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Martial Peak – Chapter 5877, Of Course I Can

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“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai appeared to be enlightened, “The attack on Pure Yang Pass was not only to lure me out, but also to verify your suspicions.” After a pause, Yang Kai continued, “Your main purpose must be the latter.”


At this point, there was no point in denying it, as the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords led a million-strong Black Ink Clan Army towards the Pure Yang Pass, which was outside the battlefield. There was no longer a way to hide the fact that Mi Jing Lun had advanced to become a Ninth-Order Master.


If Mi Jing Lun was still only an Eighth-Order Master, Yang Kai would have to go to their rescue instead of boldly attacking the No-Return Pass.


Since Yang Kai appeared in the No-Return Pass, it meant that he was at ease about Mi Jing Lun’s safety, and in such a large-scale battlefield, only a Ninth-Order Master was able to guarantee their own safety.


Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “No, the main reason was still to lure you out and pin you down. Yang Kai, you must not underestimate yourself. Everyone from the Royal Lords down to the ordinary Black Ink Clansmen fears you deeply.”


Yang Kai grinned and replied, “Should I feel honoured?”


“Do as you please, I’m just speaking the truth!” Mo Na Ye stared at Yang Kai, as did the three Pseudo-Royal Lords standing beside him. None of them let their guard down even when Mo Na Ye was having a conversation with Yang Kai and any abnormal movement would result in a violent exchange between them.


This was also the reason why Yang Kai was willing to stand here and chat with Mo Na Ye; otherwise, he would have already used Instantaneous Movement to disappear to somewhere else on the battlefield to kill more enemies. However, Mo Na Ye had locked onto him using his aura; thus, even if he tried to use Instantaneous Movement, it would have been disrupted.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Since you have guessed that Senior Brother Mi had become a Ninth-Order Master, aren’t you worried about the safety of those Pseudo-Royal Lords?”


As they spoke, the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million-strong Black Ink Clan Army had already closed in on Pure Yang Pass. The two sides would clash violently at any moment.


If Mi Jing Lun was still an Eighth-Order Master, then the Black Ink Clan would have had a great chance to capture the Great Pass and kill Mi Jing Lun.; however, now that Mo Na Ye knew that Mi Jing Lun was already in the Ninth Order, it made no sense for him to continue the attack.


It was foolish for them to charge towards danger with no possibility of gains; Mo Na Ye couldn’t make such a choice.


However, that was exactly what he did.


Mo Na Ye replied nonchalantly, “Why should I worry?”


Yang Kai frowned when he heard that. If he did not worry about the safety of his attacking Army, then did that mean that the Humans needed to worry?


At that moment, he saw the Black Ink Clan Army from the No-Return Pass making a very different move. Just as they closed to the defensive perimeter of Pure Yang Pass, this Army, led by 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords, suddenly turned around and charged back towards the battlefield.


In that direction, Human and Black Ink Clan soldiers were in an evenly matched fight with neither side able to send reinforcements within a short period of time. A large Army would be able to change the situation of that local battlefield and allow the Black Ink Clan to gain the upper hand if they rushed over at this moment.


Yang Kai’s expression changed instantly and said, “So this is your plan?”


Mo Na Ye ordered the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords to lead a million-strong Black Ink Clan Army to attack Pure Yang Pass, hold Yang Kai back, and verify Mi Jing Lun’s advancement to the Ninth Order, but his ultimate objective was to wheel around and attack the Humans from behind to create an advantage for the Black Ink Clan!


[Mo Na Ye!] Yang Kai raged! 


Mo Na Ye just said that his main purpose was to hold Yang Kai back, which made him lower his guard; however, even that was a deception.


Yang Kai was particularly annoyed with Mo Na Ye at this moment, who could somehow turn an unfavourable situation around with clever tactics and deliver a blow to his enemies they never expected.


Yang Kai nearly died when he intercepted the Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction thanks to a similar scheme. If it was not for the Universe Furnace’s sudden appearance at the critical moment, Yang Kai might not have survived.


In Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jing Lun looked from the top of the walls at the Black Ink Clan Army, which was getting farther and farther away from Pure Yang Pass. He then looked over in the direction of the No-Return Pass and sighed lightly, “Seems’ I’ve been exposed!”


Before the battle began, he had thought of using himself as bait to lure the Black Ink Clan to attack.


His advancement to the Ninth Order was only now known to the higher-ups of the Human Race while the Black Ink Clan was totally unaware; therefore, after the battle started, the 12 Armies all pressed forward, leaving Pure Yang Pass vulnerable outside the battlefield.


This was to send a message to the Black Ink Clan and Mo Na Ye.


“The Supreme Headquarters is on Pure Yang Pass, and Mi Jing Lun is also on Pure Yang Pass.” As long as the Black Ink Clan could take down Pure Yang Pass, then the Humans would become blind and deaf. When that happened, regardless of how strong the Humans were, even if they could re-capture the Supreme Headquarters, they would eventually be defeated.


