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Martial Peak – Chapter 5874, Fake and Real

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The battle at E-5 Territory had resulted in great losses for the Black Ink Clan. The deaths of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords had left Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye heartbroken. They no longer had the means to increase the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords anymore, so there would be one less Pseudo-Royal Lord with every death.


After that incident, Mo Na Ye had seriously considered various methods to overcome Yang Kai’s Dao Strength River. He knew that the mysterious river was condensed from Yang Kai’s Dao Strengths, but since it was a physical manifestation of Dao Strengths, it could theoretically be damaged. Combined with his experience from fighting Yang Kai inside the Universe Furnace, he eventually came to a conclusion.


Blindly dodging and retreating from an attack launched by Yang Kai’s Dao Strength River would only lead to a delayed death. Only by facing the attack head-on and striking at it with a mighty force could one defend themselves against him!


Naturally, this was only a hypothesis and the actual results of confronting Yang Kai with such methods could not be confirmed.


When Yang Kai abruptly appeared and launched a sneak attack on the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, Mo Na Ye had swiftly rushed over to assist. At the same time, he also widened his eyes and observed the situation intently to verify whether his theory was correct. As soon as he saw the three Pseudo-Royal Lords defending themselves against the Dao Strength River with their combined strength, his heavy mood lightened considerably! Sure enough, his suggestion was effective! Yang Kai was not invincible after all!


Having advanced to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai was very strong; nevertheless, the most threatening ability in his arsenal was currently his Dao Strength River. The main reason the Pseudo-Royal Lords in E-5 Territory had suffered such huge losses was that they had never encountered such a strange method before. With no means to defend themselves, they were caught off guard and suffered horribly.


As long as the Black Ink Clan had the means to suppress the Dao Strength River, then Yang Kai’s threat to the Black Ink Clan would be reduced greatly. Needless to say, achieving such a feat would not be easy. Having three Pseudo-Royal Lords working together to establish a Battle Formation was the minimum requirement.


“Oh?” In the centre of the battlefield, Yang Kai made an astonished exclamation as he observed three Pseudo-Royal Lords before him. Although he was surprised by this development, he had to admit that their response was certainly the correct method to resist him. The approach of taking the offensive and advancing relentlessly had certainly suppressed his attack.


Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Mo Na Ye rushing towards him. The other Pseudo-Royal Lords were also coming over to provide support. At this rate, it would not take long before he was surrounded, but even though the situation was very dangerous, Yang Kai showed no signs of panic.


Wielding the Dao Strength River like a whip, he constantly brandished it at the three Pseudo-Royal Lords. On his other hand, he suddenly raised his hand above his head and Space Principles condensed into a brilliant ball of light above his palm!


Nobody knew what Yang Kai was planning to do, but looking at Yang Kai’s actions gave Mo Na Ye an ominous feeling and he immediately shouted, “Kill him!”


In the next instant, a series of powerful attacks blasted out from Mo Na Ye and the Pseudo-Royal Lords rushing over to help. These attacks landed unerringly in Yang Kai’s direction.


The space around Yang Kai suddenly became distorted, and under the impetus of the rampaging Space Principles, those attacks barged into the distorted space like uninvited guests. Then, an astonishing phenomenon occurred. The attacks that had originally been travelling at an extremely high speed suddenly became as slow as a crawling turtle after entering the distortion. They were still approaching Yang Kai, but at a speed that was hard to even see. At such a slow speed, even a three-year-old child standing there could easily avoid these attacks.


Fortunately, Mo Na Ye was very discerning. He could tell at a glance that the Secret Techniques thrown at Yang Kai had not become slower. On the contrary, it was the space that had become extremely distorted.


Near Distant Horizon! 


This Space Secret Technique might not contain any defensive abilities on its own, but it had great defensive effects. The Void surrounding Yang Kai’s figure was infinitely stretched out thanks to the manipulation of Space Principles. Even though the Secret Techniques continued to travel at a terrifying speed, they seemed almost frozen on the spot under the effects of the infinitely stretched-out space.


