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Martial Peak – Chapter 5876, Battle of Wits

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The battlefield was vast and chaotic. In such a situation, it was impossible even for the Ninth-Order Masters to know what was happening everywhere at all times.


Once there was no central coordination and control, the Human’s 12 Armies were bound to fail even if they broke through all the Black Ink Clan’s defences. The Ninth-Order Master leading each of their Armies also had to fight, and did not have much spare energy to observe the general situation.


This situation only exacerbated when the Armies broke through the initial defences of the Black Ink Clan as they were then thrown into a chaotic melee and no longer had a structured formation which was easy to coordinate. Once communications broke down, the situation of each Army became more dangerous.


If the Humans needed help at a particular battlefield, forces needed to be re-distributed to maximize benefits without causing detriments. 


If the Humans could exploit the weakness of the Black Ink Clan defense, then they could reap twice the results with half the effort.


To achieve all this, the 12 Armies needed a pair of eyes that could overlook the entire battlefield. It had to be a calm and intelligent mind who could transmit battlefield orders rapidly.


The Supreme Headquarters played this role.


The soldiers at the Great Pass could see the whole battlefield clearly and quickly reported the situation from all positions while Mi Jing Lun and his staff were responsible for analyzing the intelligence and formulating plans in the shortest possible time.


In this way, the 12 Armies would be able to coordinate perfectly as a single unit to pose a deadly threat to the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass.


This time, the Humans came prepared for the battle. Even the intelligent Mo Na Ye did not expect that the Human Race would use tactics such as throwing Universe Worlds filled with Arrays to punch through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive perimeter, causing the Black Ink Clansmen in the No-Return Pass to suffer a considerable loss. Together with Yang Kai’s unpredictable ambushes and ruthless kills, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were all at their wits’ end.


If Yang Kai continued to cut down the Pseudo-Royal Lords, when their number fell below a certain limit, the Black Ink Clan may not be able to stop the Humans even if they went all out.


Therefore, from Black Ink Clan’s standpoint, they had to find a way to break the Human’s current momentum.


Mo Na Ye had a direct interest in Pure Yang Pass, or more directly, in Mi Jing Lun.


Mo Na Ye had never underestimated the importance of Mi Jing Lun and the Supreme Headquarters and had wanted to find a chance to slaughter them all for many years; but unfortunately, Mi Jing Lun had not ever appeared on the frontline battlefields, so he could not do anything about him.


It was a good opportunity, now that the Humans were attacking the No-Return Pass; however, Pure Yang Pass was going to pose some problems. Although this Great Pass had not yet displayed its power, it was clearly repaired and refurbished over the past 20 or so years. Mo Na Ye could not estimate how much of its original power Pure Yang Pass could display at the moment, but he did not doubt that if it was brought into the battle, it would cause a huge breakthrough for the Human Race, and the Black Ink Clan would have to pay a huge price to stop it.


Even before the fighting started, Mo Na Ye had thought about attacking Pure Yang Pass, and since things had come to this point, it was time for him to act boldly.


Many thoughts flashed through his mind as Mo Na Ye’s Divine Sense surged, sending commands in all directions. The next moment, the Black Ink Clan Army on the battlefield suddenly turned from defence to offence, and many of them rushed towards the Human Warships.


The Warships were caught off guard by this sudden onslaught and many were blown to pieces across the battlefield. The Human soldiers inside now did not have the protection of their Warships and were quickly swamped by the boundless Black Ink Clan soldiers. Only a few managed to escape by virtue of their strong cultivation.


The scene looked like a group of sharks tearing at their bleeding prey.

The nearby Human soldiers quickly moved to provide assistance, but this barely stabilized the situation.


At that moment, Mo Na Ye, who had been watching from the No-Return Pass, lunged forward. Along with him, 12 other figures rushed out from the No-Return Pass.


Judging from the unmistakable auras, those were 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords!


There were numerous Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords. Not all of them were deployed to the battlefield in the previous wars. It was estimated that only 70% of them fought on the battlefield while the remaining 30% were recuperating in the No-Return Pass. They did this to preserve their strength and to guard the No-Return Pass; after all, Yang Kai could turn up at any moment to harass them so Mo Na Ye did not dare to relax his vigilance. If Yang Kai rushed into the No-Return Pass and stirred up chaos, the High-Rank Black Ink Nests would be decimated.


So even though 12 more Pseudo-Royal Lords were coming out of the No-Return Pass, there were still a good number of Pseudo-Royal Lords engaged in the main battle.


Mo Na Ye attacked together with the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords along with a large Army of a million Black Ink Clansmen, including many Feudal Lords and Territory Lords.