This deception was initially successful. Mo Na Ye had an Army charge towards Pure Yang Pass, but just when they were about to engage each other, the Pseudo-Royal Lords leading the way turned around and flew back to the battlefield. Their target had always been the Human Race Army.


If Black Ink Clan defeated the Humans at their targeted spot, then the Black Ink Clan Army would be able to gain a foothold and use that part of the battlefield to expand their advantage.


“No need to hide anymore, let’s fight!” Mi Jing Lun said softly.


The next moment, numerous figures suddenly shot out from Pure Yang Pass and chased after the Black Ink Clan Army with the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords leading them.


The two leading figures, with powerful auras, were the two newly promoted Ninth-Order Masters of the Human Race. Right behind them were nearly 200 Eighth-Order Masters!


Mi Jing Lun had used Pure Yang Pass and himself as bait, so naturally, he had made all the necessary arrangements!


The garrison of Pure Yang Pass might have seemed obvious at a glance, but under the cover of many Concealment Arrays, the two newly advanced Ninth-Order Masters and a large group of Eighth-Order Masters were quietly lying in wait. If the 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million-strong Black Ink Clan troops dared to set foot on Pure Yang Pass, they would end up with heavy casualties.


For this reason, Mi Jing Lun even hid Shi Da Zhuang and Tang Tao from the public even when the battles began.


However, now that they had been exposed, there was no longer any point in hiding them anymore. They were now Ninth-Order Masters; thus, it was time for them to play a role in the battlefield.


The two Ninth-Order Masters led some 200 Eighth-Order Masters towards the Black Ink Clan Army, and although their numbers were far less than the enemy, their strength was comparable. The two Ninth-Order Masters took point and charged into the enemy Army, slicing through it like a hot knife through butter. Black blood splattered with body parts flying everywhere, leaving a trail of dead and dying Black Ink Clansmen.


It was only when the leading 12 Pseudo-Royal Lords managed to intervene and blunt the Human Race Masters’ assault, halting the wanton slaughter of their subordinates.


“So, you had two more Ninth-Order Masters!” Mo Na Ye remarked calmly as he watched Yang Kai closely, able to sense the violent fallout from the clash even from where he stood.


The sudden appearance of the two Ninth-Order Masters’ auras naturally did not escape his notice.


Mo Na Ye was actually not surprised by this.


Since Black Ink Clan had a new Royal Lord, then the Humans could also have new Ninth-Order Masters. If he counted Mi Jing Lun, the Humans had three more Ninth Orders in just the last 20 years.


It was unknown whether the two new appearances relied on their own accumulation of cultivation to break through, or did so with the help of Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills. If it was the latter, then it did not matter as the number of Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills were limited and would eventually run out; however, if it was the former, then the situation was untenable.


The Human Race had produced several new Ninth-Order Masters while the Black Ink Clan only gained one new Royal Lord, it was obvious which side had the advantage and time would only exacerbate the situation.


“The Black Ink Clan is doomed!” Yang Kai taunted.


Mo Na Ye scoffed and replied, “Brother Yang underestimates my Black Ink Clan.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai frowned and continued, “Is it possible that a new Royal Lord appeared in the Black Ink Clan? Which one is it? Why doesn’t he introduce himself?”


Mo Na Ye maintained a straight face, “If that is the case, you will find out eventually.”


The answer was so flat and plain it was difficult for Yang Kai to determine if there was a new Royal Lord in the Black Ink Clan or not. He had carefully checked all parts of the No-Return Pass previously but did not find anything.


He had an ominous feeling when he came to the No-Return Pass but could not be sure based on that feeling alone. There were so many Masters from the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass right now, so if he was not careful, he could find himself in a critical situation regardless of the truth.


“So…” Mo Na Ye lowered his eyes, and his tone suddenly lowered, “That’s the end of the small talk!”


Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, “Is it time to fight? No more stalling? I see that your Pseudo-Royal Lords seem to be secretly setting up something. If it’s not properly set up, we can chat a while longer.”


His completely nonchalant attitude made Mo Na Ye’s flaming rage burst out as he roared, “Yang Kai, you arrogant bastard! Do you really think that the No-Return Pass is a place where you can come and go as you wish!?”


Yang Kai looked at him seriously for a long time and then said, “This is the territory of the Human Race, so of course I can come and go as I please!”


“Prove it!”


As soon as Mo Na Ye finished his sentence, the No-Return Pass hummed in all directions as if there was an invisible power swept through it. In the next instant, this huge stretch underwent a subtle change…


This change was extremely inconspicuous, and it was difficult for ordinary people to notice, but Yang Kai only had to scan around to know what happened. He frowned slightly and remarked, “You improved the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array?”



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