xiang Shan was in charge of the Blood Flame Army, Ou Yang Lie commanded the Profound Nether Army, Wei Jun Yang led the Wolf Fang Army, Xiao Xiao was in command of the Soaring Cloud Army, Wu Qing commanded the Purple Feather Army, the newly-advanced Shi Da Zhuang was in command of the Shocking Thunder Army while Tang Tao led the Red Flame Army.


As for the Burning Moon Army, Twin Instrument Army, Azure Dawn Army, and Jade Cicada Army, these four remained unchanged. These four Armies might not be under the leadership of a Ninth-Order Master, but they had the largest numbers of Divine Spirits. In terms of overall strength, they were not inferior to the rest of the Armies. Besides, these four Armies contained many new generation Eighth-Order Masters who could advance to the Ninth Order at any time. Once they experienced a breakthrough, these Armies would also have the protection of a Ninth-Order Master.


A few days later, large ripples spread out endlessly from an area somewhere in the void that was warded off by a set of Void Yang Mirrors. The vibration from these ripples was so strong that the Space anchored by the Yang Mirrors became extremely unstable, making it difficult to distinguish between what was real and what was illusory.


With the spreading of the ripples, the fluctuations of Space Principles became increasingly obvious. As time passed, under the watch of countless eyes, something seemed to appear in the space that was originally empty. Once all the commotion had settled, the object turned out to be an enormous Universe World that had appeared out of nowhere!


Several soldiers quickly stepped forward to retrieve the Yin Mirrors before moving to set them up in a new free space. Many Array Masters and Artifact Refiners then rushed towards the Universe World and gathered on the side of it that was facing away from the No-Return Pass. Following a cursory survey of the geography, they immediately sprang into action and prepared a large-scale Spirit Array on the back of the Universe World!


After the first Universe World was transported here via the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, more and more began appearing. Meanwhile, almost all the Array Masters and Artifact Refiners from the 12 Armies were dispatched, working diligently without rest.



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