This conspicuous Army rushed towards the disrupted Human lines, and even though the Human Army at that location tried their best to intercept them, they were unable to contain the enemy thrust.


The Human defensive line was torn apart by the Black Ink Clan attack in a short while.


A million bloodthirsty and ruthless Black Ink Clan Soldiers flowed through the gap like a torrent. Led by Mo Na Ye and the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords, they charged straight towards the direction of Pure Yang Pass, their objective obvious to all.


The Humans on the nearby battlefield saw this, and although they wanted to intercept, they were unable to.


In the next moment, Mo Na Ye, who was leading the Army, suddenly stopped, while the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million-strong Army continued their rampage, as if they were not aware of this and still charged in the direction of Pure Yang Pass.


Mo Na Ye turned his head and shouted in the direction of the No-Return Pass, “Yang Kai!”


He thought that if he showed any intention of attacking Pure Yang Pass, Yang Kai would definitely show up and stop him; however, Mo Na Ye never thought that the cunning Yang Kai would instead head straight for the No-Return Pass!


Before the Pseudo-Royal Lords at the No-Return Pass could react, he quickly destroyed two High Rank Black Ink Nests!


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were not to be blamed for this as they had no way to conceal their auras; thus, they all stuck out like cranes among chickens in Yang Kai’s senses. All he needed to do was to choose the places where the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ defences were the weakest, and then he could do whatever he wanted.


It was only then that several Pseudo-Royal Lords nearby reacted and rushed to stop Yang Kai, starting a huge fight with him.


This battle rocked the No-Return Pass and the fallout was devastating, decimating several more High Rank Black Ink Nests.


Mo Na Ye quickly turned around and headed for the No-Return Pass, with his heart aching over the losses.


Like the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the High-Rank Black Ink Nest could not be replaced. Without these High-Rank Black Ink Nests, how could the Black Ink Clans create more Soldiers? If the High-Rank Black Ink Nests were all destroyed, the Black Ink Clan of the No-Return Pass would become a river without a source. Their defeat would be inevitable once that happened.


By the time Mo Na Ye rushed back to the No-Return Pass and entered the battlefield, six High-Rank Black Ink Nests had already been destroyed.


Upon seeing this, Mo Na Ye bellowed, “Leave one Formation behind, the others guard the Black Ink Nests!”


Upon hearing his order, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were ordered to stay with Mo Na Ye joined him in battling Yang Kai while the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords formed Three Fortunes Formations to guard their surrounding areas.


Yang Kai did not continue his attacks on the No-Return Pass; instead, he took a step back, dashed past the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords as he glared at Mo Na Ye.


The three Pseudo-Royal Lords did not dare to chase after him, but approached Mo Na Ye and stood beside him.


At this moment, Mo Na Ye looked at Yang Kai with his eyes blazing and gritted his teeth, “Bastard!”


Yang Kai smiled smugly and taunted, “Why do you look so bitter? You deployed your troops against Pure Yang Pass, and you expect me not to do anything? Wasn’t your intention to draw me out? You should be happy that you achieved your goal!”


Mo Na Ye looked at him with a deep frown and his anger slowly eased as he said with a frown, “You saw through my intentions.”


However, he was not faking his anger. Since the beginning of the war, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed by Yang Kai and now half a dozen High Rank Black Ink Nests had been smashed. Even if Mo Na Ye had a steady temperament, it was impossible for him not to be furious.


However, his anger was not as intense as expected.


Yang Kai raised his hand, pointed to his eyes, and asked as he glared, “Do you know what these are?”


Mo Na Ye’s mind raced and asked in return doubtfully, “What?”


“Eyes!” Yang Kai replied, “I’m not blind!”


Mo Na Ye was flabbergasted.


Although the battle was in full swing outside the No-Return Pass, two top Masters were simply staring at each other inside the No-Return Pass. They just stared and talked to each other without fighting; however, the tension was very tense and treacherous.


Moments later, Mo Na Ye quickly asked, “Has Mi Jing Lun broken through to the Ninth Order?”


“What makes you think so?” Yang Kai asked with a puzzled expression. The Black Ink Clan should not know about Mi Jing Lun becoming a Ninth-Order Master. Even if they found out about the two newly promoted Ninth-Order Masters, it should have been impossible for Mo Na Ye to know Mi Jing Lun had also broken through.


Mo Na Ye replied with a shrug, “It’s obvious. Originally, I had already guessed that Mi Jing Lun might have become a Ninth-Order Master. After the battle in the Universe Furnace, the Universe Furnace World became a hunting ground for the Humans. The Humans might have obtained another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, and the most logical person to take it would be Mi Jing Lun, but that was all only a guess. When I saw how you reacted just now though, I became 80% certain!”



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