At the same time, Yang Kai abruptly brought down his hand that was held above his head earlier!


Nothing seemed to occur, but be that as it may, the expressions of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords facing Yang Kai changed drastically in the wake of the seemingly useless blow. A turbulent wave of fear surged through their hearts at that moment because their intricately linked auras, which had seemed indestructible previously, suddenly fell apart as though sliced by a sharp blade when Yang Kai’s hand came swinging down. The Three Fortunes Formation had been broken!


The Space-Time River swept towards them in the next moment and unfortunately for them, they no longer had the means to defend themselves against the attack. Without the support of the Battle Formation, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were no match for Yang Kai with their strength alone.


One of the Pseudo-Royal Lords was dragged into the depths of the river and disappeared quickly with a small splash. On the other hand, the second Pseudo-Royal Lord reacted swiftly under the circumstances. As soon as he was caught in the currents of the river, he began to struggle desperately. Unfortunately for him, it was as though he was stuck in a quagmire and the more he struggled, the faster he sank into the raging waters.


The third Pseudo-Royal Lord turned out to be the smartest. As soon as the Three Fortunes Formation was destroyed, he immediately turned tail and fled. Even Yang Kai could not catch the fleeing Pseudo-Royal Lord in time despite his quick reflexes.


At this moment, the barrage of attacks from earlier finally overcame the limits of his Near Distant Horizon Secret Technique and slammed into Yang Kai’s body.


A dazzling Golden Dragon Phantom emerged from nowhere and coiled around Yang Kai’s body. When the powerful attacks exploded, the Phantom Dragon dissipated and Yang Kai’s body shook violently from the impact. A trickle of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth as a result!


If it were any other Ninth-Order Master who bore the brunt of these attacks instead, they would inevitably suffer heavy injuries as a result; however, Yang Kai was a Divine Dragon. By relying on the physique of a Divine Dragon to protect him, he only suffered minor injuries from these attacks. That was an advantage that no other Ninth-Order Master enjoyed. The Dragon Clan stood at the top of the Divine Spirits after all, so it was only natural for them to possess incredible strength.


Mo Na Ye was close at hand and a howl burst from his lips, “Yang Kai!”


“Why are you calling my name?” Yang Kai sneered and took a step backwards. At the same time, his figure suddenly turned into an illusory phantom and Space Principles fluctuated wildly.


Mo Na Ye’s fist landed on the illusory phantom, causing it to shatter. Unfortunately, Yang Kai was nowhere to be found by then.


Yang Kai’s laughter came from the distance, “Who can stop me if I am determined to eliminate your Pseudo-Royal Lords?”


Mo Na Ye turned and looked in the direction of Yang Kai’s voice only to see Yang Kai standing at the head of the Dao Strength River. The waters in the Dao Strength River were turbulent, churning and roiling violently. At a glance, it almost seemed as though Yang Kai was standing on top of a Dragon. It was a magnificent and majestic sight to behold!


If there was no other external aggression threatening the Black Ink Clan, Mo Na Ye would not have allowed Yang Kai to be so arrogant; unfortunately, the Human Race Army was pressing their attack, and there were still many Universe Worlds threatening to impact the No-Return Pass. Even now, Mo Na Ye was powerless to rescue the two Pseudo-Royal Lords who were captured earlier.


Yang Kai glanced at Mo Na Ye coldly, and then he turned around and plunged into the river. In the next moment, the movements within the Space-Time River became more turbulent. It was evident that Masters were fighting inside.


Just 10 breaths later, Yang Kai’s figure appeared once more with a corpse in each hand. It was none other than the two Pseudo-Royal Lords whom he dragged into the river previously.


All the Black Ink Clansmen who witnessed the scene couldn’t help feeling a sense of sympathy for their comrades. The war had yet to begin in earnest, but the Black Ink Clan had already lost two Pseudo-Royal Lords. While there were indeed many Pseudo-Royal Lords, their numbers would not be enough to endure for long at this rate.


What happened next terrified the Black Ink Clan even more. Yang Kai held up the corpses of the two Pseudo-Royal Lords in a demonstrative manner, then he casually tossed them aside and withdrew the Space-Time River. In the next moment, his figure vanished out of sight once more.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were in mortal danger and the realisation caused a chill to run down their backs. Moreover, they all now felt that Yang Kai was watching them intently from the shadows, harbouring malicious intentions towards them…


Contrary to the reaction of the Black Ink Clan, the morale of the Human Race Army increased sharply after they witnessed Yang Kai infiltrating the enemy camp alone and reaping the lives of two Pseudo-Royal Lords. The attacks shooting out from the Human Race Army and towards the No-Return Pass became more vicious and concentrated as a result. Furthermore, the Human Race Masters all rolled up their sleeves and prepared to display their respective talents on the battlefield during the coming battle.


The barrage of Universe Worlds also continued. Even though most were destroyed en-route, the efforts of the Human Race Army to suppress the Black Ink Clan forced the latter to allocate more of their energy towards their own defences instead. In this situation, they were strong in will but weak in strength. They simply could not maintain their efforts to intercept the incoming Universe Worlds.


Besides, none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords dared to exert their full strength after witnessing Yang Kai’s flashy demonstration. Every one of them held back slightly in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


Mo Na Ye knew that they had fallen for Yang Kai’s tricks. Yang Kai had not infiltrated the enemy camp alone to demonstrate his bravery; rather, his main purpose was to distract the Masters from the Black Ink Clan. Despite knowing Yang Kai’s intentions, Mo Na Ye could not force the Pseudo-Royal Lords to ignore their own safety and go all out. There was no guarantee that Yang Kai would not attack once more if they let down their defences. What seemed real could be fake, and what was fake could become real. It could be said that Yang Kai’s attack had tied the hands of all the Masters of the Black Ink Clan.


Yang Kai was the only person among the entire Human Race who could achieve such a feat.


The defence line outside the No-Return Pass was created with the damaged Great Passes that were abandoned by the Human Race Army in the past as the foundation and a large number of artifacts had been constructed on these Great Passes, but the Black Ink Disciples were not very adept at Artifact Refining. After all, those who were proficient in Artifact Refining generally contributed to the war efforts from the safety of the rear. As they rarely stepped onto the battlefield, they avoided the fate of being captured by the Black Ink Clan and converted into Black Ink Disciples.


It was for that reason that the artifacts prepared in advance by the Black Ink Clan were far inferior to those possessed by the Humans in terms of both power and attack range. When the Human Race Army first started approaching the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan Masters in charge of operating the artifacts could only watch as the enemy marched forward. The defensive artifacts could be activated at any time, but their effects were extremely limited. It was not until the Human Race Army entered the attack range of these artifacts that countless lights began to blaze from the abandoned Great Passes that surrounded the external perimeter of the No-Return Pass.


Be that as it may, these attacks were nothing to the enormous Human fleet. Aside from causing some slight trouble to part of the Human Army, they did not play an essential role in the war. It did not take long for the Human Race Army to target and suppress them instead.


Many gaps had appeared along the middle of the defensive line due to the constant collision of the Universe Worlds. When the last few Universe Worlds finally arrived at the No-Return Pass and detonated, the gap in the defence line only became bigger.


At the same time, the Human Race Army deployed a massive number of troops straight towards the gaps without the slightest hesitation. It was clear that they were aiming to use these gaps in the Black Ink Clan’s lines to route the Black Ink Clan’s defence entirely. If they succeeded, then they could march right in and conquer the No-Return Pass without obstruction!


The No-Return Pass currently contained all of the High-Rank Black Ink Nests of the Black Ink Clan. If the Human Race Army invaded the No-Return Pass, the High-Rank Black Ink Nests would inevitably suffer extensive losses regardless of the outcome of the battle. There was no question that such losses would affect the production of more Black Ink Clansmen as well as the healing of their Masters. How could Mo Na Ye allow such a thing to happen? He immediately mobilized many Masters and led the Black Ink Army to intercept those invaders.



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